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  1. Texas power retailer Griddy planning to file bankruptcy: Cleveland, West: attorney, transfer (TX)
  2. Who remembers Saragossa tornado?: town, community, about - Texas (TX)
  3. It's Rattlesnake Roundup Time: Sweetwater: appointed, garage, food - Texas (TX)
  4. Best beach town in Texas?: Corpus Christi, Galveston: rentals, amusement park, home (TX)
  5. Get a drain valve!: drywall, floors, plumbing - Texas (TX)
  6. Seymour TX, on it?: Abilene, Wichita Falls: crime rates, live, stats - Texas
  7. Chip Roy - voted in to represent Texas: Angleton, Brazoria: legal, county (TX)
  8. Remember Goliad 2021!: Anna, Santa Anna: credit, live, food - Texas (TX)
  9. DPS Trooper Chad Walker has died: Allen, Damon: live in, safety, donate - Texas (TX)
  10. Camping on Bolivar Peninsula: Galveston, Spring: spring break, school, live - Texas (TX)
  11. Tarleton State vs UTSA: Stephenville: real estate, how much, transfer - Texas (TX)
  12. Happy 1st Day of Spring, Texas.How do you think the weather will be this spring?: Lone Star: tornadoes (TX)
  13. Where masks are still REQUIRED after March 10, 2021: Houston, San Antonio: houses, shop - Texas (TX)
  14. Job Market for Civil Engineer: Houston, Dallas: home, contractor, calculation - Texas (TX)
  15. Moving to the Area +/- June 2021 Advice on a couple of issues: Laredo: rental - Texas (TX)
  16. Breakdown of Power Outages Mapped Out: Houston, Galveston: gated, live, vs - Texas (TX)
  17. Investor-owned utilities pay top executives millions — are they worth it?: San Antonio: salary, tax - Texas (TX)
  18. Texas Summer Electric Utility Rates 2021 !!: Austin, Irving: purchaser, construction, utilities (TX)
  19. State of the Art 2021 El Paso, Texas Power Plant Worked!: high school, costs (TX)
  20. Texas State Insurance Law Will Screw Homeowners: attorney, house (TX)
  21. Harris County wants out of ERCOT: Houston, Dallas: suburban, approval, money - Texas (TX)
  22. My electricity provider will not tell me what I owe. Getting worried!: Howe: how much - Texas (TX)
  23. Texas Unemployment Insurance: payment, system, alternatives (TX)
  24. Odessa vs Big Spring Crime and Safety: Midland: home, live in - Texas (TX)
  25. New Resident License/Registration Questions: Austin, Howe: transfer, buying, title - Texas (TX)
  26. market manipulation?: sales, leasing, lawyer - Texas (TX)
  27. Lot merger: insurance, lawyer, house - Texas (TX)
  28. Relocating for job in Boca Chica: Brownsville, Harlingen: neighborhoods, to buy, best school - Texas (TX)
  29. Lone Star T-Storm Season Predictions 2021: how much, tornadoes, weather - Texas (TX)
  30. Looking for recommendations for relocation to GP: Grand Prairie, Spring: rent, houses - Texas (TX)
  31. Other Hispanics in Texas: Houston, Dallas: professionals, estimate, cities (TX)
  32. Happy Mothers Day Texas: live, shop, kids (TX)
  33. Happy Cinco de Mayo 2021: Howe: rated, interior, American - Texas (TX)
  34. No Texas Covid Deaths on Sunday: Abbott: calculated, moving, office (TX)
  35. Where in Texas has ditch irrigation?: El Paso, Menard: real estate, homes, neighborhoods (TX)
  36. Which parts of Texas are good for growing cotton?: Houston: co-op, how much (TX)
  37. Thoughts on Sulphur Springs?: Dallas: homes, buying, live in - Texas (TX)
  38. 1st Federal Ruling on Vaccine Mandates: requirements, working, hospital - Texas (TX)
  39. Houston VS Dallas: Which one is attracting less Californians?: San Antonio: moving, eat - Texas (TX)
  40. What part of Texas has the sturdiest ground?: Houston, Center: metro area, area (TX)
  41. Former cajun restaurant near Stillhouse Hollow Lake: Belton: reviews, place - Texas (TX)
  42. s County Percentages Over 100%?: counties, place, Hispanics - Texas (TX)
  43. 1960s Public School Evangelism in East Texas: Lubbock, Galveston: home, school district (TX)
  44. Moving from LA to Dallas subs: Frisco? Prosper? Southlake?: schools, budget - Texas (TX)
  45. Relocation: Houston, Dallas, Austin: ski resort, house, school - Texas (TX)
  46. Californian relocating to Texas — suggestions?: Austin, McKinney: rental, house, buying (TX)
  47. New resident vehicle registration: Seguin: lease, insurance, loan - Texas (TX)
  48. I35/I10 Texas's main street/backbone?: Houston, Dallas: versus, cars, congested (TX)
  49. homestead exemption: house, taxes, exemptions - Texas (TX)
  50. Quiet Getaway for 4th of July Weekend: Austin, Waco: restaurant, price - Texas (TX)
  51. Death and divorce papers required to rent?: apartments, rental - Texas (TX)
  52. Gifting car out of state: appointed, insurance, transfer to - Texas (TX)
  53. San Jacinto Day: Houston: live, work, state - Texas (TX)
  54. East Texas Internet: Austin, Tyler, Lufkin: house, to move, housing (TX)
  55. What about Snowball: home, tax, dogs - Texas (TX)
  56. Moving tips: Houston, Dallas: to rent, house, buying - Texas (TX)
  57. a caregiver for their parent(s) in Texas: Dallas: health insurance, homes (TX)
  58. 10 Most Wealthiest Cities in Texas: Houston, Dallas: real estate, home, unemployment rate (TX)
  59. Which city do you dislike most?: Beaumont, Waco: quality of life, military, health - Texas (TX)
  60. Alternative Housing-Friendly Counties in the Hill Country and Central Texas: San Antonio: rent, new home (TX)
  61. Happy Valentine's Day 2021, Texas!: Lone Star: home, roads, state (TX)
  62. Since the Rose Bowl is in Texas...: San Antonio, El Paso: college, move (TX)
  63. What is your opinion on online part-time and offline part-time work? I hope to get your comments and suggestions, thank: employment - Texas (TX)
  64. Midland elementary schools. Public or Private.: Houston, Spring: house, move, relocating to - Texas (TX)
  65. Trip Planned in March - Kid Friendly Ideas?: Houston, Dallas: spring break, home - Texas (TX)
  66. What's Good About Early?: Austin, Midland: mobile home, school district, college - Texas (TX)
  67. New news for Texas: Del Rio, Taylor: house, wedding, club (TX)
  68. Happy Groundhog Day 2021,Texas!Will this winter end early???: San Antonio: move, average (TX)
  69. Tell me about lake life in Temple/Belton: Dallas, Austin: how much, house - Texas (TX)
  70. Beaumont, Texas. Community Buys Wheelchair Accessible Van for Mom of Child with Special Needs.: Melissa: live in (TX)
  71. NC vs TX: Dallas, Panhandle: home, taxes, living in - Texas
  72. Texas vehicle title transfer: balloon payment, leasing, insurance (TX)
  73. Get Hot-Hands to stay warm and save pipes...: house, camping - Texas (TX)
  74. Trae tha Truth the face of activism in Texas: Houston: donate, winter (TX)
  75. Imagine if Texas formed its own language called Texan?: eat, best (TX)
  76. Exotic Pop vs. Oak Cliff Soda: Battle of indie Texas soda brands: Houston: to buy, restaurants (TX)
  77. High school in Amarillo: Houston, Canyon: houses, safe area, to buy - Texas (TX)
  78. What is Sulphur Springs like?: Dallas, Texarkana: how much, homes, buying - Texas (TX)
  79. Support Texas Border Wall: Dallas, Zapata: lawyers, construction, schools (TX)
  80. black american looking to move to houston,dallas,dc: DeSoto: insurance, employment - Texas (TX)
  81. Do you think he low growth areas in Texas have their time to grow?: Houston: employment, purchasing (TX)
  82. When it comes to beach road trips, is there reason for Houstonians to travel to Corpus Christi instead of Galveston?: Dallas: rental, amusement parks - Texas (TX)
  83. Why do DFW suburbs have such higher populations than Houston suburbs: Dallas: neighborhoods, school district - Texas (TX)
  84. Where in Tx fits me?: Houston, Dallas: homes, neighborhoods, living - Texas (TX)
  85. with Temple?: Waco, Killeen: crime rate, home, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  86. Are you state park fans?: Galveston, McKinney: for sale, how much, hotel - Texas (TX)
  87. Luby’s isn’t closing after all, nor Fuddruckers: Waco: home, buyer - Texas (TX)
  88. NRA HQ to move to Texas: Houston, Dallas: bankruptcy, moving, business (TX)
  89. Does remember this steakhouse in San Angelo?: Howe: spring break, buy - Texas (TX)
  90. Buying a House: Houston vs Dallas: Fort Worth, Mansfield: 2015, neighborhood, live in - Texas (TX)
  91. A Texas father shot a man who was allegedly spying on his daughter ...: Point: transport, station (TX)
  92. Bluebonnet/Wildflower Season in Texas in the Year 2021: Houston, Austin: live, farms (TX)
  93. Cases will soon go up - not because of what you think: store, approval - Texas (TX)
  94. What do y'all do for work?: Temple, Mart: real estate, house, employment - Texas (TX)
  95. Help me understand this,: Houston, Roma: how much, house, college - Texas (TX)
  96. Being liberal in TX?: Houston, Dallas: rent, home, income - Texas
  97. Texas wine: Fort Worth, Lubbock, Palestine: live, agriculture, yard (TX)
  98. Your insight on eastern Texas (planning to relocate): Houston, Dallas: how much, houses (TX)
  99. Why do most older people retire to Florida and not the RGV?: Miami: house, property taxes - Texas (TX)
  100. Waco I-35 construction: Dallas, Austin, Temple: contractor, live, cost - Texas (TX)
  101. Democrat walk out in the Texas legislature over voter reform bill: Ranger: high school, live (TX)
  102. What do people do in rural Texas?: Houston, Austin: mineral rights, for sale (TX)
  103. Texas bumpkin arrested over plans for mass shooting at Walmart: Arlington: crime rates, felony (TX)
  104. Fellow Texans, How do you feel about Constitutional Carry?: crimes, buying - Texas (TX)
  105. Texas' Stereotypical Image; do you see it changing?: Houston, Dallas: home, movies (TX)
  106. Austin or Dallas for who like big cities?: Houston: hotels, movies - Texas (TX)
  107. Is Amarillo right for me?: Canyon, Winters: university, property taxes, to live in - Texas (TX)
  108. San Antonio or Fort Worth?: Houston, Dallas: for sale, amusement parks, high crime - Texas (TX)
  109. Experience with Ag Exemption (Property Tax): Houston, Converse: fit in, 2014, buying a home - Texas (TX)
  110. Texas turning blue....: Houston, San Antonio, Austin: living, eat, oil (TX)
  111. Texas Fortune 500 companies 2021: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio: bankruptcy, food, oil (TX)
  112. Texas Residents moving to Nashville??: San Antonio, Austin: rental car, rental, home (TX)
  113. ERCOT to fail Texas again?: Dallas, San Antonio: transplants, apartments, condos (TX)
  114. D surpassed Houston to become the fourth-largest U.S. metro area, according to latest census numbers.: Dallas: 2015, tornado - Texas (TX)
  115. Bilingualism Anglo Texans: San Antonio, Anton: how much, neighborhood, movies - Texas (TX)
  116. Property Taxes and Homestead exemption: Plano, Nacogdoches: for sale, car registration, condo - Texas (TX)
  117. Does the state know when you left?: Fort Worth, Seguin: school, DMV - Texas (TX)
  118. Who remembers when the “San Austinio” megalopolis didn’t exist?: San Antonio: 2015, how much - Texas (TX)
  119. San Angelo PD false arrest: Katy, Redwood: law, authority, office - Texas (TX)
  120. Commie Liberals take over Texas: Fort Worth: power lines, electricity, money (TX)
  121. Governor Abbot TEXAS IS OPEN!: China: living in, law, stores - Texas (TX)
  122. Preventing Surface and Water Damage from Mineral Rights Access: Dallas: real estate, lease - Texas (TX)
  123. S. Padre development: Houston, Dallas: spring break, real estate, houses - Texas (TX)
  124. How A Corporate Tax Break Program Costs All Texans Billions: Houston: houses, construction - Texas (TX)
  125. Do people still LEASE small cattle ranches/farms?: Austin: sale, renters - Texas (TX)
  126. No vaccine passports...: Howe, Abbott: apartment complex, countertops, transfer - Texas (TX)
  127. Jerry Jones raising price of natural gas during crisis in Texas: Dallas: power lines, house (TX)
  128. Single, 30-something childless woman Looking for first home anywhere Collin County, North or East Texas: Houston: mortgage, mobile home (TX)
  129. Bad news for fixed rate electric bills.: Garland, Lubbock: coop, home - Texas (TX)
  130. Moving to TX from CO: Houston, San Antonio: house, find a job, safe area - Texas
  131. Nuclear-Level Annihilation Coming for Texas: Houston, Austin: homes, tornadoes, natural gas (TX)
  132. Ted Cruz Flies to Mexico, Escapes the Blackout: live, vacation - Texas (TX)
  133. Where masks are not required after March 10, 2021: San Antonio, Anton: restaurants, businesses - Texas (TX)
  134. Sooo.. Are we kicking privatized all for profit Energy companies, DeRegulation , Abbott and Cruz, to the curb?: taxi, prices - Texas (TX)
  135. Deranged libertarianism is destroying Texas: taxes, to live, safety (TX)
  136. Political Effects of the Arctic Blast in Texas: Mesquite, Hidalgo: house, to buy (TX)
  137. Thoughts on Denton?: Austin, Fort Worth, Plano: renting, home, construction - Texas (TX)
  138. Should Texas expand covid vaccine eligibility?: Houston: college, living in, professionals (TX)
  139. Texas Hyperloop: Bullet Train all over Again: 2014, school (TX)
  140. Mask mandate removed: Denton, Howe, Kemp: dangerous, moving, suburbs - Texas (TX)
  141. When will Texas end it's mask-mandate?: Houston, Lubbock: homes, theatres, live (TX)
  142. WSJ: Texas Electric Bills Were $28 Billion Higher Under Deregulation: El Paso: insurance, houses (TX)
  143. Has Texas ever had rolling blackouts before?: move, electricity (TX)
  144. 4 ERCOT board members who live outside of Texas resign in the aftermath of the power outage, winter storm: Van: loan, theater (TX)
  145. Property taxes soaring!: Victoria, Seguin, Howe: for sale, houses, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  146. Just how fast can you drive in Texas?: Houston, Dallas: how much, school (TX)
  147. Will we look back years from now and see February 2021 as the end of the great California to Texas migration?: Dallas: house, buying (TX)
  148. Does Austin and Houston have good IT job market?: Post: schools, vs - Texas (TX)
  149. Casinos in Texas? (Gambling) MERGED: Eagle Pass, Livingston: living, legal, land (TX)
  150. Checking in & sending prayers: Houston, Dallas: homes, living in, safe - Texas (TX)
  151. palms/tropical vegetation left in Texas?: Houston, Dallas: 2013, yard (TX)
  152. Wichita Falls Welcome Package: Fort Worth, College Station: appointed, apartment complexes, motels - Texas (TX)
  153. Luby's is closing: Houston, Dallas, Cleburne: homes, living in, restaurants - Texas (TX)
  154. Is The COVID Vaccine Available to in Houston Metro?: Center: live, stores - Texas (TX)
  155. Astroworld Fest vs Posty Fest: Houston, Malone: college, closing, stadium - Texas (TX)
  156. TRS retirement system: Howe: health insurance, school, income - Texas (TX)
  157. Challenging the notion that South Texas isn't Southern: San Antonio, Corpus Christi: Hispanics, accent (TX)
  158. Are people from other states still wanting to move to Texas after this winter storm (merged): Houston: how much, scorpions (TX)
  159. Tired of the dysfunctional blame game: Austin, Abbott: how much, maintenance, live - Texas (TX)
  160. Is it common to think that Austin is bigger than San Antonio?: Houston: best city, live in - Texas (TX)
  161. Confused on relocation between Austin suburbs vs Dallas suburbs (Medical support advice helps): Houston: house, safe neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  162. Best Texas City to Explore?: Houston, Dallas: rent, neighborhoods, live in (TX)
  163. Lone Star Off-Grid Life: San Antonio, Austin: 2014, power lines, how much - Texas (TX)
  164. The 2011 Texas Power/Winterization Report -- Ignored By Politicians and Utility Regulators: El Paso: insurance, tornadoes (TX)
  165. Texas high-speed rail could be first in line for funding from Biden, Congress: Houston: credit, house (TX)
  166. Great to see Texans helping each other - Are politicians ever going to protect us from natural disasters?: Houston: insurance, how much - Texas (TX)
  167. Help me find a spot in TX: Houston, Dallas: low crime, schools - Texas
  168. Turn Texas Blue: What a government who cares for infrastructure looks like: Houston: homes, costs (TX)
  169. House Flippers in Texas: San Antonio, Austin: brokers, lawyers, houses (TX)
  170. Are border areas safe to visit?: Houston, San Antonio: crime, buy, construction - Texas (TX)
  171. Texas cities or regions never been to: Houston, Dallas: house, college (TX)
  172. WSJ Texas College Rankings 2021: Houston, Dallas: home, dorm, elementary school (TX)
  173. Looking to relocate to Texas: Houston, Dallas: health insurance, low crime, good schools (TX)
  174. Corporate relocations to Texas do create net new jobs.....: Houston: new home, employment (TX)
  175. Does Elon Musk live in Texas?: Austin, Round Top: for sale, real estate, rent (TX)
  176. How is South Padre Island for vacation?: El Paso, Corpus Christi: spring break, 2015 - Texas (TX)
  177. Real estate - how are appraisals coming in, in this hot seller's market?: Austin: sales, good credit - Texas (TX)
  178. Beto Orourke running for governor: Howe, Abbott: neighborhood, where to buy, residential - Texas (TX)
  179. Happy New Years 2021: better - Texas (TX)
  180. Fritch / Pampa: Amarillo, Midland, Odessa: living in, relocate to, cities - Texas (TX)
  181. Change the Forum names: metro area, cities, communities - Texas (TX)
  182. Opinions on Centrex home??: Katy: new home, purchase, prices - Texas (TX)
  183. Parents sue ERCOT over death of 11 year old in Conroe Texas: live, trailer (TX)
  184. for Massage Therapists - Massage Schools in Texas: credit, accredited (TX)
  185. Foreclosures in current real estate market: short sale, house, housing market - Texas (TX)
  186. Insurance P&C job market: licensed, rated, companies - Texas (TX)
  187. Round Top mining: Sierra Blanca: activity, affect - Texas (TX)
  188. Presidio/Ojinaga: El Paso: park, drive, worth - Texas (TX)
  189. Comanche to English Help: doctor, certificate, fun - Texas (TX)
  190. Federal funding for pandemic rent relief: renters, evictions, house - Texas (TX)
  191. How to protest your 2021 Texas property tax appraisal: Dallas: file, owners (TX)
  192. Perryton, TX nursing home: job, street, travel - Texas
  193. District 6 Congressional vote.: race, top, democrats - Texas (TX)
  194. Texas Startup Manifesto: economy, largest, information (TX)
  195. Texas Energy Co-Op Files For Bankruptcy After Storm, High Bill: Cooper: to buy, costs (TX)
  196. Happy Birthday,Texas.: Lone Star: live, today (TX)
  197. Texas DPS is ending Grace Period for Auto Tag Renewal by Apr 14, 2021: vehicle (TX)
  198. Remember the Alamo 2021!: Lone Star: live, today, anniversary - Texas (TX)
  199. The Baylor Bears just won the NCAA Basketball National Championship 2021: team - Texas (TX)
  200. Port Arthur- Residence Inn - Texas (TX)