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  1. lasik surgery: university, place, physicians - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  2. reviews on Sultan's Palace?: prices, food, near - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  3. Can Recommend an Awesome RE Agent for Purchasing A Home?: Phoenix: real estate, home builders - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  4. Water cost [AVRA]: Phoenix, Tucson, Picture Rocks: apartment, crime, utilities - Arizona (AZ)
  5. Need recommendations for a good tax advisor/accountant.: Tucson: transplants, taxes - Arizona (AZ)
  6. Where's that wet Pony?!: school, rain, village - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  7. Computer Protection: Tucson, Oro Valley: insurance, how much, house - Arizona (AZ)
  8. music equipment: Tucson: corporate, system, science - Arizona (AZ)
  9. Moving from Long Island Ny: Tucson, Marana: houses, live, zip codes - Arizona (AZ)
  10. Schools get scores...and they aren't pretty...: Tucson: magnet school, university - Arizona (AZ)
  11. Enquiry about driving licence test~ thanks: Tucson, Pima: license, vehicle, office - Arizona (AZ)
  12. Dispose/Donate Mattress and Box Spring/Frame?: Tucson, Ajo: apartment, new home - Arizona (AZ)
  13. relocation to Tucson: Vail: apartments, rent, houses - Arizona (AZ)
  14. Glace cherries: Tucson: where to buy, organic, move - Arizona (AZ)
  15. Oro Valley Vet: shopping center, health, ranch - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  16. Great wine and beer store: Oracle: road, recommendations, used - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  17. Possibly moving from Baltimore: Tucson: crime, how much, neighborhoods - Arizona (AZ)
  18. Western Hills: Tucson: crime, neighborhoods, statistics - Arizona (AZ)
  19. Skate Park?: road, near, center - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  20. Water Park: Marana: waterparks, middle school, pool - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  21. What kind of dancing is done at the Cactus Moon on Friday Nights?: club - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  22. Sports bar showing PPV Texas Game?: Tucson: 2014, university, restaurant - Arizona (AZ)
  23. 3 blondes searching for new hair colorist: trendy, metro, business - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  24. Quiet Happy Hour Location - Tucson Mall Area?: Oracle: college, live - Arizona (AZ)
  25. know of places hiring in Oro Valley or North Tucson?: Pima: apartment, find a job - Arizona (AZ)
  26. good car repair shops?: Tucson: credit, live, costs - Arizona (AZ)
  27. Tucson's Premier Fitness Boot camp!: business, build, schedule - Arizona (AZ)
  28. Is this electric bill reasonable?: Tucson: appliances, home, refrigerator - Arizona (AZ)
  29. Southern cutoff point: Phoenix, Tanque Verde: apartment complex, condos, townhomes - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  30. Real Estate Lawyer: Tucson: short sale, brokers, buying a house - Arizona (AZ)
  31. Neighborhood(s) with Young Families?: Tucson, St. Michaels: apartments, to rent, house - Arizona (AZ)
  32. Good Coffee at restaurants: Oracle: houses, shop, best place - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  33. Dual Language Program 0r Two-way program: Tucson, Page: home, elementary schools, voucher - Arizona (AZ)
  34. Tucson / Phoenix shuttles: Nogales, Marana: airport, car, parking - Arizona (AZ)
  35. My Oro Valley Home: real estate, rentals, mortgage - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  36. Where's The Beef?: Tucson: home, to buy, live - Arizona (AZ)
  37. Lunch Break~: Tucson, Sahuarita, Congress: renting, custom home, shops - Arizona (AZ)
  38. Bar Stools: Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma: home, to buy, bankruptcy - Arizona (AZ)
  39. Road Kill: Oro Valley, Nogales, Oracle: renting, house, school - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  40. Moving to Tucson. help with choosing an area to live in.: Oro Valley: apartment complex - Arizona (AZ)
  41. carpet cleaning: tile, flooring, best - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  42. Something kinda neat if you're trying to buy or sell a used car: Tucson: for sale by owner - Arizona (AZ)
  43. Mexican restaurants: food, place, good - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  44. ever done a house swap??: Tucson: housing market, market, selling - Arizona (AZ)
  45. Am I missing a site?: Tucson, Pima: garden, horseback, parks - Arizona (AZ)
  46. Need Good OB/GYN: Tucson: appointed, obgyn, homes - Arizona (AZ)
  47. Tucson: sex offenders, gated communities, living - Arizona (AZ)
  48. christmas help: Tucson: income, food, health - Arizona (AZ)
  49. A Little Funny for You Guys!: pics - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  50. Metals are the savest way to go when it comes to investing: beach - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  51. Red Rock Village: Phoenix, Tucson, Chandler: sales, big house, neighborhood - Arizona (AZ)
  52. Dr. recommendations: Tucson, Casas Adobes, Oro Valley: insurance, live, drive - Arizona (AZ)
  53. Piture Rocks Arizona: Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana: real estate, how much, schools - (AZ)
  54. Wildcat Trojan game: money, town, close to - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  55. Children's Clothing Store: credit, buy, shopping center - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  56. Mervyns to close 149 stores 3 in Tucson: sales, home, business - Arizona (AZ)
  57. Vonage (VoIP) Telephone Service: Tucson: live, area code, costs - Arizona (AZ)
  58. Long Distance Relocation: Tucson, Catalina Foothills, Oro Valley: short sales, foreclosures, new home - Arizona (AZ)
  59. Economics: real estate, credit, loan - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  60. Good place for a Tattoo?: school, university, live - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  61. Apartment Recommendations: Tucson, Williams: apartment complexes, for rent, condominiums - Arizona (AZ)
  62. The parents were in town..: Tucson: home, living in, moving - Arizona (AZ)
  63. Green Valley listed in US News: moving, retire, best place - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  64. Tucson w/ a 5 yr old - fun things to do?: Catalina Foothills: hotel, homes - Arizona (AZ)
  65. 85748 Zip Code: Tucson, Catalina: apartment, condo, houses - Arizona (AZ)
  66. winter heaters: restaurants, oil, residential - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  67. Escapism: Tucson, Nogales, Pima: condo, loan, home - Arizona (AZ)
  68. Mystery Mansion: theater, dinner - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  69. Material store?: Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana: condo, prices, shopping center - Arizona (AZ)
  70. Not Landscapinng but periodic weed removal: Tucson: rental, closing, live in - Arizona (AZ)
  71. Bicycle Rentals in OV: Tucson, Catalina: condo, Home Depot, movies - Arizona (AZ)
  72. Crime Survey: Tucson, Ajo: townhomes, neighborhood, elementary school - Arizona (AZ)
  73. Outlet Malls near Tucson: Sierra Vista, Nogales: business, Mexican, trip - Arizona (AZ)
  74. Veterans Clinic: Tucson: home, inspection, income - Arizona (AZ)
  75. acupuncture: Tucson: insurance, compare, good - Arizona (AZ)
  76. Does the green-arrow always go after unsafe left-turn green light?: Tucson: horses, car - Arizona (AZ)
  77. What do I need to title and register my out-of-state vehicle?: Phoenix: lease, insurance - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  78. Where are all the golfers: home, moving, office - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  79. Gasoline quality: Tucson, Oracle: credit card, buying, live - Arizona (AZ)
  80. Garage Storage? What items are OK?: cars, clothes, winter - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  81. Custom paint and body shop: how much, live, cars - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  82. Apartment rentals: Tucson: apartment complexes, month to, homes - Arizona (AZ)
  83. Comfort Inn Suites: Tucson Mall vs. Sabino Canyon: Sierra Vista: hotels, buying - Arizona (AZ)
  84. NJ to Az: Phoenix, Tucson: house, property taxes, living in - Arizona (AZ)
  85. Hey we made national news!: Tucson: real estate, foreclosure, mobile home - Arizona (AZ)
  86. I can't believe..: Tucson, Catalina: rent, how much, new home - Arizona (AZ)
  87. Short Sale: short sales, HOA fees, insurance - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  88. Several Questions About Relocation To Tucson: Tempe, Catalina Foothills: rentals, crime, motels - Arizona (AZ)
  89. RV Storage: Tucson, Marana: store, place, ranch - Arizona (AZ)
  90. Pima Property Taxes: sale, price, assess - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  91. Cox communications in Green Valley: living, installation, rated - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  92. Moving to tucson with autistic child: Marana, Catalina: to rent, buying a house, buying - Arizona (AZ)
  93. Builders in trouble - courtesy of Captain Bill & the Phx forum: Tucson: homes - Arizona (AZ)
  94. Spanish classes: Tucson, Oro Valley, South Tucson: community college, price, moving to - Arizona (AZ)
  95. southwest gas termination fee: Phoenix: house, transfer, live in - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  96. Wild Flowers at Their Best!: Tucson, Nogales: spring break, move to, area - Arizona (AZ)
  97. Macrobiotics,: Tucson: buy, living, store - Arizona (AZ)
  98. Monsoon's??: Tucson: pictures, humidity, road - Arizona (AZ)
  99. Does Know this Restaurant?: Tucson: hotel, floor, garage - Arizona (AZ)
  100. Jobs/employment picture in Tucson: Phoenix: job market, school, salaries - Arizona (AZ)
  101. Recycling centers: neighborhood, gas, money - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  102. Tucson Gem Show: rental, how much, hotels - Arizona (AZ)
  103. TUSD is at is Again: homes, public school, salaries - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  104. Recommendation for Auto Window Tinting: house, live, prices - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  105. Dentist Recommendations?: Tucson, Tanque Verde: live, military, suite - Arizona (AZ)
  106. Can tell me about Oro Valley??: Tucson, Catalina: real estate, to rent - Arizona (AZ)
  107. Cost of living in Tucson: real estate, homeowners insurance, home - Arizona (AZ)
  108. Flood zone: Phoenix, Tucson, Oro Valley: appointed, condo, how much - Arizona (AZ)
  109. How do you find new real estate agents?: Tucson: how much, houses - Arizona (AZ)
  110. Good barbeque: Tucson: live, bill, food - Arizona (AZ)
  111. My Big Fat Greek Restaurant - Eastside Location!: Tucson: home, restaurants - Arizona (AZ)
  112. Residential Review of Valuation (Pima Co): assessors, house, subdivision - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  113. Describe Tucson in one word: good, scenic, comfortable - Arizona (AZ)
  114. Odds of beating a ticket in OV?: money, pay - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  115. First Grocery/Shopping Trip in AZ: movers, purchasing, scorpions - Tucson, Arizona
  116. Hiking with dog: Tucson, Catalina: appointed, real estate, townhouse - Arizona (AZ)
  117. Halloween activities?: Tucson: condo, house, neighborhood - Arizona (AZ)
  118. Thinking About Moving to Tucson: Phoenix, Marana: apartments, lease, homes - Arizona (AZ)
  119. Tucson versus Albuquerque: new home, living in, dangerous - Arizona (AZ)
  120. Saturday Night Block Party – 08/02/08: Tucson, Congress: section 8, apartment complex, condos - Arizona (AZ)
  121. 85757: Tucson, Ajo, Pima: for sale, 2014, rental - Arizona (AZ)
  122. my car got stolen today!!!!: Tucson, Flagstaff: attorney, house, neighborhood - Arizona (AZ)
  123. Dead cats in Rita Ranch - warning.. graphic: Phoenix, Tucson: bank owned, short sales - Arizona (AZ)
  124. Bisbee AZ?: Tucson, Sierra Vista, Tombstone: hotel, live, restaurants - Arizona
  125. carpet cleaning: Tucson: apartment complex, house, tile - Arizona (AZ)
  126. Spring Training Leaving Tucson?: Phoenix, Glendale: leases, houses, buying - Arizona (AZ)
  127. Barking Dogs: Tucson, Pima: houses, neighborhood, construction - Arizona (AZ)
  128. Where to buy furniture? Thanks!: Phoenix, Tucson: fit in, rent, how much - Arizona (AZ)
  129. Install fog lights: neighborhood, shop, golf - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  130. Radar Detectors: Tucson: insurance, home, legal - Arizona (AZ)
  131. Open Range signs: Sahuarita: lease, fencing, farms - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  132. desparate relocation from seattle; thinking tucson!: Phoenix, Sedona: employment, transfer, college - Arizona (AZ)
  133. arrived in Tucson!: Benson: renting, home, shop - Arizona (AZ)
  134. canadian living permanently in Tucson: day care, how much, home - Arizona (AZ)
  135. Does Tucson have many red-light traffic cameras?: Phoenix, Surprise: area, island - Arizona (AZ)
  136. Folks, our local drivers are just fine, ya know...(rant): Tucson: transplants, renters - Arizona (AZ)
  137. Need Opinions on places: Tucson, Sahuarita: real estate, apartment complex, rentals - Arizona (AZ)
  138. Little Cold-Blooded Friend In Garage: Phoenix, Tucson: safety, garage door, yard - Arizona (AZ)
  139. a woman visiting the attractions alone-will I be safe?: Tucson: rental car, rental - Arizona (AZ)
  140. Possibly moving to Tucson because of allergies. Advice?: school, place to live - Arizona (AZ)
  141. Opinions on the climate in Tucson: Tempe: house, buy, income - Arizona (AZ)
  142. Give me must sees and must eats in Tucson: Congress: hotel, movies - Arizona (AZ)
  143. Tucson culture/the arts/music scene?: houses, buying, theater - Arizona (AZ)
  144. Labor Day weekend plans???: Tucson: sales, how much, house - Arizona (AZ)
  145. Tucson Housing Market - A bit of: Phoenix, Tortolita: for sale, homes - Arizona (AZ)
  146. Best bread in Tucson: stores, eat, place - Arizona (AZ)
  147. Is Summer REALLY Over?: Tucson, Flagstaff: Home Depot, buying, closing - Arizona (AZ)
  148. Co-op-Condo's in Tucson? Know anything?: Tucson Estates: apartment, rent, HOA fees - Arizona (AZ)
  149. Speeding ticket: crime, attorney, school - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  150. Fast & Furious, Lane-Changing, NASCAR WannaBEES...: Phoenix: cars, golf - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  151. RAIN today (09-07-08)? I monsoons were done!: winter, system - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  152. Does have qwest's basic bundle internet/phone service?: how much, taxes - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  153. Personal chit chat: school, design, best - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  154. Paying for fire protection: Tucson, Pima: homeowners insurance, house, college - Arizona (AZ)
  155. I've been in Tucson for a week now...: Phoenix, Catalina: mattress, school - Arizona (AZ)
  156. Buddhism: Tucson: live, prices, assessment - Arizona (AZ)
  157. Landscaping company?: how much, house, estimate - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  158. Perfect Arizona Monsoon Day Today: Tucson: cabinets, cabin, move to - (AZ)
  159. Tucson of the 60s,70s and 80s: South Tucson: crimes, motel - Arizona (AZ)
  160. Well it was only a matter of time. What the !@#$%^& is this??: hotel, dangerous - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  161. Random of the day.: house, buying, school - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  162. East Coast vs Tucson? Which One?: Phoenix, Oro Valley: low crime, living, restaurants - Arizona (AZ)
  163. Suggestions on what to do/where to eat: Tucson: hotel, school - Arizona (AZ)
  164. Border Issues?: Tucson, Naco: living in, safe, housing - Arizona (AZ)
  165. Top Reasons I Love Our Monsoons!: buy, living - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  166. The I Love Tucson: schools, moving - Arizona (AZ)
  167. Car Questions?: Tucson: how much, shop, place - Arizona (AZ)
  168. My 2 yrs observation of Tucson (city): Catalina Foothills, Flagstaff: ski resort, 2013, cheap apartments - Arizona (AZ)
  169. When Did Arizonans Adopt Slacker Lingo ?: 2015, college - Tucson, (AZ)
  170. Arriving next week - Need help finding smoking patios at Restaurants: Tucson: hotel, live in - Arizona (AZ)
  171. Champagne Brunch?: Tucson, Oro Valley, Nogales: hotel, house, neighborhood - Arizona (AZ)
  172. It's official: Phoenix, Tucson, Catalina Foothills: to rent, homes, employment - Arizona (AZ)
  173. Need encouragement!: Phoenix, Tucson: sales, real estate, construction - Arizona (AZ)
  174. How bad are the monsoons in Oro Valley?: Tucson, Payson: condo, home - Arizona (AZ)
  175. Ah a little slice of home: Tucson: renting, living in, law - Arizona (AZ)
  176. s my dumb Christmas decorating ....: Tucson: house, neighborhood, live - Arizona (AZ)
  177. Az-201: lawyer, home builders, water heater - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  178. An accurate view of tucson,: Phoenix, Gila Bend: violent crime, how much, houses - Arizona (AZ)
  179. TEP boosting fluorescents with discount: Tucson: coupons, homes, buy - Arizona (AZ)
  180. Looking for a good campsite: Sierra Vista, Green Valley: camping, food, car - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  181. * bucks?: to buy, live, shops - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  182. who wants to come over and help me unpack?: find a job, construction - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  183. Drive-in movie?: Phoenix, Tucson: home, movie theater, live - Arizona (AZ)
  184. One more Allergies: Tucson: insurance, home, living in - Arizona (AZ)
  185. Another 'moving - what to expect': Tucson, Tanque Verde: truck rental, rental - Arizona (AZ)
  186. “Ghettos”, Graffiti, and Gangs… The Three G's: Phoenix, Tucson: neighborhood, living in - Arizona (AZ)
  187. TMC - slowest ER ever!!: Tucson, Pima: health insurance, home, to buy - Arizona (AZ)
  188. (5) month Snow Bird/Oro Valley/Questions: Tucson, Sedona: renting, house, vs. - Arizona (AZ)
  189. drive from Tucson to Scottsdale: Phoenix, Sedona: house, live in, costs - Arizona (AZ)
  190. Restaurant Row: Tucson, Tanque Verde, Oracle: restaurants, food, venue - Arizona (AZ)
  191. Best signs and architectural works in Tucson?: motels, neighborhood - Arizona (AZ)
  192. Doctor and Optometrist Advice Needed: Tucson, Willcox: costs, centers, health - Arizona (AZ)
  193. Sephora coming to Tucson!: best time, companies, schedule - Arizona (AZ)
  194. Daniels Moving & Storage?: Phoenix, Tucson: used - Arizona (AZ)
  195. World Sports Grille: buy, work, kids - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  196. Moving to Tucson late September.: safe, place, quiet - Arizona (AZ)
  197. Shuttle help: Phoenix, Tucson, Vail: RV park, to rent, house - Arizona (AZ)
  198. Moving to Tucson: apartment, housing, job - Arizona (AZ)
  199. Looking for someone to take over my apartment lease for January 2009: state, female - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
  200. Gone but not forgotten: trees, building, place - Tucson, Arizona (AZ)