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  1. New Job, where to live?: Milwaukee, Wauwatosa: apartments, for rent, lofts - Wisconsin (WI)
  2. Preschools/pre-k in the milwaukee suburbs: Brookfield, New Berlin: daycare, house, buying - Wisconsin (WI)
  3. Good Schools in the City of Milwaukee: Highland, Woodland: house, neighborhood - Wisconsin (WI)
  4. catholic schools, boating in/near MKE: Milwaukee, Green Bay: neighborhoods, university, living in - Wisconsin (WI)
  5. Advice for Pet Care,: Milwaukee, Racine: home, live, store - Wisconsin (WI)
  6. Moving to Milwaukee? advice: West Allis, Wauwatosa: crime, buying a house, neighborhoods - Wisconsin (WI)
  7. Looking for Neighborhoods: Milwaukee, Madison, Wauwatosa: best city, lofts, condos - Wisconsin (WI)
  8. Apartments on quick bus route to downtown: Milwaukee, Shorewood: neighborhood, to live in - Wisconsin (WI)
  9. OK to take the #80 bus from the airport?: Milwaukee: crime rate, neighborhood - Wisconsin (WI)
  10. Free / Inexpensive Parking - Downtown (HELP!): Milwaukee, Wells: city hall, price, bus - Wisconsin (WI)
  11. Can you believe it: Milwaukee: low crime, elementary school, restaurant - Wisconsin (WI)
  12. thinking of moving to West Allis: Milwaukee, Appleton: fit in, apartments, rent - Wisconsin (WI)
  13. for nice neighborhood near Greenfield: Milwaukee, Brookfield: lofts, condos, low crime - Wisconsin (WI)
  14. Weeklong stay in MKE metro area - help!: Milwaukee, Waukesha: rental, hotels - Wisconsin (WI)
  15. Menomonee Falls: Milwaukee, Germantown: best suburbs, crime rate, houses - Wisconsin (WI)
  16. South Milwaukee - ideas on finding a missing dog there?: to live, friendly - Wisconsin (WI)
  17. New Home Builders and Milwaukee Area: Wauwatosa, Menomonee Falls: appointed, foreclosures, neighborhoods - Wisconsin (WI)
  18. Places to visit without a car..: Milwaukee, Kenosha: shops, train, station - Wisconsin (WI)
  19. area close to airport to move to?: Milwaukee, Racine: apartments, rentals - Wisconsin (WI)
  20. Are there Hostels in Milwaukee?: Stevens Point, Marquette: hotel, university, bus - Wisconsin (WI)
  21. Rockford Il-to-milwaukee Wi: Wauwatosa, Greenfield, Menomonee Falls: rentals, to live, price - Wisconsin (WI)
  22. got a truck? Need to move soon...: house, live - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  23. Best neighborhood to live downtown?: Milwaukee, Juneau: apartments, rentals, loft - Wisconsin (WI)
  24. Downtown Living: Milwaukee: apartment, how much, money - Wisconsin (WI)
  25. Milwaukee Pediatricians: Greenfield, Oak Creek, Shorewood: home, mall, moving - Wisconsin (WI)
  26. Milwaukee vs Cincinnati: Dayton, Adams, Cleveland: neighborhoods, school, living - Wisconsin (WI)
  27. FC Milwaukee, LCU: Delafield: school, to live in, club - Wisconsin (WI)
  28. Driving Through Milwaukee: Greenfield, Superior, Oakland: loft, condo, homes - Wisconsin (WI)
  29. Riverwest: Milwaukee, Humboldt: crime, neighborhood, school - Wisconsin (WI)
  30. South Milwaukee: Cudahy: for sale, rent, sex offenders - Wisconsin (WI)
  31. Small downtown Condos in Milwaukee: Shorewood: for sale, apartments, hotel - Wisconsin (WI)
  32. Southern Living in MKE: Milwaukee: loan, move, birth certificate - Wisconsin (WI)
  33. Relocating to Milwaukee: Whitefish Bay, Shorewood, Glendale: apartment, lofts, condos - Wisconsin (WI)
  34. NY transfer to Milwaukee area-- rural areas close by??: Racine: for sale, real estate - Wisconsin (WI)
  35. Knickerbocker: Milwaukee: condos, hotel, neighborhood - Wisconsin (WI)
  36. Where is Lulu's?: Lincoln: restaurants, law, shops - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  37. what is New Berlin like?: Milwaukee, Wauwatosa: place to live, shopping centers, bus - Wisconsin (WI)
  38. Need people to tell ghost tales in Kenosha: Burlington: gym, county - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  39. what is Greenfield like?: Milwaukee, West Allis: fit in, houses, neighborhoods - Wisconsin (WI)
  40. Bronze the Fonz?: Milwaukee, Chase: theater, subsidized, architecture - Wisconsin (WI)
  41. Kudos to Marquette!: Madison, Eagle: school, university, good - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  42. Milwaukee banks, cell phone service, ...: Chase, Washington: credit, moving, where to - Wisconsin (WI)
  43. What to bring to Green Bay: Oakland: how much, to buy, live - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  44. Bay View - Neighborhood: Milwaukee, South Milwaukee: for sale, real estate, lofts - Wisconsin (WI)
  45. Hospital and OB (obstetric) doctor: Milwaukee, Brookfield: buying, live in, moving to - Wisconsin (WI)
  46. Frank Jude officers going to jail: Milwaukee: salary, move, authority - Wisconsin (WI)
  47. Weekend Rental for Labor Day 2008: Milwaukee: rentals, condo, townhouse - Wisconsin (WI)
  48. Job offer in Brookfield: Hartland, Delafield: safe neighborhood, schools, place to live - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  49. can a person get cheap rentals in Tosa: apartments, condo - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  50. Can you believe this one?: Milwaukee: buying, living, prices - Wisconsin (WI)
  51. Milwaukee ranked 4th in Police Brutality?: Crandon: crime, statistics, design - Wisconsin (WI)
  52. about Glendale--North Shore: Milwaukee, Mequon: apartments, house, landlord - Wisconsin (WI)
  53. Moving to Milwaukee from El Paso, TX: leasing, condo - Wisconsin (WI)
  54. Need an Apt: Milwaukee, Oak Creek: rent, move, deposit - Wisconsin (WI)
  55. Good companies in the area: Theresa, Johnson: move to, manufacturing, design - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  56. Patent Lawyers: Milwaukee, Madison: lawyer, transfer, law school - Wisconsin (WI)
  57. I need restaurant suggestions for a 60th birthday party: Milwaukee: house, live - Wisconsin (WI)
  58. Daycare in Waukesha: Vernon, Big Bend, Lowell: homes, school, live - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  59. Move to Franklin, WI: West Allis, Greenfield: real estate, townhouse, to buy - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  60. Move Over DC, Seattle, Boston: MKE's Population Estimate Up 30K: Milwaukee: apartment, condo - Wisconsin (WI)
  61. Menomonee Falls: Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay: apartments, rental, lofts - Wisconsin (WI)
  62. Portuguese speaking people in Milwaukee area?: living in, moving to - Wisconsin (WI)
  63. What is UP w/the senseless crime: Milwaukee, Shorewood: crime rates, house - Wisconsin (WI)
  64. Avoiding Chicago: Milwaukee, Waukesha, Nashville: estate, car, maps - Wisconsin (WI)
  65. looking for good doctors!: Milwaukee, Wauwatosa: live in, health, area - Wisconsin (WI)
  66. relocation - HELP!: Milwaukee, Shorewood: apartments, rental, lofts - Wisconsin (WI)
  67. What are the best neighborhoods in Milwaukee?: Wauwatosa, Greendale: homes, best schools - Wisconsin (WI)
  68. Where to take out of town relatives over Thanksgiving?: Milwaukee: house, safe - Wisconsin (WI)
  69. milwaukee area- need advice: Mequon, Whitefish Bay: for sale, low crime, homes - Wisconsin (WI)
  70. Can tell me about Muskego?: Milwaukee, Waukesha: crime, houses, safe area - Wisconsin (WI)
  71. Cairene and NYer a move: Milwaukee, Rochester: job market, good schools, college - Wisconsin (WI)
  72. I think it's time: Milwaukee, Oregon: home, job market, buy - Wisconsin (WI)
  73. I like your city !!!: Milwaukee: condos, neighborhoods, living in - Wisconsin (WI)
  74. Looking for work in Milw/So.E.WI: Milwaukee: home, live - Wisconsin
  75. Symphony/crime stuff: Milwaukee, West Allis, Wauwatosa: high crime, home, safe area - Wisconsin (WI)
  76. Aussie Lawyer in Milwaukee area: to move, Australian, rain - Wisconsin (WI)
  77. Monthly living expense for a family in & around Milwaukee: Waukesha: apartment, to rent - Wisconsin (WI)
  78. HELP ! Im trying to find a nice pediatrician in Milwaukee, s?: Oak Creek: to live - Wisconsin (WI)
  79. Moving to milwaukee!!!: Greenfield: apartments, home, find a job - Wisconsin (WI)
  80. Downtown Apartments Complexes: Milwaukee, Juneau, Marquette: sales, apartment complexes, condos - Wisconsin (WI)
  81. Northwest Milwaukee life expectancy: Menomonee Falls, Shorewood: real estate, buying a home, neighborhoods - Wisconsin (WI)
  82. W. Rogers St.: Milwaukee: neighborhood, restaurant, area - Wisconsin (WI)
  83. Moving from MN to Milwaukee WI: Wauwatosa, Brookfield: middle-class, apartments, rental - Wisconsin
  84. Haircut in Milwaukee Help: Oakland, Brooklyn: shops, haircuts, barbershop - Wisconsin (WI)
  85. Gyms in Milwaukee ? notes?: Whitefish Bay, Shorewood: living in, area, ammenities - Wisconsin (WI)
  86. South to Milwaukee, avoiding Chicago???: Luck: house, live in, place - Wisconsin (WI)
  87. Battle of Milwaukee Burbs - Brookfield vs. Cedarburg: Waukesha, New Berlin: real estate, renting - Wisconsin (WI)
  88. Public transport from suburbs to Milwaukee: Racine, Waukesha: rental, buying, living - Wisconsin (WI)
  89. Thinking about relocating to Milwaukee: Wauwatosa, Brookfield: crime, how much, houses - Wisconsin (WI)
  90. Ready to move home - need help: Milwaukee, Madison: houses, employment - Wisconsin (WI)
  91. Best schools for autistic 13 yr old - south of Milwaukee: Waukesha: house, transfer - Wisconsin (WI)
  92. Looking for a safe place to live near Marquette Law: apartments, dorms - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  93. relocating near West Milwaukee: Waukesha, New Berlin: for sale by owner, house, subdivision - Wisconsin (WI)
  94. Traveling to Milwaukee for 1 night: best hotels, how much, hotel - Wisconsin (WI)
  95. Sexual Predator Facility: Milwaukee, Franklin: house, money, build - Wisconsin (WI)
  96. Oak Creek or Surrounding: Milwaukee, South Milwaukee: apartments, rentals, low crime - Wisconsin (WI)
  97. Milwaukee area attractions: Wauwatosa, Pleasant Prairie, Whitefish Bay: houses, neighborhoods, theater - Wisconsin (WI)
  98. breaking my lease: law, about, information - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  99. South to Milwaukee, avoiding Chicago???: home, live, pay - Wisconsin (WI)
  100. Top 5 MKE School Districts??: Milwaukee, Menomonee Falls: rental, daycare, live in - Wisconsin (WI)
  101. Arts scene live theater) in Milwaukee?: Madison, Wauwatosa: lease, violent crime - Wisconsin (WI)
  102. milwaukee: Wauwatosa: rentals, high crime, school - Wisconsin (WI)
  103. A look at milwaukee in july: area, photographs, summer - Wisconsin (WI)
  104. Christmas Lights?: Milwaukee, Racine, Montana: neighborhoods, area, streets - Wisconsin (WI)
  105. Metro Milwaukee: 75 Reasons To Love It: Madison, Green Bay: crime rate, homes, neighborhoods - Wisconsin (WI)
  106. Moving: Milwaukee, Waukesha, Shorewood: apartments, rentals, crime - Wisconsin (WI)
  107. Planning on Moving to Milwaukee.: Waukesha, Wauwatosa: houses, find a job, safe area - Wisconsin (WI)
  108. Ethnic Food in Milwaukee: Brookfield, Cudahy: how much, neighborhood, restaurants - Wisconsin (WI)
  109. Looking for a place to live in Milwaukee: Menomonee Falls, Brown Deer: condo, townhomes - Wisconsin (WI)
  110. Horse Areas in Milwaukee area?: Oak Creek, Mequon: real estate, for rent, neighborhoods - Wisconsin (WI)
  111. Learning About Milwaukee: Madison, Menomonee Falls: living in, price, moving to - Wisconsin (WI)
  112. Got a job offer in Milwaukee, WI: Wauwatosa, Cleveland: cul-de-sac, fit in - Wisconsin
  113. Milwaukee metro v. Denver metro: Battle for a corporate hqs?: Madison: condos, hotels - Wisconsin (WI)
  114. Advice about Milwaukee: West Allis, Wauwatosa, Whitefish Bay: real estate, apartment, condos - Wisconsin (WI)
  115. Favorite Custard Stand In MKE: Milwaukee, Madison: appointed, high school, bars - Wisconsin (WI)
  116. city living: Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, Shorewood: day care, home, neighborhoods - Wisconsin (WI)
  117. worst neighborhood of milwaukee: Fond du Lac, Marquette: apartment, high crime, neighborhoods - Wisconsin (WI)
  118. moving to milwaukee from birmingham, al: Greenfield, Glendale: low income, high crime, how much - Wisconsin (WI)
  119. Milwaukee - Schools - Areas to look at: Waukesha, Wauwatosa: apartment, condos - Wisconsin (WI)
  120. About Milwaukee: Madison, Racine, West Allis: apartment, condos, hotels - Wisconsin (WI)
  121. What about bugs???: Milwaukee, Waukesha, Franklin: how much, homes, allergies - Wisconsin (WI)
  122. Will Milwaukee ever get over its inferiority complex ?: Madison: crime rate, how much - Wisconsin (WI)
  123. What happened to Northridge Mall?: Brookfield: crime, home, neighborhood - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  124. You Milwaukee folks are something ..: Washington, York: public schools, property taxes, living - Wisconsin (WI)
  125. 5 Things You Like/Dislike About MKE Metro?: Milwaukee, Madison: rent, violent crime - Wisconsin (WI)
  126. Nordstrom in Greater Milwaukee: Madison, Green Bay: sales, lease, condos - Wisconsin (WI)
  127. Kenosha area?: Milwaukee, Pleasant Prairie, Bristol: insurance, crime, buying a house - Wisconsin (WI)
  128. Mark Belling: Milwaukee, Madison, Waukesha: how much, house, high school - Wisconsin (WI)
  129. Where to move w/ 3 kids, good schools, close to lake?: Milwaukee: fit in, houses - Wisconsin (WI)
  130. Whats you favorite Milwaukee neighborhood?: live in, bars, rail - Wisconsin (WI)
  131. Milwaukee subways: Madison: costs, bus, train - Wisconsin (WI)
  132. Moving to Milwaukee: Madison, Green Bay, Kenosha: apartments, rental, condo - Wisconsin (WI)
  133. Milwaukee Metro Area??: West Allis, Wauwatosa, Brookfield: crime rate, homes, safest area - Wisconsin (WI)
  134. Free toys for christmas??: Milwaukee, Oak Creek: house, zip code, farm - Wisconsin (WI)
  135. wauwatosa area and teaching: Milwaukee, Waukesha: for sale, to rent, chapel - Wisconsin (WI)
  136. Moving back to Milwaukee: Madison, West Allis: appointed, crime rate, safe neighborhoods - Wisconsin (WI)
  137. help for christmas food and toys: apartment, for rent, house - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  138. Milwaukee ranked 39 in most dangerous city: Madison, Cleveland: crime rate, homes, safest area - Wisconsin (WI)
  139. Why does everyone on this board find it so necessary to state their race?: Milwaukee: crime, safe neighborhoods - Wisconsin (WI)
  140. South Milwaukee, Wi: Racine, New Berlin, Oak Creek: for sale, rentals, condo - Wisconsin (WI)
  141. Polish Neighborhoods: Milwaukee, West Allis, Greenfield: house, schools, live in - Wisconsin (WI)
  142. last straw: Milwaukee: home, live, moving - Wisconsin (WI)
  143. Safehouse?: Milwaukee, Greenville: house, live, restaurant - Wisconsin (WI)
  144. Moving to Shorewood, should I?: Milwaukee, Whitefish Bay: apartment, rentals, lofts - Wisconsin (WI)
  145. I have to leave Milwaukee: Pulaski, Washington: appointed, school, gated - Wisconsin (WI)
  146. Commuting from Chicago to Milwaukee: Kenosha, Racine: hotel, house, construction - Wisconsin (WI)
  147. Relocating from DFW to Milwaukee: Waukesha, Brookfield: real estate, loft, condos - Wisconsin (WI)
  148. Property Tax Rates: Milwaukee, Waukesha, West Allis: sales, real estate, rent - Wisconsin (WI)
  149. Places that take big dogs?: Milwaukee, Waukesha: apartments, rentals, condo - Wisconsin (WI)
  150. Green Bay, Madison or Milwaukee??: Waukesha, Wauwatosa: crime, house, job market - Wisconsin (WI)
  151. Moving to Milwaukee-Next Month: West Allis, Wauwatosa: apartments, rentals, condo - Wisconsin (WI)
  152. The best Milwaukee beer is....: Ringle, York: home, live, restaurants - Wisconsin (WI)
  153. Latinization of Milwaukee: Kenosha, Racine, Waukesha: middle-class, how much, neighborhood - Wisconsin (WI)
  154. 8th highest poverty rate: Milwaukee, Franklin: condo, how much, neighborhoods - Wisconsin (WI)
  155. Moving to Milwaukee area: Racine, Waukesha: middle-class, houses, high schools - Wisconsin (WI)
  156. Is Milwaukee Dying?: Wauwatosa: real estate, condos, violent crime - Wisconsin (WI)
  157. Moving to Milwaukee... need on residential areas!!: Waukesha, Wauwatosa: to rent, violent crime - Wisconsin (WI)
  158. Why does Milwaukee STILL have a cruising problem?: Lincoln, Lind: home, neighborhoods - Wisconsin (WI)
  159. Single family housing rental: Milwaukee, Sheboygan: for sale, apartment complexes, rentals - Wisconsin (WI)
  160. Big Move from Greensboro, NC to Milwaukee, WI...HELP!: Waukesha: apartments, rentals - Wisconsin
  161. Milwaukee vs. Minneapolis: Madison, Green Bay, Kenosha: best cities, lofts, condos - Wisconsin (WI)
  162. What do you think?: Milwaukee, Madison: condos, how much, houses - Wisconsin (WI)
  163. Is Milwaukee Boring?: Madison, Wauwatosa, Brookfield: condos, high crime, hotel - Wisconsin (WI)
  164. Radio: Milwaukee, Howard, Wagner: home, college, live in - Wisconsin (WI)
  165. No Better Place In June In U.S.!!: Milwaukee, Wauwatosa: condos, low crime - Wisconsin (WI)
  166. Will Milwaukee Ever Freakn Upgrade Or Remain The Same??? Opinions: Madison: rental car, sales - Wisconsin (WI)
  167. Milwaukee's Bad Weather: Overrated?: Waukesha, Fox Point: houses, job market, movies - Wisconsin (WI)
  168. Relocating to Milwaukee from Indianapolis: Waukesha, Wauwatosa: best neighborhoods, crime, houses - Wisconsin (WI)
  169. Wisconsinites in California: Milwaukee, Madison, Kenosha: apartment, crime, houses - (WI)
  170. Aussie's in Milwaukee?: New Berlin, Shorewood, Glendale: universities, living in, store - Wisconsin (WI)
  171. nice hotel in milwaukee: Jefferson, Taylor: hotels, neighborhood, college - Wisconsin (WI)
  172. Is Brown Deer still safe?: Milwaukee, Mequon: appointed, condo, low crime - Wisconsin (WI)
  173. Racial Tensions in Milwaukee?: Waukesha, Brookfield: crime, neighborhoods, schools - Wisconsin (WI)
  174. Relocating/commuting from Milwaukee to Chicago: Kenosha, Racine: transplants, apartment complexes, rentals - Wisconsin (WI)
  175. Moving to Milwaukee area, need help: Racine, Wauwatosa: for sale, crime, new home - Wisconsin (WI)
  176. What are your feelings about SE milwaukee area?: Racine, West Allis: apartments, condos - Wisconsin (WI)
  177. Asians: How do you view Milwaukee?: Winter, Fremont: job market, schools, university - Wisconsin (WI)
  178. Whats Milwaukee Like: Waukesha, La Crosse, Wauwatosa: rent, condo, crime rate - Wisconsin (WI)
  179. University of wisconsin milwaukee: Shorewood, Marquette: apartments, rent, crime - (WI)
  180. College and Relo in Milwaukee: Madison, Green Bay: crime, homes, job market - Wisconsin (WI)
  181. Advice !! Moving to Milwaukee from Michigan: Waukesha, Franklin: real estate, relocation company - Wisconsin (WI)
  182. Former New Englanders in the Area: living, moving - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  183. Notes on Milwaukee ? $$: Shorewood: salaries, quality of life, to live in - Wisconsin (WI)
  184. Scott Walker: Milwaukee: visit, moved, regular - Wisconsin (WI)
  185. Seeking For Baby Sitting Job In Milwaukee: living in, teaching - Wisconsin (WI)
  186. Affordable (Nice) Homes in Metro MKE Area?: Milwaukee, West Allis: real estate, property taxes - Wisconsin (WI)
  187. Where would I live in MKE today?: Milwaukee, Waukesha: condo, house - Wisconsin (WI)
  188. Milwaukee: Top 15 of Most Fun Cities: Waukesha, Columbus: places to live, rankings - Wisconsin (WI)
  189. need suggestions on finding rental homes in or near Milwaukee: apartments - Wisconsin (WI)
  190. Mount Mary College: Milwaukee: safe area, to live, safe - Wisconsin (WI)
  191. Kenosha/Pleasant Prairie???: Milwaukee, Forest: living, county, job - Wisconsin (WI)
  192. Looking for horse farm to rent in Milwaukee area: Oak Creek: for rent, business - Wisconsin (WI)
  193. Need on Camp Lake: Salem: moving, restrictions, boats - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  194. Moving to Milwaukee: Brookfield: apartment, house, good schools - Wisconsin (WI)
  195. OBGYN Job in Milwaukee: area, town, downtown - Wisconsin (WI)
  196. Military Vets: to move, places, work - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  197. on live in - Wisconsin (WI)
  198. Milwaukee Moderator: problems, questions - Wisconsin (WI)
  199. Moving and in need of help: labor - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  200. Taking a trip: What to do, where to stay, and other questions: Milwaukee: how much - Wisconsin (WI)