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  1. Moving soon: Gresham, Beaverton, Lake Oswego: rental, living in, prices - Oregon (OR)
  2. Gold Beach Oregon -Gay Lesbians Lifestyle?: live, retirement, place (OR)
  3. Ugly Forest Clear-cuts made trip along Oregon Coast depressing: Astoria: buying, construction (OR)
  4. Klamath Falls work rent all that: Union: real estate, crime, credit - Oregon (OR)
  5. Happy New Year PNW from California: warm, parents - Oregon (OR)
  6. where should I ski, Mt Hood or Mt. Bachelor?: Bend: pine, tree - Oregon (OR)
  7. Thinking about Coos Bay: Portland, Medford: fit in, daycare, how much - Oregon (OR)
  8. Happy New Year: home, store, safe - Oregon (OR)
  9. Areas to live?: Portland, Woodburn, Newberg: real estate, house, living in - Oregon (OR)
  10. Urban living in Corvallis?: apartments, condominium, house - Oregon (OR)
  11. employment: Hermiston, Umatilla: schools, live, shop - Oregon (OR)
  12. Hey There: Portland: homes, shop, housing - Oregon (OR)
  13. Job transfer to Oregon: Portland, Salem: real estate, how much, houses (OR)
  14. Young and Clueless (A little help with moving to Oregon): Portland: job market, college (OR)
  15. s for a summer trip: Portland, Eugene: for rent, houses, prices - Oregon (OR)
  16. Looking for trees, snow and rural area: Medford, Bend: home, middle school - Oregon (OR)
  17. thinking about moving to oregon from michigan: Portland, Eugene: rentals, home - Oregon (OR)
  18. How's the Job Market for Accountants in Newport/Lincoln City? Oregon Coast Moving !: to rent (OR)
  19. Lincoln City: home, casino, pros and cons - Oregon (OR)
  20. Weather Forecasting: Medford, Ashland, Klamath Falls: appointed, airports, moving - Oregon (OR)
  21. Douglas County: Portland, Eugene, Roseburg: transplants, real estate, rent - Oregon (OR)
  22. Driving Boise to Portland...Saturday Dec 22: Pendleton, Baker City: live in, safe, best - Oregon (OR)
  23. Toledo Oregon schools: Newport, Waldport: high school, where to live, area (OR)
  24. Thinking of moving away from Ashland - Adivce?: Portland, Eugene: rental market, how much - Oregon (OR)
  25. Ten miles to coast-Coo Bay, Toledo or ?: Portland, Bend: homes, place to live - Oregon (OR)
  26. RVs & trucks to/from coastal towns: Portland: how much, population - Oregon (OR)
  27. Touring Central and Eastern Oregon: Portland, Bend: how much, hotel, buy (OR)
  28. Booming parts of Oregon?: Portland, Salem: real estate, place to live, prices (OR)
  29. Burns.......: rent, job market, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  30. Need Help - Traveling in the Siskiyou this weekend: purchase, safe - Oregon (OR)
  31. how cold have you seen it in central oregon?!: Bend: live in, moving - Oregon (OR)
  32. Is Sunriver nice?: Bend: vacation home, movies, camping - Oregon (OR)
  33. Relocate: Portland, Bend, Coos Bay: houses, employment, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  34. From the Land of Christmas Trees: water, news, used - Oregon (OR)
  35. Rain?: Portland, Eugene, Salem: how much, live, moving - Oregon (OR)
  36. Understand Oregonians: Salem, Astoria: house, to live in, prices (OR)
  37. relocating from Michigan to Oregon (Portland area): Gresham, Hillsboro: sales, apartments (OR)
  38. Should I move permanently or do travel jobs?: Eugene, Florence: to rent, crime - Oregon (OR)
  39. Planning a trip to Medford/So. Oregon: Ashland, Klamath Falls: campgrounds, to live (OR)
  40. Grants Pass and Ethnicity: Portland: how much, high school, living in - Oregon (OR)
  41. Looking to move to Northwest: Medford, Green: ski resorts, low crime, good schools - Oregon (OR)
  42. Help: Astoria: rent, purchase, movies - Oregon (OR)
  43. Biodiesel: Eugene, Woodburn: transporting, insurance, home - Oregon (OR)
  44. allegany: Bend, Coos Bay, North Bend: homes, live, moving - Oregon (OR)
  45. Is Oregon the place for us?: Portland, Salem: apartment, to rent, houses (OR)
  46. Train Frequency near Sunriver: Eugene, Bend: houses, living, military - Oregon (OR)
  47. from Clatskanie, Oregon?: buy, preschools, pharmacy (OR)
  48. Need Tigard/Tualatin/Wilsonville: Portland, Salem: real estate, apartment complex, lease - Oregon (OR)
  49. I like it: Portland, Troutdale: insurance, new home, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  50. Southern Oregon Radio: Ashland, Klamath Falls: moving to, station, best (OR)
  51. housing in corvallis: Philomath: apartment complex, rental, house - Oregon (OR)
  52. Leaving WI...moving to OR??: Portland, Eugene: apartment, to rent, insurance - Oregon
  53. snow removal in Ashland: Portland: purchasing, live, to move - Oregon (OR)
  54. Oregon's Famous Exploding Whale: Florence: live, cabin, area (OR)
  55. restaurant industry: Portland, Eugene, Salem: condos, loans, income - Oregon (OR)
  56. on Oregon Towns: Portland, Eugene: low crime, houses, school (OR)
  57. Wanting To Move From CA: Portland, Eugene: apartment, how much, home - Oregon (OR)
  58. Urban areas within 45 mins of Albany?: Portland, Eugene: home, schools, college - Oregon (OR)
  59. working with children/adults with disabilities: Portland, Salem: homes, public schools, university - Oregon (OR)
  60. cheapest airfare to southern coast: Portland, Eugene: rent, live in, airport - Oregon (OR)
  61. Lincoln City or Santa Barbara?: to live in, population, weather - Oregon (OR)
  62. Moving from Albuquerque to Portland? ..?: Bend: apartments, lofts, new home - Oregon (OR)
  63. Seaside Beach: for rent, houses, living - Oregon (OR)
  64. Why are L. Oswego schools so good?: Lake Oswego: theater, school district - Oregon (OR)
  65. bend, eugene, or other city for mid-20's gal: Springfield: schools, to live - Oregon (OR)
  66. Hood River County: Portland, Eugene, St. Helens: house prices, school, property taxes - Oregon (OR)
  67. Where are the best neighbor hoods in Klamath Falls: Grants Pass: renting, home - Oregon (OR)
  68. Who are of the ISPs in Dallas?: moving to, residential - Oregon (OR)
  69. When is allergy season in GrantsPass?: Grants Pass: allergies, live, vs - Oregon (OR)
  70. Ashland Oregon: university, living, prices (OR)
  71. need on elder housing/s.oregon: Medford, Grants Pass: modular home, property tax - Oregon (OR)
  72. Florence: Portland, Eugene, Lincoln City: low crime, schools, maintenance - Oregon (OR)
  73. Christmas trees in Happy Valley??: Green: organic, centers, garden - Oregon (OR)
  74. bainbridge Island, Wa or Corvallis, Or: sales, how much, homes - Oregon (OR)
  75. wine and cheese, coffee and cake along the coast: Portland: live, shop - Oregon (OR)
  76. Looking for Salon and boutique to start my business: Salem: salons, live - Oregon (OR)
  77. State Route 20: Medford: car, stations, best - Oregon (OR)
  78. Manufactured Housing: Bend: mortgage, loans, houses - Oregon (OR)
  79. to RENT or SELL??? How long will our home sit empty?: Portland: sales, real estate - Oregon (OR)
  80. Where to find rental houses in Corvallis?: Albany, Philomath: for sale, real estate market - Oregon (OR)
  81. McMinnville?: Portland: teaching jobs, high school, universities - Oregon (OR)
  82. christmas lights and a horse buggy ride: neighborhood, food - Oregon (OR)
  83. California Artists seeking home & business in Oregon...: Bend, Ashland: living in, prices (OR)
  84. Grants Pass - Where to buy fresh fish?: stores, area - Oregon (OR)
  85. Move..: Portland, Eugene, Salem: apartment, how much, houses - Oregon (OR)
  86. Stanfield oregon Pro's and con's: Pendleton, Hermiston: home, live, food - Oregon (OR)
  87. Dry Cleaning: live, price, good - Oregon (OR)
  88. Small town near shopping and live theater: Portland, Eugene: houses, university - Oregon (OR)
  89. flocked Christmas tree in or near Astoria?: Seaside: for sale, buy - Oregon (OR)
  90. Who are the semi-custom builders?: Portland, Salem: attorney, new home, construction - Oregon (OR)
  91. Lake Oswego/West Linn Tax Burden?: Portland: real estate, sex offenders, school district - Oregon (OR)
  92. Toledo Oregon: Corvallis, Newport, Siletz: house, layoffs, place to live (OR)
  93. Oregon City: Canby, Beaver: condos, school, subdivisions (OR)
  94. Racial tolerance (& neighborhood/community advice) in Medford area?: Portland: fit in, best neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  95. Former Fresnans or others relocated on the coast?: Portland, Eugene: crime, hotels - Oregon (OR)
  96. Share Oregon with GPS: Wilsonville, Cannon Beach: real estate, homes, neighborhood (OR)
  97. I need help: home, school, education - Oregon (OR)
  98. Moving from Midwest to Northwest: Portland, McMinnville: home, high school, university - Oregon (OR)
  99. New Jersey family looking for relocation information: Portland, Salem: sales, car registration - Oregon (OR)
  100. Interracial Lesbian Couple Seeks New Home: Portland, Eugene: fit in, rental, lawyers - Oregon (OR)
  101. What's the scoop on phone, internet, and utility providers in Corvallis?: Philomath: live, legal - Oregon (OR)
  102. Whats your opinion on Hood River and other Gorge communities?: Portland: best city, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  103. Near Umpqua River: Roseburg, Coos Bay, Reedsport: house, find a job, shops - Oregon (OR)
  104. ?-Air Quality: Bend, Coos Bay, North Bend: to live, moving to, area - Oregon (OR)
  105. County or City School in Grants Pass?: Three Rivers: real estate, to rent - Oregon (OR)
  106. Taxing Authorities in Yamhill County: Portland, Eugene: mortgage, how much, houses - Oregon (OR)
  107. Relocation: Joseph: subsidized, smog, natural gas - Oregon (OR)
  108. about living near Wauna Oregon: Astoria, Clatskanie: to rent, home, to buy (OR)
  109. How is the visibility/air qulaity/smog level?: Portland: cities, required - Oregon (OR)
  110. Land near Sweet Home Oregon: RV park, renting, homes (OR)
  111. Measures 37 and 49: Umatilla, Jefferson, Union: to rent, inspections, live in - Oregon (OR)
  112. Where would suit me best?: Portland, Salem: home, high school, university - Oregon (OR)
  113. Where does the southern OR climate begin?: Portland, Eugene: live, transit - Oregon
  114. best city in marion/polk county: Salem, Keizer: crime rates, houses, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  115. Medford: No hurricanes & No major fires: Grants Pass: houses, earthquakes - Oregon (OR)
  116. Relocate to WA or OR??: Portland, Eugene: sales, leases, car registration - Oregon
  117. Villebois at Wilsonville: real estate, houses, landscaping - Oregon (OR)
  118. Fewer allergies on the coast?: transfer, living in, dangerous - Oregon (OR)
  119. need on Oregon--I'm picky!: Portland, Eugene: home, public schools, allergies (OR)
  120. Would like information on Enterprise or Joseph, OR: La Grande, Baker City: ski resort, best cities - Oregon
  121. Arsty beach towns in Oregon?: Portland, Bend: apartment, rentals, house (OR)
  122. rent-to-own a home websites: Banks: bank owned, short sales, real estate - Oregon (OR)
  123. Hubby has new job offer.. moving to Arlington: Portland: school, tax - Oregon (OR)
  124. What exactly is a dog-friendly community?: Portland: motel, houses, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  125. Warning to Californians: Portland, Salem, Bend: living, shops, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  126. Best place to raise a family???: Portland, Beaverton: power lines, crime, homes - Oregon (OR)
  127. is there a downside about living next to wetlands?: condo, house - Oregon (OR)
  128. Ashland: Eugene, Medford, Springfield: transplants, rentals, credit score - Oregon (OR)
  129. A Fun Posting About The Pacific Northwest‏: Yachats: home, buy - Oregon (OR)
  130. Moving to Roseburg Oregon: real estate, apartment, rentals (OR)
  131. Relocatin to Oregon: Portland, Eugene, Salem: sales, rent, insurance (OR)
  132. Moving from Utah to Oregon: Portland, Bend: middle-class, ski resort, home (OR)
  133. Oregon Coast in the Spring: Portland, Bend: rentals, how much, houses (OR)
  134. Gas Dryer is Useless: Eugene, Junction City: renters, appliances, new house - Oregon (OR)
  135. cheaper than portland: Salem, Hillsboro, Woodburn: to live, price, commute - Oregon (OR)
  136. Coastal town economies: Portland, Bend, Coos Bay: for sale, houses, find a job - Oregon (OR)
  137. What is meant by the term granola?: Portland, Eugene: how much, high school - Oregon (OR)
  138. Things I love about Oregon: Portland: sales, sales tax, live in (OR)
  139. Christmas Valley: Klamath Falls: live, store, move to - Oregon (OR)
  140. Astoria: Portland, Coos Bay: real estate, crime rate, hotel - Oregon (OR)
  141. Pumping gas?: unemployment rate, luxury, inspections - Oregon (OR)
  142. Looking for Best inexpensive Pet Food Store in Grants Pass: Medford: renting, motel - Oregon (OR)
  143. Just what cities are Up and Coming: Portland, Beaverton: for sale, real estate - Oregon (OR)
  144. It Rains ALL the time: Salem: live, moving to, commute - Oregon (OR)
  145. Cell Phone Carriers: Bend, Klamath Falls, Pendleton: house, bars, pine - Oregon (OR)
  146. How common are sprinkler systems?: Portland, Philomath: home builders, heat pump, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  147. coos bay, oregon webcam..: Bandon, Enterprise: house, neighborhood, live - Oregon (OR)
  148. Thinking about Oregon: Portland, Eugene, Salem: real estate market, how much, new home (OR)
  149. FELON friendly(housing ,jobwise)towns in oregon??: Portland, Eugene: rental, crime - Oregon (OR)
  150. Annoying: Portland, Bonanza: fit in, limo, house - Oregon (OR)
  151. Wind speeds - Coastal and Willamette Valley: Portland, Salem: house, schools - Oregon (OR)
  152. something wonderful in oregon. Personal Story..: health insurance, how much - Oregon (OR)
  153. To all the California people who moved to Oregon: Portland: low crime, how much (OR)
  154. Medford or Bend: need your opinion!: Eugene, Corvallis: real estate, low crime, how much - Oregon (OR)
  155. Winter Driving On I-5. Help!!: Portland, Medford: home, wedding, buying - Oregon (OR)
  156. having a problem with mold!!!!!!!!!!!: apartment, renter, insurance - Oregon (OR)
  157. Get Snow?: Portland, Eugene, Medford: how much, house, moving - Oregon (OR)
  158. Nothing but meth?: Eugene, Salem, Bend: sale, real estate, crime - Oregon (OR)
  159. Coos Bay. How do you like it?: Salem: crime, house - Oregon (OR)
  160. Looking for information: Eugene, Salem, Albany: houses, college, earthquake - Oregon (OR)
  161. 101 Cities with lowest sunshine: Portland, Eugene: statistics, population, places - Oregon (OR)
  162. Hmmm....Oregon sounds really nice, too!!!: Portland, Eugene: transplants, home, schools (OR)
  163. from Southern Ca that really wants to move back?: Coos Bay: renting, house - Oregon (OR)
  164. Winter Storm(Oregon and Washington too).: Portland, Salem: insurance, house, casino (OR)
  165. Less migraines in the Pacific Northwest?: Portland: homes, living, mold - Oregon (OR)
  166. Medford: Grants Pass, Ashland, Central Point: coop, theater, closing - Oregon (OR)
  167. Oregon Real Estate Forecast: Portland, Eugene: for sale, houses, new construction (OR)
  168. Measures 37 and 49: sale, house, transfer - Oregon (OR)
  169. Medford & Grants Pass: Ashland, Rogue River: home, school district, restaurants - Oregon (OR)
  170. Coast: Portland, Klamath Falls, Astoria: for sale, low crime, house - Oregon (OR)
  171. whats it like living in oregon?: Portland, Eugene: transplants, motel, homes - Oregon (OR)
  172. Rain and Kids?: Salem: co-ops, buy, theater - Oregon (OR)
  173. If you could live anywhere in OR or WA: Portland: sales, rental - Oregon
  174. Move to Oregon?: Portland, Eugene, Salem: daycare, homes, safe area (OR)
  175. Looking to possibly relocate to Oregon: Portland, Eugene: houses, scorpion, school (OR)
  176. Craftsman house for max $100,000: Salem, Baker City: houses, neighborhoods, buy - Oregon (OR)
  177. Gold Beach: Bend, North Bend, Florence: skatepark, wedding, dangerous - Oregon (OR)
  178. Eugene or Portland?: Springfield, Tigard, Lake Oswego: real estate, insurance, condo - Oregon (OR)
  179. Frozen Pips: Jacksonville: live, codes, areas - Oregon (OR)
  180. Observations of Coos Bay: Portland, Eugene: appointed, fit in, transplants - Oregon (OR)
  181. Boardheads in Hood River: Portland, Bend: rent, home, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  182. Oregon Schools: Portland, Eugene, Salem: daycare, how much, houses (OR)
  183. Columbia Gorge: Portland, Hood River: how much, hotels, house prices - Oregon (OR)
  184. What is oregon like to move to: Portland, Beaverton: real estate, home - Oregon (OR)
  185. Questions about Oregon: Portland, Eugene, Salem: sales, income, quality of life (OR)
  186. Speculating Oregon: Portland, Bend, Klamath Falls: house, neighborhood, school district (OR)
  187. Loud Neighbors/Law: cul-de-sac, for sale, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  188. Siletz Oregon: Newport, Toledo: how much, home, to buy (OR)
  189. ~Day Spas in Hillsboro: Portland: moving, commute to, career - Oregon (OR)
  190. Newport: housing, weather, jobs - Oregon (OR)
  191. Wrestling: high school, addresses, local - Oregon (OR)
  192. NE Oregon Questions: Portland, La Grande, Baker City: college, to live, horses (OR)
  193. astoria: crime, population, weather - Oregon (OR)
  194. Thinking of moving to Roseburg: Salem, Ashland: living, prices, gardening - Oregon (OR)
  195. Wilsonville 10 day Weather Forecast - Oregon (OR)
  196. Moving scam FYI: Portland: moving company, business, artist - Oregon (OR)
  197. Moving from GP to Medford Rentals pet friendly?: relocate to, duplex - Oregon (OR)
  198. UP out of Hermiston: location, working, application - Oregon (OR)
  199. thinking of the Lakeveiw area: live in, move to, air quality - Oregon (OR)
  200. Pictures to Share?: moving to, places, state - Oregon (OR)