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  1. I need Contemporary Art gallery suggestions!!!: Detroit: area, places, market - Michigan (MI)
  2. did like piston unis? - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  3. News, Silverdome's bargain price reflects financial woes in Detroit suburb of Pontiac.: to buy - Michigan (MI)
  4. Detroit Financial District added to National Register of Historic Places: credit, tax credit - Michigan (MI)
  5. NW Detroit: Muchkin land ?: Southfield: homes, area, drive - Michigan (MI)
  6. In search of an African American physician: Detroit: health, best - Michigan (MI)
  7. Royal Oak, Michigan: Detroit, Ann Arbor, Dearborn: how much, houses, neighborhoods - (MI)
  8. Does Novi Allow Residential Firepits?: yard, approval, land - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  9. Yo Pirate_Lafitte answers: Jackson, Portland: renting, crime, lawyers - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  10. Relocating because of work at DTW: Ann Arbor, Livonia: apartment complex, rental, car insurance - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  11. Detriot Eyes (what happened?): Detroit: for sale, home, live - Michigan (MI)
  12. News Video, Beyond the Motor City: Detroit: transportation, cities, America - Michigan (MI)
  13. Buying a house locally that is not for sale/is a rental: Westland: appointed - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  14. News, Freezing in Detroit home encased in ice.: house, neighborhood - Michigan (MI)
  15. Have to move from Nevada to Detroit and need Unemployment: transfer, to work - Michigan (MI)
  16. Getting married! Need house! Where to go? Help!: Detroit, Livonia: wood floors, for sale - Michigan (MI)
  17. advice on buying a house in Detroit: rental, inspectors - Michigan (MI)
  18. DETROIT- FDR's New Deal/LBJ's Great Society(Utopia)-Collapse-Liberal Policies/Unions/Gov't Entitlements.: Birmingham: salary - Michigan (MI)
  19. Vulnerable to Terrorism?: Detroit: location, population, American - Michigan (MI)
  20. Great bars, clubs, lounges: Detroit, Royal Oak: to buy, live, professionals - Michigan (MI)
  21. Motown Winter Blast to return!: Detroit: mover, campus, parking - Michigan (MI)
  22. The Detroit Project: Wixom, Lexington, Lawrence: public school, universities, utilities - Michigan (MI)
  23. Handyman recommendations?: Warren, Eastpointe: rental, house, contractors - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  24. Meijers don't carry Steak-umm anymore?: appointed, home, stores - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  25. Will you attend Winter blast?: Detroit: live, schedule, place - Michigan (MI)
  26. Another Episode of House Hunters Made Detroit Look Really Good: Harper Woods: loft, condo - Michigan (MI)
  27. know where or how to Apply for New GM Battery Plant in Brownstown?: Monroe: salary - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  28. Husband has new job in Brighton: Detroit, Ann Arbor: apartments, for rent, mortgage - Michigan (MI)
  29. Cheap Lighting: Lansing, Novi, Wixom: Home Depot, best, place - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  30. Rochester Schools: Rochester Hills, Lake Orion: school districts, live, price - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  31. recommend a real estate agent?: Sterling Heights, St. Clair Shores: foreclosures, homes, buying - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  32. Unemployed in Michigan, exhausted benefits or soon to exhaust benefits: What are we doing and how are we coping? What is: insurance - Detroit, (MI)
  33. relocate from philadelphia to detroit: Ann Arbor, Royal Oak: apartments, rentals, lofts - Michigan (MI)
  34. Rucker's Dairy Bar on Detroit's west side: Jackson: live in, best - Michigan (MI)
  35. Looking for a Loft Near Rochester Area, NOT in Detroit or Royal Oak. Help?: Pontiac: apartments - Michigan (MI)
  36. Is Detroit a good area to rent to Section 8 Tenants?: rentals, crime rate - Michigan (MI)
  37. detroit is an uncomprehendable mythical city: Warren, Sterling Heights: foreclosures, condo, crime - Michigan (MI)
  38. Demoralized Detroit aims to resurrect a ruin (artilce): building, location - Michigan (MI)
  39. Relocation-Detroit Area: Ann Arbor, Livonia, Farmington Hills: rentals, houses, neighborhood - Michigan (MI)
  40. Detroit homes sell for $1: foreclosures, high crime, mortgage - Michigan (MI)
  41. Detroit to Windsor?: home, drivers license, car - Michigan (MI)
  42. Urban Planners taking a trip to Detroit - need advice: Warren: live in, to eat - Michigan (MI)
  43. MonCon gets 3 year prison sentence: Detroit, Charlotte: appointed, lawyer, income - Michigan (MI)
  44. Marketplace Homes: Plymouth, Charlotte: leasing, to buy, tenants - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  45. Who pays the bills for the blinking traffic lights?: Sterling: school, cost of - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  46. Does know about Wayburn street?: Detroit, Warren: condo, to live, moving to - Michigan (MI)
  47. Layover: Detroit, Ann Arbor, Dearborn: rental car, rental, subdivisions - Michigan (MI)
  48. National Soccer Touranment at Silverdome: Pontiac: live, activity, tickets - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  49. offer less on a house?: Utica, Sterling: comparable sales, sales, houses - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  50. Is Otis Mathis a role model or an example of what's wrong with schools? Both? Neither? Discuss.: Detroit: credit - Michigan (MI)
  51. reccomend dog training?: classes, county, dogs - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  52. Who's getting Paczkis tomorrow?: Hamtramck: buy, live in, store - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  53. Van Buren Township: Detroit, Ann Arbor, Dearborn: low crime, new home, public schools - Michigan (MI)
  54. Landlords may be Detroit's future: Warren: renting, crime, squatters - Michigan (MI)
  55. News, Winter festival opens in Detroit.: community college, club, kids - Michigan (MI)
  56. Grosse Pointers Opine!: Detroit, Dearborn: real estate market, foreclosures, house - Michigan (MI)
  57. Canada is thinking of buying Ambassador Bridge: Detroit: construction, upkeep - Michigan (MI)
  58. What does Detroit need and want?: Warren, Eastpointe: mover, crime rates, how much - Michigan (MI)
  59. Plymouth/Northville - just small towns within proximity to Detroit/Ann Arbor...or MORE?: Grosse Pointe: apartments - Michigan (MI)
  60. Best kid-play areas in MALLS in the metro Detroit area...?: Sterling Heights: food, friendly - Michigan (MI)
  61. I'm thinking about moving to East Detriot, tips?: Detroit: real estate, foreclosures - Michigan (MI)
  62. Legal Advice- Am i responseable for my ex husbands debt: credit report, loan - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  63. 'Little Baghdad' on Seven Mile Road...Iraqi restaurants?: Detroit, Warren: safe, food - Michigan (MI)
  64. Wow, the city can't keep the street lights on...: Detroit: houses, zoning - Michigan (MI)
  65. Romeo, MI: Detroit, Sterling Heights, Rochester: how much, houses, neighborhood - Michigan
  66. Hamtramck/Dearborn housing styles...anywhere similar in Metro Detroit?: Warren: apartments, houses - Michigan (MI)
  67. The D in 3D: Detroit: town - Michigan (MI)
  68. Need Moving Advice: Detroit, Ann Arbor, Waterford: sales, apartment, rentals - Michigan (MI)
  69. Gross Pointe, What's the latest ?: Detroit, Troy: best suburbs, house, school - Michigan (MI)
  70. Article about Highland Park: Detroit, Hamtramck: middle-class, squatters, houses - Michigan (MI)
  71. Unemployment overpayment help!: daycare, unemployment benefits, vacation - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  72. Metro Detroit - 12th Safest City in US: violent crime, unemployment - Michigan (MI)
  73. CNNMONEY/TIME INC has solution for Detroiters looking for work: MOVE: Muskegon: sales, real estate - Michigan (MI)
  74. Looking for the Over-35 Crowd in Dearborn, MI: friendly, places to go - Detroit, Michigan
  75. Pontiac Silverdome?: stadium, required, paid - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  76. Buying a short sale in Detroit suburb: Westland, Romulus: short sales, real estate - Michigan (MI)
  77. obtaing permanent license if name on national drivers registry: home, title - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  78. News, Detroit's Med Grow Cannabis College offers course in growing marijuana.: school, legal - Michigan (MI)
  79. What advantages does Detroit (more the city than the metro have): homes, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  80. Bid/ask spread on metro detroit houses: Birmingham, Franklin: sales, real estate - Michigan (MI)
  81. News, Artists Plan to Ice Detroit House.: foreclosures, population - Michigan (MI)
  82. Detroit Police kicking butt...: Warren, Republic: city hall, house, tax - Michigan (MI)
  83. University of Detroit Mercy nationally recognized?: schools, living, moving to - Michigan (MI)
  84. Is there anywhere at or near Detroit Metro Airport to watch planes take off?: hotels - Michigan (MI)
  85. east china schools: Detroit: house, school district, college - Michigan (MI)
  86. A about the Boston-Edison Neighborhood: Detroit, Canton: appointed, crime, houses - Michigan (MI)
  87. What if U of M never left and Windsor was part of Detroit: Ann Arbor: theater - Michigan (MI)
  88. Thanksgiving Day Parade: Detroit: garage, Whole Foods, parking - Michigan (MI)
  89. diversity and safety all in one?: Warren, Sterling Heights: low crime, how much, houses - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  90. A keen grasp of the Obvious....: Detroit, Warren: high crime, credit, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  91. looking for house for me + pop: Detroit, Redford: schools, contractors, inspections - Michigan (MI)
  92. Holiday Fun & Activities???: Detroit, Wayne: homes, neighborhoods, theater - Michigan (MI)
  93. Detroit Casinos are doing slightly better than Las Vegas and Atlantic City: unemployment - Michigan (MI)
  94. Cheap rentals in Detroit (or towns)????: Warren, Sterling Heights: cul-de-sac, affordable apartment - Michigan (MI)
  95. Why are (house) rental prices so high??: short sale, foreclosure - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  96. Seek about Old Detroit Business/ location: Wayne: floors, realty - Michigan (MI)
  97. Looking for Family suburbs around Detroit m: Ann Arbor: best cities, for sale - Michigan (MI)
  98. Stirling estates in Pontiac, MI: Detroit, Auburn Hills: apartments, crime rate, houses - Michigan
  99. Great kayaking Detroit River report: Eagle: living, retire, places - Michigan (MI)
  100. Devil's Night in Detroit: houses, neighborhoods, tenants - Michigan (MI)
  101. Pathways being created in Detroit.: buying, college, live - Michigan (MI)
  102. Eton Academy: Detroit, Troy, Auburn Hills: private school, live, moving to - Michigan (MI)
  103. Volunteer Opportunities in Detroit Area: Pontiac, Wayne: appointed, school, live in - Michigan (MI)
  104. Grinding Positions: Detroit: cars, places, work - Michigan (MI)
  105. The Detroit Shock are moving out of state: Auburn Hills, Auburn: new home, quality - Michigan (MI)
  106. Family-friendly activities: Detroit, Ann Arbor, Canton: home, military, suburbs - Michigan (MI)
  107. Foreclosures rock suburbs harder than city: Detroit: neighborhood, business - Michigan (MI)
  108. Soupy Sales: Detroit: school, live, price - Michigan (MI)
  109. A Few factors Slowing Down Business Growth In Detroit and: purchase, schools - Michigan (MI)
  110. What parts of Detroit city are gentrified?: Hamtramck, Wayne: foreclosures, insurance - Michigan (MI)
  111. visiting detroit: Warren, Ann Arbor, Dearborn: hotels, house, neighborhood - Michigan (MI)
  112. How many people LIVE in Windsor, and work in DETROIT? (Americans)...or is working in the DTW suburbs better?: Hamtramck: school, casino - Michigan (MI)
  113. I'll be ready to go home to MI next summer. I just hope there's a job for my husband there.: Detroit: short sale, rental - Michigan
  114. Most Blighted Neighborhood in Detroit?: Wayne, River Rouge: houses, inspection, homeless - Michigan (MI)
  115. Michigan becoming a non smoking state?: Detroit: purchase, live, restaurants - (MI)
  116. If you live(or have lived)in Hamtramck.......: Detroit, Highland Park: rent, crime - Michigan (MI)
  117. I found my old house in Detroit today...: Lansing, Eastpointe: city hall, crime - Michigan (MI)
  118. My $710.00 speeding ticket: insurance, lawyer, house - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  119. Race Relations in the Pointes??: Detroit, Southfield: cul-de-sac, crime, houses - Michigan (MI)
  120. The future of Detroit: Birmingham, Charlotte: renting, homes, unemployment - Michigan (MI)
  121. safe to go out at night- Warren area?: Detroit, Flint: crime, hotel - Michigan (MI)
  122. Detroit's Infrastructure: Troy, Caro, Dexter: real estate, mover, crime rate - Michigan (MI)
  123. old-fashioned style hamburger joint in Dearborn: Detroit, Troy: house, school, restaurant - Michigan (MI)
  124. Metal Hangers: Detroit, Hart: 2015, how much, buying - Michigan (MI)
  125. University of Detroit Mercy?: Royal Oak, Ferndale: top neighborhoods, apartment, dorms - Michigan (MI)
  126. - Help for Detroit students: co-op, credit, buy - Michigan (MI)
  127. How about all Breakins when your home they Rob you?: Detroit: fingerprints, house - Michigan (MI)
  128. I am about ready to give up on Michigan: Detroit: renting, low crime - (MI)
  129. Warnings for a College Kid in Detroit?: Warren, Ann Arbor: to rent, mover - Michigan (MI)
  130. grosse pointe questions: Detroit, Grosse Pointe Woods, Harper Woods: for sale, insurance, how much - Michigan (MI)
  131. News, Demoralized Detroit aims to resurrect a ruin.: crime, hotel - Michigan (MI)
  132. What sets Detroit apart from other American cities?: Warren, Sterling Heights: foreclosures, mover - Michigan (MI)
  133. Are you a fan od Detroit Hip Hop?: Warren, Flint: credit, house - Michigan (MI)
  134. Sterling Heights, MI - impressions: Warren, Troy: crime rate, houses, neighborhoods - Detroit, Michigan
  135. Detroit Questions: Davison: neighborhood, elementary school, to live in - Michigan (MI)
  136. Palmer Woods?: Detroit, Royal Oak, Ferndale: for sale, renting, houses - Michigan (MI)
  137. The Pistons Might Move Downtown!: Detroit, Warren: house, gated, tax - Michigan (MI)
  138. Is Hazel Park a diverse(tolerant)safe city?: Detroit, Warren: apartments, rental - Michigan (MI)
  139. No one buying homes in Detroit, as low as $500.: Atlanta: rental, crime rate - Michigan (MI)
  140. Seattle to Michigan: Detroit, Ann Arbor, Troy: house, neighborhoods, universities - (MI)
  141. Light Rail coming to Detroit with Federal and Private Funding: Warren: mover, homes - Michigan (MI)
  142. Why I think Metro Detroit is Great: St. Louis, Atlanta: insurance, crime rate - Michigan (MI)
  143. Moving to Detroit - Best Ethnically Diversity Areas: Ann Arbor, Farmington Hills: low crime, homes - Michigan (MI)
  144. Great Migration Back to the city? ): Detroit, Warren: mover, crime - Michigan (MI)
  145. We Want To Leave MI: Auburn Hills, Auburn: foreclosed, how much, house - Detroit, Michigan
  146. Detroit Casino's taking your money?: to buy, casinos, live in - Michigan (MI)
  147. Are there Good Neighborhoods in Detroit or are they outside the City?: Troy: house, transfer - Michigan (MI)
  148. What's up with Pontiac, MI?: Detroit, Flint: for sale, low crime, houses - Michigan
  149. Would you demolish Detroit and start over again if you could?: Royal Oak: real estate, houses - Michigan (MI)
  150. How to Get Abandoned Buildings Torn Down?: Detroit, Allen Park: how much, houses - Michigan (MI)
  151. Moving family away from everyone: Detroit: home, buy, high school - Michigan (MI)
  152. Safe accomodation near St John Hospital, Detroit.: Grosse Pointe Woods, Harper Woods: hardwood floors, apartments - Michigan (MI)
  153. What can save Detroit?: Flint, Lansing: low income, section 8, city hall - Michigan (MI)
  154. Latest Chapter in Kwame Fiasco: Detroit, Brighton: appointed, sale, loans - Michigan (MI)
  155. What's your FAVORITE restaurant in metro Detroit? :): Warren, Ann Arbor: house, pub - Michigan (MI)
  156. Hazel Park: Detroit, Warren, Taylor: city hall, rentals, crime - Michigan (MI)
  157. Farms as way to grow Detroit?: houses, employment - Michigan (MI)
  158. Suburbs with downtowns: Detroit, Warren, Ann Arbor: houses, neighborhoods, school districts - Michigan (MI)
  159. Downtown Detroit - Necklace District: Ann Arbor, Dearborn: to rent, lofts, condos - Michigan (MI)
  160. I miss home...: Detroit, Ann Arbor: how much, homes, job market - Michigan (MI)
  161. Property taxes: Detroit, Wayne, Harper Woods: sale, real estate, houses - Michigan (MI)
  162. What are the Average Utility Bill Costs for a Small 2 or 3 bedroom Home: Redford: apartment, lease - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  163. Looking for suburb advice: Detroit, Troy: new house, neighborhoods, to buy - Michigan (MI)
  164. Is This Ironic or What?: Detroit, Wayne: condo, crime, houses - Michigan (MI)
  165. Where should I live in Detroit city?: Ann Arbor, Royal Oak: hardwood floors, 2015 - Michigan (MI)
  166. Is Wayne state University hard to get into: Detroit, Ann Arbor: safe area, law school - Michigan (MI)
  167. moving to warren are in michigan: Detroit, St. Clair Shores: real estate, crime, houses - (MI)
  168. Amazing video: How GM Destroyed Mass Transit: Detroit: crime, homes - Michigan (MI)
  169. Young Medical Professional, where shall I live?: Detroit, Warren: best city, for sale - Michigan (MI)
  170. Michigan weather - gloomy or just cold?: Detroit, Ann Arbor: sales, car insurance - (MI)
  171. Detroit, the next Berlin?: Livonia: houses, buying, theater - Michigan (MI)
  172. Notice today: Detroit, Coleman: how much, neighborhoods, buy - Michigan (MI)
  173. Might have a job in Woodhaven, moving advice!: Detroit, Ann Arbor: homes, neighborhoods - Michigan (MI)
  174. Does Mayor David Bing offer hope?: Detroit, Lansing: shop, install - Michigan (MI)
  175. Downtown Minneapolis vs. Downtown Detroit.. s: Livonia, Farmington Hills: appointed, apartments, hotels - Michigan (MI)
  176. Two questions: 1) where was this photo taken? and 2) does know anything about the Fyfe Apartments?: houses, neighborhood - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  177. Help is much: Detroit, Warren: apartment, renting, low crime - Michigan (MI)
  178. What Killed Detroit Continued: Flint, Taylor: fit in, mover, crime rate - Michigan (MI)
  179. is Southfield that bad?: Detroit, Dearborn: sales, insurance, crime - Michigan (MI)
  180. What's so bad about Detroit?: middle-class, crime, unemployment - Michigan (MI)
  181. Birmingham vs Rochester Hills - Schools, Family Oriented Comparison: Detroit: cul-de-sac, houses - Michigan (MI)
  182. Going to Canada?: Detroit, Traverse City, Tecumseh: hotel, casinos, live in - Michigan (MI)
  183. looking for a good barber around the westland/canton area: moved, recommend - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  184. Need weather & road report, down south trying to get home pulling a trailer.: Battle Creek: how much - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  185. News Video, Detroit candy company returns to roots.: money, small business - Michigan (MI)
  186. Looking for Roofing Company: house, tax, seniors - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  187. Try Something New!: Detroit: unemployed, pool, areas - Michigan (MI)
  188. Official city unemployment rate: school, state, German - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  189. Need Opinions on a JOBS + ENERGY proposal: Detroit: rent, unemployment rate - Michigan (MI)
  190. Its so Cold in the D - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  191. tickets to holiday nights at Greenfield Village: town, Saturday - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  192. I am looking for Kawai K3 new piano deal: good - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  193. Best places to eat under 15$ in the 313/248: Detroit: Saturday - Michigan (MI)
  194. Former K-Marts Headquarters Sold: Detroit: property, business, free - Michigan (MI)
  195. Sprint EVDO coverage in Oakland?: Royal Oak, Oak Park: metro, bookstore, black - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  196. News, Detroit's Rosa Parks Center often closed.: layoffs, commuters - Michigan (MI)
  197. Buying a Land Contract: home, price, vs - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  198. Lake St. Clair - how is the water quality/pollution? - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  199. City leaders don't want medical marijuana: cities, work, - Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  200. Land contracts???: leasing, credit, new home - Detroit, Michigan (MI)