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  22. From Northern Italy to Boston: lawyers, home, unemployment - Massachusetts (MA)
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  68. renter's insurance: Boston: car insurance, how much, home - Massachusetts (MA)
  69. music programs in public schools: Boston, Newton: college, live in, moving to - Massachusetts (MA)
  70. Thinking about relocating from Memphis to Boston: city hall, health insurance - Massachusetts (MA)
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  75. Harvard Dental School Teaching Practice: cheaper, quality, work - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  76. Sail Boston 2009: area, schedule, pictures - Massachusetts (MA)
  77. We went to No Name Restaurant so you don't have to.: Boston: appointed - Massachusetts (MA)
  78. concerned about boston: neighborhood, living, young professionals - Massachusetts (MA)
  79. Apartment Utilities - Somerville: Boston: rental, tenants, live - Massachusetts (MA)
  80. Internet providers in Cambridge MA???: Somerville: promotional, taxes, live - Boston, Massachusetts
  81. Commuting from Ipswich (and North Shore towns) to Lexington: Boston: high school, live in - Massachusetts (MA)
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  83. Theaters in boston: companies, summer, work - Massachusetts (MA)
  84. working in roxbury, where to live?: Boston, Quincy: neighborhoods, living in, bus - Massachusetts (MA)
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  86. Help me find a Spa / Eyebrow Wax, Haircut - I Just relocated: Boston: hair salon - Massachusetts (MA)
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  88. Boston Commons to Logan?: Quincy, Braintree: hotel, purchase, price - Massachusetts (MA)
  89. Vacation Week in Boston: Newton, Salem: hotel, rooftop, restaurant - Massachusetts (MA)
  90. churches in the boston area: college, nondenominational, population - Massachusetts (MA)
  91. Place in Faneuil Hall charging 6,25%: Boston: sales, public schools, landlords - Massachusetts (MA)
  92. So how bad is it?: Boston, Cambridge: middle-class, new house, neighborhood - Massachusetts (MA)
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  95. Burlington: Boston, Somerville, Arlington: apartment, to rent, house - Massachusetts (MA)
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  97. Possibly moving to Boston. Help!: Cambridge, Somerville: apartment complex, how much, neighborhoods - Massachusetts (MA)
  98. Parking at or near Newton commuter rail stations: Boston: rent, new home - Massachusetts (MA)
  99. Good Late-Night eats for the family?: Boston, Cambridge: apartment, home, restaurants - Massachusetts (MA)
  100. Expensive?: Boston: cheap apartment, to rent, college - Massachusetts (MA)
  101. Where to buy cheesy souvenirs (cheaper than Faneuil Hall)?: Boston: home, buying - Massachusetts (MA)
  102. Moving to Boston: Huntington: apartments, renting, how much - Massachusetts (MA)
  103. rent and ssn: rental, credit check, landlords - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  104. Miss home (can I come back for 200,000 or less?): Boston: apartment, condo - Massachusetts (MA)
  105. Dealing with window pests in the windows of garden-level studios: landlord - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  106. DC to Boston: Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline: apartment, rent, neighborhood - Massachusetts (MA)
  107. General on Boston area....looking to move.: Weymouth, Plymouth: best towns, home - Massachusetts (MA)
  108. Should I stay @ Intercontinental Hotel in Boston?: hotels, luxury - Massachusetts (MA)
  109. Fish market?: Boston, Cambridge, New Bedford: houses, neighborhood, wedding - Massachusetts (MA)
  110. Commute to Brighton: Boston, Cambridge, Newton: apartment, to rent, condo - Massachusetts (MA)
  111. Bowdoin St. - area of St. Peter's School: Dudley, Adams: home, transferring to - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  112. From AZ to Boston: Cambridge, Somerville: house, neighborhood, place to live - Massachusetts (MA)
  113. Boston youtube videos: Lynn, Haverhill, Grafton: neighborhood, castle, commute - Massachusetts (MA)
  114. Need help with apt search: Boston, Somerville: for sale, real estate, apartments - Massachusetts (MA)
  115. What's up with Boston?: gated, living in, stores - Massachusetts (MA)
  116. Dog parks in Cambridge: Boston, Somerville: daycare, restaurant, club - Massachusetts (MA)
  117. Boston Glam/Hair Metal Scene?: Springfield, Waltham: appointed, school, universities - Massachusetts (MA)
  118. private parking permit issues for 12 moving truck in boston: insurance, how much - Massachusetts (MA)
  119. Grocery stores: Boston, Boylston: price, shop, Whole Foods - Massachusetts (MA)
  120. Town suggestions within 30 min. commute of downtown Boston?: Quincy, Brookline: real estate, condos - Massachusetts (MA)
  121. do u know ten hills neigh., somerville ?: Medford: crime, homes - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  122. What is there to do in Boston? (My Vacation): Gardner: restaurants, train - Massachusetts (MA)
  123. I'm Shipping Up to Boston: Somerville, Brookline: apartment, for rent, neighborhood - Massachusetts (MA)
  124. Buy a Condo in the City? Why or Why not?: Boston: real estate market, lofts - Massachusetts (MA)
  125. Relocating from Ireland to Boston: Waltham, Woburn: fit in, apartment, to rent - Massachusetts (MA)
  126. Need information about moving to Boston: Quincy, Brookline: rental, homes, transfer - Massachusetts (MA)
  127. Brockton MASS vs Hamtramck/Highland Park MICH: Boston, Lynn: crime rate, houses - Massachusetts
  128. Club scene in Boston: Cambridge: loft, house, theatre - Massachusetts (MA)
  129. Berkshire native with Boston dliema-where oh where?: Cambridge, Quincy: rental car, apartment - Massachusetts (MA)
  130. College in Boston: Worcester, Springfield, Lowell: apartments, for rent, credit - Massachusetts (MA)
  131. rail service: Boston, Cambridge, Somerville: apartments, rent, house - Massachusetts (MA)
  132. Does Boston PIZZA compare with CT/NY?: Cambridge: house, neighborhood - Massachusetts (MA)
  133. Allston to Lexington: Boston, Cambridge, Newton: apartments, to rent, car insurance - Massachusetts (MA)
  134. SOUTH BOSTON - cost of living?: apartments, rental, condos - Massachusetts (MA)
  135. Yuppies: How high is the yuppie factor/ratio of Boston?: Cambridge: condo, neighborhoods - Massachusetts (MA)
  136. Searching for better grocery stores: Boston, Newton: buy, taxes, live - Massachusetts (MA)
  137. Best bank to use: Malden, Washington: insurance, mortgage, credit - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  138. Is this true about Northern People?: Boston, Cambridge: fit in, home, schools - Massachusetts (MA)
  139. Senior Assisted living in metro area?: Boston, Quincy: sale, apartments, credit - Massachusetts (MA)
  140. Who has relocated to Boston and made friends?: apartment, school - Massachusetts (MA)
  141. Best cell provider in Boston: university, live, store - Massachusetts (MA)
  142. I know it's been asked to death, but I can't find the answer....: Boston: apartments, renter - Massachusetts (MA)
  143. The Working Class Irish of Southie? Still There? If Not, Where Are They Going?: Boston: condo, neighborhoods - Massachusetts (MA)
  144. Safe areas around Boston: Cambridge, Quincy: middle-class, best neighborhoods, rental - Massachusetts (MA)
  145. Draft for a budget: Boston, Lowell: for sale, apartments, renter - Massachusetts (MA)
  146. Work on Albany St, school at Harvard ext.: Boston, Cambridge: apartment, rentals - Massachusetts (MA)
  147. Spending night in South Station: Boston: hotel, neighborhood, purchasing - Massachusetts (MA)
  148. An Irish-American moving to Boston?: Quincy, Arlington: home, neighborhoods, live - Massachusetts (MA)
  149. Pats fans out there that knows the area around Gillette??: Boston: hotel, limo - Massachusetts (MA)
  150. Biotech jobs in Boston (how competitive?): Harvard: health insurance, school, universities - Massachusetts (MA)
  151. Did you move from DC to Boston? Was it a good move?: Malden: apartment, how much - Massachusetts (MA)
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  153. Is Bosotn Freindly to Interracial Coples?: Boston, Springfield: buy, movies, live in - Massachusetts (MA)
  154. The Boston Accent: school, moving, prestigious - Massachusetts (MA)
  155. Milton, near the Hyde Park border: Boston: high crime, houses, safest area - Massachusetts (MA)
  156. Boston city tax: sales, credit, lawyers - Massachusetts (MA)
  157. reality shows in Boston: Lawrence, Amherst: live, metro, studios - Massachusetts (MA)
  158. Red Sox sports bars: Boston, Worcester: hotels, neighborhood, buying - Massachusetts (MA)
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  160. Is concerrned about Hurricane Bill?: Nantucket, Florida: moving, beach - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
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  162. need a kick-***** night in Boston, what to do?: Sandwich: hotel, living - Massachusetts (MA)
  163. about South Boston: apartment, to rent, neighborhood - Massachusetts (MA)
  164. Amherst/Northampton Mass: Boston, Springfield, Holyoke: how much, houses, buy - Massachusetts (MA)
  165. Moving to Boston, Malden recommended?: Cambridge, Quincy: apartments, rent, neighborhoods - Massachusetts (MA)
  166. Do i make the move to Boston as an ILLEGAL ??? M 21 Ireland: home, job market - Massachusetts (MA)
  167. Young couple move to Boston area: Cambridge, Quincy: real estate, condo - Massachusetts (MA)
  168. Cost of living in Boston...: lease, health insurance, how much - Massachusetts (MA)
  169. Help me understand Hyde Park: Boston, Norwood: crime rates, buying a house, neighborhood - Massachusetts (MA)
  170. another is this town for me ! But help: Boston: apartments, houses - Massachusetts (MA)
  171. Rate towns from best to worst: Boston, Cambridge: house, schools - Massachusetts (MA)
  172. Christmas day in the city: Boston, Lynn: hotels, home, neighborhoods - Massachusetts (MA)
  173. visiting boston with a baby: Cambridge, Lynn: amusement park, mattresses, how much - Massachusetts (MA)
  174. Moving to Boston From Chicago: HELP!!!: Newton, Scituate: for sale, rent, insurance - Massachusetts (MA)
  175. Three best museums?: Boston, Lowell, New Bedford: appointed, house, theater - Massachusetts (MA)
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  179. URGENT HELP! Relocating to Boston Ma area and need advice.: Worcester: flat fee, sales - Massachusetts (MA)
  180. Downtown Crossing: What store(s) would you want??: Boston, Franklin: buying, bankruptcy - Massachusetts (MA)
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  182. Visiting Boston on a Budget in Oct!: Cambridge, Braintree: to rent, how much - Massachusetts (MA)
  183. Boston 'burbs - Point me in the right direction: Newton: middle-class, houses - Massachusetts (MA)
  184. Danish student moving to Boston - but WHERE??: Cambridge, Somerville: apartments, rent - Massachusetts (MA)
  185. in big need of moving tips (with the postal service...): Boston: apartment, rent - Massachusetts (MA)
  186. What's the consequence of installing a gas boiler without pulling a permit?: shop - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  187. A good college to learn web design, Burlington MA: live in, courses - Boston, Massachusetts
  188. How is Somerville for families with school going kids: private schools, living - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  189. renting out parking spot?: apartment, lease, tenants - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  190. Opinions on CDIA Boston Univ. (Photography Advice): employment, wedding - Massachusetts (MA)
  191. 18+ clubs / mom friends :): common, interest, daughter - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  192. Nice jogging or cycling routes near Peabody, Salem or Beverly: live, drivers - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  193. News, Boston celebrates Marshmallow Fluff.: rated, annual, square - Massachusetts (MA)
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  197. Newburyport Commuting to Boston (Drive vs. Train): Lowell, Cambridge: move to, best - Massachusetts (MA)
  198. Churches: Boston: area - Massachusetts (MA)
  199. 99 cent shirt launder in Boston area?: dry, good - Massachusetts (MA)
  200. Work ..: health, corporate, working - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)