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  1. use SENTRI to commute to work from TJ to SD?: San Diego: good credit, student loan - California (CA)
  2. Best Resource for Single Family and Town House Rentals?: for sale, real estate - San Diego, California (CA)
  3. CicloSDias is Sunday, March 30th: San Diego: park, summer, town - California (CA)
  4. Your on San Pasqual, Escondido.: Crest: house, neighborhoods, best schools - San Diego, California (CA)
  5. June gloom - sd vs. La: San Diego, Sacramento: gated, camp, live in - California (CA)
  6. Homes listed as contingent on website listings?: bank owned, for sale - San Diego, California (CA)
  7. Airplane noise in Kensington...: San Diego, El Cajon: rental car, rental, neighborhood - California (CA)
  8. Aviara vs Encinitas Ranch for a Family: San Diego, Vista: transplants, rentals - California (CA)
  9. Has been to the Home Auctions in San Diego?: La Mesa: tax lien, real estate - California (CA)
  10. La Mesa or Eastlake: San Diego, Chula Vista: fit in, short sale, HOA - California (CA)
  11. Mortgage Brokers/Lenders: house, homebuyer, price - San Diego, California (CA)
  12. Dining options on/near Harbor Island?: San Diego, Corona: ferry, best, area - California (CA)
  13. Looking forward to returning to Chula Vista: San Diego, Bonita: houses, high schools - California (CA)
  14. Waterfront Park Celebration Grand Opening: San Diego: 2014, construction, college - California (CA)
  15. Transferring medical area San Diego?: Kensington, Del Mar: real estate, apartment complexes - California (CA)
  16. Seafood...: motel, allergy, taxi - San Diego, California (CA)
  17. Road trip from NY to San Diego with pet: Escondido: rental car, rental - California (CA)
  18. carlsbad flower fields: best time, reviews, schedule - San Diego, California (CA)
  19. Hotel choice?: San Diego, Corona, Coronado: oceanfront, hotels, luxury - California (CA)
  20. Average Home Sale Price by County: San Diego, Sacramento: condos, how much, homes - California (CA)
  21. Where to stay during event at Sleep Train Amphitheater?: San Diego: hotels, limo - California (CA)
  22. Compost in San Diego: Home Depot, buy, store - California (CA)
  23. Which neighborhood should I start in?: San Diego, El Cajon: car rental, 2013, affordable apartment - California (CA)
  24. House cleaning services in San Diego - Cost and Maid Recommendation: Mesa: how much, live in - California (CA)
  25. Tell me about Earl Warren MS especially Surf PE: Rancho Santa Fe: house, new construction - San Diego, California (CA)
  26. job in Kearney Mesa/Tierra Santa area - where to live?: San Diego: for sale - California (CA)
  27. Crossing the border into Tijuana tonight: San Diego: airport, drive, towns - California (CA)
  28. Since water is such a big issue in SoCal,what about garden style bathtubs?: water heater - San Diego, California (CA)
  29. Moving - between Pendleton and Miramar?: Mesa: transfer, camp, living - San Diego, California (CA)
  30. better sushi: nobu or ota ?: live, food, place - San Diego, California (CA)
  31. Half Day preschools in Carlsbad/Vista/San Marcos area?: employment, preschool - San Diego, California (CA)
  32. Skilled trade/union Market: Los Angeles, San Diego: transferring to, wage, moving - California (CA)
  33. reason why so few homes have pools in ocean beach?: rental, condo - San Diego, California (CA)
  34. Job Market for BA in business obtained from outside USA …: San Diego: sales, apartments - California (CA)
  35. What is it like to live in Long Beach CA?: San Diego: neighborhood, living - California
  36. Long Island vs. San Diego: Advice: Carlsbad, Newport Beach: sales, real estate market - California (CA)
  37. San Onofre closure to cost customers billion(s): San Diego, Orange: 2014, safe - California (CA)
  38. Carlsbad vs San Diego living: Oceanside, Vista: to rent, neighborhoods, university - California (CA)
  39. Affordable apartment rentals in/around San Diego: La Mesa, Oak Park: homes, landlord - California (CA)
  40. Bay Park or Mission Valley to downtown commuting traffic?: San Diego: apartment, condos - California (CA)
  41. Google Maps Street View: San Diego Zoo and Lego Land: how much, to move - California (CA)
  42. Know of good dog walkers: Imperial Beach, Imperial: live, zip codes, beach - San Diego, California (CA)
  43. Pure Fitness in Carlsbad: YMCA, cost of, gym - San Diego, California
  44. Can I find BR House in safe area @ $ 1500 ?: San Diego, El Cajon: for sale, apartments - California (CA)
  45. Poway Schools Insight: San Diego, Berkeley, Bonita: credit card, homes, school district - California (CA)
  46. Buying a condo next to a future 'affordable apartment'?: San Diego: low income, 2015 - California (CA)
  47. Help/Guidance Needed For Move From Midwest To Del Mar/San Diego Area: Riverside: condo - California (CA)
  48. Parking at Beaches (South Carlsbad State Beach): school, live - San Diego, California (CA)
  49. Cricket Wireless in SoCal: how much, to buy, taxes - San Diego, California (CA)
  50. Apartment Suggestions for Carlsbad & Surrounding Area: apartments, neighborhoods - San Diego, California (CA)
  51. Carpet cleaning: renter, landlord, inspection - San Diego, California (CA)
  52. Best/Least busy public tennis courts: elementary schools, university, club - San Diego, California (CA)
  53. Average utility, water bill: Chula Vista, Vista: how much, house, living - San Diego, California (CA)
  54. Shadowridge Vista Comparisons (Dallas / Las Vegas)?: San Diego, San Marcos: apartments, HOA, house - California (CA)
  55. Need an apartment in North County: Escondido, Poway: apartments, rentals, houses - San Diego, California (CA)
  56. best real estate site for san diego: broker, to buy - California (CA)
  57. First time Car Registration questions: San Diego, Needles: DMV, calculator, price - California (CA)
  58. La Jolla Country Day or Francis Parker: Bishop: high schools, college - San Diego, California (CA)
  59. Help San Diego: Corona, Coronado: apartments, rental, how much - California (CA)
  60. San Diego or Denver?: real estate market, rent, house - California (CA)
  61. Best Commute Location: Poway, Lakeside, Mission Hills: how much, home, schools - San Diego, California (CA)
  62. wanting to move safe place: San Diego, Riverside: good schools, living, cost - California (CA)
  63. Climate and clothes for SD: San Diego: living, airport, land - California (CA)
  64. Does have experience living in of the Élan owned complexes in Carlsbad?: extended stay - San Diego, California (CA)
  65. Relocating! Job in Chula Vista....where to live?: rentals, condos - San Diego, California (CA)
  66. Art Events, Markets,: San Diego, Encinitas: for sale, theater, shop - California (CA)
  67. flooded apartment not my fault: apartments, renters, insurance - San Diego, California (CA)
  68. Willow trees: coupons, neighborhood, vs. - San Diego, California (CA)
  69. have an SDSU house rental CAPP ed? How to control (female) tenants: condo - San Diego, California
  70. Cheap place to buy wheat bran?: San Diego, Temecula: living in, stores, Whole Foods - California (CA)
  71. Suggest town homes /developments: San Diego, Chula Vista: city hall, rentals, lofts - California (CA)
  72. Good SD Hotel for a 11 year old Girl and her parent?: San Diego: hotels, house - California (CA)
  73. move to San Diego/La Jolla: Santa Cruz, Del Mar: fit in, apartment complexes - California (CA)
  74. Marston versus Lennar: San Diego, Carlsbad: power lines, HOA, homes - California (CA)
  75. Mobile home as investment property?: San Diego, Santa Clara: for sale, apartment, rental - California (CA)
  76. Gluten free restaurants: San Diego: food, kitchen, reviews - California (CA)
  77. Relocating from NY to CA (San Diego): Los Angeles, Santa Barbara: real estate, apartments - California
  78. on San Marcos High: San Diego: transplants, high school, to live - California (CA)
  79. about moving to San Diego: Carlsbad, Encinitas: apartment, rentals, buying - California (CA)
  80. This tune is like stuck in my head-Stop it San Diego!: commercial, time - California (CA)
  81. Elementary School Transfers: Vista, Carlsbad: office, districts, accept - San Diego, California (CA)
  82. Moving to San Diego from the Big Apple: San Francisco, Carlsbad: best cities, salons - California (CA)
  83. Temecula/Murrieta: Scorpions? Rattlers? Coyotes?: Riverside, Escondido: snakes, place, coastal - San Diego, California (CA)
  84. Valley Center Sunny Days: San Diego: living in, stores, suburb - California (CA)
  85. Family of 4, new job in La Jolla: San Diego, Daly City: apartments, rentals - California (CA)
  86. Balboa Park Centennial Group -article-: San Diego: 2015, salaries, tax - California (CA)
  87. family of 4 moving from montreal to san diego: Riverside, Carlsbad: for sale, 2013 - California (CA)
  88. single mom moving to San Diego with 5 y.o.: neighborhoods, magnet schools - California (CA)
  89. Living in gaslamp- can you find free parking?: Imperial: condos, neighborhoods - San Diego, California (CA)
  90. Visa for Tijuana, Mexico. Need to get to airport.: San Diego: taxis, law - California (CA)
  91. Anone Moving From San Diego To Portland OR soon?: home, clothes - California (CA)
  92. moving to San Diego: Useful Information: Sacramento: rentals, home - California (CA)
  93. Moving to San Diego from NYC for Grad School: Santa Barbara: rentals, college - California (CA)
  94. rentals: apartments, tenants, landlord - San Diego, California (CA)
  95. landloard wont replace roof which is unrepairable: real estate, lease - San Diego, California (CA)
  96. RV living in san diego: El Cajon, Santee: rental, mobile home, buying - California (CA)
  97. From Stamford CT to west coast, San Diego: Los Angeles: rent, house - California (CA)
  98. Realistic morning commute time from North Park area of San Diego to Carlsbad: Kensington: house - California (CA)
  99. San Diego toughest markets for renters looking to buy homes: San Francisco: real estate, 2014 - California (CA)
  100. retiree parents moving to SD Burbs (flbrok, oceanside, SM, temecula?). Need a good area for them.: San Diego: appointed, short sale - California (CA)
  101. Single Ladies Memorial Day Weekend.: San Diego, Corona: 2013, rent, hotels - California (CA)
  102. San Diego service industry flaky?: Costa Mesa, Murrieta: for sale, apartment, houses - California (CA)
  103. Which is better: Comcast or Cox?: San Diego: bill, company, rain - California (CA)
  104. Oceanside Advice Parents just made an offer on house, Nervous abt neighborhood: Vista: low income, for sale - San Diego, California (CA)
  105. where abouts should I be looking (budget, lifestyle included): San Diego: for sale, real estate - California (CA)
  106. Buying an investment condo: San Diego, Oceanside: real estate, rental, HOA fees - California (CA)
  107. How do families afford living in San Diego?: Carlsbad, Poway: section 8, apartments - California (CA)
  108. A single adult needs to earn nearly $28,000 annually: San Diego: real estate, 2014 - California (CA)
  109. NYC -> SD via SDSU - need 'hood, lifestyle advice!: San Diego: rentals, condos - California (CA)
  110. Best places in SoCal to raise a young family: San Diego: cul-de-sac, real estate - California (CA)
  111. Charger Stadium Pumpers Working Overtime To Defraud Taxpayer: Los Angeles, San Diego: sales, real estate - California (CA)
  112. Furious she didn't get her Carmel Valley home, sought revenge against buyers...: San Diego: real estate market, houses - California (CA)
  113. Huge increase in crime near bay park / mission bay?: El Cajon: rentals, construction - San Diego, California (CA)
  114. Relocating to San Diego, young single female nervous: Mesa: 2015, rent - California (CA)
  115. How you'll know whether the person you are talking to is a native San Diegan?: San Diego: apartments, insurance - California (CA)
  116. Finding employment in SD: apartment, rentals, house - San Diego, California (CA)
  117. Moving to S.D. this fall... San Marcos or Carlsbad? is the: San Diego: for sale, apartment - California (CA)
  118. How do you feel about Chula Vista?: San Diego, Oceanside: crime, house - California (CA)
  119. Old Towne: San Diego: transfer to, live, price - California (CA)
  120. top restaurants in gaslamp, east village, convention center, petco park area: San Diego: live, club - California (CA)
  121. Does the U-T WANT to remain in business?: San Diego: for sale, coupons - California (CA)
  122. Best Bars for Hopping?: San Diego, Commerce: beach, rail, station - California (CA)
  123. Newspaper coupons??: month to, price, food - San Diego, California (CA)
  124. about surviving financially in SD: real estate, renting, credit - San Diego, California (CA)
  125. Terrible turnout for Padres Spring Training Game in Peoria,AZ: San Diego: 2014, how much - California (CA)
  126. Area around Balboa Park: San Diego, Corona: rent, HOA, condos - California (CA)
  127. Where are San Diegans From?: San Diego, Pittsburg: living, businesses, locations - California (CA)
  128. on Point Loma: San Diego, Corona: rentals, house, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  129. Fencing and Excavation contractors: Encinitas, La Mesa: houses, gated, prices - San Diego, California (CA)
  130. San Diego without a car: El Cajon, Encinitas: rent, how much, home - California (CA)
  131. SD County census takers taking medical surveys: 2015, apartments - San Diego, California (CA)
  132. What are your favorite and least favorite parts of living in SD?: San Diego: low crime, homes - California (CA)
  133. Cleaning ladies/house keeper rates: how much, houses, employment - San Diego, California (CA)
  134. Not a housing bubble but what?: San Diego: for sale, 2015, rent - California (CA)
  135. La Mesa Schools: San Diego, Orange, Laguna: cul-de-sac, apartment, new home - California (CA)
  136. Young Couple Looking to Move from Downtown to the Suburbs: San Diego: real estate, to rent - California (CA)
  137. Moving from Franklin, TN to San Diego, CA: Vista, Mesa: apartment complexes, lease - California
  138. Ken Cinema Closing: San Diego, Kensington: 2014, neighborhood, movie theater - California (CA)
  139. which rules: registration or title?: real estate, vehicle registration, unemployment - San Diego, California (CA)
  140. Motorcycle Noise: Huntington Beach, El Cajon: 2013, to live, law - San Diego, California (CA)
  141. very impressed by SD downtown: San Diego, Carlsbad: homes, neighborhoods, living - California (CA)
  142. private schools cortez hill SD???: San Diego: home, neighborhood, magnet schools - California (CA)
  143. Move from NY to SD advice: San Diego: apartment, rental, violent crime - California (CA)
  144. Family Home in Carmel Valley Area Advice?: San Diego, Oceanside: to rent, condo - California (CA)
  145. Why would people want to move to San Diego?: Ontario: 2014, home - California (CA)
  146. Beware:Scam Artist Landlord in San Diego: Chula Vista, Escondido: rentals, house - California (CA)
  147. SD Pet Owners - Spiders: San Diego, Carlsbad: apartment, renting, condo - California (CA)
  148. Decisions on buying a new home in or outside of the San Deguito Union School District: San Diego: transplants, sales - California (CA)
  149. tech sector mass firings: San Diego, Commerce: sales, 2014, house - California (CA)
  150. Hidden Costs for Moving to San Diego Suburb: San Francisco: real estate, apartment - California (CA)
  151. Getting around SD on foot and public transportation: San Diego, Oceanside: appointed, rent - California (CA)
  152. in SAN with Chicago Neighborhoods?: San Diego, Lake Forest: income, living - California (CA)
  153. 21 Years Old, Seriously Move to SD: San Diego: sales, rentals - California (CA)
  154. Help Me With North County /My Strategy ?: Los Angeles, San Diego: car rental, extended stay - California (CA)
  155. job in Rancho B .. where to live?: San Diego, Riverside: appointed, apartment - California (CA)
  156. Studio for $700-$800: San Diego, El Cajon, Mariposa: sales, apartments, to rent - California (CA)
  157. Moving from Edmonton, Canada to SD: San Diego, San Jose: real estate, apartments, foreclosed - California (CA)
  158. Carlsbad relocation !: Oceanside, Vista, Encinitas: apartment complex, rentals, neighborhood - San Diego, California (CA)
  159. Forbes - San Diego Best Place to Launch a Startup in 2014: Los Angeles: real estate, credit card - California (CA)
  160. Moving to SD: Good neighborhoods for foodies?: Los Angeles, San Diego: appointed, apartment - California (CA)
  161. SD County Air Quality: San Diego, Sacramento: condo, camp, allergies - California (CA)
  162. Advice on buying a starter condo in Bankers Hill/Hillcrest/Mission Hills area: San Diego: sale, real estate market - California (CA)
  163. best view restaurant in sd: San Diego, Corona: hotel, rooftop, restaurants - California (CA)
  164. San Diego Opera is folding: sales, 2014, home - California (CA)
  165. $4.19 a gallon today in Encinitas: San Diego, Oceanside: buying, live, prices - California (CA)
  166. Relocating to San Diego from LA area: Long Beach, El Cajon: houses, transfer - California (CA)
  167. Your favorite hiking trails in and around SD: San Diego, Carlsbad: dangerous, air quality - California (CA)
  168. san diego real estate: Chula Vista, Vista: foreclosure, HOA fees, condos - California (CA)
  169. did you just feel the earthquake?: Los Angeles, San Diego: house, living, floor - California (CA)
  170. Do you think I would like SD better than Sacramento?: San Diego: best cities, real estate - California (CA)
  171. Mission Valley, Carlsbad, or Encinitas: San Diego, Oceanside: apartment complexes, rent, theatre - California (CA)
  172. Moving from NY to San Diego. Which Neighborhood?: San Jose, Carlsbad: apartments, for rent - California (CA)
  173. What surprised you when you moved to San Diego or Surrounding Suburb: Poway: house, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  174. Looking for the QUIETEST apartment in SD: San Diego, Corona: section 8, apartments - California (CA)
  175. gtfo out of portland!: San Diego, Escondido: appointed, rental, violent crime - California (CA)
  176. Dress code for business attire in SD: San Diego: sales, real estate - California (CA)
  177. San Diego is Not for Everyone: Oceanside: appointed, tax, living in - California (CA)
  178. North Beach restaurants on the water?: San Diego, San Francisco: house, live, price - California (CA)
  179. Relocating Family of 4 from Seattle to SD (SAN MARCOS, TEMECULA...) - Insight: San Diego: sales, 2015 - California (CA)
  180. Moving to SD from Staten Island.. on areas???: San Diego: for sale, to rent - California (CA)
  181. Barrio Logan update 2014: San Diego, Vista, Chino: 2015, home, neighborhood - California (CA)
  182. 2014 Official Padres: San Diego, Pittsburg, Lakeside: home, layoffs, buying - California (CA)
  183. concealed carry in san diego: Orange: crime rate, home, legal - California (CA)
  184. Concerns about RBVHS and ECHS: Los Angeles, San Diego: 2013, crime, homes - California (CA)
  185. Moving Out of SD (To New York): transporting, how much - San Diego, California (CA)
  186. Granny Flat or Build Up?: San Diego, Poway: rental, loft, condo - California (CA)
  187. filmed entirely on location in San Diego: how much, movies - California (CA)
  188. How much do you pay for auto insurance?: San Diego: low income, unemployed - California (CA)
  189. 26yr old surfer looking for the ideal place to move in San Diego: Santa Barbara: camp, living - California (CA)
  190. With the lack of rainfall is it to grow plants in SD that will attract Hummingbirds?: San Diego: condo, how much - California (CA)
  191. Are there no manufactured homes for sale that are NOT in parks in SD?: San Diego: modular homes, move to - California (CA)
  192. Descriptions of neighborhoods within SD County?: Encinitas, Del Mar: apartments, condos, crime - San Diego, California (CA)
  193. What Time is Considered Rush Hour? (San Diego?, North County?): Oceanside: apartment, neighborhood - California (CA)
  194. Rain: San Diego: tornadoes, vacation, tickets - California (CA)
  195. First time home buyer advice: La Mesa, Mesa: real estate, foreclosure, for rent - San Diego, California (CA)
  196. May Gray !?: San Diego, August: 2014, live in, beach - California (CA)
  197. Cold storage in San Diego area: looking for, information - California (CA)
  198. Fluff and Fold Laundry Service Suggestions Around Carlsbad: Vista, San Marcos: apartment complex, moving to - San Diego, California (CA)
  199. Shadowridge Woodbend Apartment (Vista, CA) - Personal Experience?: apartments, leasing - San Diego, California
  200. Road trip: Chicago to San Diego: rent, house, restaurants - California (CA)