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  1. Moving Truck recommendation- plus coupon code: truck rental, coupons, apartment - San Diego, California (CA)
  2. Carlsbad Neighborhood: home, purchasing, elementary schools - San Diego, California (CA)
  3. New on Forum, moving to SD from Oregon: lease, transfer - San Diego, California (CA)
  4. Can someone recommend a beach town near San Diego: Encinitas: coupons, apartment - California (CA)
  5. Family Area newa beach for kids from 2-15: San Diego, Carlsbad: condo, house - California (CA)
  6. San Diego Real Estate Market: short sales, rentals, condos - California (CA)
  7. Looking for a GREAT Montessori School near Encinitas: Solana Beach: credit, preschool - San Diego, California (CA)
  8. advice on encinitas area elementary schools..moving soon!: Vista: to rent, buy - San Diego, California (CA)
  9. post state comparative data; much: calculator, income - San Diego, California (CA)
  10. What towns do doctors in SD tend to live in?: Chula Vista: house, best - San Diego, California (CA)
  11. interesting house corner of Kalmia and Union: houses, live - San Diego, California (CA)
  12. Semi-retired, looking for a place to settle and garden in San Diego: Los Angeles: crime - California (CA)
  13. Oceanside bike path???: high school, college, safe - San Diego, California (CA)
  14. For a vacation, where that's near beach and/or downtown?: San Diego: hotels, living - California (CA)
  15. Inexpensive Lodging: San Diego: house, living, kitchen - California (CA)
  16. First time to PB...can you direct me???: San Diego, Orange: credit card, how much - California (CA)
  17. Concealed Weapons License: San Diego: attorney, home, law school - California (CA)
  18. Preferred Cable/Internet Company in Downtown SD: apartment, renting - San Diego, California (CA)
  19. help!!! cheapest way to move clothes and other small stuff across country?: renting - San Diego, California (CA)
  20. Visiting SD with a small child. Suggestions?: San Diego, Oceanside: coupons, buy - California (CA)
  21. Moving to SD from Upstate NY -- location and income questions: Del Mar: apartment complexes, to live - San Diego, California (CA)
  22. OB or PB?: San Diego: to rent, buying a house, buying - California (CA)
  23. broke?: San Diego: bankruptcy, to move, homeless - California (CA)
  24. need on el cajon: La Mesa, Lemon Grove: apartments, houses, to live - San Diego, California (CA)
  25. Move from Houston to San Diego: apartments, houses, moving - California (CA)
  26. Imperial beach- Redemtion: San Diego: crime, living in, eat - California (CA)
  27. Moving to San Diego from Orange County: August: apartment complexes, rent - California (CA)
  28. a move to san Diego-best school districts for Autistic kids?: Los Angeles: real estate, luxury - California (CA)
  29. Best place to live for $800-1110 a month?: San Diego, Escondido: community college, price - California (CA)
  30. Moving to SD - Diggin La Jolla: San Diego, San Francisco: renting, neighborhood - California (CA)
  31. Moving to San Diego: apartment, rent, condo - California (CA)
  32. Moving from St. Louis, MO to Encinitas, CA: San Diego, Oceanside: apartment complex, townhouses - California
  33. 125 South Fast Track: appointed, car, ticket - San Diego, California (CA)
  34. Safe and cheaper places to live around San Diego?: Vista: apartment, for rent - California (CA)
  35. Pomona Ave. in La Mesa... safe?: San Diego, El Cajon: apartment complexes, homes, safe neighborhood - California (CA)
  36. Trolley Questions: San Diego, Oceanside, Orange: how much, transfer, buy - California (CA)
  37. on the san diego area beer distributors?: Crest: university, salary - California (CA)
  38. Need Help on Ferel Cats: apartment, homes, live in - San Diego, California (CA)
  39. Relocating advice: PB to North Park?: San Diego: homes, neighborhood, university - California (CA)
  40. Resumes: San Diego, Riverside: transportation, trailer, stations - California (CA)
  41. Need Help on Ferel Cats: apartment, homes, live in - San Diego, California (CA)
  42. Moving from Alaska: San Diego, Poway: rent, condo, credit - California (CA)
  43. Homes for rent. websites?: San Diego, Del Mar: for sale, real estate, apartments - California (CA)
  44. what are the cost to register your car from another state to san diego?: lease - California (CA)
  45. Registering out-of-state vehicle: sales, home, purchase - San Diego, California (CA)
  46. US Marine - Commute from Carlsbad to Universal Studios: transfer, law - San Diego, California (CA)
  47. Help in San Diego: house, move, to relocate - California (CA)
  48. North Park: El Cajon: gangs, housing market, market - San Diego, California (CA)
  49. Places for single gals in Gaslamp?: restaurants, shops, bars - San Diego, California (CA)
  50. Moving from PA to San Diego (Need Help/Advice): Poway: apartment complexes, rent - California (CA)
  51. driving from san diego to santa maria: Santa Monica, Goleta: live in, beach - California (CA)
  52. Moving and need a job in San Diego: job market, minimum wage - California (CA)
  53. Downtown Photos: San Diego: buildings, skyline, change - California (CA)
  54. 25/female/moving downtown SD from FL: San Diego, Orange: apartments, to rent, condominium - California (CA)
  55. questions: gated, living in, dangerous - San Diego, California (CA)
  56. Locations for a Home: San Diego, Soledad: condos, first time home buyer, neighborhood - California (CA)
  57. Release Of The Prisoners: San Diego, Arnold: violent crime, home, legal - California (CA)
  58. used Coke's new dispenser at Jack-in-the-Box?: San Diego, El Cajon: locations, testing - California (CA)
  59. Personal Trainer looking to relocate to San Diego from Midwest: Santa Monica: camps, income - California (CA)
  60. Moving back to CA in 2 years?: Los Angeles, San Diego: mortgage, townhouse, safe area - California
  61. carlsbad questions...: Encinitas: low crime, living in, dangerous - San Diego, California (CA)
  62. Conference in SAn Diego..........good bars?: hotel, live in, professionals - California (CA)
  63. Turning off utilities in deceased mother's name: rent, insurance - San Diego, California (CA)
  64. Temporary housing for October on or near Camp Pendleton: Vista: extended stay, to rent - San Diego, California (CA)
  65. Good quality Surf School (near Solana Beach): Carlsbad, Encinitas: real estate, schools - San Diego, California (CA)
  66. Carlsbad to Pacific Beach Train?: San Diego, Chula Vista: taxi, live, restaurant - California (CA)
  67. How is the the market for teachers in San Diego?: La Mesa: condo, find a job - California (CA)
  68. Marina Dentistry / D.O. (osteopathic) physicians?: offices, best, dentists - San Diego, California (CA)
  69. Advice sought on relocating to San Diego metro area from NY Metro Area as an Senior IT Manager / Professional: San Jose: renting - California (CA)
  70. The New York Times profiles the North County Coast!: San Diego: live, gardens - California (CA)
  71. Moving to San Marcos - looking for pediatrician & kid's dentist referrals: Santa Barbara: contractors - San Diego, California (CA)
  72. working farm where one can purchase veggies ?: San Diego, Escondido: agriculture, money - California (CA)
  73. SDSU area: La Mesa, San Carlos, Mesa: rent, attorney, houses - San Diego, California (CA)
  74. San Diego accepting wierd people and thrift stores: neighborhoods, university - California (CA)
  75. Moving from Seattle to San Diego, advice: apartments, college - California (CA)
  76. 2 Questions (Horseback riding on the beach + How busy are the beaches?): Imperial Beach: place, visiting - San Diego, California (CA)
  77. Beach Camping + BonFire: Los Angeles, Corona, San Mateo: live, horse, area - San Diego, California (CA)
  78. Can you see the Sunrise in San Diego area ????: Carlsbad: opthamologist, live - California (CA)
  79. Del Cerro - does it suffer from SDSU problems: San Diego: houses, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  80. San Diego Airport to SeaWorld: rent, taxi, bus - California (CA)
  81. La Jolla/UTC or Del Mar area?: Highland: apartments, rent - San Diego, California (CA)
  82. East Village vs. Downtown (for singles): apartment complex, lease, loft - San Diego, California (CA)
  83. moving from east to west????: Carlsbad: pay, cheaper, weather - San Diego, California (CA)
  84. Moving to San Diego: Jackson: school, living in, military - California (CA)
  85. Looking for new OB/gyn - someone gentle!: live, moving - San Diego, California (CA)
  86. SD -Humboldt squid: San Diego: live, law, move - California (CA)
  87. Tuesday Morning, San Diego to Bakersfield best route?: Los Angeles, Long Beach: construction, university - California (CA)
  88. Affordable areas outside the city.: San Diego, Chula Vista: condos, mobile home, safe area - California (CA)
  89. Reverse Commute to Temecula: San Diego, Riverside: new home, buy, best school districts - California (CA)
  90. moving from philadelphia area to san diego and need stuff shipped?: pay - California (CA)
  91. Commute from downtown SD to Vista: San Diego, Escondido: university, prices, gas - California (CA)
  92. Need Help to Move Daughter in the Next Two Days: San Diego: apartment complexes, renters - California (CA)
  93. What causes the everyday Thunderstorms during the summer in the Mountains East of San Diego?: San Bernardino: homes - California (CA)
  94. Bus Route between Shoreline drive and Allied gardens library?: San Diego: station, transit - California (CA)
  95. Single Sailor to San Diego: Corona, Coronado: apartment, transferring to, club - California (CA)
  96. Moving to Poway I think: rent, school district, wage - San Diego, California (CA)
  97. living IN Downtown San Diego-- last minute help with neighborhood choice: Los Angeles: apartments, renting - California (CA)
  98. Good hotel/town to stay overnight between Sacramento and San Diego: Los Angeles: coupons, theatre - California (CA)
  99. know if Kobe's is open today and if they have...: for sale, buy - San Diego, California (CA)
  100. Does drive from San Diego to Los Angeles on 4th Aug. 2009?: living in - California (CA)
  101. snowbird rental on the south west coast or gulf: areas, island - San Diego, California (CA)
  102. San Diego affordability help?: apartments, lease, month to - California (CA)
  103. SD birthday adventure ideas: San Diego, Corona: horseback, bike, area - California (CA)
  104. Thoughts on the La Mesa area: San Diego, Chula Vista: apartments, crime, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  105. Cheap areas near UCSD?: Mesa: apartment, transfer to, apts - San Diego, California (CA)
  106. investment condo in San Diego Area ?: Chula Vista, Vista: real estate, rental, condos - California (CA)
  107. table tennis clubs: San Diego: centers, association, activity - California (CA)
  108. Apartments by the trolley...LOUD?: Pomona: apartment complex, condo, luxury - San Diego, California (CA)
  109. s on places to rent in carlsbad close to beach (walking distance)?: condo - San Diego, California (CA)
  110. Bicycling Routes and Timing: neighborhoods, living, moving to - San Diego, California (CA)
  111. Is $50,000 sufficient to live on in SD?: best neighborhood, apartment - San Diego, California (CA)
  112. Is San Diego on the decline and will never be as good as the good ol' days ? Or is this negative?: Riverside: homes, high school - California (CA)
  113. Neighborhoods near SDSU: San Diego, El Cajon, Vista: apartment complexes, renter, condo - California (CA)
  114. Why are women in the SD area so obsessed with Coronado?: Encinitas: neighborhood, theater - San Diego, California (CA)
  115. How long will families living in Fallbrook, CA have their lives disrupted: San Diego: real estate, lease - California
  116. Was I just scammed in SD? Did I do right thing?: Orange: credit card, home - San Diego, California (CA)
  117. MTS: Outstanding Public Transit System of the Year: San Diego, San Francisco: credit, transfer to - California (CA)
  118. Visitor to CA Appalled by Roadside Garbage: Los Angeles, San Diego: movie theaters, disposing - California
  119. is san diego expensive?: real estate, car insurance, house - California (CA)
  120. High humidity levels near SD coast-should i be concerned?: San Diego: house, living in - California (CA)
  121. Beach walking - Where for longest stretch?: Corona, Carlsbad: restaurant, parking - San Diego, California (CA)
  122. Selfish to move?: San Diego, Orland: find a job, college, living in - California (CA)
  123. Is it impossible for a superstar teacher to be hired?: San Diego: fit in, loans - California (CA)
  124. is this rental legit?: San Diego, Encinitas: apartments, foreclosure, rentals - California (CA)
  125. moving to San Diego from NYC. ideas?: Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe: big house, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  126. Medical family joining Navy: San Diego: rental, house, job market - California (CA)
  127. San Diego Beaches .... Better Than Ever !!!: Encinitas, Belmont: law, moving, beach - California (CA)
  128. The real thing I need to know...San Diego Girls?: upkeep, live - California (CA)
  129. is Linda Vista dangerous?: Mesa: to rent, condo, mortgages - San Diego, California (CA)
  130. Unrelenting desire to move to CA: San Diego, Orange: how much, university, earthquakes - California
  131. Is San Diego Status Conscious?: Merced: middle-class, apartment, leasing - California (CA)
  132. Barrio Logan: Imperial: crime, neighborhoods, to live in - San Diego, California (CA)
  133. How poor folks in San Diego manage to stay happy in San Diego?: Chula Vista: middle-class, section 8 - California (CA)
  134. Moving to San Diego...Need Advice: rent, home, find a job - California (CA)
  135. public salt water pools: San Diego, Corona: to buy, beach, swimming pool - California (CA)
  136. San Diego Condos: for sale, real estate, HOA - California (CA)
  137. Ikea!: Nice: house, buying, shopping center - San Diego, California (CA)
  138. Social Service Jobs in San Diego: Chula Vista, Vista: home, find a job, bankrupt - California (CA)
  139. family friends are moving to me give them suggestions! I think they're a little misguided too!: San Diego: fit in, apartment - California (CA)
  140. Moving to San Diego without a job: Los Angeles: houses, job market - California (CA)
  141. know when it starts to get cooler around: San Diego: buying, landlord - California (CA)
  142. Metro Det. to San Diego: Marina: fit in, renting, condos - California (CA)
  143. Pondering Move to San Diego: Encinitas: apartments, rental, house - California (CA)
  144. San Diego Events: Imperial Beach, Imperial, Del Mar: real estate, to rent, brokers - California (CA)
  145. affordable large dog friendly housing san!: Chula Vista, Oceanside: apartments, prices - California (CA)
  146. Relocation to San Diego: Oceanside, Carlsbad: how much, neighborhoods, school districts - California (CA)
  147. Suggestions on Neighborhoods for a Medical Marijuana Patient: Los Angeles, San Diego: apartment, rental - California (CA)
  148. Ocean Water Temperature: San Diego, San Clemente, Monterey: beach, lifeguard, station - California (CA)
  149. Moving to San Diego: Chula Vista, Corona: apartment, rentals, how much - California (CA)
  150. CA/SoCal horror stories: San Diego, Orange: foreclosures, homes, private school - California
  151. different date night: San Diego, Corona: movies, live in, club - California (CA)
  152. Observation about San Diego: Corona, La Mesa: sales, rent, hotel - California (CA)
  153. know of plastic box rental companies out: San Diego: movers, how much - California (CA)
  154. Driving from philadelphia to san diego, which way is the best scenic, fun, route to take?: Richmond: motel, restaurants - California (CA)
  155. Visiting San Diego in a couple weeks! What to do???: Oceanside: hotel, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  156. Backyard fire pits: information on legality?: San Diego: codes, legal, safe - California (CA)
  157. Did I see a barrio in Solana Beach!?: Escondido, Vista: mobile home, neighborhood - San Diego, California (CA)
  158. Why is it that: Los Angeles, San Diego: homes, movies, farmers - California (CA)
  159. Discouraging The Black widow Spider: hotels, homes, live - San Diego, California (CA)
  160. Mission Beach Crime/Violence: San Diego, Belmont: high crime, how much, home - California (CA)
  161. s my story: Ohio to Cali: San Diego, El Cajon: rent, health insurance, house - California (CA)
  162. Top thing YOU hate about County Drivers: San Diego: how much, school - California (CA)
  163. San Diego Music and Style Rock and Metal: Long Beach, Santa Monica: college, living - California (CA)
  164. How is crime in San Diego: Chula Vista, Vista: low crime, home, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  165. Ants!!: San Diego, Valley Center: house, purchase, live - California (CA)
  166. shooting in the Gaslamp this afternoon: San Diego, Chula Vista: low crime, homes, school - California (CA)
  167. about beaches in north county coastal :): San Diego, Carlsbad: to live in, restaurants - California (CA)
  168. Recommended Grocery Stores when living Downtown- Price Conscious: El Cajon, August: sale, coupons - San Diego, California (CA)
  169. FIT Gym downtown vs. 24 Hour Fitness,: San Diego: apartments, rental - California (CA)
  170. Do you miss the change of seasons?: San Diego, Julian: houses, college - California (CA)
  171. East Village 'The Tracks' west vs. east...: Imperial: apartment, renting - San Diego, California (CA)
  172. Can my landlord charge me for this: San Diego, Lakeside: 2015, rental - California (CA)
  173. Most depressing place in the world: San Diego: best cities, transplants, condos - California (CA)
  174. driving from philadelphia to san diego, which way is the best overall route to take?: Clovis: home, live - California (CA)
  175. Trip up the CA coast - ideas?: Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz: beach, eat - San Diego, California
  176. Imperial beach local: living in, car, today - San Diego, California (CA)
  177. Eating at Alchemy: San Diego: food, park, reviews - California (CA)
  178. Relocation from East Coast to SD area, HELP!: homes, job market - San Diego, California (CA)
  179. using pull-type wagons on beach: live, store, radio - San Diego, California (CA)
  180. Need Cheap, Safe Apt near Platt College (near SDSU): apartments, school - San Diego, California (CA)
  181. la costa resort: friendly, golf, membership - San Diego, California (CA)
  182. Children's Clothing Consignment Shops in SD: La Mesa, Mesa: to buy, clothes, location - San Diego, California (CA)
  183. El Cortez Condo: San Diego, Sacramento: leasing, living, litigation - California (CA)
  184. Average pay for phlebotomists in San Diego?: Oceanside: county - California (CA)
  185. Has heard of the Military Directory in San Diego?: home, money - California (CA)
  186. Polynesian/Maori Tattoos: San Diego: shop, tattoo, background - California (CA)
  187. San Diego Visit: hotels, to live in, moving to - California (CA)
  188. I LOVE & miss San Diego...: Mesa: renting, houses, high school - California (CA)
  189. Musical Bonanza at San Diego: hotel, suites, tickets - California (CA)
  190. UFC/MMA fights in North County?: Vista: live in, restaurants, bars - San Diego, California (CA)
  191. Free park concerts - Today, Sun 8/9 and future dates: home, beach - San Diego, California (CA)
  192. San Diego's Stickball league... - California (CA)
  193. Good paintball fields?: shop, places, address - San Diego, California (CA)
  194. Cocaine Smuggler in Custody: San Diego: worth - California (CA)
  195. Too Many Film Festivals: El Cajon, Encinitas: cinema, underwater, water - San Diego, California (CA)
  196. Last minute beach house deals?: houses, vacation, offer - San Diego, California (CA)
  197. Kayak La Jolla Cove - San Diego, California (CA)
  198. Salsa Dancing: places, free, recommendations - San Diego, California (CA)
  199. Moving from SD to CO - Movers, Rental ref.: San Diego: condo, house - California (CA)
  200. Blink 182 weezer chula vista 9/16: theater, tickets, summer - San Diego, California (CA)