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  1. need thoughts safety around 41st and parrish and other neighborhoods in philly: apartments - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  2. Looking for Home Inspector for Montgomery County: Springfield: condo, townhouse - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  3. Nicest Town near Philly near a train station?: Lansdale, Doylestown: for sale, rent - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  4. Compatable Neighborhood: Philadelphia, Washington, Plymouth: apartment, rent, how much - Pennsylvania (PA)
  5. one know of Camping clubs in Philly: Philadelphia: YMCA, club - Pennsylvania (PA)
  6. its crazy !! did u see the Virtual Philadelphia?: cost, suburbs - Pennsylvania (PA)
  7. Transplants from Down South (i.e., SC, NC & VA) in PA.: Columbia: school - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  8. West Chester Borough: Hows the parking in general?: renting, house - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  9. Relocating to philly..: Scranton: apartments, for rent, home - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  10. Real Estate Companies that pay a Base Salary, in addition to Commission?: Philadelphia: brokers - Pennsylvania (PA)
  11. Oak Lane and Surrounding Quirkinesses: Philadelphia, York: co-op, house, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  12. Mixed Lesbian Couple - Philly Suburbs for Us?: Chester, Lansdowne: real estate, lease - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  13. Gymnastics for Adults in Philly: high school, centers, place - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  14. Now that the time is closer...: good, 2008, ghost - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  15. Dreadlocks in Philadelphia: salon, hairstyles, cost - Pennsylvania (PA)
  16. Moving from Pittsburgh- job in Fort Washington: Philadelphia, Bethlehem: house, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  17. From Fairmount to Walkable NNW Area: Chester, West Chester: schools, wage, live - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  18. Personal trainer and gyms in West Chester/Newtown Square area: Drexel Hill: house, YMCA - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  19. commute from delco to kennett square: Springfield, Middletown: good schools, property taxes, place to live - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  20. Pittsburgh Business Times 2008 PA School District Rankings: Philadelphia, Scranton: renting, crime - Pennsylvania
  21. Abington: Philadelphia, York, Springfield: middle-class, real estate, crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  22. Cheap and safe neighorhood downtown? Is it just a dream?: Penn: apartment, neighborhoods - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  23. Manayunk: Pros/Cons?: Conshohocken: hair salon, safest neighborhood, movie theater - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  24. should i get directv or wait for verizon fios ?: Downingtown: new house, install - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  25. single mom/social worker, Philly: Levittown, Langhorne: house, living in, price - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  26. Sarah Palin & Philadelphia Flyers: progressive, personal, person - Pennsylvania (PA)
  27. 9/11.: schools, live, towers - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  28. on Septa transfers: how much, buy, cost of - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  29. Keeping a car in the city: Philadelphia, Norristown: lease, buy, living - Pennsylvania (PA)
  30. Help organizing food drive: Chester, Darby: day care, neighborhood, deed - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  31. Worst most Corrupt Philadelphia: crimes, houses, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  32. Futon or Mattress stores in Philadelphia ?: sale, rent, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  33. Reception Halls in Phila.: Philadelphia: rent, wedding reception, restaurant - Pennsylvania (PA)
  34. Does philly trash collection pick up pallets ?: appliances, ceramic - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  35. Diverse/Family friendly neighborhoods outside of Phildelphia?: Philadelphia, Willow Grove: safe neighborhood, best school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  36. Escrow calculation: for sale, lender, school - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  37. Moving to South Philly Help?: Washington, Ellsworth: fit in, city hall, rental - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  38. Broad Street Subway: city hall, transfer, live - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  39. I HATE the Eagles: Philadelphia: yard, worth, cancel - Pennsylvania (PA)
  40. Downingtown: Lancaster, Chester, West Chester: houses, school district, living - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  41. 6th and tasker: Allentown: apartment, homes, safe area - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  42. Sometimes I wonder about realtors...: Chester, Springfield: real estate, houses, buyers - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  43. Commute from Doylestown to Trenton - Reasonable?: Yardley, Mercer: live in, move to - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  44. over Ohio- Love Philly: Chester, West Chester: homes, live, things to do - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  45. Relocating to Philly: Washington, Bangor, Girard: apartments, rentals, lofts - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  46. driving PHI to Baltimore & back: construction, airport, beach - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  47. Mormon Church coming to Philly.: Philadelphia: city hall, parking, population - Pennsylvania (PA)
  48. Need to commute to Horsham: Lansdale, Glenside: townhome, neighborhood, high school - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  49. Norristown,Pa: Montgomery: company, phone number, county - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  50. moving to PA most likely, need information: Chester, New Castle: for sale, real estate - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  51. Far western 'burbs: Chester, West Chester, Downingtown: homes, living in, restaurants - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  52. What is the best street in philly?: Washington, Oxford: real estate, condos - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  53. Episcopal Academy...?: Philadelphia, Penn: wedding, private school, college - Pennsylvania (PA)
  54. Neighborhood of Pottstown: Philadelphia, Springfield: renting, crime, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  55. CHOP via Septa: Lansdale, Dale: transfer to, university, taxis - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  56. Low cost DSL/internet providers in philadelphia ?: how much, cheapest - Pennsylvania (PA)
  57. Moving to Philadelphia: Chester, Springfield, West Chester: apartments, rentals, low crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  58. Places to live near West Chester?: Phoenixville, Coatesville: for sale, homes, to buy - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  59. Children's hospital in philly........: Philadelphia, Penn: house, restaurants, price - Pennsylvania (PA)
  60. Training Academy & Neighborhood: Bristol: living, safe, place - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  61. Bed & Breakfast in Lancaster PA: Strasburg, Penn: house, cottage, friendly - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  62. Relocation questions: Cities/Neighborhoods?: Philadelphia, York: house, employment, to buy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  63. is OXford CIrcle a safe area?: Philadelphia, Rockledge: section 8, renters, crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  64. West Chester and Sprawl: Drexel Hill, Baldwin: real estate, condominiums, how much - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  65. Latin Spice in Philly or NJ?: Philadelphia: crime, job market, schools - Pennsylvania (PA)
  66. List of locations interasted in Moving to: neighborhood, bus - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  67. best music venues in philly: Darby, Penn: theater, university, live - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  68. Moving to Philadelphia: Chester, West Chester, Ardmore: apartment, to rent, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  69. Montco student needs housing: Montgomery: rental, month to, school - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  70. Philadelphians Are The Highest Tippers In The Nation: Lancaster, York: hotel, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  71. a move to Phila suburbs (near NJ).. help!: Chester: condo, how much - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  72. Terror Behind the Walls: houses, live, rated - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  73. If you moved to metro Philadelphia, share your experience: neighborhood, living in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  74. Can you take a cab from citizens park to atlantic city NJ: city hall - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  75. I Need Help Finding A Nice Spot To Live In Philadelphia!!!: middle-class, apartments - Pennsylvania (PA)
  76. possibly moving to Philly: King of Prussia, Horsham: living in, transport, office - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  77. place to live: York, Washington, Penn: rentals, condo, broker - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  78. Renting houses - do they come with a refridgerator ?: apartments, rentals - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  79. Community colleges that transfer to Drexel???: credit, school, university - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  80. Which is cheaper per unit of energy: Electricity or Gas ?: how much, calculated - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  81. Best thrift stores in Philadelphia area?: Lansdale, Quakertown: shopper, friendly, venue - Pennsylvania (PA)
  82. visiting Philly- nice areas to stay: Philadelphia, Washington: city hall, amusement park, hotels - Pennsylvania (PA)
  83. registered nurse: Philadelphia: income, pool, office - Pennsylvania (PA)
  84. Utilities in Northeast Philadelphia: Modena: insurance, homes, square footage - Pennsylvania (PA)
  85. Moving to Philly: Philadelphia, Levittown, Chester: houses, neighborhood, buying - Pennsylvania (PA)
  86. Jill Biden: Philadelphia, Willow Grove: high school, suburban, celebrity - Pennsylvania (PA)
  87. How is West Philly Powelton area around Lancaster & Baring ?: Philadelphia: renting, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  88. Coatseville School district: Chester, Springfield, West Chester: renting, houses, buying - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  89. Bolt Bus and Megabus: Washington, Penn: costs, buses, train - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  90. MontCo commute: Bethlehem, York, Norristown: real estate, house, neighborhoods - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  91. to poshr - I'm in the same situation!!: Chester, Drexel Hill: private schools, property taxes - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  92. Off 52nd st.: cheap apartments, houses, neighborhoods - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  93. Autism: Philadelphia, Williamsport, Mars: apartment, houses, school districts - Pennsylvania (PA)
  94. Campgrounds (urgent): Washington, Quakertown, Monroe: chapel, safe area, university - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  95. Let it all out White People .... I want you to.: Philadelphia: rent, violent crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  96. Construction jobs in Philadlephia and suburbs.: Philadelphia: to buy, move to, residential - Pennsylvania (PA)
  97. Birthday cut-off dates for kindergarten?: Coatesville, Downingtown: credit, school districts, live - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  98. Phillies: live, car, party - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  99. does use SEPTA?: Philadelphia, Atlantic: city hall, university, buses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  100. Land by Yardley PA?: Chester, Northampton: price, moving to, area - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  101. Schwenksville Schools Reunion: Collegeville, Trappe: college, free, year - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  102. Where are the sidewalks?: York, Easton: houses, neighborhood, subdivision - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  103. Experiences with Philly Crime: Lancaster, Penn: apartment, fingerprints, violent crime - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  104. Temple area.: Pittsburgh, Washington, Oakland: rent, how much, neighborhood - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  105. about the philly accent: Philadelphia, Penn: neighborhood, nightlife, suburban - Pennsylvania (PA)
  106. moving out of Philly: Newtown: mortgage, credit, townhouse - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  107. Good Christian Church in Philadelphia!!: Elco: chapel, living in, young professionals - Pennsylvania (PA)
  108. Tampa Bay OWNS Philadelphia!!!!: home, best, trash - Pennsylvania (PA)
  109. Townhome in Doylestown: Philadelphia, York, Chalfont: hair salon, low crime, lawyers - Pennsylvania (PA)
  110. LaSalle University area?: Washington: high crime, townhomes, dorms - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  111. Fancy Developments at the end of the Mainline?: Chester, Phoenixville: condos, townhome - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  112. where the rich live in Philly?: Philadelphia, Media: home, safe neighborhoods, living in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  113. Bicycles, Hippies, and Associated Wierdnesses :) Which towns?: Philadelphia, State College: home, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  114. Lyme Disease Specialist in Philadelphia?: Lansdale, Ridley Park: live in, association, health - Pennsylvania (PA)
  115. Chestnut Hill vs. Mt Airy: Lincoln: real estate, rentals, crime - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  116. Nice suburbs outside of Philly: Philadelphia, Norristown: apartments, crime, transfer - Pennsylvania (PA)
  117. Temple Ambler campus: Penn: dorms, job market, landscaping - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  118. Care to Share on Camden,: Philadelphia, Penn: renting, crime, hotel - Pennsylvania (PA)
  119. Congrats to the Phillies: Philadelphia: layoffs, price, tickets - Pennsylvania (PA)
  120. What's your favorite sports teams in Philly?: State College, Penn: school, college - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  121. Commute from Manayunk to KOP... ???: Allentown, Chester: to rent, university, living in - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  122. Philly vs. Pittsburg? Colleges and Universities???: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: best cities, transplants, crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  123. Center City Late at Night: crime, school, college - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  124. Another one who wants to relocate...from Europe: Philadelphia, Washington: low crime, how much - Pennsylvania (PA)
  125. Olney: good or bad: Philadelphia, Scranton: crime, houses, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  126. An About-Face on Philly: Philadelphia, Allentown: crime, home, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  127. Looking to find an older neighborhood near abington: Willow Grove, Lansdale: homes, established neighborhood - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  128. Spring garden st area - need: Philadelphia, Washington: apartments, city hall - Pennsylvania (PA)
  129. Top Ten Locations Within One Hour of Philly: Philadelphia, Allentown: schools, tile - Pennsylvania (PA)
  130. Springsteen in city today: Philadelphia: house, train, food - Pennsylvania (PA)
  131. Relocating to Center City w/5 kids: Philadelphia, Narberth: real estate, apartment, rental - Pennsylvania (PA)
  132. Give Palin a proper Philly welcome: Philadelphia, Republic: child, party, town - Pennsylvania (PA)
  133. Family visit- hotel tips?: Philadelphia, Reading: hotels, home, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  134. Pregnant and Confused: Philadelphia, York, Chester: insurance, home, university - Pennsylvania (PA)
  135. Restaurant(s): Philadelphia, Reading: hotel, restaurants, prices - Pennsylvania (PA)
  136. College suggestions. Where should I go?: Philadelphia, Penn: law school, universities, to live in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  137. Issues with the Philadelphia School District: Bryn Mawr, Penn: home, transfer, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  138. Taxes in Delaware County: Philadelphia, Chester: real estate, insurance, crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  139. Private Schools in Phili Area?: Philadelphia, Chester: house prices, catholic schools, universities - Pennsylvania (PA)
  140. Need advice on Philly suburbs: Philadelphia, Norristown: real estate, crime, big house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  141. Looking at Chester County for move: Philadelphia, West Chester: best town, real estate - Pennsylvania (PA)
  142. Looking at relocating to the Delaware Valley: Philadelphia, Levittown: neighborhoods, best school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  143. How welcoming is the Main Line?: King of Prussia, Conshohocken: transplants, houses, neighborhoods - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  144. Safety ..: Philadelphia: car rental, rental, high crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  145. Relocating to Downingtown PA ???: Chester, West Chester: apartment, rental, house - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  146. Psycho hammers man on subway - another black eye for Philadelphia: Portland: live in, bus - Pennsylvania (PA)
  147. Work in Plymouth Meeting, PA, where should we buy a home?: Chester: 2015, houses - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  148. Philadlephia Magazine 50 best school districts 2008.: York, Chester: condo, how much, house - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  149. where to live in Philly suburbs: Philadelphia, Chester: houses, to buy, school districts - Pennsylvania (PA)
  150. Is Delaware River safe to swim in?: Gap, Penn: swimming, area - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  151. Manayunk overrated?: Pittsburgh, Conshohocken, Plymouth: salons, insurance, homes - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  152. Which suburb is (relatively) the most friendly, down-to-earth?: Philadelphia, Doylestown: for sale, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  153. Is it me, or has the Philadelphia area become another expensive NYC?: York: apartments, for rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  154. Other areas like Cherry Hill??: King of Prussia, Washington: crime, home, schools - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  155. best Mexican restaurant in the 'burbs: Philadelphia, Reading: credit card, home, restaurants - Pennsylvania (PA)
  156. How punctual is Septa ?: live, buses, train - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  157. lived in/visited Chicago suburbs?: Philadelphia, York: transplants, real estate, insurance - Pennsylvania (PA)
  158. Move to Philly!: Philadelphia, Penn: fit in, apartment, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  159. Outlet Mall in or near Phialdelphia: Philadelphia, Reading: hotel, taxis, buses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  160. Nyer's rather visit Boston than Philly? Why?: Philadelphia, Harrisburg: violent crime, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  161. Places to stay away from in South Philly: Philadelphia, Washington: middle-class, section 8 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  162. Median Household Income in the region.: Philadelphia, Reading: schools, median income, taxes - Pennsylvania (PA)
  163. Are there Ex-New Yorkers living in Philly?: Philadelphia, Penn: apartments, rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  164. Philly or burb relo for 40-ish woman reinventing her life: Ardmore: houses, neighborhoods - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  165. exploring Philadelphia: Washington, Penn: hotel, house, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  166. Wayne, PA: Philadelphia, Chester, West Chester: apartment, renting, how much - Pennsylvania
  167. General Pointers About Living In Philadelphia: Pittsburgh, Chester: best towns, real estate, apartments - Pennsylvania (PA)
  168. Can we get sort of format . . .: Philadelphia, Glenside: best towns, apartment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  169. Philly Private School to Suburb Public?: Chester, Springfield: condo, school district, place to live - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  170. Help! Teacher wanting to relocate to Philly area: Philadelphia, Norristown: houses, transfer - Pennsylvania (PA)
  171. Phoenixville area: Chester, West Chester, Collegeville: middle-class, lease, condos - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  172. Malvern: Philadelphia, Lancaster, Chester: buying a house, buying, school district - Pennsylvania (PA)
  173. Another but different relocation scenario: Bethlehem, Lansdale: apartments, renting, lofts - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  174. areas to live near Vilanova: Chester, West Chester: appointed, real estate market, how much - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  175. Temple Univ.. Hospital > How is the area?: Penn: real estate, houses - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  176. Philadelphia population INCREASE: Allentown, Reading, Lancaster: middle-class, real estate, apartment complexes - Pennsylvania (PA)
  177. Amazingly Beautiful Picture of our City: Philadelphia, Liberty: condo, neighborhood, living in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  178. Historic area's of Philadelphia: Chester, West Chester: transplants, rent, crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  179. Is Philly crime really as bad as everyone says?: Philadelphia: city hall, rental - Pennsylvania (PA)
  180. Boyertown cops are CRAZY!!: Exeter, Penn: home, school, roofing - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  181. Atlanta to Philadelphia: Blue Bell: how much, house, job market - Pennsylvania (PA)
  182. Foxwoods Casino at the Gallery. Good idea or not?: Philadelphia: crime, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  183. Is it 4 bed, 2 bath, > $250k house, top notch public schools, commutable to Philly?: Philadelphia: for sale, real estate - Pennsylvania (PA)
  184. Cream chip beef: Reading: home, eat, dinner - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  185. Wachovia Center Concert: Hershey: sale, brokers, houses - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  186. Follow up on move to Chester County, PA: Philadelphia: homes, schools - Pennsylvania
  187. What's West Chester like?: Phoenixville, Downingtown: for sale, rental, neighborhoods - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  188. Questions For Future and Residents and general information.: Philadelphia: 2015, apartment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  189. School district: Chester: to buy, property, builders - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  190. 4th Philly Cop Murdered: Philadelphia: crime, how much, attorney - Pennsylvania (PA)
  191. New VA cemetery in Dolington, PA: Newtown: homes, moving to, area - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  192. Need to rent garage or small patch of land for school bus: Lancaster: store - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  193. i-95 construction - delays tonight?: areas, Sunday - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  194. Chester County minor league baseball stadium: build, status, spring - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  195. Our City Domain for Sale - Good buy?: Philadelphia: buying, listing - Pennsylvania (PA)
  196. Best Place to Find Jobs in Philly - besides Craigslist: real estate, estate - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  197. The Official Philadelphia Photo: photos, favorite - Pennsylvania (PA)
  198. Painting a Farhouse Twin w/Plaster Walls/: North Wales, Skippack: house, contractor - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  199. Chorionic Villus (CVS): hospital, doctor, pregnancy - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  200. Fall Fun!: year, time, 2008 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)