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  1. Can you help the owner of this dog?: Highland: store, gas - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  2. What do you think of Broadway at night?: Atwater: crime, hotels - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  3. What is city with better cost vs benefit in the USA?: quality of life, living - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  4. Best Internet-only company/service in Los Feliz area?: San Diego: transfer, neighborhood - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  5. Are you for the Hollywood Millineum project: Brea: neighborhood, floor - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  6. Where to spend the night with new girlfriend in Santa Monica?: apartment, to rent - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  7. Litter by litter, he cleans up the area: 2013, trees - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  8. Desert Landscaping in Lancaster: Cottonwood: HOA, house, neighborhoods - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  9. Want Great waterice? Rita's opens two locations in LA Metro: Los Angeles: 2013, beach - California (CA)
  10. best place to buy succulent arrangements?: Los Angeles: house, tenants, prices - California (CA)
  11. Public Transportation to Disneyland?: Anaheim, Orange: 2013, prices, buses - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  12. Commute - Redondo to West LA: El Segundo: spring break, home, school districts - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  13. LA Jobs: hotel, home, job market - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  14. Off the beaten path attractions in LA: Los Angeles, Pasadena: hotel, house - California (CA)
  15. Conservative private schools in L.A.: Woodland, Campbell: top schools, college, tuition - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  16. Suggested public transportation to Las Vegas?: Riverside, Fremont: hotel, transfer, bus - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  17. Vintage/ antique toy machines repair, ideas, parts and pics: electric, place - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  18. Waitress jobs , nice restaurants in the valley easy to get hired if experienced?: Burbank: apartments - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  19. what are good websites to find rental apartments?: Los Angeles: rentals, costs - California (CA)
  20. Best company to rent Hybrid at LAX & going north to sight see.: Los Angeles: rental car - California (CA)
  21. Lasik/Lasek Eye Surgery: transplants, lawyer, DMV - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  22. South Pasadena Gold Line Station, naming of: Los Angeles, Santa Monica: neighborhood, construction - California (CA)
  23. why is the orange line always crowded??: Los Angeles: transfer, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  24. Los Angeles Plays Itself- EXCELLENT doc about L.A.: school, history - California (CA)
  25. Chinatown...: Orange: safe area, purchase, living in - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  26. serch for italian families in L.A: Los Angeles, Santa Clarita: rental, safe area - California (CA)
  27. LA taco blogger calls it quits: Los Angeles, Pasadena: high school, living, restaurant - California (CA)
  28. is this area safe?: Riverside, Diamond Bar: apartment complexes, lease, low crime - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  29. LANDLORD TENANT RIGHTS in califonrina visitation: rental, month-to-month - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  30. Moving from DC to LA and I need HELP!!: Los Angeles: lease, neighborhood - California (CA)
  31. If they had a subway or lighrail connection to Atwater, where would the station most likely be?: Los Angeles: landlord - California (CA)
  32. Commute Advice - ?? to Mid-Wilshire: Los Angeles, Pasadena: transfer to, neighborhood, public schools - California (CA)
  33. Bellflower Area: Irvine, Fullerton, Norwalk: loan, houses, neighborhoods - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  34. Do cities like Chino Hills, Rowland Heights, West Covina considered a part of LA by LA folks?: Los Angeles: live in - California (CA)
  35. Viewing the Geminids Meteor Shower: Glendale, Burbank: homes, neighborhood, homeschool - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  36. Are shower filter and air filter worth it?: Los Angeles, Orange: apartment, dermatologist - California (CA)
  37. ocean water: organic, area, island - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  38. EDD Experts Needed- Claim Reopening: 2013, unemployment, move - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  39. Moving to LA, need on apartments/areas: August: neighborhood, school - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  40. rental near UCLA Hospital Santa Monica: apartments, to live, budget - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  41. Move from Miami to LA for film score with wife one kid and cats: Long Beach: safe area - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  42. Need suggeestion on where to stay close to Home Depot Center?: Long Beach: rent, hotels - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  43. Breaking lease in DTLA - buyout or pay-til-filled?: Glendale, Burbank: apartment, leasing agent - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  44. Moving to Burbank CA: Glendale: apartment, renting, neighborhoods - Los Angeles, California
  45. The best recruiter/ headhunter: Irvine: buy, relocate to, Wal-mart - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  46. Jackie Robinson film, statues in Pasadena: city hall, live, street - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  47. what do you guys feel about purchasing a onebedroom condo in Torrance?: Redondo Beach: sale - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  48. Central Locations similar to Bixby Knolls: Anaheim, Irvine: apartments, for rent, houses - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  49. Los Angeles Vs Boston: Loyola: home, neighborhoods, law school - California (CA)
  50. How big does LA get during the day?: commute, population - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  51. Best way to commute from SGV to CSULB?: Rosemead: school, beach - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  52. How is the air/water quality in the outer skirts of Malibu California?: Santa Ana: how much - Los Angeles, (CA)
  53. Mid Wilshire vs Downtown for USC Grad Student? Insight would help: neighborhoods - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  54. transit from LGB to ONT: Long Beach, Riverside: rental car, rental, live - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  55. West Coast Music Suggestions?: house, rooftop, club - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  56. Commute from Santa Clarita to Santa Monica: Oxnard: home, to live in - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  57. Visiting LA in May: Los Angeles: hotels, transfer to, taxi - California (CA)
  58. Traffic from Fullerton to LA: Los Angeles: transfer, purchase, price - California (CA)
  59. 'Angry Little Girls,' an online comic strip about Asian American female rage, is coming to TV this summer (LA Times): 2013 - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  60. How do the elderly get around?: Los Angeles, Pasadena: house, live, bus - California (CA)
  61. DTLA apartments? How do I find them?: Los Angeles: rentals, lofts - California (CA)
  62. Surf and Snowboard/Ski on the same day. Has actually done it?: Santa Monica: high school - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  63. water in california: Alhambra, Davis: to rent, appliances, house - Los Angeles, (CA)
  64. Commute time? Sunset Blvd to Mulholland Drive, using Beverly Glen - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  65. Help out a german student with a photo :-): Los Angeles: live, clubs - California (CA)
  66. Moving from Nashville to LA/Long Beach area: Los Angeles, Burbank: apartments, car insurance - California (CA)
  67. Electrical Engineering jobs: Los Angeles, Long Beach, Glendale: job market, legally, medical - California (CA)
  68. Long Beach or surrounding areas?: Belmont: apartment, to rent, condo - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  69. Im afraid of being disqualified from getting unemployment in CA since my boss told me he will let me go soon. help!: sales - Los Angeles, California
  70. Old LAX terminal print: Norco: transfer, construction, place to live - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  71. Official Approved Station Names for Gold Line Foothill Extension and Expo Line Phase 2: Pasadena: 2013 - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  72. LA For Clean Air, Greenery, And Close To Nature: to live, moving to - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  73. Traffic from Santa Monica to Torrance: Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach: living in, young professionals, restaurants - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  74. Moving in to Los Angeles soon: Vista, Culver City: apartment, middle school, zip code - California (CA)
  75. Where are the upscale gyms around Diamond Bar (and surrounding cities?): live in, market - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  76. was the 1980s the last time LA had a universally strong economy?: Orange: 2013, mortgage - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  77. Mail carrier's Demand: neighborhood, live, safe - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  78. how much do you usually spend a month in LA?: Brentwood: rental, insurance - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  79. Has Bought a House in L.A. County Recently?: Santa Clarita: real estate market, rental - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  80. Hollywood Bowl advice: Pasadena, Highland, West Hollywood: hotel, buy, taxi - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  81. Wiseburn - HollyGlen - Del Aire: Los Angeles, Torrance: 2013, house, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  82. Was a Brady Bunch home ever affordable?: Los Angeles: appointed, sales - California (CA)
  83. Apt near City of Industry: Pomona, Pasadena: apartment, college, to live in - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  84. How is Pomona?: Los Angeles, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga: low income, sale, apartments - California (CA)
  85. San Fernando Valley Real Estate market: Woodland: sales, mortgage, loan - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  86. I visited LA/OC for the first time... So beautiful !: Los Angeles: how much, tax - California (CA)
  87. Why isn't there a Whole Foods, Sprouts,Trader Joes in South LA: Los Angeles: 2013, neighborhood - California (CA)
  88. is 65k doable for a single guy to live in LA?: West Hollywood: apartments, to rent - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  89. Walking to Wilshire/Vermont Metro from Wilshire/South Virgil After Dark: Los Angeles: condos, construction - California (CA)
  90. Nightlife: West Hollywood vs Hermosa Beach: Orange, Santa Monica: fit in, homes, live - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  91. Help a Pakistani out?: Los Angeles: home, find a job, movies - California (CA)
  92. Is this a traffic law?: Glendale, Burbank: college, legally, vs. - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  93. What kind of tree-dwelling animal urinates this much?: Santa Monica: landscaping, live in - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  94. Why are LA freeways so ugly?: Los Angeles, San Diego: neighborhoods, income, income tax - California (CA)
  95. F.Y.I. - Koreatown: 2013, live, shop - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  96. Will South(Central) LA be the next Harlem?: Los Angeles, Compton: low income, real estate - California (CA)
  97. What is up with LAX?: Long Beach: live in, airport, beach - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  98. Best beaches in LA: Santa Monica, Malibu: shop, homeless, beach - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  99. how big is the greater LA area really?: Los Angeles, San Diego: homes, live in - California (CA)
  100. From Germany to LA: London: to rent, health insurance, credit - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  101. Marilyn Monroe's former home in Brentwood: Davis, Beverly Hills: sale, 2013, mortgage - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  102. Day trip from Vegas to LA: Santa Monica: hotel, buy, gangs - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  103. Silver lake bars and clubs?: Santa Monica, West Hollywood: houses, school, restaurant - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  104. 6,297 Chinese restaurants and hungry for more: Los Angeles, Alhambra: 2013, eat, places - California (CA)
  105. Do you want an NFL team in LA?: Los Angeles, San Diego: transplants, school - California (CA)
  106. Family friendly neighborhood with decent commute to USC?: Los Angeles, Santa Clarita: apartment, to rent - California (CA)
  107. Does The Greater L.A. Area Have Anymore Room To Grow?: Long Beach: apartments, homes - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  108. What area do you recommend?: Anaheim, Orange: house, transfer, to buy - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  109. what are the best cable/internet companies in LA/West LA area and how much are utilities?: Glendale: apartments, for rent - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  110. What's with the lack of Retail in DTLA?: San Francisco, Ross: salons, neighborhood - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  111. Birmingham AL to Pasadena CA: Glendale, Orange: apartments, rent, low crime - Los Angeles, California
  112. Does the Malibu beach lifestyle seen in movies/TV actually exist?: Los Angeles: transplants, hotel - California (CA)
  113. What are movies that feature the L.A. subway?: construction, light rail - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  114. What are trees with the pink flowers?: cherry blossoms, close to - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  115. Is Pink Taco in Century City Good?: Los Angeles: houses, middle school - California (CA)
  116. Why are there so few bars in LA with cheap domestic draft beer?: Los Angeles: sale, hotel - California (CA)
  117. Caugh it up LA residents: Los Angeles: 2013, unemployed, salary - California (CA)
  118. Los Angeles weather is so pleasant but s a poll that makes you think long and hard...: Lake Forest: transplants, earthquake - California (CA)
  119. Help! Where to live near Downey, CA: Pasadena, Fullerton: to rent, safe area - Los Angeles, California
  120. Things you hate about doing business in LA?: Oakland: appointed, sales - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  121. Realistically, what budget for LA housing?: San Diego, Long Beach: for sale, real estate market, 2014 - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  122. If a Blade Runner styled building was proposed, would you want it?: Santee: for sale, theater - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  123. Will you miss the Tonight Show when it moves back to New York?: Burbank: live, moving - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  124. Dodger shuttle bus from Union Station to Dodger stadium returns: Los Angeles: 2014, parking - California (CA)
  125. How often do you notice other drivers breaking traffic laws?: legally, safety - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  126. Doesn't ever have anything nice to say about Los Angeles?: appointed, subletting - California (CA)
  127. What is LA's equivalent of NYC's Times Square?: Santa Monica, Highland: live, restaurants - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  128. Young professional from Baltimore L.A.: Los Angeles, Long Beach: transplants, job market - California (CA)
  129. Avoiding Traffic In Pasadena And Weather Thoughts.: Empire: find a job, living - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  130. hey all! im visiting los angeles soon.. whose cool? LOL: living in, moving - California (CA)
  131. Young professional from NYC-area moving to LA?: Vista, Santa Monica: transplants, sublet - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  132. Good family areas to live within reasonable commute from CSULA: Los Angeles: to rent, townhome - California (CA)
  133. Los Angeles: the best city for living in the USA?: Glendale: fit in, best cities - California (CA)
  134. MTA TAP card: What shows when an officer scans your card?: Los Angeles: how much, transfer to - California (CA)
  135. Relocating from Toronto to LA: Los Angeles, Santa Monica: 2015, apartments, rental - California (CA)
  136. Is LA good for single women in early 30s or Houston?: Los Angeles: transplants, houses - California (CA)
  137. 20 year old, MC wanting to move to LA, where the music scene is big!!!: West Hollywood: buying, living in - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  138. 10% unemployment in LA?: Los Angeles, San Diego, Long Beach: unemployment rate, college, statistics - California (CA)
  139. Tourist demographics in LA: Los Angeles: transplants, live in, business - California (CA)
  140. In search of A friend: Los Angeles, San Fernando: lease, loan, living in - California (CA)
  141. Are latinos/ Mexicans in LA less gay friendly than others?: Los Angeles: neighborhoods, landlords - California (CA)
  142. Places to find vintage clothing?: Los Angeles, Long Beach: for sale, consignment, neighborhood - California (CA)
  143. Family moving to Long Beach, CA Area: Huntington Beach, Irvine: safe neighborhoods, buy - Los Angeles, California
  144. Does Redondo Beach area have Victorian Homes?: San Francisco, Oakland: apartments, rentals - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  145. Does commute matter if you're going there at 2pm?: Pasadena: homes, neighborhoods - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  146. Moving alone to Los Angeles for UCLA grad school - QUESTIONS: Westwood: subletting, apartments - California (CA)
  147. Commute from Fairfax district to Lomita: Carson, Gardena: house, live in, buses - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  148. DTLA Equinox. Proof the westside is definitely moving downtown (in a good way): Los Angeles: hotel, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  149. Does LA have an inferiority complex when it comes to NYC?: Los Angeles: transplants, promotional - California (CA)
  150. USC with no car - doable?: Los Angeles, Pasadena: best neighborhood, 2015, neighborhood - California (CA)
  151. Area with easy commute to Culver City?: Los Angeles, Glendale: neighborhood, good schools - California (CA)
  152. When do you become “too old” for LA?: El Segundo: mortgage, house - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  153. Disconnect with what a close niche of artists want and real talent.....: Brea: spring break, houses - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  154. Do parts of LA have a quasi-European feel ?: Long Beach: home, neighborhoods - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  155. What Are The Safest And Cheapest Places To Live In LA: Los Angeles: apartment, home - California (CA)
  156. Would L.A be better without the entertainment business: Brea: home, schools - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  157. L.A. Sees 14% Drop In Violent Crime In First Quarter 2013: Lancaster: low income, homes - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  158. Trying to figure out the math formula that most Landlords use to qualify: apartment, to rent - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  159. Moving from Michigan to San Fernando Valley Area - need help: Pasadena: apartment, rental - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  160. I have a job in the valley paying a great salary, but can't find a rental.: Los Angeles: middle-class, short sale - California (CA)
  161. So what does everyone think about Long Beach?: West Covina, Covina: crime, transferring to - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  162. Irish and coming to LA for summer looking for advice?: Santa Monica: car rental, rentals - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  163. To whomever is flying radial engine planes over west LA: house, neighborhoods - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  164. L.A. film and music spots in a day - where and when?: Los Angeles: hotel, movies - California (CA)
  165. Moving to Los Angeles from Chicago: Culver City, West Hollywood: apartments, houses, employment - California (CA)
  166. Going from the Grove to Lomita/Southwestern Avenue tommorow: rent, live - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  167. What the current status of the LA subway system?: Orange: 2015, mover - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  168. Palm Trees in Los Angeles: Glendale, Fontana: neighborhood, beach, title - California (CA)
  169. How hard is it to find a better job that isn't too far away?: Los Angeles: find a job, neighborhood - California (CA)
  170. LA Ethnicity map: Orange, West Covina, Covina: live, stats, areas - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  171. Old North Hollywood Boundaries?: Los Angeles, Riverside: real estate, apartments, house - California (CA)
  172. Hip-hop station KDAY-FM reportedly will be sold, switch formats: Redondo Beach: sale, 2013 - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  173. Brentwood Makes Top 10 Zip Code List: Santa Monica, Beverly Hills: violent crime, safe area, to live in - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  174. Moving to Los Angeles this summer from Nashville..really need help.: Glendale: real estate, rent - California (CA)
  175. This is not finished, but making a video about L.A., what do you think of the style so far?: to move, smog - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  176. You know you’re a true southern californian if: home, live - Los Angeles, (CA)
  177. The 'new' Dodger Stadium: Los Angeles: to buy, prices, food - California (CA)
  178. Race relations in Los Angeles: hotels, houses, unemployment - California (CA)
  179. which area near lax airport is safe for family?: Torrance: apartments, moving - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  180. Celeb hangouts....: West Hollywood, Brentwood: club, bars, celebrities - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  181. Is this part of long beach safe? (4th & Atlantic): Anaheim: apartment, condo - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  182. LA Zoning Laws, Illegal Renting and Tenant Rights: Los Angeles: renter, condo - California (CA)
  183. Do you think Los Angeles is misunderstood/misrepresented?: living, suburb - California (CA)
  184. Pros and Cons about moving to Burbank from Atl: Santa Monica: school, budget - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  185. move to SoCal for advice: Los Angeles, San Diego: for sale, real estate - California (CA)
  186. SoCal beach camping?: Oceanside, Goleta, San Clemente: live in, electricity, rated - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  187. Is Sunset Blvd & areas safe at night?: Los Angeles: motel, home - California (CA)
  188. how often do you go to the beach??: Santa Monica, Redondo Beach: to live, prices - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  189. Harbor Pines: place to live, safe, place - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  190. P.O box with out of state license and no non-photo ID?: lease - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  191. Moving to Claremont and looking for places accepting 3 cats: apartment complex, safe - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  192. Local Car Rental Company?: rental car, renters, charge - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  193. Arcadia bridge vandalized: Pasadena: cameras, graffiti, articles - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  194. The Music of Long Beach: Los Angeles: fingerprints, store, transportation - California (CA)
  195. CicLavia April 21, 2013: good - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  196. West LA - New build on Texas and Brockton?: condo, price - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  197. Looking for a good auto body place in Weho/Mid-Wilshire: West Hollywood: to work, recommendations - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  198. Horses in compton: Los Angeles: neighborhood, safety, agricultural - California (CA)
  199. How would you design the LA2024 venues.: Los Angeles: architecture, architect - California (CA)
  200. APPLY NOW! RAISE $ 4 DEMOCRATIC ISSUES! 35positions avail. $10-$22/hr: Los Angeles: employment, compensation - California (CA)