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  74. News, Repair crews discover 200-year-old wooden water mains in Center City: trees, venue - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  75. minor fender bender on walt whitman bridge - how to get footage?: lawsuit - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
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  77. In What Part Of Philly Were Frankie And Fabe Raised?: Philadelphia: casino, business - Pennsylvania (PA)
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  79. Whats your opinion/experience on the Elmwood/Southwest area?: neighborhood, schools - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
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  81. Amazon and the Roots team up to create 2 new children series: Thompson: neighborhoods, live - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
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  83. Thinking!: Philadelphia: closing, vs, move - Pennsylvania (PA)
  84. What area is better? 64th and elmwood or 55th and larchwood?: apartment, school - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
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  112. Jane Norman, Pixanne , has died: house, neighborhood - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
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  128. Media, West Chester or Bethlehem PA: Philadelphia, York: sales, apartments, how much - Pennsylvania
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  144. Suburban or Rural homes near PHL with good high school?: Philadelphia: 2015, townhomes - Pennsylvania (PA)
  145. If the PATCO Speedline was well-integrated with the rest of SEPTA, which direction makes sense for an expansion?: Philadelphia: 2013, house - Pennsylvania
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  156. ...: Philadelphia, Hershey: neighborhood, pharmacy, living in - Pennsylvania (PA)
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  158. Back to Philly(?) Northern Liberties/Fishtown/Old City: Franklin, Dallas: loft, crime - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  159. Why did the US Conf of Mayors list Philly metro growth LOW in next 30-yrs projections of New Top Metro Rankings to come?: Philadelphia: crime, taxes - Pennsylvania (PA)
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  162. Aston neighborhood: Philadelphia, Chester, Middletown: house, neighborhoods, good schools - Pennsylvania (PA)
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  168. Phoenix surpasses Philadelphia as the 5th largest city: York, Houston: violent crime, live in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  169. Public Transportation in Philly: Erie, Glenside: apartment, neighborhoods, school - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  170. Why people on this site trying to make it seem that most Philadelphia neighborhoods are good neighborhoods?: real estate market, university - Pennsylvania (PA)
  171. I guess i don't hate the eagles: house, salaries - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  172. Bay Area(Yep, another one) to Philly: Philadelphia, Springfield: real estate, apartment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  173. East goshen elementary chester county pa: Philadelphia, King of Prussia: affordable house, school districts, university - Pennsylvania (PA)
  174. Phillies 2017: building, market, worth - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  175. Brewerytown and it's changes: Philadelphia, Girard: lofts, townhouses, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  176. In seeing this term-Negadelphian. Has Philly gotten past it What will improve it besides just genrtrification?: Philadelphia: transplants, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  177. Solutions to stop division: real estate, houses, employment - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
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  188. Moving to the burbs: Conservative vs. liberal towns on the main line west of Bryn Mawr?: Philadelphia: middle-class, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  189. Current liquor laws in PA: Philadelphia, Jacksonville: sales, buy, sales tax - Pennsylvania
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  191. Town or country?: Philadelphia, Chester, Radnor Township: to rent, new home, employment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  192. City deck installation: pricing, average, hospital - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  193. Southeast PA public schools districts - UCF, TE - rental: apartment complexes, townhouse - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  194. Apartment Recommendations Near Abington Hospital: apartments, neighborhoods, safe - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
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  196. Nursing professionals: beach, relocating to, pay - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  197. Young family relocating from Chapel Hill - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  198. Suggetions on Good Rental Apartments in areas such as Devon / Radnor / Wayne: Philadelphia: best school districts - Pennsylvania (PA)
  199. Philly based coffee roasters: favorite - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  200. Best School District for high school student with autism: good, looking for - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)