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  1. Affordable, safe and charming towns in the suburban Boston area: Worcester: for rent, crime - Massachusetts (MA)
  2. South End: Harrison Ave Safety?: Boston, Berkley: apartment, renting, crime - Massachusetts (MA)
  3. smallish estate liquidation?: Boston, Cambridge: sale, apartment, consignment - Massachusetts (MA)
  4. Working in Billerica but living in Boston?: Lowell, Cambridge: apartments, lease - Massachusetts (MA)
  5. Best cell coverage?: Boston, Cambridge, Somerville: live in, moving to, metro - Massachusetts (MA)
  6. Jamaica Plain to Kenmore (BU) - car vs T?: Boston: neighborhoods, live - Massachusetts (MA)
  7. How to get to Raynham: Boston, Taunton: rental car, rentals, how much - Massachusetts (MA)
  8. fenway park, odd but need definitive answer: Dalton, Huntington: garage, trains - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  9. Where are the Dance Clubs?: Boston, Cambridge: neighborhood, theater, club - Massachusetts (MA)
  10. Boston - distance Fruit/Parkman Streets: neighborhood, university - Massachusetts (MA)
  11. Progressive people: do you have a yard?: Boston, Cambridge: houses, school - Massachusetts (MA)
  12. Commuting from North Waltham to Chestnut Hill: Boston, Newton: apartment, school - Massachusetts (MA)
  13. auto insurance in cambridge / somerville / medford: Boston, Arlington: deductible, to live in, moving - Massachusetts (MA)
  14. apartment hunting in boston: Medford: university, place to live, housing - Massachusetts (MA)
  15. What % of income towards housing: Boston: mortgage approval, credit, houses - Massachusetts (MA)
  16. Family moving to Boston needs advice: Beverly, Natick: middle-class, renting, houses - Massachusetts (MA)
  17. Boston Year of the Crane: how much, buying - Massachusetts (MA)
  18. Belmont to Back Bay via MBTA - commuter rail or bus/subway?: Malden: car insurance - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  19. Public schools w/ classrooms for bright children w/LD: Boston: school districts, property taxes - Massachusetts (MA)
  20. Help about Boston pleaseeeeee!!!: Cambridge, Fall River: fit in, apartments, rental - Massachusetts (MA)
  21. Is East Boston Safe to Live?: Brookline, Chelsea: affordable apartments, for rent, townhouses - Massachusetts (MA)
  22. Moving from VT. Car Registration fees?: Boston: sales, insurance, how much - Massachusetts (MA)
  23. Parking Ticket for expired plate.: Boston: city hall, leasing, insurance - Massachusetts (MA)
  24. Relocating to Boston Area (Job in Waltham) - Advice on Neighborhoods: Framingham: real estate, house - Massachusetts (MA)
  25. Apartment for rent in Bostoa area: Boston, Harvard: sublets, dorm, landlords - Massachusetts (MA)
  26. Need About Boston: to rent, neighborhoods, live in - Massachusetts (MA)
  27. What Legal arguments would a Landlord being sued to keep tenant's security deposit?: real estate - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  28. Cheapest area to rent a studio?: Boston, Quincy: price, buses, commute - Massachusetts (MA)
  29. Suggestions for Apartment in and around Boston: Cambridge, Watertown: fit in, neighborhoods - Massachusetts (MA)
  30. Settling into the city.: Boston, Somerville: to buy, live in, young professionals - Massachusetts (MA)
  31. Relocating to Boston - Help a Texan (by way of DC/Philly/SF) Out!: Cambridge: for sale - Massachusetts (MA)
  32. Agent Fee for Boston Apartment: real estate, apartments, lease - Massachusetts (MA)
  33. midnight Birthday at riverside: Boston, Cambridge: hotel, live in, restaurants - Massachusetts (MA)
  34. Moving to Boston and do not know where to center my apartment search: Quincy: rent - Massachusetts (MA)
  35. 2 days in Eastern Massachusetts: Boston, Salem: hotels, prices, train - (MA)
  36. Help needed with school and where to live? Moving to Boston.: Newton: to rent, neighborhood - Massachusetts (MA)
  37. I-95 a travel nightmare?: Fall River, Newton: to rent, day care, how much - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  38. From Airport to Longwood Medical Area by T: Boston, Huntington: transfer to, to buy - Massachusetts (MA)
  39. Congrats Celtics: Boston, Florida: transplants, home, buy - Massachusetts (MA)
  40. Looking for Boston realtor experienced in selling distressed properties.: real estate, mortgage - Massachusetts (MA)
  41. Move from Seattle to Boston?: pros and cons, living in, cost - Massachusetts (MA)
  42. The best streets to live in Greater Boston: Beverly, Cohasset: neighborhoods, buyers - Massachusetts (MA)
  43. Residential Lease - Need Recommendations! landlord): Boston: real estate, apartments - Massachusetts (MA)
  44. $650 a month excl. utilities for room in W. Somerville - is it a good deal?: apartments - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  45. Which School District?: Boston, Cambridge, Somerville: rental, neighborhoods, best schools - Massachusetts (MA)
  46. Best sightseeing tour in Boston?: to buy, cost, transportation - Massachusetts (MA)
  47. Where To Find Affordable Rentals Around Boston: affordable apartment, safe - Massachusetts (MA)
  48. Incoming Graduate Student Looking for More on Best Neighborhoods around NEU: Boston: apartments - Massachusetts (MA)
  49. Subletting -- risky business? Short-term leases???: Somerville: sublet, apartments, rentals - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  50. Relocating to Cambridge, need apartment searching advice: Boston: real estate, sublets - Massachusetts (MA)
  51. Telecert Number for Unemployment?: careers, jobs, claim - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  52. Moving August 31-September 1st Help!!: Dedham: apartments, rental, hotel - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  53. Timing: Apt wanted for Sept 1: Boston, Cambridge: apartments, lease, college - Massachusetts (MA)
  54. Are you happy with your credit union?: Boston, Lowell: neighborhood, live in - Massachusetts (MA)
  55. Visiting - where to stay: Boston, Cambridge: rental, hotel, houses - Massachusetts (MA)
  56. Landlord looking for early access to apartment to do renovations: rental market, brokers - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  57. Car or bus to tufts from w. cambridge?: Somerville, Medford: apartment, to rent - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  58. Boston Magazine's 2011 report on single-family home prices: homes, live - Massachusetts (MA)
  59. Recent college grad set on relocating: Boston, Cambridge: how much, living in, versus - Massachusetts (MA)
  60. Sick of Renting! Buying a place around Boston?: Cambridge, Somerville: condo, house - Massachusetts (MA)
  61. Need the name of this apt. complex: Boston, Lawrence: apartment complex, rentals - Massachusetts (MA)
  62. Moving from Southern California to Boston: Worcester: lease, houses, job market - Massachusetts (MA)
  63. on how to get to Foxborough for a Pat's game: Boston: rent, hotel - Massachusetts (MA)
  64. Parking questions: Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline: to rent, neighborhoods, live in - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  65. uk nurse to work in boston , ma: live in, license - Massachusetts (MA)
  66. Making friends in Boston?: high school, college, living in - Massachusetts (MA)
  67. I need a job in boston, help!: Boylston: salons, rent - Massachusetts (MA)
  68. Suggestions for Boston suburbs, for a teacher and a designer (with children) who are relocating?: Salem: apartment - Massachusetts (MA)
  69. Cost of a Ticket for Parking in a Residents-Only Space?: Boston: sublet, how much - Massachusetts (MA)
  70. Boston in winter?: Brookline, Florida: home, neighborhood, college - Massachusetts (MA)
  71. Where are the rich people at?: Boston, Cambridge: low income, rental, how much - Massachusetts (MA)
  72. Most beautiful minuteman library?: Boston, Brookline: university, floor, design - Massachusetts (MA)
  73. Weekly newspaper?: Boston: restaurant, reviews, free - Massachusetts (MA)
  74. Need to find a place! Help!: Boston, Newton: middle-class, best neighborhood, apartments - Massachusetts (MA)
  75. Caddying in Brookline: Boston, Newton, Watertown: club, clubs, public transportation - Massachusetts (MA)
  76. ENTRY-LEVEL JOBS help: Boston, Cambridge: to rent, how much, school - Massachusetts (MA)
  77. Relocating to Boston, need subsidized apt. in good area: apartments, rental - Massachusetts (MA)
  78. Outdoor Hockey Rink: Boston: school, university, things to do - Massachusetts (MA)
  79. Work in Belmont, Newton and West End--where to live?: Boston: safe neighborhood, movie theater - Massachusetts (MA)
  80. First time visit, where to stay?: Lenox, Boylston: hotels, shop, activities - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  81. Move to Boston for one month in August (HSPH): help needed!: Brookline: sublets, neighborhoods - Massachusetts (MA)
  82. Help! Young professional trying to move to Boston from RI!: Cambridge: apartment, rental - Massachusetts (MA)
  83. HELP! Starting at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital--where in Boston to move?: Orange: apartments, how much - Massachusetts (MA)
  84. Live in Lowell, new job in East Boston. Am I crazy?: Woburn: 2013 - Massachusetts (MA)
  85. I need your help! Subletting in Boston...: Quincy, Brookline: sublet, universities - Massachusetts (MA)
  86. Most urban part of Brookline: Harvard, Washington: apartment, homes, neighborhoods - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  87. Visting Boston for a Week in June: Cambridge, Quincy: car rental, coupons - Massachusetts (MA)
  88. Cheap Full Weekend Parking (In or Outside of Boston): Watertown: home, live - Massachusetts (MA)
  89. Moving to Boston this Spring: Cambridge, Somerville: apartment, rent, home - Massachusetts (MA)
  90. Highschool student wanting to intern in the Financial World: Boston: 2013, loan - Massachusetts (MA)
  91. Boston area where to stay: Cambridge: condo, hotels, house - Massachusetts (MA)
  92. Gay southern girl moving to Boston (help much ): Cambridge: real estate, home - Massachusetts (MA)
  93. Parking near Dwight St?: Boston, Arlington: neighborhood, garage, train - Massachusetts (MA)
  94. Areas In (or Near) Boston Similar to South End: Cambridge: apartments, rental market - Massachusetts (MA)
  95. Teaching Chinese: Cambridge, Dover: middle school, live in, move - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  96. Vacation in the Boston area: Falmouth, Woods Hole: rental, how much, live - Massachusetts (MA)
  97. Finding an Apartment in Back Bay/South End: Boston: apartments, lease - Massachusetts (MA)
  98. Visiting Boston/outlying areas: Concord, Fort Devens: renting, wedding, to eat - Massachusetts (MA)
  99. Last few months in Boston: Cambridge, Somerville: house, neighborhood, theater - Massachusetts (MA)
  100. Boston cost of living: Cambridge, Waltham: apartments, for rent, neighborhood - Massachusetts (MA)
  101. Best place to live near Northeastern University: Boston, Brookline: 2013, rent - Massachusetts (MA)
  102. JP families... Are we crazy to stay and deal with BPS system?: Boston: condo - Massachusetts (MA)
  103. Brighton - traffic outbound in the morning: apartments, reverse commute - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  104. Most ideal place to live with a North Station commute?: Boston: rent, neighborhoods - Massachusetts (MA)
  105. Memorial Day: Mattresses Sale: mattress, house, buying - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  106. Moving to Boston with a Dog and a Car: Cambridge: hardwood floors, apartments - Massachusetts (MA)
  107. Quincy: Neighborhoods near Red Line (and Dot?): Boston, Cambridge: apartment, homes - Massachusetts (MA)
  108. Best area to stay in for a weekend? 25 year old. future home: Boston: apartments - Massachusetts (MA)
  109. Looking to Move Back to Boston....: to live in, budget, retired - Massachusetts (MA)
  110. Best Hotel Location for trip to Aquarium: Boston, Cambridge: spring break, credit - Massachusetts (MA)
  111. Paying it Forward -- My 1st Boston Experience: Cambridge, Quincy: rental car, apartment - Massachusetts (MA)
  112. Unreal!!!! - shameful!!!: loan, lawyer, home - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  113. Which part of boston is not gentrified: Revere: middle-class, lofts - Massachusetts (MA)
  114. Need help!! relocating to Harvard School of public Health, Boston: Cambridge: fit in, real estate - Massachusetts (MA)
  115. Chelsea - let's avoid the negativity: Boston, Revere: crime, new home - Massachusetts (MA)
  116. are landlords responsible for centipede problems?: apartment, rent, house - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  117. patience . more questions about moving to Boston!: Quincy: rentals, credit - Massachusetts (MA)
  118. Roslindale elementary schools: Boston, Natick, Greenfield: how much, homes, middle schools - Massachusetts (MA)
  119. Summer vaction in Boston: Cambridge, Gardner: rental car, rental, how much - Massachusetts (MA)
  120. How bad or good is living in West Roxbury?: Boston: 2014, elementary schools - Massachusetts (MA)
  121. How rough is South Boston?: condos, roughest, safest neighborhood - Massachusetts (MA)
  122. Why is housing so expensive in Boston?: Cambridge, Newton: apartment, condo - Massachusetts (MA)
  123. Walkable, dog-friendly neighborhoods with easy BU commute??: Boston, Cambridge: rent, condos - Massachusetts (MA)
  124. Deleaded apartments nightmare: Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington: hardwood floors, renter, houses - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  125. Boston: Top 10 city for worst traffic: Revere, Reading: real estate, apartment complexes, condos - Massachusetts (MA)
  126. What's the cheapest place to find parking for a Red Sox game...: Boston: neighborhood, university - Massachusetts (MA)
  127. American citizen in Africa thinking of moving to Boston: Cambridge: apartments, rentals - Massachusetts (MA)
  128. Is There A Buzz for the Boston Celtics Playoff Run?: layoffs, racist - Massachusetts (MA)
  129. Who is paying for the Big Dig?: Boston, Waltham: sales, health insurance - Massachusetts (MA)
  130. relocating from Germany to Boston area with two kids: Cambridge: rental, crime - Massachusetts (MA)
  131. Gyms in the Boston area where you can pay month-to-month?: Quincy: appointed, apartment complex - Massachusetts (MA)
  132. rent or buy in Newton: Boston, Waltham: real estate, rentals, mortgage - Massachusetts (MA)
  133. Typical weather in late July/Early August: Boston: restaurants, shop - Massachusetts (MA)
  134. Safety of Mission Hill at Huntington and S Huntington: Boston: apartment complex, rent - Massachusetts (MA)
  135. Ken's Deli: Boston, Boylston: college, restaurant, furniture stores - Massachusetts (MA)
  136. Country girl trying to move to the Boston Area !!!: Cambridge: apartments, for rent - Massachusetts (MA)
  137. Chestnut Hill/Brookline commute: Boston, Cambridge: lease, living, prices - Massachusetts (MA)
  138. Working in East Boston, where to live with family?: Lynn: real estate, renting - Massachusetts (MA)
  139. Fixing the T in Boston: Cambridge, Lynn: home, transfer to, buying - Massachusetts (MA)
  140. Mom to new college graduate moving to Boston: Cambridge, Somerville: real estate, apartments - Massachusetts (MA)
  141. Good neighborhood for female undergraduate who will be in the Longwood Medical area: Boston: apartment, to rent - Massachusetts (MA)
  142. Launching Model Rockets in Boston: insurance, houses, neighborhoods - Massachusetts (MA)
  143. Relocating to Boston from Fort Lauderdale: Lowell, Cambridge: rentals, houses, safe area - Massachusetts (MA)
  144. Should we use the seller's realtor as our buyer's agent in the Boston area?: for sale, real estate - Massachusetts (MA)
  145. Need about income and living in Boston: Newton, Brookline: rentals, mortgage - Massachusetts (MA)
  146. ethnic enclaves in Boston area: Lowell, Cambridge: home, neighborhoods, to buy - Massachusetts (MA)
  147. Low cost or free spay/Neuter in Boston?: Revere, Methuen: low income, home - Massachusetts (MA)
  148. specific neighborhood (relo'ing to BOS): Boston, Cambridge: apartment, low crime, house - Massachusetts (MA)
  149. Low-key high school in Greater Boston - impossible?: Cambridge, Newton: home, public schools - Massachusetts (MA)
  150. Is Arlington over-rated/over-priced?: Cambridge, Newton: condos, houses, neighborhoods - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  151. relocating from Florida to Boston (Watertown): Cambridge, Newton: apartments, rentals, condo - Massachusetts (MA)
  152. Overall Quality of Public Transit in Boston -VS- Miami...: Florida: buying, school - Massachusetts (MA)
  153. suggest towns - the Red Line subway in MA (T-stop): Boston: best neighborhood, apartment complex - Massachusetts
  154. 1st time in Boston: Cambridge, Revere: houses, neighborhoods, movies - Massachusetts (MA)
  155. Moving to Boston are for the public schools, I need advice...: Cambridge: apartment, rentals - Massachusetts (MA)
  156. 6 More Months of Boston... and I'm depressed!: Cambridge, Newton: transplants, real estate - Massachusetts (MA)
  157. Ways to get to Florida from Boston without commercial air travel or amtrak for a broke person: Wilmington: spring break, hotel - Massachusetts (MA)
  158. Are there many non native transplants living in Boston?: cliquey, townhouse - Massachusetts (MA)
  159. Moving out of Cambridge, but to where?: Boston, Lynn: condos, mortgage - Massachusetts (MA)
  160. Why I love Boston/MA: Cambridge, Brookline: home, school, universities - Massachusetts
  161. Dunno if I'm happy about moving to Boston...: Hamilton, Essex: best town, apartments - Massachusetts (MA)
  162. An area similar to Boston?: Cambridge, Somerville: to rent, condo, house - Massachusetts (MA)
  163. Left Hometown/Family to Relocate with Boyfriend to Boston: Worcester: apartment, rent - Massachusetts (MA)
  164. Somerville - where dreams go to die.: Boston, Cambridge: apartment, condo - Massachusetts (MA)
  165. Washington St. in Roslindale - how safe?: Boston, Cambridge: salons, apartment - Massachusetts (MA)
  166. Done with Cambridge(Kendall Square): Boston, Newton: apartment, rentals, houses - Massachusetts (MA)
  167. Boston metro's REAL personality for newcomers: Worcester, Needham: rental car, transplants, rental - Massachusetts (MA)
  168. Funky, interesting shopping streets?: Boston, Cambridge: neighborhoods, schools, places to live - Massachusetts (MA)
  169. Boston area on one income: Watertown, Holliston: best cities, for sale, real estate - Massachusetts (MA)
  170. Day trip from Boston - Ideas for this route??: Salem: rental car, rental - Massachusetts (MA)
  171. Alternative /Punk Boston area Stores, Bars, Hangouts of the Past: Canton: hotel, buying - Massachusetts (MA)
  172. Skyline dtown boston: Cambridge, Arlington, Washington: condo, neighborhood, rooftop - Massachusetts (MA)
  173. is roxbury, mattapan, and dorchester still black???: Boston, Cambridge: 2014, neighborhoods - Massachusetts (MA)
  174. Moving for job at Boston College--need your ADVICE!: Cambridge, Newton: apartments, for rent - Massachusetts (MA)
  175. Will a 30 YO Working Prof fit in Brighton/Allston/Brookline?: Boston: apartment, for rent - Massachusetts (MA)
  176. about living in mission hill/brookline village border: Boston: apartment, rental - Massachusetts (MA)
  177. another moving to Boston: Lowell, Cambridge: lease, condos, broker - Massachusetts (MA)
  178. South Boston Safety: condos, crime, how much - Massachusetts (MA)
  179. Landlords who ask for credit report: Quincy: apartments, rentals, employment - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  180. Eviction of disabled Section 8 tenant in Dorchester - help finding resources: Boston: apartment, lease - Massachusetts (MA)
  181. Returning to Boston after 10 years overseas...: Cambridge, Quincy: middle-class, apartments, rentals - Massachusetts (MA)
  182. Working in Waltham, want to live in Cambridge or Somerville: Boston: apartment complexes, rent - Massachusetts (MA)
  183. Moving to Boston from Australia: Cambridge, Quincy: middle-class, real estate, apartments - Massachusetts (MA)
  184. Not hip, young-ish family looking for advice on a relo: Boston: apartment, rentals - Massachusetts (MA)
  185. Way to stay classy Boston (Hockey fans): Washington: live in, garden - Massachusetts (MA)
  186. News, Boston transit workers save bunny toy on tracks: authority, train - Massachusetts (MA)
  187. carpentry in the Boston area: builder, job, carpenter - Massachusetts (MA)
  188. Ceasar casino plans unveiled in East Boston: Revere: real estate, hotel - Massachusetts (MA)
  189. Walkable, relatively safe community on a budget?: Boston, Cambridge: renting, condo - Massachusetts (MA)
  190. A one day materials camp at BU: Boston: high school, university - Massachusetts (MA)
  191. Recruitment medical rep agency: Boston: sales, vacation, looking for - Massachusetts (MA)
  192. affordable hotel,b&b,hostel in revere?: Boston: place, visit to - Massachusetts (MA)
  193. Roadtrip from Boston to Austin! what to visit? which way to go?: live - Massachusetts (MA)
  194. Rent in Dorchester!: house, summer, job - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  195. Need accomadation in dorchester!: people - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  196. international students going to Umass Boston or Boston University?: how much, transfer - Massachusetts (MA)
  197. Hair salon near Waltham, Wellesley, Newton, Burlington: area, good - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)
  198. Italian orthopaedic resident seeking a room for june: Boston: move to, friendly - Massachusetts (MA)
  199. Boston... Is it good for a graduate student with a business and computer science degree?: activities - Massachusetts (MA)
  200. Best Way To Get To Boxborough from Brighton: moving to, commuting to - Boston, Massachusetts (MA)