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  28. Coronado Island: apartments, for rent, condos - San Diego, California (CA)
  29. used supershuttle to SAN airport?: taxi, live in, bus - San Diego, California (CA)
  30. Allergy Validation for San Diego, CA: Walnut Creek, Walnut: allergies, living in, moving - California
  31. Relocation to Carlsbad: Encinitas, Poway: appointed, for sale, real estate - San Diego, California (CA)
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  41. Northern San Diego County: Oceanside, Escondido: home, neighborhoods, school district - California (CA)
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  48. Red Badge Stickers on Cars: law, club - San Diego, California (CA)
  49. Heading to the Zoo. coupons?: hotels, price, discount - San Diego, California (CA)
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  57. funky but safe, walkable neighborhoods?: San Diego, Mission Hills: sublet, rentals, car insurance - California (CA)
  58. Over 25lbs dog owners - help!: apartment, for rent - San Diego, California (CA)
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  65. San Diego Schools: Chula Vista, Oceanside, Escondido: homes, neighborhoods, best schools - California (CA)
  66. Management consulting opportunities in SD needed on Pakistani community in SD?: Los Angeles: job market - San Diego, California (CA)
  67. High speed internet in Fallbrook, Valley Center, Bonsall: San Diego: homes, live in - California (CA)
  68. Moving to sandiego just because: San Diego, El Cajon: 2013, for rent, neighborhood - California (CA)
  69. Moving to Carlsbad from Dallas: San Diego, Encinitas: rental, condo, townhome - California (CA)
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  71. garden survey, help!: general contractor, fence, price - San Diego, California (CA)
  72. Which neighborhood for me - job in Carlsbad: San Diego, Vista: living, restaurants - California (CA)
  73. Who makes custom speaker covers?: cost, shops, car - San Diego, California (CA)
  74. Living in Imperial Beach and Commuting to Downtown: Corona, Carlsbad: safe, ferry - San Diego, California (CA)
  75. LA-SD Commute: San Diego, Santa Ana, Oceanside: school, live in, cost - California (CA)
  76. is there someone who can drive and guide me in san diego?: buying a house - California (CA)
  77. Looking to rent in a good neighborhood, would like suggestions based on the following:: San Diego: cul-de-sac - California (CA)
  78. currently living in Otay Ranch/Eastlake area?: for sale, apartment complex - San Diego, California (CA)
  79. Non-stop service from San Diego to Tokyo taking off soon: transfer, move - California (CA)
  80. Hollywood sign: San Diego: smog, vacation, parking - California (CA)
  81. Would I be bored in Encinitas?: San Diego: fit in, university, living - California (CA)
  82. Employment opportunities during the summer for students from Europe: San Diego: ski resorts, find a job - California (CA)
  83. Safety for Ridgeview - Webster- zipcode 92102?: San Diego: mobile home, neighborhood, living - California (CA)
  84. Balboa Park trails: Richmond: neighborhoods, garden, best - San Diego, California (CA)
  85. Car sales people!: San Diego, Escondido, Carlsbad: condo, how much, to buy - California (CA)
  86. Drive between UCSD area and UC Riverside: San Diego, Escondido: school, radio - California (CA)
  87. vacation rentals in san diego...:): sublets, rental homes, condos - California (CA)
  88. Want to move to San Diego !!: hair salon, job market, transfer - California (CA)
  89. needs help.: Los Angeles, San Diego: apartment, school, college - California (CA)
  90. how can find my HOA's contact: buying a house, buying, closing - San Diego, California (CA)
  91. How to Obtain Blue Prints of my Home?: San Diego, Chula Vista: home builder, construction - California (CA)
  92. Cloverdale area of Escondido.: San Diego, Orange: buying a home, buying, to live in - California (CA)
  93. Minnesota to SD: San Diego, El Cajon, Carlsbad: apartment complexes, rent, condo - California (CA)
  94. Returning Mid-Lifer Seeking on Communities: San Diego, Carlsbad: condo, houses, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  95. Best time for REO offer: Temecula, Fallbrook: bank owned, foreclosed, house - San Diego, California (CA)
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  97. Saw the Gingrich Bus in Town Today: road, good - San Diego, California (CA)
  98. Origen@ Civita: Temecula: sales, apartments, for rent - San Diego, California (CA)
  99. Moving from Denver to Carlsbad: Schools and Work: Oceanside, Escondido: to rent, homes - San Diego, California (CA)
  100. Gym Recommendation: San Diego, Escondido, Pacifica: neighborhood, voucher, bill - California (CA)
  101. Moving from la to San Diego: Escondido, Carlsbad: rent, homes, theater - California (CA)
  102. Moving to San Diego - Need safe neighborhood advice for toddler!: Corona: cul-de-sac, townhouse - California (CA)
  103. Principal Reduction Program: San Diego: mortgage, attorneys, home - California (CA)
  104. Anza-Borrego ghost lights: San Diego, Escondido, Mesa: real estate, 2013, university - California (CA)
  105. Sd cpr: Gonzales: tax, retiring, office - San Diego, California (CA)
  106. Is this a nice neighborhood?: San Diego, El Cajon: rental, insurance, condos - California (CA)
  107. Transportation to TJ Airport: San Diego, Mesa: prices, safety, car - California (CA)
  108. Moving to SD. Commute: San Diego, Escondido: house, live, estimates - California (CA)
  109. living in Ocean Beach, pros and cons: San Diego, Seaside: house, neighborhood - California (CA)
  110. Newlyweds moving to San Diego from Alabama.. Need housing advice!: Mission Hills: apartment, rentals - California (CA)
  111. Best resturants for valentine's day with no Reservations: Corona, Coronado: neighborhood, restaurant - San Diego, California (CA)
  112. Young Health Professional Deciding Where to Move: San Diego, Carlsbad: health insurance, co-op - California (CA)
  113. General Consensus: Los Angeles, San Diego, Oceanside: apartments, to rent, house - California (CA)
  114. I would appriciate help seeing if SD will be right for me!: San Diego: low income, real estate - California (CA)
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  116. general advice !!: San Diego, August: apartment, car insurance, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  117. Heading out west: San Diego, Oceanside, Escondido: apartment complexes, rental homes, houses - California (CA)
  118. I may be doing a relo from Las Vegas...: San Diego: rent, mortgage - California (CA)
  119. Anchorman 2 is on the way: San Diego, Long Beach: hotel, house, live - California (CA)
  120. Russian communities in San Diego?: Sacramento, El Cajon: section 8, student loans, neighborhood - California (CA)
  121. Oklahoma City to SD? ! :): Los Angeles, San Diego: spring break, real estate, apartment - California (CA)
  122. Taxis at Old Town Transit Center: San Diego: how much, transferring to, vs - California (CA)
  123. What place in coastal san diego gets temps around 85?: Santa Cruz: homes, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  124. Cedar Creek re-opened: Julian: live, estates, parking - San Diego, California (CA)
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  126. Point Loma, Bay Park, Mission Hills or Del Cerro: Corona: buying a home, neighborhood - San Diego, California (CA)
  127. Should I move to SD for the heck of it?: Los Angeles: 2013, apartments - San Diego, California (CA)
  128. do i need to obtain the permits of neighbour and community?: San Diego: HOA, new house - California (CA)
  129. Humphreys Bay Concerts: house, live in, schedule - San Diego, California (CA)
  130. caught Lotto Fever????: house, buying, bankrupt - San Diego, California (CA)
  131. Local 103.7 radio no more: home, store, station - San Diego, California (CA)
  132. Worth it to move from LA - Just Because?: Los Angeles: fit in, rentals - San Diego, California (CA)
  133. Murder of iraqi woman: San Diego, El Cajon: renting, crime, home - California (CA)
  134. Tell me about Descanso>>?: San Diego, Julian: insurance, house, maintenance - California (CA)
  135. Bigotry and censorship at San Diego State: school, university - California (CA)
  136. Fallbrook...Tell me about it!: San Diego, Oceanside: house, buy, pros and cons - California (CA)
  137. Good quality furniture store: La Mesa, Mesa: new home, buying, construction - San Diego, California (CA)
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  139. El Cajon - yea or nay?: San Diego, Oakland: low income, apartment complex, hotels - California (CA)
  140. Stop helicopters flying over residential areas constantly!!!: San Diego: crime, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  141. Tips on Adapting to a SD Lifestyle?: San Diego, Escondido: house, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  142. Gas - paid $4.19 over the weekend: Encinitas, Poway: insurance, where to buy, incomes - San Diego, California (CA)
  143. Shopping in Tijuana.: San Diego, Chula Vista, Vista: rental, car insurance, home - California (CA)
  144. Which Of 2 Neighborhoods Is Better?: San Diego, Encinitas: salons, 2014, apartment complex - California (CA)
  145. San Diego Dreaming: relocation advice: Los Angeles, Corona: apartment complexes, rentals, condos - California (CA)
  146. Help choosing an area in the North County: San Diego, Oceanside: to rent, condos - California (CA)
  147. Heading back to CA - advice needed: Los Angeles, San Diego: rentals, condo - California
  148. selling San Diego: real estate, to live, moving to - California (CA)
  149. Leaving bike in car, inviting car prowlers?: apartment complex, neighborhoods - San Diego, California (CA)
  150. San Diego politics in the next 10 years: Los Angeles, Sacramento: living, military - California (CA)
  151. How is La Mesa near Rolando?: El Cajon, Santee: apartment complexes, rentals, homes - San Diego, California (CA)
  152. Which area of San Diego is best for us: Carlsbad: sales, real estate - California (CA)
  153. How much money to live in San Diego: Chula Vista, Corona: real estate, to rent - California (CA)
  154. Haters hate: Los Angeles, San Diego, Fresno: job market, schools, community college - California (CA)
  155. How much savings would I need?: San Diego: apartments, rent, insurance - California (CA)
  156. Studying in San Diego: August: rental, buying, luxury - California (CA)
  157. How much a planter cost?: rental, Home Depot, fence - San Diego, California (CA)
  158. Boring Weather: San Diego: tornado, living in, train station - California (CA)
  159. Moving to San Diego in April:buy a car or San Diego: Poway: sales, for rent - California (CA)
  160. Bungalows in North Park or Hillcrest: San Diego, El Cajon: real estate, apartment, rentals - California (CA)
  161. Finding the right neighborhood: Chula Vista, Oceanside: rental homes, crime rates, house - San Diego, California (CA)
  162. How San Diego could be better: Pomona, Corona: houses, construction, live - California (CA)
  163. Walmart Opening Neighborhood Market in East Village: San Diego, Imperial: pharmacy, closing - California (CA)
  164. We can't park in our own driveway?: San Diego: city hall, rental - California (CA)
  165. Help finding German Shepherd friendly home/apartments?: San Diego, Marina: rental, lofts - California (CA)
  166. Using a Realtor to find a Rental: San Diego, Corona: extended stay, apartments - California (CA)
  167. Thoughts on this location...Burlingame...Ivy St & Fern St: San Diego: appointed, for rent - California (CA)
  168. camping on the beach?: Carlsbad: motel, train, trailer - San Diego, California (CA)
  169. A nudist buys Jacumba: San Diego: purchases, live, area - California (CA)
  170. 21 yr old male new zealander looking to live in san diego: Los Angeles: apartments, rentals - California (CA)
  171. Pros/Cons of living near Camp Pendleton: Oceanside, Vista: 2014, crimes - San Diego, California (CA)
  172. Poway Road - Cops and Radar: house, asbestos, college - San Diego, California (CA)
  173. the NEW San Diego Chargers: Carson, Vincent: transplants, houses, layoffs - California (CA)
  174. Del Mar/Encinitas vs Scripps/Poway: San Diego, Carlsbad: real estate, apartments, to rent - California (CA)
  175. end up in line for a new Ipad 3 yesterday at Apple Store?: Nice: insurance, how much - San Diego, California (CA)
  176. Do you think SD's News TV stations feel small townish? Unprofessional?: San Diego: gated, live in - California (CA)
  177. Doonesburyless Week @ The U-T: hotel, to buy, gated - San Diego, California (CA)
  178. San Diego = Man Diego? Bad dating scene?: living, military - California (CA)
  179. Are trailheads safe?: crime, live in, housing - San Diego, California (CA)
  180. New Territory...: San Diego, Riverside, Orange: home, neighborhoods, organic - California (CA)
  181. From Thousand Oaks to San Diego area?: Orange, Laguna Niguel: for rent, homes - California (CA)
  182. Summer Rain In San Diego: Fresno: beach, cities, places - California (CA)
  183. San Diego Mayors: La Mesa, Poway, Mesa: city hall, credit, school - California (CA)
  184. Winter blue and want to move to San Diego: Sacramento: apartment complexes, foreclosed - California (CA)
  185. Internet providers other than Cox in San Diego: renting, HOA - California (CA)
  186. I'll be blunt: why is Eastlake/Otay Ranch so cheap?: San Diego: sale, real estate market - California (CA)
  187. Julian Hotels: price, visit, clean - San Diego, California (CA)
  188. looking for Townhouse/duplex to rent: San Diego: rentals, live in, to move - California (CA)
  189. rmation on bayshore community in carmel valley: power lines, house - San Diego, California (CA)
  190. Oceanside rental: how much, townhouse, tenant - San Diego, California (CA)
  191. El Cajon: apartment, safe neighborhoods, good schools - San Diego, California (CA)
  192. Delete - San Diego, California (CA)
  193. What's the economy looking like in Socal days?: San Diego: apartment, transfer - California (CA)
  194. need reviews: apartments, homes, gated - San Diego, California (CA)
  195. 55+ Communities in SD County: San Diego, Orange: condo, tax, vs - California (CA)
  196. Vet recommendations for the North County area: Oceanside, Carlsbad: live, prices - San Diego, California (CA)
  197. Make offer before MLS listing?: property, manager, bank - San Diego, California (CA)
  198. What is Carlsbad Village like today?: Oceanside: to live in, visit, local - San Diego, California (CA)
  199. how much may cost me for a fence and a carport: recommend, about - San Diego, California (CA)
  200. Robinhood Ridge (South Bay)?: neighborhood, high school, development - San Diego, California (CA)