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  1. New buisiness on Gratiot & 7 mile: Detroit: buying a house, buying, store - Michigan (MI)
  2. Kennel for a cat Farmington area - ideas?: Livonia: home, wedding reception - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  3. Detroit drinking hours law?: sales, crime, buy - Michigan (MI)
  4. I remember great houses in Detroit...: Grosse Pointe: buy, floors, affluent - Michigan (MI)
  5. Would a $150k inheritance be worth it to invest in Detroit?: Sherwood: real estate market, rent - Michigan (MI)
  6. Lafayette Building about to meet the wrecking ball: Detroit, Ann Arbor: how much, hotel - Michigan (MI)
  7. Help me pick a Labor Day Weekend hotel?: Detroit, Garden: mover, hotels - Michigan (MI)
  8. Farming in Detroit?: bankruptcy, organic, to live in - Michigan (MI)
  9. Boat rental?: metro, place, boats - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  10. Why all the negativity about this great city of Detroit: Southfield: high crime, homes - Michigan (MI)
  11. Snow Tires?: live, shop, safe - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  12. Chrysler Closing Trenton Plants?: Dexter, Shelby: house, transfer, buying - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  13. Birthday Party: Live Costumed Characters: Detroit: appointed, activities, area - Michigan (MI)
  14. Shuttin' Detroit down: live, great, traditional - Michigan (MI)
  15. Are there still Allied Health/Biomedical Equip. Tech jobs in Metro Detroit?: real estate - Michigan (MI)
  16. Elementary Schools in Warren: Detroit: house, neighborhood, best schools - Michigan (MI)
  17. Sterling Heights Relief Drain Concern: houses, neighborhoods, bankrupt - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  18. Gas options in Macomb?: Eastpointe, New Haven: mobile home, buy, new construction - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  19. NoHam? - (north of Hamtramck): Detroit, Royal Oak: park, places, gentrification - Michigan (MI)
  20. Looking for a Diverse Church: Detroit, Redford: income, live, baptist - Michigan (MI)
  21. What is up with the gang Walmart thing?: Detroit: living, law - Michigan (MI)
  22. Public High Schools/Nice Detroit City neighborhoods: Warren, Palmer: public schools, university - Michigan (MI)
  23. Get to know : Detroit Neighborhoods: home, buy, prices - Michigan (MI)
  24. Simple Sailboat: St. Clair: maintenance, cost, storage - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  25. Detroit in Pictures Old City and Former superstars homes: Buena Vista: shoppers, campus - Michigan (MI)
  26. Spring is What is going on in the metro area?: Redford: layoffs, theater - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  27. Fiat may build Alfa Romeo 159 at Sterling Heights Assembly: Detroit: to buy, bankruptcy - Michigan (MI)
  28. shops in Windsor Canada that sells marijuana seeds?: Detroit: buy, schools - Michigan (MI)
  29. DETROIT's Metro area and ASIANS: Troy, Novi: home, public schools, education - Michigan (MI)
  30. UAW May Purchase 55% of Chrysler!?!?: credit, buying, bankruptcy - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  31. Mansfield Apts, Royal Oak (Amber Comp) good or bad?: Detroit: apartments, renter - Michigan (MI)
  32. Are Detroit low RE prices attracting crime everywhere?: Wayne: real estate, foreclosures - Michigan (MI)
  33. looking for JOE: DSL - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  34. Recommendations: Ophthalmologist who does Vision Therapy in Metro Detroint area?: children, doctor - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  35. Finding Homes For Sale in Detroit: real estate market, new home, buy - Michigan (MI)
  36. Dearborn or Hamtramck? (for their ethnic feel): Detroit: house, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  37. Time Magazine Photos / Urban Decay / Art: Detroit: homes, college, fence - Michigan (MI)
  38. A job Well done.: Detroit: home, college, vs - Michigan (MI)
  39. Rochester, MI - how's the downtown area?: Detroit, Rochester Hills: sales, salon - Michigan
  40. Scr*w you Detroit airport car rentals!: price, parking - Michigan (MI)
  41. Moving to job in Wixom: Royal Oak, Novi: construction, college, living in - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  42. One last obstacle left in the path to Moroun's bridge: Detroit: homes, construction - Michigan (MI)
  43. Driving over to Windsor CA for coffee?: Detroit: credit card, live - Michigan (MI)
  44. Montessori: Sterling Heights, Farmington Hills, Troy: elementary school, college, moving to - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  45. The good old days!: insurance, employment, taxes - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  46. Census Bureau-Detroit-Help ME!: employment, office, job - Michigan (MI)
  47. Baker's May Be Closing Soon: Detroit: live, restaurants, trendy - Michigan (MI)
  48. Private Therapy Practice in Metro Detroit? Ferndale? 'Burbs?: Ann Arbor, Wayne: college, military - Michigan (MI)
  49. Will People Ever Return to Detroit in the Future: condos, credit - Michigan (MI)
  50. The Auto Show in Detroit: Novi, Wayne: broker, transfer, upkeep - Michigan (MI)
  51. Newsweek: Chrysler, R.I.P.: bankruptcy, car, company - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  52. Job Assignment at Marathon Refinery: Detroit, Ann Arbor: real estate, apartment complex, to rent - Michigan (MI)
  53. Michigan Ex-Pat.....What is REALLY going on at home?: Detroit: foreclosures, unemployment - (MI)
  54. Dave Bing.......: Detroit, Lansing: houses, employment, public school - Michigan (MI)
  55. Detroit area -- best areas? neighborhoods?: Palmer, Sherwood: purchase, suburbs, residential - Michigan (MI)
  56. Indian Village - demographics?: Detroit, Sherwood: homes, neighborhoods, taxes - Michigan (MI)
  57. Seed potatoes Downriver: Ann Arbor, Inkster, Monroe: houses, purchase, store - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  58. Renting a house (suburbs): Detroit, Birmingham: bank owned, for sale by owner, real estate - Michigan (MI)
  59. Short Sales on 2nds only: foreclose, second mortgage, bankruptcy - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  60. interested in renting a home in Royal Oak?: Hazel Park: renter, mortgage - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  61. New to Plymouth -- Where to purchase meats?: Detroit, Ann Arbor: buy, price - Michigan (MI)
  62. Sports in the D: Detroit: sales, layoffs, school - Michigan (MI)
  63. Outside buyers drawn to Detroit's foreclosed homes: Grand Rapids: mortgage, loan - Michigan (MI)
  64. Detroit suburbs - southwest/west (Southfield, Livonia, Farmington): Warren, Farmington Hills: best city, how much - Michigan (MI)
  65. How do You Fix Crime: Detroit: crime rate, neighborhoods, contractors - Michigan (MI)
  66. Who would you vote for in the Detroit Mayoral race?: Coleman: gated, yard - Michigan (MI)
  67. new development in Detroit: house, neighborhood, live in - Michigan (MI)
  68. Pictures from the New Greektown Casino: Detroit, Cadillac: hotels, bankruptcy, construction - Michigan (MI)
  69. Live in Royal Oak, should I commute to Ann Arbor??: Detroit: leasing agent, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  70. Oak Park Rentals: Detroit: real estate, condos, buying a home - Michigan (MI)
  71. teaching job leads (anywhere in MI)...?: Detroit, Wayne: fit in, daycare - Michigan
  72. Changing Michigan's property tax system, you may agree!: Detroit, Allen Park: for sale, real estate - (MI)
  73. Oh boy: Allen Park, Allen: home, neighborhood, place to live - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  74. What's going to happen to the rest of Tiger Stadium?: Detroit: hotels, casinos - Michigan (MI)
  75. Automotive internship ideas..: Detroit, Wayne: internships, cars, metro - Michigan (MI)
  76. Nice area by VA hospital Detroit: St. Clair Shores, Royal Oak: buying a house, neighborhoods, buying - Michigan (MI)
  77. Does have problems finding what they need in forums?: Detroit: live in - Michigan (MI)
  78. Reckless driving in Rochester Hills Michigan: lawyer, school, subdivision - Detroit, (MI)
  79. What do People think of Ken Cockrel: Detroit: mayor, jobs - Michigan (MI)
  80. Moms/Parents Groups: Detroit, Auburn Hills, Auburn: moving, activities, metro - Michigan (MI)
  81. Our family is relocating to Sterling Heights/Shelby Township. looking for community: Detroit: home - Michigan (MI)
  82. why arent we standing up!?: Detroit: to buy, cost, stores - Michigan (MI)
  83. report on Detroit auto industry: condos, casinos, homeless - Michigan (MI)
  84. Who's Your Favorite Singer/Actor From Metro Detroit?: Franklin, Reese: celebrities, love - Michigan (MI)
  85. Can you change detroit!!!??? :): Ann Arbor: for sale, real estate, condos - Michigan (MI)
  86. Chin Tiki in downtown demolished: Detroit: fencing, arena - Michigan (MI)
  87. Thinking of moving to Rochester HIlls/Grand Rapids Michigan: Detroit: real estate, foreclosure - (MI)
  88. Are there Stair climbing for Charity events downtown?: Detroit: train, arena - Michigan (MI)
  89. Visiting Detroit: Dearborn: neighborhoods, restaurant, things to do - Michigan (MI)
  90. Grosse Pointe Swimming?: YMCA, schools, pool - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  91. First time owner: foreclosure, how much, houses - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  92. Same o same o: school, gardens, car - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  93. could the Land Bank idea work in Detroit?: schools, gated - Michigan (MI)
  94. Looking for a safe area on Southfield to live ?: Dearborn: apartments, renting - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  95. Grand Blanc: Flint, Saginaw: crime, house, neighborhood - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  96. Need to rent piano/studio time....where?: Detroit, Novi: school, college - Michigan (MI)
  97. Good place to check information on history in the Detroit metro area: Hudson: title - Michigan (MI)
  98. HARD ROCK CAFE in Campus Martius closing!: Detroit, Novi: rent, theatre - Michigan (MI)
  99. For Real Detroiters tired of hearing about crime in the City: Harper Woods: home - Michigan (MI)
  100. Detroit News March 5- Decaying houses: Warren: sale, foreclosure, lease - Michigan (MI)
  101. Is the Future of the Big Three Bright: Detroit: cars, jobs - Michigan (MI)
  102. about location in taylor: Inkster, Ecorse: apartments, crime, house - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  103. Husband coming to work in Warren: Detroit, Troy: sale, rental, house - Michigan (MI)
  104. OJ SIMPSON should Coach the Lions: lawyers, car, deals - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  105. Canton: Yes or No?: Detroit, Ann Arbor: real estate, rent, how much - Michigan (MI)
  106. Looking for the best place to live in Detroit/D-metro for 27 y/o SWM: Warren: house, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  107. Moving to Troy, Planing on getting an apartment at Regents Park of Troy: Detroit: apartment complex, lease - Michigan (MI)
  108. Anita Baker: Detroit, Schoolcraft, Atlanta: appointed, house, school - Michigan (MI)
  109. Teppert Street - what's it like?: Detroit, Warren: sales, apartments, foreclosed - Michigan (MI)
  110. Why I love Detroit: 13 stories on CNN: Dearborn, Wayne: appointed, insurance - Michigan (MI)
  111. Local Restaurants: Detroit, Kalamazoo, Royal Oak: credit card, Home Depot, college - Michigan (MI)
  112. May move to Warren Michigan: Detroit, Sterling Heights: foreclosures, condo, sex offender - (MI)
  113. The Dequindre Cut Greenway is now open: Detroit, Romeo: crime, how much - Michigan (MI)
  114. Moving to Indian Village and other questions...: Detroit, Grosse Pointe: fit in, real estate - Michigan (MI)
  115. How did We Look On Good Morning America: Detroit, Warren: sales, employers - Michigan (MI)
  116. Time to buy Real Estate?: Detroit, Harper Woods: rent, mortgage, good credit - Michigan (MI)
  117. Living near downtown?: Detroit, Royal Oak, Ferndale: apartment complexes, condos, new house - Michigan (MI)
  118. Last time YOU were in Detroit and WHY..: hotels, theater - Michigan (MI)
  119. Will council do the right thing?: Detroit, Lansing: school districts, income, centers - Michigan (MI)
  120. the weather in detroit: home, live, clothes - Michigan (MI)
  121. Chain restaurants in Detroit: Warren, Sterling Heights: hotel, bankruptcy, university - Michigan (MI)
  122. Another Detroit Your is: Warren, Hudson: crime, houses - Michigan (MI)
  123. Which Car Would You Buy?: Detroit, Dearborn: buying, taxes, live - Michigan (MI)
  124. Is Dearborn a good place to live? What are the good and bad parts?: Detroit: houses, neighborhood - Michigan (MI)
  125. Michiganders, unite!: Detroit, Traverse City: lawyers, home, buying - (MI)
  126. American Axle moving to Mexico: Detroit, Hamtramck: closing, manufacturing, bill - Michigan (MI)
  127. Cockrel or Bing: Detroit: live, suburban, office - Michigan (MI)
  128. Another Relocation: Detroit, Warren, Ann Arbor: lease, houses, neighborhood - Michigan (MI)
  129. NY Times Article on Grosse Pointe: Detroit, Southfield: insurance, crime, tech jobs - Michigan (MI)
  130. Stand up and tell 'em your from...DETROIT!: Sterling Heights, Dearborn: car insurance, crime - Michigan (MI)
  131. How low will Detroit's population bottom out?: houses, layoffs - Michigan (MI)
  132. Urban Prairie - Morgan Street: Detroit, Rockford: crime, houses, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  133. Moving need to be near Detroit airport: Ann Arbor, Troy: apartments, to rent - Michigan (MI)
  134. Why not annex Highland Park, MI into Detroit? What about other merging other municipalities into other municipalities?: Hamtramck: neighborhood, school districts - Michigan
  135. red wings !!!!!!!: Nashville: layoffs, best, year - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  136. Eminem's love letter to Detroit: live in, teach - Michigan (MI)
  137. What are the best suburbs of Detroit?: Warren, Sterling Heights: fit in, houses - Michigan (MI)
  138. where in metro detroit can u meet lesbians: Ann Arbor, Pontiac: apartment, college - Michigan (MI)
  139. Detroit Council votes to demolish Michigan Central Depot, charge owner: cost, move - (MI)
  140. Westland: Ann Arbor, Livonia, Canton: apartments, condo, houses - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  141. The time has come, Michigan or Alabama?: Detroit, Warren: house, find a job - (MI)
  142. The Real Problem With Detroit: Livonia, Jackson: how much, unemployment, school - Michigan (MI)
  143. Moving need Advice! Novi? Plymouth? Canton? Farmington Hills? .. HELP!!: Detroit: upper-class, low crime - Michigan (MI)
  144. Detroit News- Who's leaving and what does that portend?: real estate, high crime - Michigan (MI)
  145. The Good area of canton: Westland, Plymouth: low income, power lines - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  146. Palmer Woods.......: Detroit, Royal Oak, Ferndale: crime, house, landscaping - Michigan (MI)
  147. Boston-Edison: Detroit, Wayne, Palmer: bank owned, lofts, condo - Michigan (MI)
  148. Moving to Michigan: Ann Arbor, Canton, Plymouth: fit in, low crime, house - Detroit, (MI)
  149. Detriot Homes Selling for $1: Detroit, Southfield: for sale, real estate, rental - Michigan (MI)
  150. Detroit old City and Superstars Homes (actually works now): Highland Park: house, live - Michigan (MI)
  151. Malice Green Case - 1992/1993: Detroit, Hamtramck: rent, felony, houses - Michigan (MI)
  152. Do I have to pay this speeding ticket?: insurance, how much - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  153. Detroit is a city full of good people with too few jobs and and about 550 people that give the city a bad name: neighborhoods, high school - Michigan (MI)
  154. Projections on the future of Detroit?: Warren, Ann Arbor: buy, high school, college - Michigan (MI)
  155. Are most people who live in Detroit planning on leaving?: Jackson: for sale, lawyers - Michigan (MI)
  156. Another 'Moving to Detroit' help me, though!): Ann Arbor: sales, real estate - Michigan (MI)
  157. Can Detroit Make a True Comeback and How: Jackson: crime, houses - Michigan (MI)
  158. Relocating to Detroit Metro - Rural area suggestions?: Sterling Heights, Ann Arbor: real estate, apartment - Michigan (MI)
  159. urban pioneers - I need help: Detroit, Royal Oak: foreclosed, loft, house - Michigan (MI)
  160. Hauntings in and around Detroit?: Dearborn, Dearborn Heights: residential, metro, cemetery - Michigan (MI)
  161. If you could restore one Detroit landmark, which one would it be?: Cadillac: condo, homes - Michigan (MI)
  162. Does Detroit Politics Matter to Suburbanites Anymore: Lansing, St. Clair: house, camps - Michigan (MI)
  163. Is Detroit really as bad as I always hear?: Dearborn: lofts, condos - Michigan (MI)
  164. Who's actually Moving to Inner City Detroit: Highland Park, Grant: hardwood floors, sale - Michigan (MI)
  165. Are there SAFE areas in Detroit where housing is ridiculously cheap: Dearborn: foreclosures, mortgage - Michigan (MI)
  166. how suburban are the suburbs around troy?: Detroit, Sterling Heights: crime rate, best schools - Michigan (MI)
  167. With Detroits crime why would Michigans gang ranking be low: home, employment - (MI)
  168. 2009 population estimates Detroit at 821,792: Warren, Flint: living in, suburbs, land - Michigan (MI)
  169. won't be moving to Detroit now....: Warren, Petoskey: fit in, home - Michigan (MI)
  170. Red Wings: Renew lease with Joe Louis Arena vs. Build new Arena: Detroit: mover, new home - Michigan (MI)
  171. What is the best Suburb for a young family?: Detroit: houses, school district - Michigan (MI)
  172. Coming Home!: Detroit, Caro: employment, closing, taxes - Michigan (MI)
  173. To see a different side of Detroit: Southfield, Romulus: neighborhoods, theater - Michigan (MI)
  174. Now a Casino: loans, hotel, casinos - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  175. Taxes: B'ham vs GP: Birmingham, Beverly Hills: house, school districts, property taxes - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  176. Road trip tips: Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Manistee: summer, good, looking for - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  177. News, Jay Leno free show in Detroit.: Auburn Hills, Auburn: town, hills - Michigan (MI)
  178. Lowest To Highest Unemployment Rates By Metropolitan Area: Detroit, Lake City: universities, statistics - Michigan (MI)
  179. MOS reunion in August: school, live in, classes - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  180. News, Moore, Nugent, Wilson sound off on Detroit.: entertainment, landscape - Michigan (MI)
  181. Breezecabs: area, company, driver - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  182. Will People Ever Return to Detroit in the Future: quality of life, move - Michigan (MI)
  183. Rivertown/ East Jefferson 411: Detroit: subdivision, nightlife, property - Michigan (MI)
  184. Detroit High School demographic changes over the years.......: Redford: public schools, ethnic - Michigan (MI)
  185. Ohio St. apartments, north of Grand River, Detroit: live, firms - Michigan (MI)
  186. Are the suburbs going to do jobs program for the youth?: Detroit: internships - Michigan (MI)
  187. Who's Proud of their City: place to live, suburb, place - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  188. The Need for Change: Detroit: live, best, mayor - Michigan (MI)
  189. Who is the Most Detroit Mayoral Candidate, Cockrel or Bing: mayor, important - Michigan (MI)
  190. Has Obama Doing Well with the Auto Industry: office, reasons - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  191. Commute to Selfridge ANGB: Detroit, Royal Oak: transfer, subdivision, living - Michigan (MI)
  192. Moving to Downtown Detroit, Apartment Suggestions: Atlanta: affordable apartments, rent, lofts - Michigan (MI)
  193. $86 million film studio planned for former MGM Grand casino: Detroit: real estate, lease - Michigan (MI)
  194. Detroit House: $100. Bold New Ideas for the City: Priceless.: Hamtramck: neighborhood, closing - Michigan (MI)
  195. remember: Dawn Moore - Radio DJ. I think was on WJLB around 1997? - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  196. Berkley chopping trees: white - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  197. What freeways/commute routes have the worst/best traffic during commute times?: Detroit: home search - Michigan (MI)
  198. This is a cool little webtool: places, whole - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  199. Detroit's hard edge -- and dirt-cheap real estate -- attract artists from around the world: Hamtramck: houses - Michigan (MI)
  200. The Recovery Stimulus Package and Detroit: attorney, law, office - Michigan (MI)