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  1. Columbus Drivers..: live, moving, cars - Ohio (OH)
  2. Columbus Job Market: insurance, college, moving to - Ohio (OH)
  3. Southwestern High schools: Columbus, Grove City, Franklin: school district, live, teacher - Ohio (OH)
  4. how many murders ytd in cleveland,columbus and cincy ?: crime, credit - Ohio (OH)
  5. What can I do besides teach with a teaching license: school, university - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  6. Columbus Community College: credit, transfer to, private schools - Ohio (OH)
  7. Too many choices! Help: Columbus, Westerville: real estate market, houses, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  8. Firework laws: Columbus, Grove City: house, purchase, live in - Ohio (OH)
  9. Jewish Community: Columbus, Cleveland, Bexley: house, job market, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  10. Moving to Columbus aear: Westerville, Heath: real estate, to rent, sex offenders - Ohio (OH)
  11. New LPN in columbus?: Clinton: apartments, homes, find a job - Ohio (OH)
  12. Job offer in Columbus: Toledo, Hamilton: apartment complex, to rent, public schools - Ohio (OH)
  13. Galloway: school district, residential, area - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  14. Parsons & Hanford St. Area: Columbus, Dublin: sales, foreclosures, condos - Ohio (OH)
  15. Esthiology Program at Aveda Institute Columbus: Dent: salons, loans, find a job - Ohio (OH)
  16. Need to find an apartment ASAP around Columbus: Cincinnati, Dayton: apartments, how much - Ohio (OH)
  17. chihuahuas: Columbus, Franklin: purchase, live in, area - Ohio (OH)
  18. Need help with apartments in Columbus area!!: Cleveland, Westerville: apartment complexes, rentals - Ohio (OH)
  19. Family relocating to Columbus: Westerville, Upper Arlington: real estate, apartments, sex offenders - Ohio (OH)
  20. shawnee-hills?: Dublin, Powell, Shawnee Hills: houses, buy, construction - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  21. Grove City Seventh Day Adventist church: Kettering: outlet mall, near, female - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  22. Questions on locations and party spots: Columbus, Cleveland: apartments, condos, crime - Ohio (OH)
  23. Columbus from a Beantown boy: Grandview: loft, condo, house - Ohio (OH)
  24. What's the true skinny on Westgate?: Columbus, Clinton: best neighborhoods, for sale, real estate - Ohio (OH)
  25. HELP!! I'm looking for Physical Therapist Assistant Training schools in Columbus: commuting, working - Ohio (OH)
  26. Lancaster vs Grove City: Columbus, Fairfield: pros and cons, suburb, commute to - Ohio (OH)
  27. Good Locations In Columbus: Westerville, Dublin: real estate, apartments, houses - Ohio (OH)
  28. Pediatricians: Columbus, Whitehall: home, club, office - Ohio (OH)
  29. Valleyview: Columbus, Grove City, Hilliard: crime rate, homes, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  30. Relocating to the Columbus/Chillicothe area: employment, middle school, college - Ohio (OH)
  31. What to do in or around Columbus: Washington, Franklin: rental car, rental - Ohio (OH)
  32. moving to columbus from maine: Westerville, Upper Arlington: apartments, lease, house - Ohio (OH)
  33. where I can find a EE JOB IN COLUMBUS: Marysville: move to, installation - Ohio (OH)
  34. User-friendly suburbs for the disabled...?: Columbus, Westerville: daycares, schools, to live - Ohio (OH)
  35. COTA's north terminal in downtown - safe at night?: Columbus: crime rates, safe area - Ohio (OH)
  36. Urban Growth in Columbus, Photos & More!: Harrison: apartments, lofts - Ohio (OH)
  37. Relocation help for Columbus apartment scene: Hamilton, Westerville: apartments, rentals, house - Ohio (OH)
  38. Electric Bill: Columbus: apartment, how much, townhouse - Ohio (OH)
  39. Groveport Schools: Columbus, Hamilton, Gahanna: apartments, houses, school district - Ohio (OH)
  40. Relocating To Columbus-Unusual housing desire.: Gahanna: apartment, loft, how much - Ohio (OH)
  41. Driving in Columbus in the winter: Cleveland, Lancaster: how much, move to, car - Ohio (OH)
  42. Just joined: Columbus, Gahanna: live, move to, cities - Ohio (OH)
  43. Cairene & Nyer Columbus: Cairo, Rochester: job market, school, universities - Ohio (OH)
  44. Delaware Ohio ... Impressions, Opinions: Columbus, Dublin: fit in, crime, new house - (OH)
  45. Where to live in Columbus ??: Westerville, Upper Arlington: foreclosure, rentals, lofts - Ohio (OH)
  46. Relocating and Need Guidance: Columbus, Toledo: YMCA, schools, community college - Ohio (OH)
  47. things for kiddos to do in Columbus???: Upper Arlington, Dublin: live, mall - Ohio (OH)
  48. Looking for opinions on Canal Winchester: Columbus, Westerville: real estate, sex offenders, houses - Ohio (OH)
  49. apartment and daycare hunter: Columbus, Cleveland: apartment complex, for rent, crime - Ohio (OH)
  50. Reference on interior painters - Dublin area: Shawnee, Shawnee Hills: house, contractor - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  51. Questions about Columbus: Cleveland, Lancaster, Franklin: fit in, best city, apartment - Ohio (OH)
  52. help we are ready: Columbus, Cincinnati: home, wedding, to live - Ohio (OH)
  53. Skiing: Columbus, Cleveland, Mansfield: ski resorts, house, move to - Ohio (OH)
  54. attending OSU and working at the Medical Center: Cleveland, Upper Arlington: apartment complex, rental - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  55. Lesbian Moms - Move to Gahanna??: Columbus, Dublin: middle-class, houses, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  56. Best Catholic Schools?: Columbus, Worthington, Cecil: shop, elementary, academy - Ohio (OH)
  57. hunting violations: Fairfield: college, ticket, county - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  58. Relocating 30 minutes around London: Columbus, Grove City: apartment, to rent, low crime - Ohio (OH)
  59. What the best on the East Suburbs -Kirkersville?: Columbus, Pataskala: for sale, to rent - Ohio (OH)
  60. Johnstown Ohio ...How rural is it?: Columbus, Lancaster: homes, subdivision, to live in - (OH)
  61. looking for an apartment: Columbus, Hudson: section 8, affordable apartments, rentals - Ohio (OH)
  62. Areas in Grove City to avoid: Urbancrest: neighborhoods, live in, safest - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  63. Looking for a good charter school in columbus: Cincinnati, Westerville: rent, buying a house - Ohio (OH)
  64. Columbus Statistics: metropolitan, business, student - Ohio (OH)
  65. Looking for recommendations: Columbus: movers, credit, house - Ohio (OH)
  66. Moving To Columbus !!!: Westerville, Gahanna: rentals, low crime, homes - Ohio (OH)
  67. looking for a dog park: Columbus: neighborhood, moving to, area - Ohio (OH)
  68. Dublin vs Powell?: fit in, section 8, for sale - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  69. Columbus housing- sorry so repetitive: Reynoldsburg, Franklin: apartments, condos, townhomes - Ohio (OH)
  70. Who do I call to report a neighbor who is having loud parties 2-3 nites a week now?: Orient: subdivision - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  71. Home builders in Ohio: Columbus, Bexley: buying, bankrupt, luxury - (OH)
  72. Best neighborhoods the west side?: Columbus, Lakewood: for sale, condominium, big home - Ohio (OH)
  73. Need help with town differences: Columbus, Cleveland: section 8, for sale, condo - Ohio (OH)
  74. moving to Columbus from Nevada: Reynoldsburg, Dublin: condo, homes, movies - Ohio (OH)
  75. have problems with Olentangy Commons?: Columbus, Bethel: apartment complexes, rentals, house - Ohio (OH)
  76. Is this a safe neighborhood?: Bexley, New Albany: house, retire, deals - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  77. Northeastern Columbus Suburbs/Villages: Westerville, Worthington: home, neighborhoods, school district - Ohio (OH)
  78. s for good townhouses or single family homes on West Side of Columbus: Cincinnati: apartment complex - Ohio (OH)
  79. HELP!Live in Canal Winchester, but child has to attend Columbus school: Reynoldsburg: condos - Ohio (OH)
  80. Greater Columbus area, best neighborhood for diversity: Westerville, Dublin: home, to buy - Ohio (OH)
  81. Possibly going to osu with a family (lots of kids): Columbus: renting, mortgage - Ohio (OH)
  82. commute times and good schools with affordable homes: Columbus, Hamilton: school district, taxes - Ohio (OH)
  83. Tips On Columbus Taxes/new Albany/gahanna/worthington/olentangy/dublin: Hamilton: attorney, house - Ohio (OH)
  84. Moving to Plain City, Ohio: Columbus, Florida: for rent, crime, houses - (OH)
  85. Finding deals on home improvement materials: Hilliard: rental, condo, appliances - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  86. Athens, Vinton, Meigs Counties Ohio: Columbus, Dayton: house, employment, school - (OH)
  87. Relocating: Columbus, Lancaster, Westerville: low crime, houses, transfer - Ohio (OH)
  88. suburb for a mixed couple: Columbus, Cleveland: middle-class, neighborhoods, school district - Ohio (OH)
  89. Is there a noticable chinese Population in Columbus?: Cleveland, Cincinnati: transplants, home - Ohio (OH)
  90. Moving to Columbus need help finding a job: find a job, electric - Ohio (OH)
  91. Areas to avoid/look for near OSU campus: Columbus, Upper Arlington: for sale, rentals - Ohio (OH)
  92. Gahanna and ADD/ADHD education: Columbus, Akron: homes, school district, college - Ohio (OH)
  93. Moving-Which city would you recommend?: Columbus, Lancaster: low crime, house, to buy - Ohio (OH)
  94. is columbus really as good as its ranked for blacks: professionals, offer - Ohio (OH)
  95. Do you read Columbus Monthly regularly?: local, magazine - Ohio (OH)
  96. move to dublin: Columbus, Lancaster: apartments, for rent, houses - Ohio (OH)
  97. columbus ohio or maryland suburbs: Dayton, Dublin: insurance, home, job market - (OH)
  98. Where exactly are the singers from Rascal Flatts from?: Columbus: entertainment, important - Ohio (OH)
  99. jobs: Columbus, Delaware, Marysville: construction, wage, restaurant - Ohio (OH)
  100. Outdoor activities?: Columbus: camping, cabins, moving to - Ohio (OH)
  101. Best places to meet women at the Ohio State Fair?: county, working - Columbus, (OH)
  102. Grad Student Looking For Place In Columbus: Cleveland, Worthington: apartment complexes, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  103. Gahanna: Reynoldsburg, Dublin, Hilliard: middle-class, houses, good schools - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  104. Downtown Columbus Real Estate: Dublin: apartments, rentals, lofts - Ohio (OH)
  105. country living around upper arlington?: Columbus, Dublin: how much, homes, neighborhood - Ohio (OH)
  106. What was not taken into consideration before you moved to Columbus?: Upper Arlington: appointed, how much - Ohio (OH)
  107. Need an OB doctor: Columbus, Riverside: live in, delivery, hospital - Ohio (OH)
  108. Moving to Columbus: Upper Arlington, Worthington, Grandview Heights: apartments, crime, houses - Ohio (OH)
  109. Public Transport: Columbus, Oregon, Clinton: neighborhood, purchasing, tax - Ohio (OH)
  110. Grocery Shopping?: buy, prices, club - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  111. The larger employers in the Columbus area: Toledo, Delaware: insurance, university - Ohio (OH)
  112. advice !!!: Columbus: apartment, rental, crime - Ohio (OH)
  113. Usual pay rate for jobs in and around Columbus: rentals, live - Ohio (OH)
  114. How to findout school dist for a subdivision: Columbus: transporting, house - Ohio (OH)
  115. Relocating from WV...: Columbus, Grandview Heights, Grandview: fit in, apartment, rental - Ohio (OH)
  116. Salary Scales: Columbus, Cleveland, Ada: to rent, condos, houses - Ohio (OH)
  117. g grandfather in US Penitentiary Columbus Ohio: Mansfield: home, bars - (OH)
  118. school distict maps?: Columbus, Westerville, Dublin: houses, neighborhood, school districts - Ohio (OH)
  119. Columbus vs. Maine: Washington: house, job market, neighborhood - Ohio (OH)
  120. Did you all get a white Christmas?: Columbus: moving, health - Ohio (OH)
  121. Relocating to Columbus & I need a job... ideas?!: for rent, employment - Ohio (OH)
  122. Buffalo NY to Florida to Cleveland OH: Bay Village, Washington: mortgage, home - Columbus, Ohio
  123. Broadmeadows Plaza Apartments Good or Bad?: Gahanna: safe, to move, best - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  124. Investing in Columbus?: Clinton: renters, townhouse, safest area - Ohio (OH)
  125. Horse Boarding in Columbus area: Delaware, Pataskala: real estate, house prices, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  126. Grove City and married mixed couple with 4 kids??: Columbus, Pickerington: live in, interracial - Ohio (OH)
  127. Things to do for the weekend?: Columbus, Dublin: theater, construction, university - Ohio (OH)
  128. Moving to Columbus: Reynoldsburg, Dresden: apartments, rent, daycares - Ohio (OH)
  129. Looking for a neighborhood to call my own...: Columbus, Upper Arlington: apartment, rentals - Ohio (OH)
  130. Living in Croton... Is the Buckeye Egg Farm still a problem?: attorneys, home - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  131. Relocation - Dublin, Hilliard and Powell: Columbus, Worthington: how much, house, school district - Ohio (OH)
  132. A few questions Columbus: Cleveland, Lancaster: apartments, for rent, crime - Ohio (OH)
  133. Worthington: Columbus, Westerville, Upper Arlington: low income, apartments, rentals - Ohio (OH)
  134. Looking for Apartment - Young Professional: Columbus, Hamilton: apartment complex, rentals, condos - Ohio (OH)
  135. Adapting to the colder wheather: Columbus, Cleveland: for sale, to rent, car insurance - Ohio (OH)
  136. Relocation from South Carolina: Columbus, Fairfield: real estate, sex offender, low crime - Ohio (OH)
  137. Local talk radio?: Columbus, Youngstown, Lancaster: credit, home, live - Ohio (OH)
  138. Being transfered to Columbus: Middletown, Westerville: hardwood floors, crime, houses - Ohio (OH)
  139. ohio's economy ???: Columbus, Cincinnati: insurance, homes, job market - (OH)
  140. What is the BEST (i.e., your favorite) Columbus suburb?: Westerville: apartments, how much - Ohio (OH)
  141. Relocating - s for a rural town WEST of Columbus?: Dayton: for sale, rental - Ohio (OH)
  142. Westerville or Powell: Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati: cul-de-sac, transplants, amusement park - Ohio (OH)
  143. Winter in Columbus?: Cleveland, Cincinnati, Washington: job transfer, schools, living in - Ohio (OH)
  144. Is Grove City really bad?: Columbus, Upper Arlington: middle-class, foreclosures, low crime - Ohio (OH)
  145. What are of the best parts of studying at OSU?: Columbus: apartments, rentals - Ohio (OH)
  146. Is Columbus A Good Place To Be Single?: Somerset: fit in, store - Ohio (OH)
  147. NE Columbus apartment search: Hamilton, Westerville: apartment complexes, rentals, sex offenders - Ohio (OH)
  148. Dunkin Donuts: Columbus, Cleveland, Lancaster: crime, live in, dangerous - Ohio (OH)
  149. East side of Columbus rural relo...: Lancaster, Zanesville: home, living, moving - Ohio (OH)
  150. Need Help Relo from Maryland: Columbus, Upper Arlington: section 8, apartment complex, lofts - Ohio (OH)
  151. Westerville or Lewis Center?: Columbus, Cleveland: apartment complex, for rent, crime - Ohio (OH)
  152. bars or clubs that regularly play house music or techno?: Columbus: live, restaurants - Ohio (OH)
  153. Seeking Young Christian Couples: Lancaster, Dublin: home, law school, living in - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  154. Moving to Columbus on Morse Road. Good or Bad neighbor hood?: Lancaster: apartments, rentals - Ohio (OH)
  155. Relocating to Columbus - Good Schools?: Upper Arlington, Dublin: rent, buying a house, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  156. Reynoldsburg: Columbus, Newark, Gahanna: to rent, condo, townhome - Ohio (OH)
  157. New Albany Homes for Rent: Columbus, Cleveland: hardwood floors, cul-de-sac, for sale - Ohio (OH)
  158. Yinzers: Columbus, Hilliard, Worthington: college, live in, shop - Ohio (OH)
  159. Daily commute to Dayton? Neighborhoods where kids walk to school?: Columbus: transplants, crime - Ohio (OH)
  160. Nice Affordable Suburbs Outside of Columbus: Westerville, Upper Arlington: crime rate, homes, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  161. Is Columbus for me??: Dayton, Gahanna: rentals, condo, how much - Ohio (OH)
  162. Columbus, OH - Looking for Great Schools/Diverse Community: Westerville: appointed, house - Ohio
  163. Blacklick or Reynoldsburg: Columbus, Lancaster, Gahanna: apartments, crime, townhome - Ohio (OH)
  164. Great Photos of Columbus, aerials, and OSU: Grandview: live, to move - Ohio (OH)
  165. Worst schools in Columbus?: Hamilton, Lancaster: neighborhoods, school district, taxes - Ohio (OH)
  166. Jeepers but it's dreary: Lancaster, Florida: palm trees, winter, great - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  167. Charlotte or Columbus or ?: Lancaster, Dublin: ski resorts, insurance, condos - Ohio (OH)
  168. worst zip codes in columbus: Lancaster, Upper Arlington: crime, home, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  169. NEED HELP finding affordable, SAFE areas around Columbus: Upper Arlington, Dublin: wood floors, apartment complexes - Ohio (OH)
  170. Aerial Photos of Columbus: neighborhoods, theater, university - Ohio (OH)
  171. 40-something y/o leaving Los Angeles for Columbus--good idea?: Cleveland: rental, homes - Ohio (OH)
  172. Home is Hilliard but Columbus Schools: Westerville, Upper Arlington: buying a home, transfer - Ohio (OH)
  173. Columbus Ohio--Best place: Toledo, Westerville, Worthington: crime rate, homes, neighborhoods - (OH)
  174. What do you know about Olde Town East?: Columbus, Oregon: section 8, apartments - Ohio (OH)
  175. Posibble Move To Columbus: Cleveland, Canton: rental homes, buying a home, job market - Ohio (OH)
  176. from the UK! Moving to Ohio: Columbus, Westerville: houses, landscaping - (OH)
  177. Portand vs Salem for Manufacturing Engineering jobs: Oregon, Silverton: living in, shop - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  178. Woodworking jobs: Englewood: cabinets, cabin, moving to - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  179. Politics, Race and Wealth: Columbus: house, income, statistics - Ohio (OH)
  180. Ashville: Columbus, Newark: school district, living, safe - Ohio (OH)
  181. no collage are there jobs for me in columbus: home, college - Ohio (OH)
  182. Relocating to Granville, OH area: to rent, yard, land contract - Columbus, Ohio
  183. Resturants in London: price, food, place - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  184. Going to See the Industrial Jazz Group on the 26th: school, area - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  185. Grove City High vs Central Crossing High: elementary schools, rating - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  186. Homeschool friendly neighborhoods in the Columbus area?: move to, suburbs - Ohio (OH)
  187. Looking for employment from out of state - advice needed!: Columbus: find a job, move to - Ohio (OH)
  188. Moving to Columbus about job market): Washington, Arlington: college, living - Ohio (OH)
  189. Best elementary schools in Columbus: Cincinnati, Reynoldsburg: preschool, university, living - Ohio (OH)
  190. Heath Good or Bad place to live?: crime, school - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  191. Portuguese - I need to interview someone from Portugal: Franklin: university, live - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  192. Equestrian Communities: Columbus: information, surrounding - Ohio (OH)
  193. Opinions on Chestnut Hill apartments?: Hamilton: reviews, work, road - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  194. Nightlife Options: Columbus: club, diverse, dance - Ohio (OH)
  195. Moving to Columbus: apartments, rent, salary - Ohio (OH)
  196. Utilities: Columbus: apartment, townhouse, price - Ohio (OH)
  197. Hail Damage to Concrete Patio in Columbus: insurance, company - Ohio (OH)
  198. best schools in grove city: rating, district, better - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  199. Southwestern school district: ratings, best, reviews - Columbus, Ohio (OH)
  200. Granville?: Columbus: subdivisions, moved, about - Ohio (OH)