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  1. Local, non-profit ride sharing platform to launch next month: Austin: 2013, insurance - Texas (TX)
  2. Potholes on North Lamar Blvd: Austin, Burnet: neighborhood, contractors, live - Texas (TX)
  3. Round Rock to Bastrop and back...: Austin, Taylor: living, commute, job - Texas (TX)
  4. Primary Care Physician for Eating Disorders: Dallas, Austin: worth, aerobic, center - Texas (TX)
  5. Rough Hollow- still worth it (from that live there: sales, HOA - Austin, Texas (TX)
  6. Improvement v. Appraisal v. Homestead: houses, taxi, taxes - Austin, Texas (TX)
  7. floodstatus site: Austin, Giddings, Hutto: house, areas, flooding - Texas (TX)
  8. H-E-B has purchased the Twin Oaks Shopping Center: Austin, Burnet: section 8, landscaping - Texas (TX)
  9. 4.3 Billion dollar plan to overhaul I-35: license plate, rail, money - Austin, Texas (TX)
  10. Adult ADHD psychiatrist/clinic recommendations: Austin: gynecologist, moving to, renewal - Texas (TX)
  11. Traveling to Aus this week, curious of weather?: Austin, West: house, airport - Texas (TX)
  12. Manufacture retail vs store owner retail: Austin: prices, business, retailers - Texas (TX)
  13. highland mall? now school: San Antonio, Austin: apartments, leases, theatre - Texas (TX)
  14. Travis County GOP chairman: education, party, limit - Austin, Texas (TX)
  15. flooded roads: Austin, Brushy Creek: how much, closing, live - Texas (TX)
  16. Need Pro Bono lawyer to take on case to sue local flooring company: Austin: 2014 - Texas (TX)
  17. Homestead exemption and renting out a room: Pflugerville: rent, living in - Austin, Texas (TX)
  18. Shed permit in the Austin ETJ?: HOA, neighborhood, construction - Texas (TX)
  19. Brodie Lane Apartment: Austin, Bowie: apartment complexes, to rent, house - Texas (TX)
  20. Out of control Oak; seeking advice pics included: Austin, Howe: 2015, insurance - Texas (TX)
  21. Home foundation - about depth: lawyer, house, construction - Austin, Texas (TX)
  22. Best restaurants with a great view of the lake?: Austin: houses, price - Texas (TX)
  23. Grass allergy advice: relocating to, medicine, work - Austin, Texas (TX)
  24. Schools: Cunningham / Covington / Crockett: Austin, Shady Hollow: house, transferring to, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  25. Summer tennis camp for High school boy: Austin, New Braunfels: apartments, rental - Texas (TX)
  26. Austin's first pro sports team: Houston, San Antonio: middle school, moving to, design - Texas (TX)
  27. Good orthopedic doctor for spine and neck specialist?: office, doctors - Austin, Texas (TX)
  28. COA permits -what's the point?: Howe: house, water heater, neighborhood - Austin, Texas (TX)
  29. Quiet Zone in Avery Ranch?: HOA, neighborhoods, living in - Austin, Texas (TX)
  30. Floors and Backsplash Recommendations: Austin, Round Rock: new home, residential, kitchen - Texas (TX)
  31. California to Austin: rent, movers, living - Texas (TX)
  32. Working in San Marcos- where to live ?: Austin, New Braunfels: house, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  33. Plumbing permit to replace gas valves: Austin: how much, plumber, permits - Texas (TX)
  34. Free Parking Close To The Palmer Events Center??: Houston: live, car - Austin, Texas (TX)
  35. School ratings over years?: Austin, Round Rock: real estate, new home, established neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  36. How much is a greenbelt lot worth in Austin?: Round Rock: houses, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  37. old violin repair: San Antonio, Austin, Cedar Park: cost, shop, deals - Texas (TX)
  38. Star Ranch: Thoughts on the area and Hutto ISD: Amarillo: homes, neighborhood - Austin, Texas (TX)
  39. sumthin in the air: allergies, mold, places - Austin, Texas (TX)
  40. What do I do Next?: Austin, Odessa: fit in, high school, college - Texas (TX)
  41. Need s on car insurance agents: Austin, Brady: brokers, attorney - Texas (TX)
  42. Downtown Group Dining: Austin, Center: hotels, restaurant, trendy - Texas (TX)
  43. Health Ins - moving to contractor work: Austin: health insurance, credit - Texas (TX)
  44. Dentist in round rock, cedar park, austin ?? way overpriced: Houston: insurance, living - Texas (TX)
  45. 2 line VOIP for business: Austin, Howe: transfer, residential, office - Texas (TX)
  46. Private schools: Kirby Hall, Griffin, Khabele: Austin: middle school, lawsuit, education - Texas (TX)
  47. water holes open: Austin, San Marcos: live, dangerous, safe - Texas (TX)
  48. Video of Austin Rock Thrower?: Mart: theater, license plate, vehicle - Texas (TX)
  49. Austin is no longer a movie town?: Alamo, Howe: 2014, houses - Texas (TX)
  50. Move from Frisco ISD to north Austin area: Plano, Richardson: rentals, homes - Texas (TX)
  51. Looking for rental property in 78746 Westlake/Lost Creek?: Austin, Howe: for sale, real estate - Texas (TX)
  52. Georgetown and beyond.: Austin, Round Rock, Temple: apartments, rentals, condos - Texas (TX)
  53. Screech Owls in Austin: home, neighborhood, yard - Texas (TX)
  54. Anderson Mill HOA Community: Austin, Spring: section 8, for sale, rentals - Texas (TX)
  55. Looking to move to Lakeway (hopefully Rough Hollow). Looking for a 4+ bedroom lease that allows dogs.: leases - Austin, Texas (TX)
  56. Avalon in Pflugerville: PROS and CONS: Austin, Point: 2015, apartment, renting - Texas (TX)
  57. spicewood springs rd drownings: Austin, Barton Creek: home, live, swimming - Texas (TX)
  58. have a local lender that will lend on land?: Austin: mortgage, credit - Texas (TX)
  59. I want to know more about River place community, schools: Austin: renting, HOA - Texas (TX)
  60. Low Flying Aircraft Last Night - Northwest Austin: Dallas, Canyon: 2015, house - Texas (TX)
  61. dance class or dance camp for eight years old girl?: Austin: school, camps - Texas (TX)
  62. Drop off point at Frank Erwin Center: construction, school - Austin, Texas (TX)
  63. Best brunch near airport?: Cesar Chavez: house, nicest, best place - Austin, Texas (TX)
  64. Austin vs sugarland(houston): West: new house, neighborhoods, good schools - Texas (TX)
  65. Pool company with breathing equipment?: Austin: to rent, shop, builder - Texas (TX)
  66. Austin music scene: Petersburg: to live, build, pay - Texas (TX)
  67. Bed room furniture: Austin, New Braunfels, Seguin: mattress, where to buy, live - Texas (TX)
  68. How Austin's mayor wants to cut traffic — one day at a time: home - Texas (TX)
  69. Moving to Austin: Childcare + Neighborhood: Center, Elsa: apartment, renting, daycares - Texas (TX)
  70. I have zero interest in work: salary, retirement, paycheck - Austin, Texas (TX)
  71. DPS south austin I35 drivers test route: neighborhoods, school - Texas (TX)
  72. Proposal Ideas: Paradise: hotel, living, place - Austin, Texas (TX)
  73. Chimney Swift in House: move, install, skylight - Austin, Texas (TX)
  74. Job growth vs population growth: Austin: unemployment rate, versus, relocating - Texas (TX)
  75. Plumber Recommendation - SW Austin: shops, plumbing, cheapest - Texas (TX)
  76. realtor recommendations: Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown: employment, neighborhoods, school districts - Texas (TX)
  77. Power outage Hutto-yesterday: Austin: neighborhood, purchasing, utilities - Texas (TX)
  78. iHeartCountry Festival?: Center: buy, price, office - Austin, Texas (TX)
  79. Park in Austin Similar to Landa Park: New Braunfels, Spring: swimming, parks - Texas (TX)
  80. Moonlight Towers: San Antonio, Austin, Trinity: 2014, maintenance, costs - Texas (TX)
  81. Commutable affordable areas near the domain?: Austin, Round Rock: for sale, real estate, apartments - Texas (TX)
  82. Weather/ Traffic In Austin?: San Antonio, Laredo: live, moving, vehicle - Texas (TX)
  83. Senior living community- buying into long term care: Cedar Park, West: apartment, rent - Austin, Texas (TX)
  84. Outdoor/Organic Food Lifestyle in Leander: Austin, Cedar Park: homes, neighborhoods, buy - Texas (TX)
  85. Bell Four Points at 2222 and 620 - got experience of it?: Austin: apartment complex, leasing - Texas (TX)
  86. Possibly Moving to Austin from Stamford, CT: fit in, transplants - Texas (TX)
  87. apartment questions: apartments, lease, school - Austin, Texas (TX)
  88. Drivers Liscense (Help): Ross: transfer, move, license - Austin, Texas (TX)
  89. gay austin: Houston, Dallas, Elgin: neighborhoods, live in, prices - Texas (TX)
  90. Neighbor's yard is a junkyard: Austin, West: HOA, house, landscaping - Texas (TX)
  91. for realtors who know historical data for Austin.: Onion Creek: for sale, real estate - Texas (TX)
  92. GFCI in bathroom and kitchen: Austin: apartments, leasing agent, how much - Texas (TX)
  93. Thoughts and questions on Lakeway: Austin, Orange: upper-class, 2013, rent - Texas (TX)
  94. HELP Need to sign an apartment lease in less than 2 weeks: Austin: fit in, real estate - Texas (TX)
  95. Rocky Creek- Why the mass exodus?: Hamilton: for sale, new house, neighborhoods - Austin, Texas (TX)
  96. Hail and wind insurance deductible around Austin: Liberty, China: 2014, homeowners insurance - Texas (TX)
  97. What's with traffic signals: Austin: school, buses, trains - Texas (TX)
  98. Cheapest MRI in Austin: Round Rock, Center: insurance, credit report, costs - Texas (TX)
  99. homestead exemption if co-owned?: house, tax, exemptions - Austin, Texas (TX)
  100. Opinion about Reagan's Overlook in Leander: Austin, Round Rock: real estate, HOA, houses - Texas (TX)
  101. Paper vs Experience your POV: tech jobs, school, college - Austin, Texas (TX)
  102. USDA loans in austin: Round Rock, Georgetown: low income, mortgages, houses - Texas (TX)
  103. Where a big Tech company town. Are we next for this: San Antonio: house, college - Austin, Texas (TX)
  104. moving to Austin from Cleveland ohio: San Antonio, Howe: rent, school, living - Texas (TX)
  105. If you are a landlord, where would you buy rental property in Austin?: Round Rock: real estate, apartments - Texas (TX)
  106. Semi trucks on the Mopac -what happened???: San Antonio, Austin: neighborhood, construction - Texas (TX)
  107. New Cool Hip Hangouts at the Mall..... Domain: Austin: neighborhoods, living - Texas (TX)
  108. Country store: Austin, Waco: to live, mall, furnishings - Texas (TX)
  109. Baby snake indoors, what to do?: Austin, Post: neighborhood, live, storage - Texas (TX)
  110. Moving Companies in South Austin/San Marcos: San Antonio, West: apartment, movers - Texas (TX)
  111. Moving to Austin - Need advice: Round Rock, Cedar Park: homes, neighborhood, purchase - Texas (TX)
  112. Fireplaces/Woodburning stove: Austin: fit in, townhouse, buy - Texas (TX)
  113. Do you find Austin to be overrated?: Houston, Dallas: appointed, transplants - Texas (TX)
  114. How much do you need to live in austin?: San Antonio: apartments, rental market - Texas (TX)
  115. Where to live in Austin? Safe and cheap...: Elgin, Miami: RV parks, sublease - Texas (TX)
  116. Public schools in Austin: West, Howe: lease, mortgage, house - Texas (TX)
  117. Video of Austin in its heyday: Liberty: low crime, unemployment rate, organic - Texas (TX)
  118. Austin most overvalued housing market: San Antonio, Anton: apartment, leasing, mortgage - Texas (TX)
  119. Canyon creek or River Place: Austin, Spring: HOA, how much, houses - Texas (TX)
  120. SWAT abuse in Austin: Tyler: house, neighborhood, live - Texas (TX)
  121. Where is everyone coming from?: Houston, Austin: renting, houses, construction jobs - Texas (TX)
  122. I.T. Career Change in Austin: Houston: student loan, how much, buy - Texas (TX)
  123. Summer arrives a month behind schedule...: Houston, Avery: prices, swimming, yard - Austin, Texas (TX)
  124. How long for the lakes to be closed?: Austin, Mansfield: calculation, estimate - Texas (TX)
  125. Private Condo Regimes in Austin: Chico, Avery: sale, HOA fees, insurance - Texas (TX)
  126. slow down: Austin: neighborhoods, zoned, garage - Texas (TX)
  127. Move further out?: Austin, Elgin, Bastrop: apartment, homes, employment - Texas (TX)
  128. Moving to Austin from Chicago! Looking for area advice,: Canyon: transplants, crime - Texas (TX)
  129. killing squirrels in Austin: to rent, garden, ordinances - Texas (TX)
  130. Austin suburbs?: Round Rock, Spring, San Marcos: houses, neighborhood, luxury - Texas (TX)
  131. 3 People Drown and die at Barton springs creek in the last 2 weeks: Barton Creek: live, swimming - Austin, Texas (TX)
  132. New neighborhood being planned - The Grove at Shoal Creek. Opinions?: Austin: homes, camp - Texas (TX)
  133. Flooding in a house: Spring: hardwood floors, for sale, real estate - Austin, Texas (TX)
  134. Covered Bridge (78736): Austin, Bishop, West: apartment complex, HOA, houses - Texas (TX)
  135. explain something about MOPAC to me: Austin, Pflugerville: home, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  136. Advice on Austin Elementary schools: Canyon, West: transfer, preschools, colleges - Texas (TX)
  137. How would one get bored in Austin?: Houston: rent, transfer - Texas (TX)
  138. State job vs private sector IT job: Austin: pros and cons, cost - Texas (TX)
  139. move from The Woodlands to Austin/Temple Area: Houston: real estate, rental - Texas (TX)
  140. Family-friendly, under 200k(Elgin, Leander, Buda, Dripping Springs, Bastrop)???: San Antonio: for sale, real estate - Austin, Texas (TX)
  141. rehearsal dinner: Dallas, Austin, Franklin: live, restaurant, cost - Texas (TX)
  142. Gullywasher....: driver, owner, husband - Austin, Texas (TX)
  143. bulk spices in Austin?: West, Point: buy, price, stores - Texas (TX)
  144. impervious cover: Austin: countertops, house, contractor - Texas (TX)
  145. Struggling to Find an Affordable Apartment that isn't Terrible: Austin: lease, townhome - Texas (TX)
  146. Fanciest eateries and bars....: Houston, Dallas: rooftop, professionals, restaurants - Austin, Texas (TX)
  147. know whats up at Reds?: to rent, crime, live - Austin, Texas (TX)
  148. Commute to Austin from New Braunfels: San Antonio, San Marcos: how much, homes, school - Texas (TX)
  149. estimates on a small, very simple pool?: Austin: flat fee, how much - Texas (TX)
  150. Transfer into Westlake HS?: Austin, Cedar Park: renting, house, buy - Texas (TX)
  151. renters and smoking: Austin: renter, homes, tenant - Texas (TX)
  152. Moving from LA to Austin: Clarksville, West: apartment, leasing agent, home - Texas (TX)
  153. Is restrictive zoning limiting housing supply in Austin?: Ross: apartment complex, to rent - Texas (TX)
  154. How practical is it to commute with a motorcycle in Austin: Burnet: insurance, student loan - Texas (TX)
  155. Young, liberal couple buying house in NW Austin: Wells Branch, Anderson Mill: apartment, affordable houses - Texas (TX)
  156. Why so hazy?: Austin: living in, agriculture, moving - Texas (TX)
  157. Are the other places as pretty as The Oasis on Lake Travis in the Austin area?: Jonestown: houses, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  158. What are your favorite things to do in Austin?: Marble Falls: theater, living in - Texas (TX)
  159. city council approves permanent water restrictions: Austin, Round Rock: HOA, how much, landscaping - Texas (TX)
  160. Neighborhoods are a Changin': Austin, West: 2014, apartments, renter - Texas (TX)
  161. Map of Austing showing HOA boundires: Lakeway, Point: real estate, HOA fees, house - Texas (TX)
  162. Plastic Bag Ban in Williamson County: Austin, Round Rock: neighborhoods, grocer, shop - Texas (TX)
  163. Austin Air Quality - Help !!: Houston, Dallas: 2015, allergies, live - Texas (TX)
  164. Painter for Home Exterior: Austin, Round Rock: how much, house, cabinets - Texas (TX)
  165. Michigan to Texas: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio: transplants, lease, condos - Austin, (TX)
  166. Dangerous neighborhoods in Austin? Plus other tips/advice?: Holliday: best neighborhood, apartments - Texas (TX)
  167. S Austin/Slaughter Ln Area: New Braunfels, San Marcos: apartments, for rent, house - Texas (TX)
  168. Living in Bee Cave?: Austin, Spring: apartments, rental, to buy - Texas (TX)
  169. Bay Area -> Austin -> Bay Area: Houston: 2013, car registration - Texas (TX)
  170. money need to make to live map: Austin: low income, apartments - Texas (TX)
  171. Freeway Lighting on the Southside: Austin, San Marcos: crime, home, shopping centers - Texas (TX)
  172. Three flood gates: Mansfield, Brenham, Llano: motel, live, storage - Austin, Texas (TX)
  173. Prop 1 in Austin: Howe: real estate, 2015, fingerprints - Texas (TX)
  174. Best subdivisions/areas under 250k in Austin, TX?: Round Rock, Cedar Park: real estate, rent - Texas
  175. Comparing schools and neighborhoods: Austin, Spring: spring break, to buy, high school - Texas (TX)
  176. Exterminator: Austin, Ranger, Avery: house, promotional, discount - Texas (TX)
  177. So looking to rent and i get told no....: apartment complex, leasing - Austin, Texas (TX)
  178. Current trendy paint colors??: Magnolia, Moore: hardwood floors, houses, buyers - Austin, Texas (TX)
  179. High School Registration Inquiry: Parker: fit in, rent, transfer - Austin, Texas (TX)
  180. I-35 rock throwing cases: Austin: transplants, living, shops - Texas (TX)
  181. Water Bill in Kyle: Round Rock, Wimberley: city hall, house, transfer - Austin, Texas (TX)
  182. Relocating from East Tx for music.: Austin, Denton: apartment, contractors, living - Texas (TX)
  183. Does kind of hate Austin?: Portland: rent, home - Texas (TX)
  184. The state of vehicles on the roads: lawsuits, moving - Austin, Texas (TX)
  185. Flooding in downtown Austin: Spring, Center: 2015, rent, insurance - Texas (TX)
  186. Ex-pat returning to the U.S - need a good tax CPA: Austin: income - Texas (TX)
  187. Property tax protest representation: Austin: flat fee, homes, exemption - Texas (TX)
  188. Living in Highland Park Elementary area: homes, neighborhood, school - Austin, Texas (TX)
  189. Pearson Place and Meadows of Brushy Creek Entrances: houses, school - Austin, Texas (TX)
  190. Thoughts on Leander HS after rezoning?: neighborhoods, reduce, better - Austin, Texas (TX)
  191. Austin Energy App: how much, money, pay - Texas (TX)
  192. Code Next: Austin: development, direct - Texas (TX)
  193. Thoughts on Greenshores area by Emma Long Park AUstin TX?: neighborhood, moving - Texas
  194. Recent Reviews of Riverplace Country Club: Austin, Comanche: living, restaurant, moving to - Texas (TX)
  195. Flooring and Baksplash Inputs: Austin: new house, stores, installing - Texas (TX)
  196. recommendation for gutters: house, companies, place - Austin, Texas (TX)
  197. Plan ot toll I-35 lanes: expansion - Austin, Texas (TX)
  198. Rough Hollow HOA, propane expenses: HOA fees, community, about - Austin, Texas (TX)
  199. recommendation for gutters: house, companies, place - Austin, Texas (TX)
  200. Move up america experience: sale, house, buyers - Austin, Texas (TX)