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  1. Making the move to Va/have to sell in NJ first..: Norfolk: real estate, hotel - Virginia (VA)
  2. Where to move - Older couple, liberal-yoga-peaceniks: Charlottesville, Williamsburg: price, retired - Virginia (VA)
  3. relo to VA. Anywhere between Richmond and the beach: Virginia Beach: real estate, condo
  4. Looking for an Architect: Fairfax: house, licensed, design - Virginia (VA)
  5. Moving to VA w/out Transportation. Bad Idea?: Fredericksburg: apartment, college - Virginia
  6. Funniest commercial serving Virginia, DC, and Maryland: move, about (VA)
  7. Moving to VA from CA - need: Hampton: to rent, house - Virginia
  8. Old town alexandria: Jefferson, Washington: restaurants, shops, transportation - Virginia (VA)
  9. Cedar hunt homeowners association inc: Chantilly: house, neighborhood, schools - Virginia (VA)
  10. Speeding Ticket, Can I avoid going to court?: insurance, lawyer - Virginia (VA)
  11. Lanscaping Backyard with Rocks: townhouse, live in, pool - Virginia (VA)
  12. ?? Occupancy Laws in extreme SW VA: Bristol, Washington: rental, mortgage, credit - Virginia
  13. relocation to Metro DC area: Alexandria, McLean: to rent, budget, office - Virginia (VA)
  14. African American Churches near Fredericksburg, VA: baptist, road, showing - Virginia
  15. Areas to avoid in McLean?: Fairfax, Washington: apartment complexes, homes, neighborhood - Virginia (VA)
  16. Franklin, Patrick, or Henry Counties?: Danville, Williamsburg: house, homeschool, to live in - Virginia (VA)
  17. Ft. Lee/Petersburgh area: Chester, Colonial Heights: apartment, townhouse, high schools - Virginia (VA)
  18. Community Colleges - ESL Courses: Falls Church: credit, health, business - Virginia (VA)
  19. To Move or not to move: Reston: transplants, home, to live in - Virginia (VA)
  20. Foreclosed Motrgage help: foreclosure, rent, mortgage - Virginia (VA)
  21. low water pressure new 1/2 hp convert.jet pump: house, cost - Virginia (VA)
  22. Virginia's medical field oversaturated?: Richmond: home, school, vs (VA)
  23. Moving to Petersburg- Deerfield Drive area. HELP!!!!!: sex offenders, crime rate - Virginia (VA)
  24. Where to move? Too many options!: Hampton, Fredericksburg: houses, private schools, centers - Virginia (VA)
  25. Wife to appear in court for reckless driving because car's steering gave out?!?!: Charlottesville: school - Virginia (VA)
  26. New job at Andrews AFB, is Woodbridge too far a commute?: renting, home - Virginia (VA)
  27. heard of Yogaville?: live, county, places - Virginia (VA)
  28. Husband at Ft. Lee, studying at Duke: Petersburg, Emporia: rent, public schools - Virginia (VA)
  29. This might shake-up around Lynchburg/LU: college, water - Virginia (VA)
  30. Moving to the Northern Neck: Richmond, Tappahannock: apartments, rentals, new home - Virginia (VA)
  31. Small town VA with town center: Norfolk, Richmond: for sale, living, restaurants - Virginia
  32. Advice in moving: transplants, employment, buying - Virginia (VA)
  33. Oakmont Villas at Kentland in New Kent?: Richmond, Williamsburg: crime, homes - Virginia (VA)
  34. help us find where to live: Arlington, Alexandria: to rent, condo - Virginia (VA)
  35. searching for a place in Norton, Virginia. (rent OR rent-to-own): Wise: for sale, apartment complex (VA)
  36. Chesterfield or New Kent?: Richmond, Petersburg: real estate, rentals, crime - Virginia (VA)
  37. Port Potomac: Woodbridge: rent, houses, living - Virginia (VA)
  38. where to live, hubby's work in Dahlgren, Va.: sale, apartment - Virginia (VA)
  39. thinking of moving to manassas: Virginia Beach, Woodbridge: public schools, to live in, ratings (VA)
  40. Living in Williamsburg??: Norfolk, Richmond, Hampton: sales, Home Depot, movies - Virginia (VA)
  41. Best Virginia mountain vacation areas? NEED ADVICE: Roanoke, Lynchburg: rent, motels (VA)
  42. ACC in the Old Dominion: transfer, university, live - Virginia (VA)
  43. I need serious relocation advice!! help: apartment, for rent - Virginia (VA)
  44. Family Tree: Pound: live, parks, American - Virginia (VA)
  45. Spending the Summer in Virginia...need advice: Richmond, Roanoke: fit in, transplants (VA)
  46. looking for a soccer trainer: Chantilly: summer, hire, near - Virginia (VA)
  47. Variations in Temperatures, Humidity, Dew Point: Richmond, Roanoke: live, county, places - Virginia (VA)
  48. Pentagon (5-ring circus) - where to buy?: Arlington, Alexandria: loan, townhome - Virginia (VA)
  49. I'm Relocating to V.A. from P.A. & need HELP!!!: Virginia Beach: rentals, crime rate (VA)
  50. Mini-Vacation ideas- help: Charlottesville, Harrisonburg: weddings, restaurants, shops - Virginia (VA)
  51. Should We Move?: Richmond: crime, home, living in - Virginia (VA)
  52. RN looking to move to Lynchburg area: Forest, Bedford: real estate, new home - Virginia (VA)
  53. Retirement in Southwest Virginia: Roanoke, Salem: rental, house, community college (VA)
  54. Asian imports?: Richmond: to buy, store, Japanese - Virginia (VA)
  55. Virginia Driving Test for UK licence holder: Farmville: transfer, live (VA)
  56. Moving to Danville-Apartment: Williamsburg, Franklin: apartments, rentals, townhomes - Virginia (VA)
  57. Apartment close to Work: living in, relocating to, commute - Virginia (VA)
  58. Seeking summer housing in Rosslyn: internship, conservative, organization - Virginia (VA)
  59. Driving Suggestions Monticello, VA to Chapel Hill NC: Lynchburg: best, dinner - Virginia
  60. Traffic Ticket Ranking: violations, difference, police - Virginia (VA)
  61. Upstate Virginia Job Market: Virginia Beach, Richmond: quality of life, tax, living (VA)
  62. auto laws?: buy, inspection, beach - Virginia (VA)
  63. department: Arlington: live, club, towers - Virginia (VA)
  64. Is NoVa Buggy?: live, move to, eat - Virginia (VA)
  65. Homeschooling/unschooling in Virginia: Chesapeake, Newport News: crime, public school, exemption (VA)
  66. Why is VA for lovers?: beach, history, people - Virginia
  67. Is Fredericksburg, VA Diverse and Affordable?: to rent, townhouse, to live - Virginia
  68. Danville and its Public Schools....: live, moving, friendly - Virginia (VA)
  69. SW Virginia: Richmond, Roanoke, Reston: apartments, rent, student loan (VA)
  70. I-81 Corridor south of Harrisonburg: Roanoke, Staunton: ski resorts, hotels, lawyers - Virginia (VA)
  71. Waterfront towns in Virginia: Falls Church, Onancock: living, activities, retirement (VA)
  72. Payscale is disappointing.: Norfolk, Lynchburg: tech jobs, asbestos, salary - Virginia (VA)
  73. Moving to Fairfax from Houston: Alexandria, Centreville: real estate, rental, low crime - Virginia (VA)
  74. reckless driving ticket, help!: appointed, insurance, law - Virginia (VA)
  75. Restaurants in Williamsburg: Cana: appointed, prices, shop - Virginia (VA)
  76. Can recommend a family dr in lynchburg?: phone, where to - Virginia (VA)
  77. News, Danville area jobless rate rises to 14 percent: Roanoke: how much, unemployment - Virginia (VA)
  78. Struggling, two CS graduate school offers(Rutgers, W&M): Hampton: health insurance, schools - Virginia (VA)
  79. Lancaster/Glouster Counties: Richmond: home, to buy, prices - Virginia (VA)
  80. Moving to Harrisonburg: for rent, townhouse, middle schools - Virginia (VA)
  81. Looking for Websites to help determine place to move in Virgiina: Virginia Beach: 2013, how much (VA)
  82. About Home Assessment: mobile home, buyer, property tax - Virginia (VA)
  83. Need Help! Looking for scenic overlook in Chilhowie, VA: Abingdon: zip code, area - Virginia
  84. Why are VA Athletes Hooligans?: Chesapeake, Richmond: college, salary, money - Virginia
  85. cheapest place in Virginia, with organic food, access to nature...: Richmond: renting, co-op (VA)
  86. Moving Questions: Charlottesville: how much, homes, transfer - Virginia (VA)
  87. Wife of FBI agent in training: places to stay, places, program - Virginia (VA)
  88. Whats the clossest metro to virginia to dc?: bus, stations - Virginia (VA)
  89. Moving to VA...husband working in Quantico, where should we call home ?: Newport News: to rent - Virginia
  90. Moving to Springfield area, want a safe place: Arlington, Alexandria: apartments, crime - Virginia (VA)
  91. ten years of marriage and Social Security: attorney, live in - Virginia (VA)
  92. Land near a city: Richmond, Roanoke: live, price, vs. - Virginia (VA)
  93. Best area for jobs: Richmond, Roanoke: layoffs, living, low cost - Virginia (VA)
  94. Best place to live in or around Virginia Beach, relocating from NYC: Norfolk: rental (VA)
  95. move to Williamsburg for William and Mary...: Virginia Beach, Norfolk: apartments, rentals (VA)
  96. information on Haysi, VA and Hurley VA: Bristol: apartment, job market - Virginia
  97. Danville, Martinsville, Marion??: Roanoke, Bristol: schools, live, shop - Virginia (VA)
  98. Towns near Waynesboro?: Charlottesville: low crime, home, neighborhoods - Virginia (VA)
  99. Weyers cave& surrounding towns: Harrisonburg, Staunton: condo, university, live in - Virginia (VA)
  100. Petersburg life: college, bars, cemetery - Virginia (VA)
  101. relocation to Harrisonburg: Charlottesville, Shenandoah: house, neighborhoods, schools - Virginia (VA)
  102. How does unemployment in VA work for partial year residents?: employment, taxes - Virginia
  103. Networking in Virginia-Need advice: Roanoke, Charlottesville: colleges, live in, move to (VA)
  104. Entering Kindergarten in VA, cut-off date?: Richmond, Fairfax: how much, transfer, preschool - Virginia
  105. What is life in Burke, Va like?: Alexandria, Fairfax: good schools, train - Virginia (VA)
  106. Taxing situation: Chesapeake: how much, income, income tax - Virginia (VA)
  107. Help!? moving to Virginia from Ireland: Richmond, Hampton: sales, apartment, to rent (VA)
  108. Lynchburg an island of economic stability: Richmond: insurance, house, university - Virginia (VA)
  109. Dual Military stationed out of FT Lee and Fort Eustis: Norfolk: renting, loft - Virginia (VA)
  110. Va. inspection has expired, son in Florida in school: home, college - Virginia (VA)
  111. Stafford Co. - Space and Yuppiness?: Alexandria, Fredericksburg: appointed, neighborhoods, schools - Virginia (VA)
  112. Architecture job market in VA?: Richmond, Alexandria: living, cost of living, licensed - Virginia
  113. Job opportunities for Mental Health Counselors in VA: Roanoke: jobs, federal - Virginia
  114. Moving to work at Fort Pickett!!! Help!!!!!!!: Richmond, Chester: apartment complex, renting - Virginia (VA)
  115. Apartments for Fort A.P. Hill Employment: Fredericksburg, Ashland: renting, credit - Virginia (VA)
  116. just divorced single mom looking for a new start within 100 miles of vab.: Newport News: for sale - Virginia (VA)
  117. Richmond, Virgina Beach or Hampton: Virginia Beach, Norfolk: oceanfront, apartments, homes (VA)
  118. Salem or Blacksburg?: Christiansburg: transplants, real estate, renting - Virginia (VA)
  119. commute from chesapeake va to elizabeth city nc: schools, taxes - Virginia (VA)
  120. Longing to Live Next to a National Forest: Harrisonburg, Blacksburg: how much, home - Virginia (VA)
  121. Land & equipment: how much, shop, trailer - Virginia (VA)
  122. bath/highland county: Staunton, Franklin, Covington: homes, job market, high school - Virginia (VA)
  123. Moving to little creek naval base/need a home: Virginia Beach: real estate, apartment (VA)
  124. Moving to Virginia, Where to live?: Arlington, Leesburg: good schools, safe, swimming (VA)
  125. Fort belvoir Va/Woodlawn village housing: Alexandria: homes, transfer, construction - Virginia (VA)
  126. Help me: Hampton, Suffolk: live, area, rain - Virginia (VA)
  127. on where to move in Virgnina: Richmond: best schools, shop - Virginia (VA)
  128. Re Location to Lynchburg: gynecologist, to live in, relocate to - Virginia (VA)
  129. Iso rural/small town, young kids,bringing business: Richmond, Roanoke: appointed, real estate - Virginia (VA)
  130. POLL: Richmond, VA: Nice or Nasty?: Chester: transplants, real estate, homes - Virginia
  131. Cost of living VA vs MD: Reston, Fairfax: to rent, car insurance, crime rate - Virginia
  132. Would u send your daughter to george mason?: Hampton, Fairfax: crime, house - Virginia (VA)
  133. Reckless Driving-Fairfax County- Never happened to me before!: Arlington, Manassas: insurance, daycare - Virginia (VA)
  134. Moving to VA--Where to Start?: Roanoke, Abingdon: fit in, sale, to rent - Virginia
  135. Very High Possibility of Smoking Ban: Richmond, Chester: restaurants, floor, vs - Virginia (VA)
  136. Where is the best place to live in or outside of Norfolk: Virginia Beach: sales, oceanfront (VA)
  137. The guy on 5th st/rivermont ave bridge in lynchburg?: cars, island - Virginia (VA)
  138. Interested in Relocating to Virginia: Virginia Beach, Richmond: job market, schools, college (VA)
  139. VA parents: a teacher who killed an Autistic student now works in your state!!: Hampton: crime, home - Virginia
  140. Whats the friendliest Area of Virginia?: Richmond, Roanoke: living in, friendly, county (VA)
  141. Decent cities in Virginia: Chesapeake, Richmond: apartment, schools, living in (VA)
  142. Virginia becoming a Fat State: Virginia Beach, Richmond: live in, gym, beach (VA)
  143. No Snow: Virginia Beach, Roanoke, Lynchburg: how much, school, living in (VA)
  144. Quiet tent camping with hiking in Virginia: Laurel, Forest: loft, theater (VA)
  145. What aboot Virginia is Northern?: Richmond: wealthy, friendly, metro area (VA)
  146. More for your money, Virginia or Maryland??: Norfolk, Hampton: neighborhoods, salary (VA)
  147. VA livin' vs. MD livin': Arlington, Alexandria: crime, school, where to live - Virginia
  148. Is Northern VA really *THAT* different from Richmond?: school, college - Virginia
  149. For the love of god....whats with this weather?: Richmond: living, to move - Virginia (VA)
  150. Reckless driving in Bland County, VA - help..: Fairfax: insurance, lawyer - Virginia
  151. History requested on Virginia House Furniture: Atkins: to buy, live, to move (VA)
  152. King's Dominion or Busch Gardens? (moved from NC forum): Williamsburg: amusement park, crimes - Virginia (VA)
  153. help! like to relocate to quaint safe town, I am a portrait photograper: Newport News: house, neighborhood - Virginia (VA)
  154. Where to buy: Lake Gaston or Smith Mountain Lake?: Richmond: for sale, real estate - Virginia (VA)
  155. Is Farmville, VA a jewel in the rough?: Richmond, Hampton: best town, real estate - Virginia
  156. WALKABLE pedestrian-friendly areas of VA (outside NOVA): Norfolk, Richmond: rent, houses - Virginia
  157. Staunton...what is it really like to live there?: Richmond: renting, crime - Virginia (VA)
  158. Relocating to Virginia with children: Richmond, Roanoke: real estate, rentals, low crime (VA)
  159. What Virginia city is Most Southern?: Norfolk, Richmond: transplants, moving, architecture (VA)
  160. Best Schools in Virginia for child with Autism: Richmond, Alexandria: 2013, camping (VA)
  161. Open minded/ conscious areas in Virginia???: Richmond, Charlottesville: fit in, school, college (VA)
  162. The way Virginians used to talk...: Richmond, Roanoke: areas, phone, counties (VA)
  163. i'm moving to virginia which town is cheaper to live: Richmond: apartment, rentals - Virginia (VA)
  164. Best BBQ in all of Virginia: Richmond, Roanoke: high school, live, cabin (VA)
  165. I grew up in Virginia, but I've never been to..: Virginia Beach: elementary school, location (VA)
  166. Is Being a Progressive Social Liberal Taboo in Virginia?: Chesapeake: fit in, house (VA)
  167. Virginia as the Mid-Atlantic: Richmond, Danville: school, living, title (VA)
  168. Where is a good place in Virginia: Roanoke, Charlottesville: good schools, to live (VA)
  169. Why isnt Virginia considered one of the friendly states?: Richmond: dinner, party (VA)
  170. Wayensboro loses major employer: Waynesboro: layoffs, closing, town - Virginia (VA)
  171. looking to run country store, need feedback!: for sale, apartment - Virginia (VA)
  172. Woman confesses to 1967 double murder: Staunton: around, small, sound - Virginia (VA)
  173. Brooke Rd. vs. Fredericksburg City to Pentagon (VRE): trains, Amtrak - Virginia (VA)
  174. Biking in Stafford Co.: home, residential, bike - Virginia (VA)
  175. News, 'Virginia is for Lovers' campaign turns 40.: state, travel (VA)
  176. Help i need for otb's in virgina: Martinsville: charges, place - Virginia (VA)
  177. looking for work: Roanoke, Blacksburg: black - Virginia (VA)
  178. looking to move: to rent, public school, to live in - Virginia (VA)
  179. driving: Manassas: houses, expensive, job - Virginia (VA)
  180. Wanted: Need to Rent Single Family Home in Arlington: lease, bus - Virginia (VA)
  181. Live-in nannie rates in norfolk: live in, paid, people - Virginia (VA)
  182. Where are there nice places to live near tallwood schools?: elementary school, area - Virginia (VA)
  183. beano hills: renting, elementary school, cabins - Virginia (VA)
  184. Move to DC/VA from ATL: Alexandria, Woodbridge: rent, living in, activities - Virginia
  185. Relocating to VA??: renting, employment, good schools - Virginia
  186. Wanting to start up child care/preschool in Caroline County: live in, licensed - Virginia (VA)
  187. Help on Evington, VA information: Lynchburg: income, farm, area - Virginia
  188. Lease: leasing agent, military, law - Virginia (VA)
  189. Best place to move in VA: job market, schools, safe - Virginia
  190. CapCenter Mortgage Company?: home, purchase, deals - Virginia (VA)
  191. Best schools for special education for 4-year old with PDD NOS (autism spectrum) in VA?: Newport News: neighborhood - Virginia
  192. Scores more high paying jobs coming to Lynchburg area: parks, business - Virginia (VA)
  193. Free Admission for AD & Ret. Military to Colonial Williamsburg: Hampton: sales, retiree - Virginia (VA)
  194. WARRENTON VA businesses and tanning salons: cars, gas, commuting - Virginia
  195. Bowlers Mill Lake in Louisa County: Gordonsville: fishing, great, about - Virginia (VA)
  196. Child care services: income, childcare, working - Virginia (VA)
  197. how about the virginia tech mba program?: university, land - Virginia (VA)
  198. Information on McLean: neighborhood, safe, families - Virginia (VA)
  199. Staunton,Waynesboro or H'burg: Weyers Cave: live in, move to, title - Virginia (VA)
  200. Moving to work in DC: real estate, rent, condo - Virginia (VA)