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  1. Structural Engineer Frisco: lighthouse, good, services - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  2. Quail run condominiums in irving: HOA fees, insurance, low crime - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  3. Dance class for toddlers: Plano, Frisco: centers, studios, locations - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  4. Pool installers in Frisco: new home, design, transit - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  5. Rural Internet Options East of Dallas: Forney, Heath: new house, construction, where to live - Texas (TX)
  6. Experience w mosquito control companies?: Lewisville: home, safe, oil - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  7. dallas race economic segergation: neighborhoods, move, pine - Texas (TX)
  8. Is there a luxury market in DFW area?: Dallas, University Park: sales, movers - Texas (TX)
  9. Moving to Texas: Dallas: renting, buying, best schools - (TX)
  10. DISD Manget Schools: Houston, Dallas, West: low income, home, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  11. Advice on finding teaching jobs....: Dallas, Plano: house, transfer to, school district - Texas (TX)
  12. Veteran looking into Texas!: Houston, Dallas: for rent, house, construction jobs - (TX)
  13. Wood-working lessons: Dallas, Southlake: community college, club, shop - Texas (TX)
  14. Samsung TV repair: buy, price, manufacturing - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  15. Jacobs Engineering moving its HQs to downtown Dallas: Center, Vega: price, moving to - Texas (TX)
  16. good schools for autism in texas: Dallas, Highland Park: house, private school, to live - (TX)
  17. Chiropractor in Lakewood, NE Dallas: Rogers: office, urban, recommend - Texas (TX)
  18. Water Bill to High (Richardson): houses, moving, pool - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  19. Reasonable Extended Stay Hotels near Richardson ?: Dallas, Plano: to rent, condo, house - Texas (TX)
  20. US 287 from NW of to 114 to SRT: Plano, Denton: construction, drive - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  21. Conservice Fees: Dallas, Austin, Garland: apartment complex, bill, charge - Texas (TX)
  22. NEW House Frisco Can recommend Shutter/Blinds installer?: Dallas: prices, moving - Texas (TX)
  23. Is going the new construction route worth it?: Plano, Irving: hardwood floors, sale - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  24. brunch downtown: Dallas, Henderson: farmers market, locations, market - Texas (TX)
  25. bugs + lizards on the first floor: Richardson, Frisco: hardwood floor, apartments, house - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  26. how to find best schools rating?: houses, buyers, ratings - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  27. New building under construction Preston just north of legacy: area, location - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  28. Tasty Greek in Carrollton, New owers about a year ago, where did Wally go?: restaurant - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  29. What would be an impressive average scholarship per student number?: Plano: private schools - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  30. McKinney, Allen, or Frisco for young family?: low crime, homes - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  31. Where to find a nanny??: Southlake: home, neighborhoods, college - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  32. Drug free areas of texas: Allen, Princeton: apartments, to rent, low crime - Dallas, (TX)
  33. East Little Elm New Home - Install Water Softener: cost, vs. - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  34. for auto insurance quote through independent agent: Dallas: car insurance, broker - Texas (TX)
  35. Lake Ray Hubbard Qs, I'm a boating :): Cove: restaurants, eat - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  36. Pharmaceutical Jobs in Texas: Dallas: sales, public schools, living - (TX)
  37. Adding a railing to cutouts on second floor: house, buy - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  38. Best Dallas area MLS web Sites: Houston: real estate, brokers, estate - Texas (TX)
  39. Coppell apartments - Desi Community: houses, school district, vs - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  40. Property Taxes on Condos/Townhouses: Dallas: sales, lease, HOA - Texas (TX)
  41. Moving to Dallas area: Plano, University Park: best city, apartments, for rent - Texas (TX)
  42. knife sharpening shops: Dallas, Plano: house, live, place - Texas (TX)
  43. Moving Company Experience-First National, American Knight, Andrews: Houston, Dallas: movers, house - Texas (TX)
  44. Property tax deduction on 2nd house?: Dallas: rental, mortgage, deductible - Texas (TX)
  45. How is The Highlands School in Irving, TX?: fit in, catholic schools - Dallas, Texas
  46. Best sites for DFW elementary school rankings and reviews?: Dallas: college, money - Texas (TX)
  47. How much more is your electricity bill during the summer due to A/C?: 2015 - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  48. Fundation issue?: floors, rated, interior - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  49. McKinney Area Preschools Costs?: Dallas, Richardson: day care, preschool, vs. - Texas (TX)
  50. Collin County Real Estate sale records: Dallas, Howe: sales, house, prices - Texas (TX)
  51. Best driving roads in or near the DFW area?: Dallas: weather, motorcycle - Texas (TX)
  52. Water softener installation: home, buy, cost - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  53. Tri-Care in the DFW area.... useless: Fort Worth, Howe: health insurance, transfer - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  54. Travel agent recommendations: airport, moving, land - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  55. what is the best fund for college and what's different between texas tomorrow fund and a 529?: Nevada: 2013 - Dallas, (TX)
  56. Visiting Dallas....looking for things to do: Austin, Arlington: amusement park, cinema - Texas (TX)
  57. Mira Lagos (GP) & Grand Peninsula (GP) v Lake Ridge (CH): Grand Prairie: rental, homes - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  58. Best Youth Baseball competition in South DFW(Arlington, GP, Mansfield, CH, Desoto): Richardson: moving to - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  59. Opinions on Frisco subdivisions: West, Lone Star: house, neighborhoods, good schools - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  60. Heritage elementary vs. Grapevine elementary school: Dallas, Fort Worth: second mortgage, daycare, house - Texas (TX)
  61. Support Group Request: Carrollton, Frisco, Rockwall: home, buying, metro - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  62. Dallas 4th of July Fireworks (2016): Spring, Keller: 2013, live, restaurant - Texas (TX)
  63. House - Decoration: buy, pine, area - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  64. best credit card for gasoline deals: Dallas: cheapest, stations, gas - Texas (TX)
  65. Is Wylie, TX a fairly inexpensive place to live?: Plano: 2015, mortgage - Dallas, Texas
  66. : live in, move to, community - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  67. North looking for North Dallas apartments with social events for professional singles: Austin: apartment complex - Texas (TX)
  68. Niles Audio Products...Brick and Mortar Store in Dallas?: Southlake: buy, live - Texas (TX)
  69. Can you sell interior doors?: new home, neighborhoods, buy - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  70. Help planning: Houston, Dallas, Orange: chapel, hotel, house - Texas (TX)
  71. know a good handyman in north DFW?: house, buy - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  72. DFW Cyclists--need help finding ride.: Richardson, Grapevine: neighborhood, bike, work - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  73. Lewisville Neighborhoods Description: Dallas, Irving, Carrollton: apartment complex, to rent, movie theater - Texas (TX)
  74. Best route from Dallas to Destin/30A: Hurst, Memphis: rental, buying - Texas (TX)
  75. Selling home: Listing before memorial day weekend?: Frisco, West: for sale, house - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  76. Reasonable interior designer/decorator: house, price, shop - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  77. Canoe / Boat rides in DFW area ?: Dallas, Trinity: rental, safe, companies - Texas (TX)
  78. Self employed personal trainer: Center: rent, gym, floor - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  79. New To Wylie - Social Groups For Older Couples?: Dallas: restaurants, activities - Texas (TX)
  80. Plantation Resort Augusta Farm in Frisco: McKinney: HOA fees, houses, neighborhoods - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  81. Imagine international charter school in McKinney: Plano, Spring: middle school, college, vs - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  82. TX Car Registration with NY Driver License?: insurance, house - Dallas, Texas
  83. Blues dance clubs in Dallas: Addison, Meadow: neighborhood, live, restaurants - Texas (TX)
  84. Painting costs: What should I expect?: house, buyers, contractors - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  85. Barbara Bush Middle school: Crowley: reviews, kids, reduce - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  86. New Construction at Love Field?: hotel, live, camera - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  87. Commute from Kaufman to Farmer's Branch: Dallas, Garland: apartment, to rent, motel - Texas (TX)
  88. Need sublet or short term lease near UT Southwestern in Dallas: sublease, sublets - Texas (TX)
  89. DAL Car rental services: Dallas: cost, airport, budget - Texas (TX)
  90. Tell me about Paul Taylor Homes: Garland, Frisco: home builder, neighborhoods, buying - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  91. Lewisville speeding ticket, do cops often show up in court?: insurance, adjudication - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  92. Recommendation request for someone to install wooden beams and crown molding: new house, contractor - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  93. Vanguard schools of Dallas ISD: Plano, Highland Park: house, purchasing, magnet schools - Texas (TX)
  94. Looking for Diverse cities near Dallas: purchasing, income, housing - Texas (TX)
  95. questions on life in dallas?: San Antonio, Fort Worth: job market, transfer, to live in - Texas (TX)
  96. Dallas storms: Pampa, Plains: tornadoes, garage, activity - Texas (TX)
  97. Appraisal to Closing - How Long?: loan, appraiser, estimate - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  98. Family Friendly Neighborhoods in West Frisco: Eldorado, Cottonwood: chapel, buy, middle school - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  99. Traffic ?: Dallas, Irving, Hurst: construction, price, renewal - Texas (TX)
  100. First Date, Restaraunt help: Dallas, Rowlett: apartment, house, living in - Texas (TX)
  101. Tell me about the area in Frisco near Centennial High School?: Dallas: days on market, for sale - Texas (TX)
  102. Special needs in public Schools-developmentally delayed: Plano, Richardson: appointed, real estate, homes - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  103. Heath--growth, social vibe: Dallas, Rockwall, Buffalo: neighborhoods, schools, live in - Texas (TX)
  104. Relocating from San Antonio to Mesquite, Texas: Dallas, Garland: middle-class, hair salon - (TX)
  105. Dallas Morning News website no longer free: Allen, Howe: appointed, credit - Texas (TX)
  106. Heat Index 105 or Higher: Houston, Dallas: humidity, water, dogs - Texas (TX)
  107. Moving to Dallas. Need: Plano, Irving: house, neighborhoods, to buy - Texas (TX)
  108. Why are the surface roads in DFW and North Texas so awful?: Houston: real estate, house - Dallas, (TX)
  109. Tiny wedding ceremony DFW area: Fort Worth, Plano: city hall, renting, house - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  110. Lakes north of Dallas. Are they swimmable?: Austin, Fort Worth: for sale, homes - Texas (TX)
  111. Electric Providers For North Dallas: Richardson: coupon, credit, how much - Texas (TX)
  112. Relocating from Mid-West to Coppell, TX. Need help with home buying: Plano: home builders, neighborhoods - Dallas, Texas
  113. High School rant...: Austin, Plano, McKinney: home, transfer, public schools - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  114. Getting billed for Tolls from last year...: Houston, Dallas: 2015, price - Texas (TX)
  115. Google Fiber vs AT&T Gigapower?: Dallas, Richardson: house, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  116. Lake Highlands Observer Article: Dallas, Howe: buying a house, buying, good schools - Texas (TX)
  117. Plano real estate slowing?: Dallas, Frisco: sales, houses, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  118. What am I missing about the housing market?: Dallas, Plano: spring break, for sale - Texas (TX)
  119. Has tried Energy Ogre to save money?: Howe: apartment, how much - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  120. Richardson Area which has good schools but closer to 75: Dallas: 2015, homes - Texas (TX)
  121. How to check if a person is alive or died in Dallas county?: tax, appraisal - Texas (TX)
  122. Dallas home builders offer smooth wall option?: McKinney, Frisco: sales, rental homes - Texas (TX)
  123. Uptown vs West 7th Ft Worth: Dallas, Fort Worth: appointed, fit in, lease - Texas (TX)
  124. I need to pull over sometimes.: Dallas, Howe: 2015, insurance, home - Texas (TX)
  125. McKinney - no individual mailboxes now: Coppell, Post: fit in, apartments, condos - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  126. America's 10 Most Succesful Mid-Size Cities...Frisco,McKinney,Plano: Dallas, Allen: transplants, new house - Texas (TX)
  127. move from MA to Dallas (late 20s): Arlington, Grand Prairie: apartment complexes, rentals - Texas (TX)
  128. Opinions about Lucas, TX: Houston, Dallas: best neighborhoods, transplants, apartments - Texas
  129. College choices for DFW HS top grads: Houston, Dallas: 2014, employment - Texas (TX)
  130. Lakes of Prosper North Questions: Dallas, Plano: new home, neighborhoods, buying - Texas (TX)
  131. Auto body shop recommendation ?: Plano, Irving: insurance, shops, garage door - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  132. Moving from California to Dallas - Suggestions on where to live?: Greenville: appointed, apartments - Texas (TX)
  133. Just how upscale is Dallas? Gimme the truth...: Houston, San Antonio: middle-class, real estate - Texas (TX)
  134. Where to buy kids clothes: Plano, Grand Prairie: sales, coupons, consignment - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  135. How are the schools in Greenville, Texas: Dallas, Garland: best town, leases - (TX)
  136. Dallas downtown: McKinney, Greenville, Commerce: appointed, condo, transfer - Texas (TX)
  137. Work near Highland park...where to live with good schools and decent commute?: Houston: renting, crime - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  138. Moving from Connecticut to Plano, TX.: Denton, McKinney: fit in, low crime, new house - Dallas, Texas
  139. Population Center of DFW: Dallas, Plano: apartment complex, employment, living - Texas (TX)
  140. Kemper Preferred vs Safeco Insurance: Liberty, Cool: 2015, health insurance, broker - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  141. Soft Close Drawers: Blum: how much, new house, closing - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  142. Appraisal issues - WWYD: Howe: sales, apartment, rent - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  143. Thoughts on Arlington?: Dallas, Mansfield, Highlands: real estate, apartments, for rent - Texas (TX)
  144. Allen, McKinney Boyd, Richardson, Frisco, LoveJoy: Dallas, Plano: fit in, for sale, houses - Texas (TX)
  145. North Facing 3rd Floor vs. South facing top floor: Dallas: apartments, condo - Texas (TX)
  146. Places to live that aren't suburbs: Dallas, Austin: apartments, lofts, homes - Texas (TX)
  147. s On First Texas Homes - Frisco Hills: house, construction - Dallas, (TX)
  148. - Middle schoolers! What do I do?: Dallas, West: movies, college - Texas (TX)
  149. moving in Juy- I need Help: Dallas, Arlington: real estate, apartments, rental - Texas (TX)
  150. Mansfield vs Desoto: Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington: middle-class, fit in, hair salon - Texas (TX)
  151. Compare Frisco High Schools: Dallas, Plano: home, income, shop - Texas (TX)
  152. Timewarner internet or ATT Uverse for internet ONLY?: Dallas, McKinney: apartment, house - Texas (TX)
  153. Poss job in downtown Dallas: Plano, Irving: apartments, to rent, condos - Texas (TX)
  154. DFW Millenials: Dallas, Austin, Plano: loft, student loan, house - Texas (TX)
  155. Need Insight on the Suburbs of Dallas, TX: Arlington, Plano: 2013, apartments - Texas
  156. Home insurance & Warranty recommendations: Liberty: sale, real estate, broker - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  157. Building a new house - upgrades thru builder vs. contractor post closing: Red Oak: hardwood floor, apartment - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  158. Dallas' New Trinity river Plan.: Houston, Hudson: waterparks, construction, shopper - Texas (TX)
  159. If schools weren't a factor, where would you live?: Dallas: HOA, house - Texas (TX)
  160. Need Advice: Town Centers near Richardson where the singles crowd rent or buy ?: Dallas: extended stay, apartments - Texas (TX)
  161. Stray dogs in south Dallas: Houston, Plano: low income, neighborhood, income - Texas (TX)
  162. Employment Recruiters in Plano/Richardson areas?: Dallas, Point: job market, school, offices - Texas (TX)
  163. neighbor dammed my yard: Roma, Trenton: real estate, HOA, lawyer - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  164. Moving to Dallas... Lake Highlands?: Greenville, Rockwall: apartments, rental market, townhouses - Texas (TX)
  165. Grain of salt on TSA: Dallas, Howe: how much, assess, airport - Texas (TX)
  166. Texas Rangers New Stadium Thoughts: Houston, Dallas: home, layoffs, taxes - (TX)
  167. Food Hall: Dallas, Plano, Groves: apartments, homes, tenants - Texas (TX)
  168. Putting in pool--how important is hot tub?: houses, buyers - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  169. Why few or no school field trips in Plano PISD?: Houston: theater, school districts - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  170. Fire ants - questions: Murphy: how much, house, landscaping - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  171. Coppell / Flower Mound: 3 Bedroom in Apartment / Townhome Complex with Great Schools: Irving: real estate, apartments - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  172. Denton to Richardson: Dallas, Plano, Carrollton: renting, subsidized, living - Texas (TX)
  173. Dallas Mavs need to tank this year...: stats, title - Texas (TX)
  174. Having trouble selling home: McKinney, Frisco: houses, public schools, per square foot - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  175. Plano experts/pundits needed!: Lewisville, McKinney: townhomes, buying, construction - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  176. Name Game for TX: Murphy, Lone Star: business, locations, place - Dallas, Texas
  177. Low-income housing vouchers in the suburbs: Dallas, McKinney: low income, section 8, apartment complex - Texas (TX)
  178. Best Dinosaur Museum DFW Area ?: Dallas, Fort Worth: live, activities, friendly - Texas (TX)
  179. Passing scores on AP/IB course for DFW schools: Dallas: 2015, credit - Texas (TX)
  180. Working in Duncanville (zip 75236) But don't want to live there (Sorry): Dallas: real estate, HOA - Texas (TX)
  181. Moving from Northern Michigan.: Houston, Dallas: apartments, for rent, house - Texas (TX)
  182. Contrasting Luxury Retail in Dallas and Houston: Taylor, Henderson: hotel, shops - Texas (TX)
  183. Relocating to Dallas from CHI - Middle Class Black Family: Houston: rental, day care - Texas (TX)
  184. LGBT rural Texas: Richardson, Denton, Lewisville: how much, lawyers, house - Dallas, (TX)
  185. Home Theater Set Install Cost For Living Room: Howe, Magnolia: how much, contractor - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  186. Academic rigor of Plano vs Frisco schools: McKinney, Howe: school districts, college - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  187. Looking for Someone...Estate Matter: Dallas: live, parent, interest - Texas (TX)
  188. violin lessons around plano/allen: phone number, looking for, numbers - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  189. Parks: local - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  190. Lone Star Language Academy: Dallas: school, year, about - Texas (TX)
  191. Switching from ATT to time warner, and ATT to T-Mobile. Thoughts?: apartments, live - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  192. Typing class for teens near Plano?: home, middle school, summer - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  193. How to Obtain a Small Business License - Tarrant County: office, based - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  194. Property Management company suggestions: home, avoid, looking for - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  195. DISD Gifted & Talented testing: admission, program, friend - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  196. Looking for training buddy for powerlifting in Irving - preferably female: Dallas: area, cities - Texas (TX)
  197. Tabi (flip-flop) socks in Dallas or: Carrollton: store, area - Texas (TX)
  198. rural people using Internet based home phone lines?: areas, phone service - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  199. Are there many Special Education jobs in Dallas?: moving to, teachers - Texas (TX)
  200. Buying cars at dealer auctions: Dallas: deals, good, friends - Texas (TX)