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  23. Texas Winter 2023 (TX)
  24. working on the border in small border town - Texas (TX)
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  32. Healthcare eligibility: insurance, buy, calculator - Texas (TX)
  33. Happy New Year's 2023, Texas!: San Antonio, Anton: phone, town, downtown (TX)
  34. Maria Elena Bottazzi and Peter Hotez: The 2022 Dallas Morning News Texans of the Year: Houston: school - Texas (TX)
  35. moving my family of 5 to TX (from IL...): Houston: house, neighborhood - Texas
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  40. Fellow Texans, how are you holding up with the cold front?: Houston: appointed, power lines - Texas (TX)
  41. Texas's Democratic Party is incompetent.: Seguin, Abbott: attorney, elementary school, live (TX)
  42. Texas bill would let fetus count as second person in an HOV lanes: Houston: live, legal (TX)
  43. Paxton wastes taxpayer money: tax, to move, county - Texas (TX)
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  45. Gay Propaganda in Texas?: Houston, Seguin: home, school district, law (TX)
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  47. TDL Renewal: how much, buy, price - Texas (TX)
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  52. News, Texas town installs American flag nearly 200 feet in the air to show its patriotism.: Dallas: live, suburb (TX)
  53. Hispanics now the largest demographic in Texas per Census estimate: Houston: live in, racist (TX)
  54. Fun places to visit: Houston, Dallas: house, camping, living - Texas (TX)
  55. What are your thoughts on Abbott?: Kemp: office, restrictions, parties - Texas (TX)
  56. Big Bend-Guadalupe Mountains: Houston, Austin, El Paso: RV park, motels, theater - Texas (TX)
  57. Youtube series - Californians moving to Texas: house, live in (TX)
  58. FACT: Texas is 30 years behind California: Houston, Dallas: transplants, crime, home (TX)
  59. When will the State of Texas enact kind of property tax relief?: sales, lease (TX)
  60. the illegal border crossings.: Houston: how much, public schools, universities - Texas (TX)
  61. Border Patrol Check Points Texas: Dallas, El Paso: crime, living, legal (TX)
  62. Do you understand Texas property taxes? (survey): Houston, San Antonio: house, new construction (TX)
  63. research on using public air-conditioned place to save energy consumption?: Miami: rent, how much - Texas (TX)
  64. Texans actually pay more in taxes than Californians do?: Denton: low income, sales - Texas (TX)
  65. Deregulated power - what's the point?: Houston, Brenham: coop, credit, to buy - Texas (TX)
  66. So, is the Texas power grid 'fixed'?: Howe, Abbott: new house, income (TX)
  67. Denton passes decriminalization of low-level marijuana possession.: Houston, Dallas: to buy, exemptions - Texas (TX)
  68. Family ranches in Texas: San Antonio, Anton: transplants, lease, house (TX)
  69. Can I Vote If I'm Not Registered To Vote?: Columbus: drivers license, rating - Texas (TX)
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  71. Abbott Signals Openness to Allowing Casinos in Texas: Houston, Dallas: crime, bankrupt (TX)
  72. Beto2024: El Paso: skateboarding, HOA, school - Texas (TX)
  73. Does have an opinion about HEB and HEB brands?: Brenham: home, buying - Texas (TX)
  74. Where do you think Texas' population will ultimately reach?: Houston: how much, construction (TX)
  75. other cities outside Dallas: Houston, Austin: rent, high crime, college - Texas (TX)
  76. Need Help With Petition For Better Tenant Rights: Howe: real estate, apartment - Texas (TX)
  77. VOTE Abbott out! He is too radical for Texas!: Uvalde: crime, to buy (TX)
  78. Interesting to see retention rates of of the schools in Texas: crime, credit (TX)
  79. Crash at Crush - 1896: history, event, video - Texas (TX)
  80. Voter fraud charges dismissed against Hervis Rogers, Houston man who waited hours to vote in 2020 - Texas (TX)
  81. Looking for ancestry that pertains to William 'Kit Smith my great grandfather sabine county texas: small town - Texas (TX)
  82. Hired help in West Fort Worth area: Weatherford, Aledo: house, maintenance - Texas (TX)
  83. Is aware of anything happening near Beach City?: Baytown: natural gas, property - Texas (TX)
  84. 2 Dallas Methodist Hospital employees shot dead.: local - Texas (TX)
  85. DFW Resident Having to Pay Illinois Income Tax: Dallas, Plano: contractor, live in - Texas (TX)
  86. Texas Agriculture Commissioner Race.: Hays: land, road, railroad (TX)