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  1. Starting a business in SD: unemployment, school, live - San Diego, California (CA)
  2. 4S Ranch homes - Good time to buy?: San Diego, Crest: short sale, foreclosure - California (CA)
  3. Sharing car buying experience: Mesa: for sale, credit, loans - San Diego, California (CA)
  4. Neighborhood Temperatures: San Diego, Santa Rosa, El Cajon: neighborhoods, school, university - California (CA)
  5. traffic in SD? fun neighborhood in SD?: San Diego, Carlsbad: to rent, how much - California (CA)
  6. want to move to sd (firefighter): moving, hired, academy - San Diego, California (CA)
  7. teaching in san diego?: teaching jobs, jobs, how to - California (CA)
  8. Reformed Jewish Communities in San Diego: Chula Vista, Vista: preschool, university, living - California (CA)
  9. microclimate possibility?: Mission Hills, Mesa: between, hills, about - San Diego, California (CA)
  10. Chicago transplant stuck in LA.....Looking to relocate to San Dieo!!!: Fresno: sales, foreclosed - San Diego, California (CA)
  11. Looking for family, help: San Diego, Rancho Cucamonga: cell phone, lookup, address - California (CA)
  12. Coming to Visit thinking about moving soon: El Cajon, Linda: safe area, safe - San Diego, California (CA)
  13. Anecdotal about areas in SD: Carlsbad, Encinitas: neighborhood, living, price - San Diego, California (CA)
  14. Looking for a good taco man (caterer): inexpensive, parties - San Diego, California (CA)
  15. Arc of San Diego: move to, vacation, health care - California (CA)
  16. Marriott Marina or Coronado Island Marriott??????????: San Diego, Brea: renting, hotel, house - California (CA)
  17. Encinitas Ranch?: cul-de-sac, for sale, houses - San Diego, California (CA)
  18. best taxi or shuttle rate to airport?: live in, transportation - San Diego, California (CA)
  19. Join Notre Temps String Ensemble: community, music, visit - San Diego, California (CA)
  20. Mexican Restaurant: Solana Beach: shops, beach, county - San Diego, California (CA)
  21. Commute from Carlsbad to El Cajon?: how long, better - San Diego, California (CA)
  22. Is manufacturing alive and well?: Los Angeles, San Diego: insurance, job market, construction - California (CA)
  23. Commuting from Bonsall to Encinitas Scripps: price, estimated, gas - San Diego, California (CA)
  24. Calif. Auto Insurance while living in Mexico: San Diego, Glendora: buy, costs - California (CA)
  25. Commute Encinitas vs. Carmel Valley: Del Mar: home, where to buy, live - San Diego, California (CA)
  26. Safest places to live around Camp Pendleton: San Diego: safe area, moving to - California (CA)
  27. Dual citizenship and visas? (thinking of moving to California): living in, best - San Diego, (CA)
  28. CV homes: Chula Vista, Vista: condos, live, price - San Diego, California (CA)
  29. Back from vacation in North County: San Diego, Oceanside: fit in, for sale, houses - California (CA)
  30. Horse Back Riding in Lakeside?: San Diego, Rancho San Diego: farm, phone number, places - California (CA)
  31. Landscapers: cul-de-sac, houses, landscaping - San Diego, California (CA)
  32. Surf shops: San Diego, Encinitas, San Clemente: prices, beach, cheap - California (CA)
  33. Good Part of Chula Vista???: Del Mar, Nice: safety, area, around - San Diego, California (CA)
  34. What are good areas to raise a family in San Diego?: Escondido: rent - California (CA)
  35. Tennis Backboard: San Diego, Vista, Linda: high school, college, design - California (CA)
  36. Homeless Native American in Boulevard: San Diego: casino, living in, store - California (CA)
  37. surfing close to Gaslamp Quarter/Convention Center: Corona, Coronado: rental car, rental - San Diego, California (CA)
  38. Best scenic route from San Diego to Temecula: Escondido, Santee: house, live in - California (CA)
  39. Rental Market in North County: Vista: condo, how much, neighborhood - San Diego, California (CA)
  40. Trying to relocate to SD! (hairdresser/apartment) hunt!: San Diego: salons, to rent - California (CA)
  41. CA surfin: Poway, Del Mar: to buy, live in, shops - San Diego, California
  42. Specific comments for a disabled Vet/old ppy dude?: Arnold: real estate, homes - San Diego, California (CA)
  43. Black and white couple making move from NY to San Diego.: renting, neighborhood - California (CA)
  44. New city around Qualcomm Stadium: San Diego, Mesa: condos, hotels, agricultural - California (CA)
  45. What kind of job would there be in San Diego for me?: Long Beach: living in - California (CA)
  46. Best Carnitas in San Diego?: Chula Vista, Vista: home, buy, college - California (CA)
  47. My visit to Mission Bay: San Diego, Belmont: hotel, taxi driver, garden - California (CA)
  48. House cominng up for rental: San Carlos: how much, pool, housing - San Diego, California (CA)
  49. I am moving to Carlsbad...: Encinitas: college, living in, young professionals - San Diego, California (CA)
  50. limo drivers on Transporting a group from San Diego to Long Beach: Lincoln: car rental - California (CA)
  51. moving to carlsbad area, few questions!: San Diego, Oceanside: fit in, apartment, rental - California (CA)
  52. ISP/Cable?Landline Service Providers! Help!: San Diego: buying, movies, store - California (CA)
  53. Need recommendation for SD suburb!: West Covina, Poway: apartments, rentals, condos - San Diego, California (CA)
  54. what part of SD should i consider?: rent, living - San Diego, California (CA)
  55. Coming to San Diego in August...need guidance :-): Mesa: home, neighborhood - California (CA)
  56. Need to find lawyers for free consultant in San Diego?: low income, lawyer - California (CA)
  57. Can I exhibit my photographs at San Diego County Fair: Del Mar: hotel, suites - California (CA)
  58. Looking For Friends: San Diego: apartment, house, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  59. relocating family from seattle San Diego, Corona: condo, house, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  60. Commute to long beach ( culver city): San Diego, Orange: apartment, to rent, house - California (CA)
  61. Stores in SD: co-op, Home Depot, organic - San Diego, California (CA)
  62. new music teacher looking to move to san diego!: school districts, live in - California (CA)
  63. Mission Bay Park Area: El Cajon, Kensington: renting, house, to buy - San Diego, California (CA)
  64. Beutiful house for sale en mulege baja califronia sur: beach, property - San Diego, California (CA)
  65. Selling Home, Is it a bad idea to sell a house whose value has gone down?: short sales - San Diego, California (CA)
  66. Relocating to SD HELP!!!: San Diego, Oceanside: low income, for rent, houses - California (CA)
  67. Generalizations of San Diego and other places/restaurant: school, restaurants - California (CA)
  68. kayak rental - best spot,: San Diego: bike, company, local - California (CA)
  69. Pearson Ford at Fairmont and El Cajon: low income, condos - San Diego, California (CA)
  70. ferry to Cornonado: free or $: Corona, Coronado: cost of, parking, bikes - San Diego, California (CA)
  71. Relocating to the Carlsbad/San Diego Area: Vista, Encinitas: foreclosure, to rent - California (CA)
  72. SouthEast SanDiego Stats: San Diego, Stockton, Lincoln: crime, zip codes, dangerous - California (CA)
  73. Which School (SDSU and UCSD) really offers the best quality education?: San Diego: transfer, schools - California (CA)
  74. Is 4000 $ enough to live in SD ??: San Diego: rent, car insurance, how much - California (CA)
  75. rent sight unseen or wait until we get there?: San Diego: extended stay, appointed - California (CA)
  76. Daycare in SD Northeast - Poway, RB,: credit, live in - San Diego, California (CA)
  77. black tarantula? harmful?: El Cajon, Glendora, Los Gatos: live in, dangerous, moving - San Diego, California (CA)
  78. Need a for bathroom: fit in, condo, Home Depot - San Diego, California (CA)
  79. music scene: San Diego: live, areas, place - California (CA)
  80. Location of Defense Jobs?: San Diego, Poway: contractors, salaries, maintenance - California (CA)
  81. Public library near by Capri condos: living, move to, beach - San Diego, California (CA)
  82. Lemon Grove - Berry Street Park area: San Diego, Madera: sex offender, crime - California (CA)
  83. Rock -slide, other natural issues in SD?: closing, car - San Diego, California (CA)
  84. Hello.. How is the Job Market in the area?: San Diego: loan, house - California (CA)
  85. New Homes in Rancho San Diego?: Santee, Spring Valley: living in, moving, area - California (CA)
  86. Non Competitive Kids Soccer (Ages5-8 Girls and Boys)?: Chula Vista: moving to, elementary - San Diego, California (CA)
  87. Hotel with pool party: hotels, parties, district - San Diego, California (CA)
  88. Best way to search for rental homes: San Diego, Orange: real estate, how much - California (CA)
  89. Bubble tea in North County?: Vista: house, restaurants, foods - San Diego, California (CA)
  90. Retirement in Oceanside area: San Diego, Pacifica: foreclosures, house, to buy - California (CA)
  91. Annual living expenses: San Diego: apartment, rental, car insurance - California (CA)
  92. Questions About Mileage and Car Leasing: sales, apartments, buying - San Diego, California (CA)
  93. Need review about North University Community library: loan, live - San Diego, California (CA)
  94. Serra Mesa: San Diego, Vista, La Mesa: middle-class, rentals, homes - California (CA)
  95. My first visit to San Diego: homeless, eat, arena - California (CA)
  96. Hello All!: San Diego: celebrities, summer, green - California (CA)
  97. San Diego Microclimate map - aka 'what's the weather like in xxxxx?': Escondido: real estate market - California (CA)
  98. Personal Trainer Thinking Of Moving To San Diego: apartment complexes, rent - California (CA)
  99. Moving to SD from New Zealand - need advice: San Diego: job market, purchase - California (CA)
  100. SD fests this weekend: live, park, venue - San Diego, California (CA)
  101. Southwestern College - Chula Vista CA: Del Rey: section 8, crime, safe neighborhood - San Diego, California
  102. Best way to put offers in on homes without a real estate agent.: San Diego: for sale by owner - California (CA)
  103. Moving to San Diego: transfer, high school, universities - California (CA)
  104. Daycare (Infant): San Diego: live in, bill, money - California (CA)
  105. TV service: San Diego: prices, best deal, phone - California (CA)
  106. Looking to move to San Diego: Corona, Carlsbad: real estate, oceanfront, renting - California (CA)
  107. is a 4-year school better than an community college in san antonio?: San Diego: public school - California (CA)
  108. Looking for a studio to rent in Pacific Beach: San Diego: apartments, leasing - California (CA)
  109. Is Oceanside a safe place to live? yes, no: San Diego: crime, neighborhood - California (CA)
  110. Want to Move to Sunny San Diego - Questions...: Los Angeles: affordable apartments, renting - California (CA)
  111. needed! What are good places in downtown San Diego to meet single 26-40 year-old women?: Corona: apartments - California (CA)
  112. Rental in mira mesa: pricing, areas, complex - San Diego, California (CA)
  113. chickens, gardens, & granola in North County: San Diego, Escondido: fit in, coop - California (CA)
  114. Commute time From Encinitas to San Diego: Solana Beach, Del Mar: beach, office - California (CA)
  115. Interracial Couple Moving to San Diego: Los Angeles, Riverside: fit in, spring break, house - California (CA)
  116. Fact Finding Weekend - Results are In: San Diego, Chula Vista: house, employment - California (CA)
  117. Tolerance of california: Santa Ana, Anaheim, Huntington Beach: bankrupt, live, law - San Diego, (CA)
  118. San Diego = paradise: Carlsbad: rent, how much, vacation home - California (CA)
  119. Who lives in Oceanside? Your opinions are wanted: Orange, Carlsbad: apartment, condo - San Diego, California (CA)
  120. San Diego or Chicago: Nice: crime rate, house, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  121. Swine Flu doom and gloom: San Diego, Imperial: home, schools, live in - California (CA)
  122. Does SD get special treatment?: Los Angeles, San Diego: sales, condos, how much - California (CA)
  123. Should I stay in San Diego or move to LA?: Los Angeles: transplants, high crime - California (CA)
  124. Children's pool issue: attorneys, neighborhood, live - San Diego, California (CA)
  125. SanDiego Dialect ?: San Diego, Orange: apartment, house, live in - California (CA)
  126. Should we move to San Diego?: Jackson: apartment, rental, condo - California (CA)
  127. Do you think San Diego is a happy place?: Los Angeles: low crime, good hotels - California (CA)
  128. Is SD dog friendly?: San Diego, Chula Vista: renting, houses, landlords - California (CA)
  129. White and Black couple moving to SD? s?: Los Angeles: to rent, neighborhoods - San Diego, California (CA)
  130. Why Does San Diego Suck?: San Francisco: best city, homes, price - California (CA)
  131. 24 hr tanning salons?: San Diego: luxury, school, beach - California (CA)
  132. USMC family moving to MCAS Miramar, need help: Santee: renting, high crime - San Diego, California
  133. Lucky people!: San Diego: apartment, rent, home - California (CA)
  134. san diego area housing: Riverside, Chula Vista: HOA fees, house, safe area - California (CA)
  135. best burger in San Diego: price, club, store - California (CA)
  136. San Diego Women and Night Life: Los Angeles, Darwin: college, living, cost of living - California (CA)
  137. Violence in 2 high-profile tourist locations this weekend: San Diego, San Francisco: crime rate, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  138. is Jim Wiseman a visionary or idiot? (AP News Story): San Diego: sales, real estate - California (CA)
  139. Gaslamp or La Jolla?: San Diego, Corona: for rent, condos, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  140. USD or University of Massachusetts?: San Diego: bad credit, loans, home - California (CA)
  141. Goodbye cable TV!!! (I'm gonna buy an HD antenna) San Diego residents: how's your reception with an antenna?: coupons, movies - California (CA)
  142. Living in San Diego or New York??: Los Angeles: job market, theatre - California (CA)
  143. Does think San Diego is totally overrated?: San Francisco: fit in, best cities - California (CA)
  144. Looking for a private school for gifted kids in San Diego: Encinitas: homes, luxury - California (CA)
  145. Visiting SD: Where to stay and public transit options: San Diego: renting, good hotels - California (CA)
  146. Absolutely confused - San Fran vs San Diego?: San Francisco: new home, neighborhood - California (CA)
  147. 3 Day Southern Cal itinerary: San Diego, Orange: crime, hotel, home - California (CA)
  148. Hungry real estate agent wanted for buyer: Chula Vista, Vista: foreclosed, buyers - San Diego, California (CA)
  149. San Diego County not a hot spot for Latino's: Los Angeles: fit in, construction jobs - California (CA)
  150. A German in California ! HELP: San Diego, Oceanside: extended stay, for sale, apartments - (CA)
  151. Where to buy in San Diego for under 170k: crime, cheap house - California (CA)
  152. Chicago to SD - looking for Safe, semi-walkable burbs along I-15??: San Diego: for sale, real estate - California (CA)
  153. What do you think of the place I just rented?: San Diego: rental, houses - California (CA)
  154. Income Small--Dreams Big- --Love SD !: San Diego: to rent, quality of life, living in - California (CA)
  155. Dog friendly- 3 dogs! Love urban/beach lifestyle need help relocating!: San Diego: real estate, apartments - California (CA)
  156. How Laid-back is SD really?: San Diego: school, living in, move to - California (CA)
  157. Living car-less in San Diego: apartments, for rent, appliances - California (CA)
  158. Tell me what you love about where you live in SD: San Diego: condo, house - California (CA)
  159. who's Adam Lambert fan: Bell, Rancho Santa Fe: school, best, studio - San Diego, California (CA)
  160. tell me about Santee: Mesa: crime, buying a home, safe neighborhood - San Diego, California (CA)
  161. Rancho San Diego (El Cajon): Santee, Spring Valley: fit in, rental, house prices - California (CA)
  162. Moving to San Diego from WI: Chula Vista, Vista: apartment, foreclosures, renting - California (CA)
  163. Living in a travel trailer on own land: Los Angeles, San Diego: RV park, motorhome - California (CA)
  164. FL to San Diego??!: Orland, Jackson: rent, crime, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  165. San Diego or Albuquerque? I'm so confused!: Los Angeles, San Francisco: condo, crime - California (CA)
  166. move to san diego, north county: Santa Monica, Carlsbad: sale, real estate - California (CA)
  167. Earthquake in carmel valley: San Diego, Long Beach: live, beach, area - California (CA)
  168. If you had 100k in cash..........and you were currently renting: San Diego: short sale, real estate - California (CA)
  169. Water rationing, what are you doing to help?: Fremont, Bellflower: credit, landscaping - San Diego, California (CA)
  170. Best Areas of SD with Fairly Affordable Housing!!: San Diego, Chula Vista: to rent, condo - California (CA)
  171. recommendations for boarding/kennels for dogs: San Diego, Spring Valley: credit card, daycare, hotel - California (CA)
  172. Rent of apartments in the UTC area: San Diego, August: apartment complex, rental market - California (CA)
  173. Shallow/Superficial Culture in SD?: San Diego, Orange: house, luxury, gated communities - California (CA)
  174. Have Baja Fresh burritos gotten smaller?: San Diego: prices, shops, food - California (CA)
  175. Carmel Valley: San Diego, Orange, Laguna Niguel: fit in, HOA fees, condos - California (CA)
  176. Which comes first? The move or the job?: San Diego: sublet, house - California (CA)
  177. When will San Diego area bottom out: Orange, Vista: real estate, houses - California (CA)
  178. When does ocean get warm to swim in and when does it then get too cold again?: San Diego: live, beach - California (CA)
  179. Ocean Beach mixed vibe...: fit in, rent, crime - San Diego, California (CA)
  180. need help on skateparks: Encinitas, Poway: skatepark, houses, YMCA - San Diego, California
  181. ZerapeWatch 2009: location, owner, baby - San Diego, California (CA)
  182. Pine Street in Escondido?: Poway: apartment, safe area, living - San Diego, California (CA)
  183. running tracks in Alpine: high schools, places, road - San Diego, California (CA)
  184. Class A CDL Trucking Jobs in SD County: San Diego, Encinitas: moving to, design - California (CA)
  185. Leucadia: Encinitas: sale, houses, rain - San Diego, California (CA)
  186. Job Hunting: San Diego: school, jobs, degree - California (CA)
  187. Spokane to San Diego: live, good, moved - California (CA)
  188. Just A Heads Up(East County/City/South Bay): San Diego: zip code, news - California (CA)
  189. Place in San Diego general to get piercing and tattoo?: shops, cheap - California (CA)
  190. Petco Park in the Park Birthday Idea (6 yo): kids, birthday party - San Diego, California (CA)
  191. Fiesta Old town, cinco de mayo: San Diego: live, food, entertainment - California (CA)
  192. San Diego Rush Hour Traffic: cities, driving, town - California (CA)
  193. Cool Canadian Curious about Carlsbad: San Diego: sales, insurance, daycare - California (CA)
  194. Moving Violation Citation Questions: Chula Vista, Vista: license plate, date, system - San Diego, California (CA)
  195. Memoirs of growing up in San Diego (read if only you're interested) - California (CA)
  196. Cool Canadian Curious for Carlsbad: San Diego: sales, insurance, daycare - California (CA)
  197. Salary Negotiable?: San Diego: rent, neighborhoods, living - California (CA)
  198. Do you live in San Diego? La Jolla to be exact?: Nice: condo, home - California (CA)
  199. Padres Premier Games: prices, ticket, increased - San Diego, California (CA)
  200. House Hunting in San Diego: Del Mar: to rent, beaches, place - California (CA)