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  84. relocting to Indianapolis, IN: Nashville: find a job, school, moving to
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  103. Gangs Indianapolis, IN: Winchester, Ridgeville: neighborhood, live, transportation
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  111. Airport Car Service in Indianapolis: Boston: renting, hotel, limo - (IN)
  112. Dear Hoosier drivers, learn how to navigate a 4-way stop!: Austin: public school, live - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  113. Whole Foods confirmed for downtown: Indianapolis, Austin: 2014, apartment, condos - (IN)
  114. Which Meat Market in Indianapolis is the best?: Greenwood, Beech Grove: organic, live - (IN)
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  116. Indy loses bid for 2018 Super Bowl: Indianapolis, Orleans: tax, oil, stadium - (IN)
  117. Where to find blank Real Eastate Purchase Agreement form?: short sale, real estate - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  118. New to Indy area: Indianapolis, Lawrence: house, schools, tornado - (IN)
  119. for almost two months now.: Indianapolis, Bloomington: 2013, apartment, home - (IN)
  120. Neighborhoods to Recommend?: Indianapolis, Carmel, Portland: real estate, apartments, renting - (IN)
  121. a Move to Brownsburg from Chicago or Indy with Great Schools BiRacial Children: Indianapolis: rent, health insurance - (IN)
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  123. Relocating to Plainfield IN area: Indianapolis, Carmel: 2014, house, neighborhoods
  124. Looking for church: Indianapolis, Carmel: license, area, town - (IN)
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  127. unsafe areas in Indianapolis?: Fishers, Marion: 2013, crime rate, unemployment - (IN)
  128. Moving to Carmel, IN from Franklin, TN: Alexandria, Monon: apartment complex, townhomes - Indianapolis, Indiana
  129. Woodruff Place's Fountains and Statues: Indianapolis, Bloomington: 2015, apartments, rentals - (IN)
  130. Downtown: Monument Circle Redesign Plan: Macy: 2014, restaurants, price - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  137. W 56th street entrance to 465 N: Indianapolis, Lafayette: apartments, condos, houses - (IN)
  138. Public transportation: Indianapolis, Fishers: rental, construction, income - (IN)
  139. No pawn shops in Hamilton county?: Indianapolis, Fishers: loan, neighborhood, clubs - (IN)
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  141. Mass Transit Bill Signed into Law: Indianapolis, Fishers: 2014, taxes, live in - (IN)
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  147. SF Bay Area to Indy/Bloomington?: Indianapolis, Columbus: insurance, hotels, home - (IN)
  148. Naptown has to PAY an airline to provide non-stop service?: Francisco: 2013, tax - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  149. Butler basketball: Indianapolis, Evansville: appointed, houses, neighborhood - (IN)
  150. Dallas or Indianapolis: Fishers, Carmel, Zionsville: house, private school, live in - (IN)
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  160. why is Indianapolis crime rate at a 30-year high in 2012: Gary: 2013, theater - (IN)
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  164. Indianapolis is Awful!: Fishers, Zionsville, Atlanta: apartments, neighborhoods, college - (IN)
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  166. Why is Irvington so cheap?: Indianapolis, Fishers: renter, crime, houses - (IN)
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  168. Our Visit to Indy Suburbs: Indianapolis, Carmel: where to stay, 2013, apartments - (IN)
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  170. How far away have you seen the Indianapolis skyline?: Bloomington: shop, airport - (IN)
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  172. Electricity bill this winter: how much, home, heat pump - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  175. Highway Exits and On Ramps We'd Like to See: Fishers: living in, move - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  177. It's Official: Indianapolis to bid for 2018 Super Bowl: Orleans, Denver: 2013, how much - (IN)
  178. Questions about Indianapolis: Dublin: appointed, university, living in - (IN)
  179. Living comfortably in Fishers: to rent, how much, home - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  180. Armed Robbery and Stun Gun Incident at Clay Terrace Mall??: Indianapolis: 2013, violent crime - (IN)
  181. Roads: Indianapolis, Anderson, Marion: neighborhoods, university, live - (IN)
  182. Terre Haute in the early 70's.: Wabash: restaurant, store, basement - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  183. The murdeer of Johnnie Conner: neighborhood, shop, teenager - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  185. Looking for a concrete / block contractor: install, company, building - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  186. working as a cna in indy: employment, wages, moving to - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  187. Make A Wish in support of Indiana Universites Children Hospital: home, tickets - Indianapolis, (IN)
  188. Avon Pet friendly apartments/condos for rent: Plainfield: homes, recommend - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  189. remember Lucifers restaurant/club in Indianapolis?: people, looking for - (IN)
  190. White River/MLK & 30th to 16th revitalization: crime, area - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  191. ever had a shared well in the city?: Indianapolis: bank owned, real estate - (IN)
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  200. What`s going on?: college, building, central - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)