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  1. Can my former landlord get away with this?: Austin, Howe: real estate, apartments - Texas (TX)
  2. Best internet service in SW Austin?: transfer, live in, moving to - Texas (TX)
  3. Oak Ridge vs Block House Creek subdivision: Cedar Park, Leander: crime, to buy - Austin, Texas (TX)
  4. Relocation to Austin: Round Rock, Cedar Park, Jollyville: rentals, house, safe area - Texas (TX)
  5. mathnasium: high school, to live in, business - Austin, Texas (TX)
  6. I need a road in the Cedar Park area.: Liberty: construction, live - Austin, Texas (TX)
  7. Hiring Managers / Talent Aquisition people: Austin, Cisco: sales, high school - Texas (TX)
  8. Parkside Village Alamo Drafthouse Tenants: Austin: cinema, restaurants, places - Texas (TX)
  9. Swimming Pool Cleaners: Spring, Dripping Springs: water, limit, good - Austin, Texas (TX)
  10. Downtown Apartments from the owner?: renters, condo, construction - Austin, Texas (TX)
  11. Austin movers: Round Rock, Spring, Cedar Park: credit card, live in, moving service - Texas (TX)
  12. Best swimming spot?: Austin, Spring, Hamilton: pool, cars, trees - Texas (TX)
  13. Lake Pointe - foreclosures?: houses, neighborhood, property taxes - Austin, Texas (TX)
  14. travel to US city? help!: San Antonio, Austin: apartment complex, to rent, how much - Texas (TX)
  15. Do you think Austin is due for the fire of all fires?: Bastrop: suburban - Texas (TX)
  16. Austin man kills daughter's girlfriend and mother: crime, home - Texas (TX)
  17. Can U Bootcamp?? good?: Austin: house, price, gym - Texas (TX)
  18. Selling a home in Texas: sale, insurance, loans - Austin, (TX)
  19. Job Prospects in Energy industry: Houston, Dallas: utilities, to live, move - Austin, Texas (TX)
  20. Things to do: Austin, Round Rock, Alamo: live in, restaurants, place - Texas (TX)
  21. Thanks Everyone!: Austin, Portland: live, airport, moving to - Texas (TX)
  22. apartment management problems: Austin: cheap apartment, lease, how much - Texas (TX)
  23. Apartment Locators & s about certain complexes: Austin, Grandview: apartments, leasing - Texas (TX)
  24. HELP! Moving to Austin and need help with neighborhoods!!: Round Rock: rentals, townhomes - Texas (TX)
  25. AISD school boundary map?: neighborhoods, schools, date - Austin, Texas (TX)
  26. Where does the phone line go in my new house?: Howe: buy, new construction - Austin, Texas (TX)
  27. Austin music venues that allow 16 year olds?: Sunset: live, restaurants - Texas (TX)
  28. Paralegal Austin Job Market: Taylor: insurance, job outlook, litigation - Texas (TX)
  29. Fire in OakHill CLOSES THE Y ...: Austin, West: homes, moving - Texas (TX)
  30. Ceramic Tile Install Estimate: how much, house, buyer - Austin, Texas (TX)
  31. Realtor recommendations (central): Austin: real estate, leasing, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  32. Does know a good way to sell a silk screen business: Austin: for sale - Texas (TX)
  33. Flowerbed or Rock Garden Border: Austin, Avery: landscaping, buy, contractor - Texas (TX)
  34. Is that rain in the west headed: Austin, Portland: dry, showing - Texas (TX)
  35. Homes by AVI moving into our neighborhood: Austin: home builder, building - Texas (TX)
  36. Middle Schools in Round Rock: Austin, Cedar Park: lease, house, educational - Texas (TX)
  37. Would Austin fit the bill?: Houston, Spring: transplants, crime rate, home - Texas (TX)
  38. Help! Flea control: Bee Cave: oil, yard, place - Austin, Texas (TX)
  39. Downtown Living: apartment, for rent, condo - Austin, Texas (TX)
  40. Furnished apartments?: Houston, Bastrop: extended stay, hotels, moving to - Austin, Texas (TX)
  41. Brushy Creek/Avery Ranch residents?: Burnet: neighborhood, tornadoes, military - Austin, Texas (TX)
  42. Texas Projection Measure (TPM) to be eliminated: buying, schools - Austin, (TX)
  43. know a good mechanic?: Austin, Round Rock: shop, cabin, oil - Texas (TX)
  44. Neighborhoods in Lake Travis ISD: Austin, Bee Cave: town, downtown, communities - Texas (TX)
  45. Barton Springs: Austin: legal, pool, yard - Texas (TX)
  46. Survey reveals problem: loan, attorney, house - Austin, Texas (TX)
  47. Looking for thoughts on neighborhood by the Regents School (North of SW Parkway, South of Barton Creek). THANKS: Houston: real estate - Austin, Texas (TX)
  48. needs to rent a house or duplex near anderson high: Austin: apartment, rentals - Texas (TX)
  49. Pre-K Inclusion Programs - Good for kids w/o special needs?: Austin: credit, daycare - Texas (TX)
  50. First Time Home Buyer Looking for Frant/Financial Incentive: Austin: middle-class, real estate - Texas (TX)
  51. Coworker killed in hit and run on S. Lamar, 4/22. Can you help?: apartment - Austin, Texas (TX)
  52. Nutty Brown Hearing 4/27: Austin, Roma, West: live, permit, building - Texas (TX)
  53. Funky Chicken Coop Tour 2011: Austin: landscaping, neighborhoods, garden - Texas (TX)
  54. Moving a business to Austin: Round Rock, Whitehouse: attorney, tax, to relocate - Texas (TX)
  55. Best happy hour places: Austin: price, land, pickup - Texas (TX)
  56. How can I figure out deed restrictions on a house we might buy?: Austin: HOA - Texas (TX)
  57. Only Partial Trash Pickup on Friday?: Austin: neighborhood, residential, recycling - Texas (TX)
  58. Hutto & Pawn Shops: Taylor, Post: appointed, city hall, lease - Austin, Texas (TX)
  59. Pre-approval for mortgage: Austin: real estate, rental, mortgage broker - Texas (TX)
  60. Brake Job Needed: Recommendations?: Austin, Round Rock: prices, shop, cars - Texas (TX)
  61. Moving to Austin - Looking for the best places to live-apartment complexes: West: for rent - Texas (TX)
  62. Mesquite firewood: buy, land, properties - Austin, Texas (TX)
  63. AISD Approved Arts Center: Austin: neighborhoods, buying, maintenance - Texas (TX)
  64. Know Contractors or Handymen that do bathroom remodels in Pflugerville?: Austin: purchase, tile - Texas (TX)
  65. Austin Day Activities: Allen, Spring, Hamilton: where to stay, rental, hotel - Texas (TX)
  66. IT Jobs: Austin: job market, buy, education - Texas (TX)
  67. park and ride?: Austin, McKinney: how much, cost, airport - Texas (TX)
  68. work for a big tech co in austin?: Cisco: insurance, shop - Texas (TX)
  69. Teacher looking to move to Austin but wanting to change careers; possibly Information Security: Dallas: teaching jobs - Texas (TX)
  70. Need a new hairstylist: Austin: salon, price, trendy - Texas (TX)
  71. How severe do you think the current drought will become?: New Braunfels: house, live - Austin, Texas (TX)
  72. Buttercup Creek in between Cypress Creek/182 and Buttercup Creek Blvd: Austin: for sale, mortgage - Texas (TX)
  73. Shear Envy Salon for Brazilian Blowout: Austin: salons, health, hairdresser - Texas (TX)
  74. Good areas to live?: Austin, Spring: apartment complex, to rent, high crime - Texas (TX)
  75. Price of Montessori?: Austin, Lakeway: day care, preschool, vs. - Texas (TX)
  76. Moving to Austin, neighborhood: rentals, neighborhoods, buy - Texas (TX)
  77. Habitat for Humanity Re-Sale Store: Georgetown: sales, prices, shop - Austin, Texas (TX)
  78. Good Easter Egg Hunts for kiddos?: Austin, Bee Cave: school, restaurant - Texas (TX)
  79. members of Lakeway Country Club?: Austin, Live Oak: how much, live in, courses - Texas (TX)
  80. Moving stuff from New Jersey to Austin: rent, movers - Texas (TX)
  81. Planned housing communities (with pools, )near downtown?: Austin, Portland: for sale, real estate - Texas (TX)
  82. Moving to Austin from Santa Monica (neighborhood recommendations?): West Lake Hills, West: for rent, mortgage - Texas (TX)
  83. have tons of little white bugs?: yard, station - Austin, Texas (TX)
  84. AISD central school status: Austin: school closings, closing, budget - Texas (TX)
  85. Seeking moving to Austin advice for retired parents.: Houston, Dallas: condos, low crime - Texas (TX)
  86. Rental Websites?: apartment, rentals, house - Austin, Texas (TX)
  87. Rollingwood/Westwood/Cedar Park Elementary area: Austin, Bee Cave: custom home, neighborhoods, schools - Texas (TX)
  88. Visiting & have ?'s about Childrens Museum and Wildflower Center: Austin: sales, university - Texas (TX)
  89. Apartment suggestions in South Austin - limited income requirements?: apartments, renter - Texas (TX)
  90. looking for a job related to workin in middle school with special need kids in austin texas.: find a job - (TX)
  91. Where to Rent Truck to Haul Landscaping Material: insurance, Home Depot - Austin, Texas (TX)
  92. Internal Medicine Doctor RR: good, female, recommendations - Austin, Texas (TX)
  93. ABIA to Dripping Springs: West, Bee Cave: loan, construction, airport - Austin, Texas (TX)
  94. Austin MLS?: Houston: real estate, home search, closing - Texas (TX)
  95. Need a rental NW or North Central under $1500: Dallas, Austin: cul-de-sac, apartment - Texas (TX)
  96. Best family-friendly neighborhoods in Lake Travis ISD???: Lakeway, Leander: homes, to buy - Austin, Texas (TX)
  97. Looking for old/antique bookseller: Austin, Roma: price, shop, work - Texas (TX)
  98. Concrete Walkway Person Recommendations?: Celeste: construction, backyard, companies - Austin, Texas (TX)
  99. By-owner used car lots?: Austin, Round Rock: high school, auction, title - Texas (TX)
  100. hunk of cheese: house, garden, to move - Austin, Texas (TX)
  101. redistricting map Austin and surrounding area: Pflugerville, Wharton: house, legal, friendly - Texas (TX)
  102. Areas to live in - for a family of five: Austin: apartments - Texas (TX)
  103. Moving to Austin Neighborhood Questions?: Round Rock, Cedar Park: sales, HOA fees, houses - Texas (TX)
  104. Special Education/Inclusion. What is the best SCHOOL DISTRICT for Inclusive education in Austin?: Round Rock: moving to - Texas (TX)
  105. Neighborhood Pool vs. YMCA Pool in Buda: New Braunfels, Spring: HOA, houses - Austin, Texas (TX)
  106. Venues in NW Austin or Cedar Park for wedding receptions?: Round Rock: houses, clubhouses - Texas (TX)
  107. Austin ranks high for, well, just about everything: Killeen, Post: best cities, job market - Texas (TX)
  108. Austin doesn't rank very well on cities to work work happiness: Houston: layoffs, schools - Texas (TX)
  109. Dog friendly establishments...: Austin, Orange, Jasper: hotels, Home Depot, restaurants - Texas (TX)
  110. What to do, see and eat?: San Antonio, Austin: university, live, price - Texas (TX)
  111. City of Austin electricity connect fee?: apartment complex, renters, credit - Texas (TX)
  112. Rain, drought.... put this into perspective for a !: Austin: live in, stats - Texas (TX)
  113. Moving from Boston to Texas: Houston, Dallas: apartment, renting, insurance - Austin, (TX)
  114. Is Austin currently experiencing a real estate bubble?: West: mortgage, home - Texas (TX)
  115. Round Rock schools an option for in Hutto?: Austin: homes, transfer - Texas (TX)
  116. Does besides me think the Austin highway system just plain sucks?: Portland: how much, house - Texas (TX)
  117. Magnet Middle School with International Focus: Austin, Anderson: school district, law, education - Texas (TX)
  118. Schlitterbahn cancelled?: Dallas, Plano, New Braunfels: waterpark, homes, taxes - Austin, Texas (TX)
  119. Entry-level legal job market in Austin for an out-of-towner?: Dallas: lawyers, home - Texas (TX)
  120. North north Austin to west side of Houston...290 or 71???: Katy: school, live - Texas (TX)
  121. Best driving school for teen: Austin: insurance, credit, schools - Texas (TX)
  122. real sense of my commute time?: Austin: houses, buy, new construction - Texas (TX)
  123. Neighborhood map?: Austin, Allen, Shady Hollow: for sale, rentals, homes - Texas (TX)
  124. Recommendation for good used furnitrure stores?: Austin, San Marcos: consignment, home, buying - Texas (TX)
  125. Moving to Austin, have a about crime in an area: Houston: renting, buying a home - Texas (TX)
  126. Price per sq. foot to build in SW Austin, TX: Dallas: home builder, landscaping - Texas
  127. moving to Austin: Houston, Spring: real estate, apartment, to rent - Texas (TX)
  128. Extreme Couponing?: Austin, Cedar Park, Atlanta: sales, coupons, buying - Texas (TX)
  129. Is Austin cosmopolitan?: Dallas, San Antonio, Anton: restaurants, friendly, culture - Texas (TX)
  130. Nice Sunday brunch, with character, central?: San Antonio, Austin: restaurant, farm, places - Texas (TX)
  131. A couple of questions....: Austin, Spring: house, buying, best school - Texas (TX)
  132. Help!: Austin, Spring, Manor: apartments, rent, low crime - Texas (TX)
  133. Austin Airport: Houston, Dallas: rental car, rental, live in - Texas (TX)
  134. Arty 20-something needs guidance: Austin, Cesar Chavez: apartments, for rent, houses - Texas (TX)
  135. Govalle Neighborhood: Austin, Riverside, Pleasant Valley: low income, real estate, lease - Texas (TX)
  136. New Resident in TX - Exactly WHAT do I need to do to register my car: Austin: coupon, car insurance - Texas
  137. Water softener needed in Steiner Ranch?: Austin, Cedar Park: water heater, neighborhood, buy - Texas (TX)
  138. Possibly relocating to Austin, Texas from South Florida in the near future.: Richardson: college, living in - (TX)
  139. slow drivers on 620...: safety, moving, bike - Austin, Texas (TX)
  140. Out-of-towners seeking restaurant advice: Austin, Mesquite: city hall, rooftop, live - Texas (TX)
  141. Gas (propane) vs Electric Dryer: Houston, Austin: house, calculator, costs - Texas (TX)
  142. Where are the cool young parents in Austin?: Burnet: salons, renting - Texas (TX)
  143. Belair Lofts - S Congress: Houston, Austin: apartment, rent, condos - Texas (TX)
  144. APD officers go undercover in construction zones: Austin: buying, taxes - Texas (TX)
  145. you are kidding me?? - Houston, Dallas: to live, things to do - Texas (TX)
  146. Popcorn Ceiling Removers: Cedar Park: house, asbestos, disposal - Austin, Texas (TX)
  147. Moving to Austin was the best decision I have ever made..: house, employment - Texas (TX)
  148. are we crazy? (rental house in central austin): Brady, Burnet: for sale, leasing - Texas (TX)
  149. 800ft+ tower to be built in downtown Austin.: Fort Worth, Detroit: loan, hotel - Texas (TX)
  150. allergies becoming a bigger problem than I: San Antonio, Austin: buy, deductible - Texas (TX)
  151. Predatory Wild Animals in Austin: apartment, eat, yard - Texas (TX)
  152. When do appraisals come out?: Round Rock, Galveston: house, live in, appraisal - Austin, Texas (TX)
  153. Does remember the Lake Travis Ferry?: Dallas, Lakeway: appointed, live - Austin, Texas (TX)
  154. move from Minneapolis MN area: Austin, Round Rock: to rent, how much, house - Texas (TX)
  155. How crossable is the UT Austin Campus?: Howe: apartments, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  156. Advice finding an apartment in our situation?: Houston, Austin: apartment complex, rental - Texas (TX)
  157. Should I use an apartment locater?: Austin: real estate, apartment complexes, lease - Texas (TX)
  158. Moving the Family to Austin?: Round Rock, Pflugerville: house, transfer, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  159. Deer Population: Avery: lease, landscaping, neighborhoods - Austin, Texas (TX)
  160. South Padre or Port A?: Port Aransas: to rent, condos, live - Austin, Texas (TX)
  161. Adding a second story to a ranch house?: Howe, Rollingwood: houses, neighborhoods - Austin, Texas (TX)
  162. HELP!!! St Augustine lawn care: Houston, Howe: new house, neighborhood, buy - Austin, Texas (TX)
  163. best way to move across the country: Austin, Allen: fit in, sale - Texas (TX)
  164. Spider: Houston, Austin: apartment complex, live in, cell phone - Texas (TX)
  165. How to find office jobs in Austin?: Post: contractors, bills - Texas (TX)
  166. Are there decently built apartments in NW Austin?: Canyon: apartment complexes, condo - Texas (TX)
  167. Hey Austin-what's that smell?: West, Hutto: safe, land, park - Texas (TX)
  168. Mean streets: San Antonio, Austin, Burnet: transplants, dangerous, license plates - Texas (TX)
  169. Fire in Oak Hill: Austin, West: house, neighborhood, subdivision - Texas (TX)
  170. Mueller, Miller?: Austin, Palmer, Manor: live in, shop, airport - Texas (TX)
  171. Lots of cops out this morning: Austin, Cameron: inspections, cars, electric - Texas (TX)
  172. Kids Playing with Fire In Circle C: Austin, Howe: homeowners association, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  173. Calling on native Austinites...: Spring, Liberty: apartment complexes, homes, theater - Texas (TX)
  174. What I Miss About Austin/Why I'm Glad I Left: Spring: condo, house prices - Texas (TX)
  175. commute from round rock to temple?: Austin, Waco: real estate, home, transfer to - Texas (TX)
  176. What kind of spider was this?: Austin, Charlotte: average, ceiling, grass - Texas (TX)
  177. Sunset development at Convict Hill just east of Mopac: Austin: cul-de-sac, for sale - Texas (TX)
  178. What would it take to make Austin 'the next Silicon Valley'?: Dallas: homes, universities - Texas (TX)
  179. fence codes?: Austin, Cedar Park, Pflugerville: renting, HOA, house - Texas (TX)
  180. Do you wave back when someone let's you change lanes in traffic?: Dallas: safe, land - Austin, Texas (TX)
  181. Buying home in south/sw Austin; looking at sex offender map: Shady Hollow: sex offenders, crime - Texas (TX)
  182. Interracial dating in Texas: Houston, Dallas: moving to, racist, best - Austin, (TX)
  183. Terrazzo apartments or Riata?: Austin: schools, comparison, between - Texas (TX)
  184. French Anime Educator needs help.: Tyler, Alamo: theater, live, price - Austin, Texas (TX)
  185. ABA in schools & autism-friendly pediatricians: Round Rock: eat, areas, child - Austin, Texas (TX)
  186. How are the people in Meadows of Brushy Creek?: Howe: houses, neighborhood - Austin, Texas (TX)
  187. Looking for a job?: Austin: hire, applications, news - Texas (TX)
  188. Deco District: San Antonio, Austin, Anton: area, town, visit - Texas (TX)
  189. Roundrock or Pflugerville Lease: home, work, single - Austin, Texas (TX)
  190. Pool structural engineer?: construction, swimming pool, recommend - Austin, Texas (TX)
  191. Residential building surge in South Austin.: living, transit, metro - Texas (TX)
  192. Handmade wooden cross: place, good, local - Austin, Texas (TX)
  193. Furniture Makers in Austin: Center: living, prices, entertainment - Texas (TX)
  194. Kyle Police Dept. hiring...: Austin: community, small, color - Texas (TX)
  195. Computer Animation in Austin: friendly, companies, market - Texas (TX)
  196. Marble Falls or Canyon Lake: Houston: real estate, crime rates, taxes - Austin, Texas (TX)
  197. Hutto School Budget: for sale, apartments, how much - Austin, Texas (TX)
  198. Best places to sell gold & jewelry: prices, selling - Austin, Texas (TX)
  199. Lake Hills Montessori - Cuernavaca Location: Austin, Center: school, children, center - Texas (TX)
  200. The Northwest-How is it?: job market, schools, store - Austin, Texas (TX)