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  19. Finnish people living in Philadelphia?: Swarthmore: home, shop, rated - Pennsylvania (PA)
  20. West Grove, PA: Avon: buying a home, buying, schools - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  21. about Narberth?: Ardmore, Media, Jenkintown: affordable apartments, houses, universities - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  22. Looking for Apartment that is 1,000 sq feet in a nice quiet area not too from center city Philadelphia?: apartments - Pennsylvania (PA)
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  30. Getting a property lien in Philadelphia: home, money, place - Pennsylvania (PA)
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  41. Off the Main Road in Chestnut Hill & Mount Airy - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: skyscraper - (PA)
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  43. vibrant Christian church near North Wales: Montgomery: mall, area, place - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  44. Crime: Reading: schools, zip code, safer - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  45. Parking at PHL: Philadelphia, Wall: how much, home, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  46. Safety of Aldan , Sharon Hill , Clifton Heights & Drexel Hill: middle-class, safe area - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  47. Need help getting to Philadelphia Expo Center from NY: York: rental, transfer - Pennsylvania (PA)
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  52. TOTAL DIRE STRAIGHTS- PA Unemployment denied me benefits help: Lancaster: rent, schools - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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  54. Millage taxes in southeastern PA?: Chester, Montgomery: 2014, mortgage, houses - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  55. Which is more affordable?: Washington, Penn: to rent, homes, neighborhoods - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  56. Why is 4th and market to 2nd and Market so DARK at night time?: areas - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  57. Just moved to Chester County (Downingtown) I don't know .. help!: Philadelphia: YMCA, college - Pennsylvania (PA)
  58. Wayne, PA...Embraces diversity or prejudiced?: Ardmore, Paoli: homes, neighborhoods, to buy - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  59. Lansdowne - schools, sports, & the arts: Philadelphia, Chester: real estate, apartment - Pennsylvania (PA)
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  61. Need basic on Allen and Queen Lane SEPTA stations: Media: rent, safe area - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
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  64. Citywide Special: Philadelphia: bars, best, where to - Pennsylvania (PA)
  65. Apts near Temple - Handicap Accessible: Oxford: apartments, university, to live - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  66. Center City, Philadephia: Philadelphia, Washington: apartments, rentals, transfer - Pennsylvania (PA)
  67. How packed are the Atlantic City trains?: Philadelphia: costs, bus - Pennsylvania (PA)
  68. Thoughts on Palmyra, Riverton and Delanco?: Philadelphia, Conshohocken: house, buying, pros and cons - Pennsylvania (PA)
  69. Should I live in PA and communte to Princeton?: Yardley: condos, townhomes - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  70. Looking for 1-2 bedroom rental with easy access to Arcadia: California: apartments, how much - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
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  73. Looking for daycare in Ambler PA area: Blue Bell: renting, school - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  74. Relocating from Florida to PA: Philadelphia, Chester: apartment, renting, how much - Pennsylvania
  75. north coventry township: Philadelphia, Chester, King of Prussia: car insurance, house, to buy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  76. preschools in Montgomery: North Wales, Malvern: catholic schools, relocating to, education - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  77. Going to a concert at the Piazza: taxis, bus - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  78. Finding shared housing on Craigslist: Philadelphia, Chester: apartment, rent, high crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  79. Philly...back in the day: Denver: neighborhood, mall, cars - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  80. Jazz/Comedy Clubs: live, food, area - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  81. Are there Train or Bus stations in walking distance in Media, PA to Philly?: Darby: train station - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  82. Moving to Philadelphia in 2013 Need Help:: Chester, Drexel Hill: low crime, houses, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  83. Hotels in Ocean City, NJ ????: apartment, live, vacation - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  84. Commute from Springfield Township to Bryn Mawr/Swarthmore/Haverford: Washington: live in, costs - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  85. Buying a house next year (preferably under $400,000): Washington: best neighborhood, for sale - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  86. Dog-Friendly Center City Landlords: Philadelphia, Washington: apartment, rentals, condos - Pennsylvania (PA)
  87. relocation from NYC: Princeton or Buck's County: Oxford, Woodbourne: homes, movie theater - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  88. Is it to rent an apartment $700-1,150 in Abington, Pennsylvania?: Philadelphia: apartments, rentals - (PA)
  89. Olde City & Upper South Street Areas: Philadelphia, Reading: city hall, hotels - Pennsylvania (PA)
  90. Are there other uaint upperclass or uppermiddle class areas like North Wales, PA?: Philadelphia: apartments - Pennsylvania
  91. Family camping areas near Philadelphia?: Jersey Shore, Lenhartsville: rent, cabins, swimming - Pennsylvania (PA)
  92. Blair Mill Village East - or surrounding Horsham/Hatboro area help: Willow Grove: apartments, home - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  93. Suggestions - Best Beach for day trip: parking, park - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  94. Money Magazine Top 100 towns Abington and Bensalem make list.: Philadelphia: crime, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  95. 30 something couple moving to Philly, working in NE Philly and Piscataway NJ: Philadelphia: to rent, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  96. philly neighborhoods help: Philadelphia, Washington, Liberty: apartment complexes, to rent, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  97. News along the Pennsylvania Turnpike: Reading, Harrisburg: 2015, house, construction - Philadelphia, (PA)
  98. City wage tax and true property assessment: Philadelphia: section 8, real estate - Pennsylvania (PA)
  99. Market Frankford Line: Washington, Newtown: city hall, how much, transfer - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  100. relocation - west chester vs ambler/blue bell: Norristown, Washington: new home, construction - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  101. rural suburbs of philly?: Philadelphia, Chester: real estate, low crime, homes - Pennsylvania (PA)
  102. Crime in North Philly: Mars: how much, school, live - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  103. Job in Philly (Walnut St near Penns Landing) - moving questions?: Philadelphia: to rent, townhomes - Pennsylvania (PA)
  104. Is Philly and Washington dc a good place to start a small drapery business?: Philadelphia: best city, for sale - Pennsylvania (PA)
  105. Whats up with 52nd street in Philly?: Philadelphia, Lancaster: neighborhoods, buy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  106. a positive by me!!: shop, best, place - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  107. Crime in philly and the legal system.: Republic: fit in, tax - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  108. Visiting Philly for day trip... have uestions: Philadelphia, Reading: city hall, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  109. Something Positive For NE Philly!: Philadelphia, Chester: crime, neighborhoods, to buy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  110. N.Y.'s Mayor Bloomberg Calls Out Philly on Murders: Philadelphia: crime rate, how much - Pennsylvania (PA)
  111. Relocating to Philadelphia outskirts in November: York, Jenkintown: middle-class, apartment, rentals - Pennsylvania (PA)
  112. moving to Philly in 2013:: Franklin Park, Franklin: appointed, apartments - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  113. Looking to move to a area that has reasonable rent and occasional crime: low crime, houses - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  114. Street Name Pronunciation: Franklin: live, accent, venue - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  115. Philadelphia Neighborhood Map: loft, neighborhoods, live in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  116. Staying at the Hyatt Bellevue.... questions about nightlife: Philadelphia: hotel, prices - Pennsylvania (PA)
  117. Gray's Ferry: Philadelphia, Yeadon, Lansdowne: apartment, houses, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  118. Commute from West Chester to Newark, DE?: Philadelphia, New Castle: rent, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  119. Rhawnhurst home invasion: apartment, violent crime, neighborhood - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  120. Is Philly a good fit for me?: Philadelphia, Reading: fit in, 2013 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  121. Mayor Nutter: Penn: appointed, sales, property tax - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  122. Cheltenham Township: Willow Grove, Glenside, Wyncote: real estate, credit, how much - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  123. Potentially Moving to Morrisville - Impressions?: Philadelphia, Middletown: real estate, apartment complexes, high crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  124. Cling Clang comes the Trolley to Media , Pennsylvania - My Photos: Philadelphia: real estate, zip code - (PA)
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  126. Local News in this city is so annoying about... The Hot Weather: Columbia: live, deal - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
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  128. ardmore amtrak station parking: Harrisburg, York: neighborhood, costs, garage - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  129. Jewish Philly: Philadelphia, Blue Bell, Dublin: neighborhoods, live in, gardens - Pennsylvania (PA)
  130. Philly Didn't Make the List!: Philadelphia, Chester: crime, neighborhoods, to live in - Pennsylvania (PA)
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  138. Schools-Neighborhoods-Glenside PA: York, Springfield, Washington: real estate, 2013, new home - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  139. Train commute to Philadelphia: Chester, West Chester: rent, house, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  140. Weekend only: Philadelphia, Reading, Franklin: hotel, neighborhood, taxi - Pennsylvania (PA)
  141. Commute to Conshohocken: Philadelphia: home, train, budget - Pennsylvania (PA)
  142. Dating and transportation: Philadelphia, Lancaster, California: home, neighborhoods, school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  143. Trolley poles vs. pantographs and replacement of the K-cars: Portland: city hall, live - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
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  146. SEPTA hailed as ‘best of the best’ in North America: Philadelphia: maintenance, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  147. What are winters like in Philly?: Philadelphia: areas, summer, single - Pennsylvania (PA)
  148. Just arrived in Philly with pretty much nothing. Need advice.: Philadelphia: hotels, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  149. UPenn commute or not: Philadelphia, Media: apartment, rent, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  150. Ehh Another Transit Wish Map: Erie, Chester: construction, mall, garden - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
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  154. Moving to the Area: Media or the Main Line: Philadelphia: houses, school district - Pennsylvania (PA)
  155. Moving from Kansas City to around Philly: Philadelphia, Chester: apartment, townhouse - Pennsylvania (PA)
  156. College planning for Philly/PA residents: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: credit, student loans, home - Pennsylvania
  157. Scoping southeastern PA towns: Philadelphia, Chester: houses, neighborhood, theater - Pennsylvania
  158. North Wales, It perfect is it?: Lansdale, Montgomeryville: safe area, schools - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  159. Working in Trenton, looking for apt in Philadelphia: Bristol: apartments, renting - Pennsylvania (PA)
  160. Good and Bad things about North Wales, PA or Media, PA: Philadelphia: crime, homes - Pennsylvania
  161. From Chicago, Decide Between Dallas and Philly: King of Prussia, Washington: apartments, city hall - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  162. Interesting Article, Philadelphia's Population Problem: Washington, Media: real estate, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  163. Does know if you can buy a Funnel Cake in Reading Terminal?: Philadelphia: restaurants, shop - Pennsylvania (PA)
  164. Race and Place: Philadelphia, Washington, Girard: middle-class, rental, movers - Pennsylvania (PA)
  165. Philadelphia - Is $13,000 enough?: Erie, York: rental, violent crime, credit check - Pennsylvania (PA)
  166. is philly 50/50 PA/NJ?: Philadelphia, Harrisburg: vacation, metro, area - Pennsylvania
  167. What's it like: Philadelphia, Chester: for rent, crime rate, job market - Pennsylvania (PA)
  168. Relocating to Newtown Square PA: Chester, West Chester: apartment complexes, rental, house - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  169. Living in Chinatown - Safe?: Reading, Penn: apartments, rent, appliances - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  170. Philadelphia to Villanova: Norristown, Paoli, Thorndale: university, living in, buses - Pennsylvania (PA)
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  172. Why I hate Philly: York, Houston: neighborhood, trendy, realty - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
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  174. Moving to Philadelphia from St.Louis: Media, Bryn Mawr: apartments, rent, condo - Pennsylvania (PA)
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  176. Esquire Magazine annoits Philadelphia as the Late Night Capital of the United States?????: home, college - Pennsylvania (PA)
  177. Anthony Bourdain taping The Layover in Philly: Philadelphia: luxury, restaurant - Pennsylvania (PA)
  178. UPenn from suburbs: Norristown, Drexel Hill, Springfield: real estate, apartments, rentals - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
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  181. The dating scene...: Philadelphia, York, Chester: university, living in, restaurants - Pennsylvania (PA)
  182. I am from NYC, looking to relocate Pa suburbs: Drexel Hill: rent, neighborhoods - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  183. Living in North Philly: apartment, neighborhoods, college - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  184. Gynecologist in Warrington, Warminster, Southampton: Philadelphia, Perkasie: near, good, woman - Pennsylvania (PA)
  185. Rental Rummaging Trip: Washington, Ardmore, Ambler: real estate, house, buying - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  186. Help with apartments in Philly: apartment complex, price, building - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  187. Pediatric Cardiologist in Philly area: recommendation - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  188. Decades ago, what aged persons could marry and divorce in Philadelphia County?: legally - Pennsylvania (PA)
  189. Vaccine flexible pediatrician near Montgomery: Montgomeryville, Chalfont: children, moved, looking for - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  190. neighborhoods in TE school district: Lancaster, King of Prussia: houses, to buy, safe - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  191. Chiropractor: Chalfont, North Wales: near, good, recommendations - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  192. need chimney repair: house, good, roof - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  193. Looking for an apartment in Philadelphia or western suburbs (Bryn Mawr, Swarthmore, Media ): Pittsburgh: rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  194. Christmas and New Years 2012: Doylestown, Chalfont: place, town, close to - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  195. Chinese tutor available (Great Philadelphia Area ): location, schedule, lessons - Pennsylvania (PA)
  196. upper pottsgrove: crime, schools, taxes - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  197. Sep-tah...Da bess in Narth Amerecka?? - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  198. Streisand to Open Limited Tour in Philly 10/8/12: Philadelphia: gay, town - Pennsylvania (PA)
  199. Teaching in Philly/'Burbs: Philadelphia, Allentown: schools, education, area - Pennsylvania (PA)
  200. Good Bar/Restaurant for Large Groups: California: moving to, places, party - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)