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  1. Metro Detroit Nightclubs?: Ann Arbor, Livonia, Royal Oak: hotel, casino, dangerous - Michigan (MI)
  2. Breaking news: attorney, snow, great - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  3. Driving Tour: Detroit, Ann Arbor, Pontiac: hotel, movies, school - Michigan (MI)
  4. Devils night: live, news, around - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  5. Ken Cockrel Perjury Case: loan, tax, radio - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  6. Excellent article: Detroit: metro, place, working - Michigan (MI)
  7. Great place to eat along the People Mover line?: hotel, casino - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  8. What's the latest on GAR building?: Detroit: home, charge, development - Michigan (MI)
  9. 8900 East Jefferson Condos for $9000 --: Detroit: co-op, mortgage, houses - Michigan (MI)
  10. Forclosures in Metro Detroit: Royal Oak, Madison Heights: section 8, foreclosures, house - Michigan (MI)
  11. Pics of my day in Detroit!: St. Joseph, Stanton: hotels, live in, design - Michigan (MI)
  12. This is a very interesting article about Detroit's vacant land: houses, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  13. Fate of the Manoogian Mansion?: Detroit: live, costs, storage - Michigan (MI)
  14. Article about what Detroit is doing during times.......: Douglas: low crime, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  15. Just bought a new home in Macomb now I need a humidifier!!!: purchasing - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  16. Thoughts on moving to Port Huron???: Detroit, Ann Arbor: sex offenders, homes, neighborhood - Michigan (MI)
  17. recycling computers: Warren: schools, legally, donate - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  18. Favorite Detroit/ Southeast Michigan Blogs?: food, metro area, town - (MI)
  19. Help with Friend of Court...: Nashville: lawyers, school, living - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  20. Shoping Mall ,south of Detroit,off I-75??: Ann Arbor, Allen: Home Depot, nicest - Michigan (MI)
  21. Plumber recommendations? (need a sump pump backup): Royal Oak, Ferndale: rent, house - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  22. How the Big 3 Execs should have gone to DC: Dexter: purchase, horse - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  23. Lincoln High School in Warren: neighborhood, best, center - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  24. Metro Detroit - Pond Hockey: Rochester Hills, Rochester: office, park, area - Michigan (MI)
  25. Kresge Building Lower Level Restaurant: Detroit, Schoolcraft: school, town, downtown - Michigan (MI)
  26. Garden City Middle School??: university, education, system - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  27. For of you that don't like or agree with bashing Detoilet.: Detroit: place to live - Michigan (MI)
  28. love Detroit, they are called Japanese auto companies: sales, buying - Michigan (MI)
  29. Motor City Misery: Detroit: snake, metro, good - Michigan (MI)
  30. Would this work?: Detroit: homes, neighborhoods, public schools - Michigan (MI)
  31. Seldom Blues: Detroit: live, restaurants, price - Michigan (MI)
  32. need a P/T Graphic Designer?: Canton, Wayne: loans, employment - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  33. Cable, Phone, Internet,: Detroit, Livonia: to rent, how much, home - Michigan (MI)
  34. Has Quicken Loans made a decision on their new headquarters location: Detroit: lease - Michigan (MI)
  35. K-Dow coming to Detroit: Ann Arbor, Midland: employment, transfer, live - Michigan (MI)
  36. Belle Isle Information: Detroit, Ann Arbor: unemployed, casino, live in - Michigan (MI)
  37. The Detroit Lions are the worst team of sport in history.: horse - Michigan (MI)
  38. about detroit: credit, housing, areas - Michigan (MI)
  39. Cleaning up Detroit?: Lansing: crime rate, look for a job, neighborhood - Michigan (MI)
  40. Nicer Areas of Detroit: Dexter, Palmer: apartment, foreclosure, lofts - Michigan (MI)
  41. canadian/american thinking about moving to detroit: Pontiac, Royal Oak: cheap apartments, for rent - Michigan (MI)
  42. Have or will you be putting Xmas lights on your house this year?: Dexter: foreclosed - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  43. might move for tacom in warren, thinking of living in new baltimore: crime - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  44. how far is stoney creek from central detroit?: Grand Rapids, Warren: layoffs, school - Michigan (MI)
  45. Southfield: Detroit, Troy, Royal Oak: homes, neighborhoods, private schools - Michigan (MI)
  46. Northville - WOODS OF EDENDERRY: Plymouth: neighborhoods, schools, subdivision - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  47. Sign of the times: Wayne: foreclosures, refrigerators, live - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  48. Sell Grave Plots?: Detroit: office, lawn, forest - Michigan (MI)
  49. Saline Valley Farms: new home, neighborhoods, school district - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  50. Commerce Township Living & High Schools: Detroit, Farmington Hills: transferring to, living in, housing - Michigan (MI)
  51. Detroit City Council Requests $10 Billion Bailout: buying, salary, budget - Michigan (MI)
  52. Ferndale High School vs. Royal Oak High School: Detroit: homes, neighborhood - Michigan (MI)
  53. What is your favorite Detroit neighborhood?: Southfield, Waterford: live, restaurants, stores - Michigan (MI)
  54. Recommend me a property management company?: Warren, Troy: to rent, house, park - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  55. Frozen in indifference: Life goes on around body found in vacant warehouse: Detroit: metro - Michigan (MI)
  56. Burnette Avenue in Detroit: assessment, safe, area - Michigan (MI)
  57. Michigan makes 10 most affordable cities list three times.: Detroit, Grand Rapids: home, price - (MI)
  58. Removing a City Council member from office: Detroit, Wayne: felony, school - Michigan (MI)
  59. New suburban neighborhoods are not filling up!!: Detroit, Novi: for sale, foreclosures - Michigan (MI)
  60. Borders in downtown Detroit shutting down: closing, store, moving - Michigan (MI)
  61. Foreclosure removal: help: Franklin: loan, attorney, home - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  62. Ferndale Foundation: city hall, lease, houses - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  63. New scandal at City Hall?: Detroit: tax, county, career - Michigan (MI)
  64. Cool Detroit Clothes: Royal Oak: buy, live, shop - Michigan (MI)
  65. Wedding Venue: Detroit, Taylor, St. Clair Shores: rent, chapel, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  66. Mexican President to Michigan: Jobs Aren't Coming Back: Detroit: live in, move - (MI)
  67. Young, Archer, Kilpatrick... Cockrel?: Detroit: crimes, homes, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  68. Does read ModelD or MetroMode?: lofts, condos - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  69. What to do in Detroit for a night?: hotel, casino - Michigan (MI)
  70. Trying to find a rental home/apartment between Livonia and Waterford: Farmington Hills: homes, live - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  71. Bob-Lo Island?: Detroit: condos, restaurant, ferry - Michigan (MI)
  72. Quicken Loans may not build downtown: Detroit: lease, buy, live - Michigan (MI)
  73. GM Buyouts: Detroit: credit, loans, how much - Michigan (MI)
  74. Pics of Detroit!: live, parks, good - Michigan (MI)
  75. Today's the day!: Detroit, Wayne: appointed, house, live in - Michigan (MI)
  76. Contractor recommand?: construction, contractors, costs - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  77. Kilpatrick resigns!!!: Detroit: free, time, effect - Michigan (MI)
  78. Looking for a Realtor re:Detroit suberb specialist: Ann Arbor, Birmingham: neighborhoods, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  79. New Construction Homes near Troy: foreclosure, new house, subdivision - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  80. Rochester -jobs: Detroit, Farmington Hills, Troy: houses, job market, buy - Michigan (MI)
  81. Conner Creek Academy Closing?: Warren: high school, guidelines, teacher - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  82. Area: Detroit: theater, shop, eat - Michigan (MI)
  83. Saint Cyril Street, Detroit: Caro: neighborhood, to live, zip code - Michigan (MI)
  84. Can tell me anything about Washington Township?: Detroit: schools, place to live - Michigan (MI)
  85. 1967 Riots Photos: moving, areas, buildings - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  86. Royal Oak rentals: rental homes, houses, yard - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  87. Parking near the Joe: home, garage, arena - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  88. Detroit's landscape?: Ann Arbor, Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills: living, suburbs, title - Michigan (MI)
  89. is lincoln park really a suburb or just an extension of detroit: Southfield: real estate - Michigan (MI)
  90. Is Oakland County going to stay blue?: Detroit, Southfield: real estate, estate - Michigan (MI)
  91. Chesterfield Township vs Macomb: Livonia, Utica: home, school district, taxes - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  92. Grosse Pointe Park Rentals: Detroit, St. Clair Shores: houses, safe area, to live - Michigan (MI)
  93. Coming Home: Detroit: mover, theater, school - Michigan (MI)
  94. Looking for a Good Mechanic - Downriver: Southfield, Allen Park: car, park - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  95. Watching Airplanes Take-Off and Land -- Detroit: taxi, airport - Michigan (MI)
  96. Balloon store or magic/novelty store: Garden City, Garden: house, where to buy, garden - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  97. News, The auto collapse's ripple effects.: Detroit, Plymouth: money, areas, business - Michigan (MI)
  98. LA Times article on Auburn Hills: to buy, income, taxes - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  99. Detroit Suburbs Forum?: Wayne: metropolitan area, area, locations - Michigan (MI)
  100. If You Could...: Detroit, Wayne: apartment, condo, neighborhood - Michigan (MI)
  101. Student in need of help!: Detroit, Southfield: loan, home, school - Michigan (MI)
  102. Take this Detoilet...: Detroit: school, agriculture, estate - Michigan (MI)
  103. Airport transportation: fit in, rental, credit card - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  104. California Hair pressing: Holly: hairstylist, metro area, area - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  105. Millen fired!!!!: news, greatest, team - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  106. Mount Clemens: Detroit: crime, theater, live in - Michigan (MI)
  107. Michiganders Relocating to North Carolina?: Detroit, Rochester Hills: foreclosures, rental market, chapel - (MI)
  108. Homicides down 14% in Detroit: crimes, neighborhoods, bus - Michigan (MI)
  109. Grosse Pointe Park?: Detroit, Harper Woods, St. Clair: renting, crime, houses - Michigan (MI)
  110. UAW workers Need on payscales: wages, horses - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  111. Detroit Freeways: Highland Park: neighborhoods, design, suburbs - Michigan (MI)
  112. Where are the pics of Detroit ?: areas, 2008, spring - Michigan (MI)
  113. Which Detroit suburbs are in the BEST shape?: Farmington Hills, Canton: renting, condos - Michigan (MI)
  114. Which Detroit suburb is in the worst shape?: Warren, Flint: real estate, bankruptcy - Michigan (MI)
  115. What's Next for Motown...Can it be fixed?: Detroit, Ann Arbor: sale, insurance - Michigan (MI)
  116. Harper Woods.......: Detroit, Eastpointe, Grosse Pointe Woods: apartment, Home Depot, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  117. How well does Gran Torino portray Highland Park?: Detroit, Grosse Pointe Farms: crime rates, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  118. King Kwame to flee Michigan: Detroit: crimes, houses, law school - (MI)
  119. Reasons to live in Detroit ?: Ann Arbor, Dearborn: best suburbs, real estate, rent - Michigan (MI)
  120. move down south and regret it!!: Detroit, Wayne: home, good schools - Michigan (MI)
  121. Is Grosse Pointe Park safe for family?: Detroit, Royal Oak: foreclosures, crime - Michigan (MI)
  122. Detroit Auto Show a Bad Joke.: Pontiac: buying, go bankrupt, costs - Michigan (MI)
  123. Moing to Detroit area.: Warren, Sterling Heights: appointed, low crime, houses - Michigan (MI)
  124. Redford?: Detroit, Livonia, Taylor: section 8, crime, new home - Michigan (MI)
  125. Help. Need Wedding reception location allowing outside vfw's: Detroit: rental, receptions - Michigan (MI)
  126. Is Grosse Pointe still an ideal place for relocation?: Detroit: real estate, crime - Michigan (MI)
  127. Can Tell Me About Wayne State University and Wayne State University Law School?: Detroit: real estate market, crime - Michigan (MI)
  128. I am coming to Detroit to purchase lots and and rentals.: section 8, for sale - Michigan (MI)
  129. Visiting Detroit - Questions ..: Hamtramck, Highland Park: fit in, violent crime, hotels - Michigan (MI)
  130. Why there should be no Detroit forum....: Dexter: best neighborhoods, for sale - Michigan (MI)
  131. Crime...shmime! All major cities are the same: Detroit, St. Louis: high crime, homes - Michigan (MI)
  132. Disturbing letter found at the Michigan building: Detroit, Flint: unemployment, school - (MI)
  133. Is there anything attractive about Detroit?: Sterling Heights, Ann Arbor: foreclosure, mover, violent crime - Michigan (MI)
  134. What's your favorite sports teams in Detroit?: live, town - Michigan (MI)
  135. wow or comcast: Lansing, Novi: house, construction, contractors - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  136. I'm Moving to Detroit Soon!: Southfield, Royal Oak: appointed, apartments, renting - Michigan (MI)
  137. Where are most ASIANS in the DETROIT metro area?: Grand Rapids: home, camps - Michigan (MI)
  138. Moving to Michigan - where to live?: Detroit, Sterling Heights: low crime, neighborhoods - (MI)
  139. How to fix Detroit: Wayne, St. Louis: lofts, crime, new home - Michigan (MI)
  140. Detroit Hotels: Cadillac, Garden: mover, tax, price - Michigan (MI)
  141. The Book-Cadillac Hotel -- will it survive and thrive?: Detroit: apartments, hotels - Michigan (MI)
  142. Tent City in Detroit?!: Roosevelt Park, Yale: foreclosures, credit, house - Michigan (MI)
  143. Do You All Agree Detroit The Least Racially Diverse Big City In The Country With A Population Of Over 500,000 People ?: Livonia: apartments, lofts - Michigan (MI)
  144. Moving close to Detroit: Ann Arbor, Livonia: best cities, how much, homes - Michigan (MI)
  145. Which is better Detroit, Pittsburgh or ST Louis metro?: St. Louis: cliquey, job market - Michigan (MI)
  146. So where do the rich live?: Detroit, Ann Arbor: homes, neighborhoods, school district - Michigan (MI)
  147. Swedish Newspaper comments on Downtown Detroit: Traverse City, St. Louis: hotel, luxury, casino - Michigan (MI)
  148. Mayor's farewell speech: Detroit: law, move, title - Michigan (MI)
  149. I am sooo sad: Detroit, Sterling Heights: spring break, apartment complex, house - Michigan (MI)
  150. Prosecutor Kym Worthy: Detroit, Wayne, Coleman: foreclosure, crimes, how much - Michigan (MI)
  151. Crab Legs in Southeast!!: Detroit, Canton: house, casino, restaurant - (MI)
  152. Reflecting on the People Mover....: Detroit, Coleman: neighborhood, construction, schools - Michigan (MI)
  153. is lincoln park that bad: Detroit, Canton: for sale, foreclosure, house - Michigan (MI)
  154. Impressions of Ferndale: Detroit, Royal Oak, Oak Park: crime rates, houses, transfer - Michigan (MI)
  155. Are there jobs in Michigan???!!!!!!!!!: Monroe, Dundee: hotel, home, job market - Detroit, (MI)
  156. Who would make the best new Mayor for Detroit?: Caro: lawyers, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  157. Is Detroit dead: low income, foreclosure, crime - Michigan (MI)
  158. disgusted: Detroit, Warren, Dearborn: crime rate, credit, student loans - Michigan (MI)
  159. 1st third world city?: Detroit: homeless, wealthiest, suburbs - Michigan (MI)
  160. Best Sailing Location: Detroit, Bay City, Port Huron: to rent, crime, refinance - Michigan (MI)
  161. Should I move back?: Detroit, Warren: house, neighborhood, buy - Michigan (MI)
  162. Could GM really move out of the Ren Cen? Crain's Detroit article says yes: Warren: leases, hotel - Michigan (MI)
  163. Did Detroit area house prices drop over the past month?: real estate, foreclosure - Michigan (MI)
  164. What are the WORST Detroit Neighborhoods?: Southfield, Hamtramck: for sale, crime, houses - Michigan (MI)
  165. Are abandoned buildings for sale?: Detroit: foreclosure, rental, mortgage - Michigan (MI)
  166. Grosse Ile: Detroit, Wyandotte, Trenton: real estate, apartments, rental - Michigan (MI)
  167. the Cadilac Centre: Detroit, Cadillac: apartments, hotel, theatres - Michigan (MI)
  168. The Sorry Detroit city Tax office: Wayne, Palmer: real estate, broker, house - Michigan (MI)
  169. Detroit's City Population and Loss: Dexter: real estate, insurance, high crime - Michigan (MI)
  170. Detroit City Water Harness: Wayne: crime, hotels, house - Michigan (MI)
  171. Mother of Our Savior: Livonia, Redford: school, live in, money - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  172. Might be moving to Detroit- Nice small towns within commuting distance?: Ann Arbor: car insurance, condos - Michigan (MI)
  173. Best family suburb for Wayne State job: Detroit, Ann Arbor: to rent, house - Michigan (MI)
  174. Showoff :): Detroit, Ann Arbor, Livonia: house, neighborhoods, wedding - Michigan (MI)
  175. Wayne County vs Oakland County: Detroit, Ann Arbor: apartment, rent, how much - Michigan (MI)
  176. my job is moving to Southfield--need: Detroit, Livonia: for sale, apartments - Michigan (MI)
  177. Detroit & Buffalo similarities and differences: St. Louis: for sale, real estate, crime - Michigan (MI)
  178. Detroit: Is there still signs of a comeback??: Flint: lofts, crime - Michigan (MI)
  179. Wandering Detroit -Answer Honestly: Lansing, East Lansing: best neighborhood, crimes, houses - Michigan (MI)
  180. Our crime is worse than Detroits: Rochester Hills, Rochester: crime rate, house, wages - Michigan (MI)
  181. Stop bashing Detroit: Troy, Royal Oak, Birmingham: crime, neighborhoods, good schools - Michigan (MI)
  182. $9000 (asking)house $6200 in Annual Taxes ?!?!?: Detroit, Ferndale: bank owned, sale, real estate - Michigan (MI)
  183. Detroit Lovers Only: Dearborn, Farmington Hills, Canton: foreclosure, houses, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  184. Volunteering on Thanksgiving: Detroit, Pontiac: how much, home, movies - Michigan (MI)
  185. Video, Michigan 50 50 50: industry, personal, person - Detroit, (MI)
  186. Ken Cockrell and Detroit: foreclosures, homes, money - Michigan (MI)
  187. Med Student: places to live, safe, medical - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  188. Forfeited properties list - Bargains?: Detroit: buy, taxes, auctions - Michigan (MI)
  189. Training in Rochester Hills: gym, train, working - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  190. News, 'Secret Santas' pass out $11,000 in Detroit area.: money, economy - Michigan (MI)
  191. Monroe - Carrington?: neighborhoods, to live in, golf course - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  192. Old Mariner's Church: home, to move, tunnel - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  193. Video: Detroit Wildlife: interest - Michigan (MI)
  194. Burton history: community, background, forecast - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  195. Worked in Wyoming?: jobs, address, people - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  196. education job fairs: universities, hired, about - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  197. : Detroit: condos, town, festivals - Michigan (MI)
  198. who knows Det? Area between waterworks park/Henderson park: Detroit: neighborhood, areas - Michigan (MI)
  199. finind a shipping company for barrel..: Dearborn: area, good, color - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  200. Dec 30th Detroit home prices lead nation in decline: rentals, buying - Michigan (MI)