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  1. Cuyahoga River excels as a recreational resource: Cleveland: how much, school - Ohio (OH)
  2. Cuyahoga Valley National Park: Cleveland: centers, design, vacation - Ohio (OH)
  3. preschools - shaker, beachwood, university heights: Cleveland, Strongsville: universities, assess, best - Ohio (OH)
  4. How can I get to West Farmington from Cleveland and back, with no car?: Westlake: wedding - Ohio (OH)
  5. Poor Student Needs Housing Near Clinic: Cleveland, Cleveland Heights: apartments, rentals, homes - Ohio (OH)
  6. Compilation of threads about West Side communities, including Lakewood, Rocky River, and beyond: Cleveland: 2015 - Ohio (OH)
  7. NYer visiting Cleveland & Cinci for a week in November. How is it Post- covid ?: Cincinnati: loans - Ohio (OH)
  8. Primary Care Doctor / Physician Recommendations: Cleveland, Westlake: campus, medical center, cities - Ohio (OH)
  9. Aerial photography of Eastlake shoreline?: Cleveland, Lorain: live in, airport, beach - Ohio (OH)
  10. Are there areas in Lakewood that are similar to cedar farmount area?: Cleveland: apartments - Ohio (OH)
  11. Schools - shaker, beachwood, orange, solon, chagrin falls: Columbus, Cleveland: home, neighborhood - Ohio (OH)
  12. Greater Cleveland home prices: Lorain, Lakewood: for sale, condominium, mortgage - Ohio (OH)
  13. What the heck happened to Fleet Avenue?: Cleveland, Brooklyn: real estate, apartment - Ohio (OH)
  14. Greater Cleveland technology: sale, 2015, to buy - Ohio (OH)
  15. 2021 NFL Draft Plans in Cleveland: Nashville: tickets, best, metro - Ohio (OH)
  16. Cleveland and suburbs east of Cleveland: Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights: rentals, houses, purchase - Ohio (OH)
  17. Looking to Buy Real Estate in the Cleveland Area Soon, First time Home Buyer - Looking for Tips and Advice: Cincinnati: rental - Ohio (OH)
  18. Pandemic induced population growth?: Cleveland, Warren: sales, real estate, rental market - Ohio (OH)
  19. Louisville to Cleveland?: Lorain, Lakewood, Strongsville: 2015, houses, good schools - Ohio (OH)
  20. The city's own sound, and own label: Cleveland: live, severance - Ohio (OH)
  21. Greater Cleveland real estate values: Lakewood, Euclid: house, school district, tax - Ohio (OH)
  22. Shaker: appreciable difference between Fernway and Onaway: Cleveland, Warren: real estate, apartment - Ohio (OH)
  23. Regional government in Cleveland?: Akron, Shaker Heights: schools, tax, suburbs - Ohio (OH)
  24. Ludlow Shaker Heights: Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, Mount Pleasant: crime, house, neighborhood - Ohio (OH)
  25. Lake Erie ice: dangerous, pollution, activity - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  26. Macy's to close Great Lakes Mall store, three others in Ohio: Cleveland: leases, university - (OH)
  27. Cleveland to demolish warehouses in preparation for the NFL Draft four months from now: radio - Ohio (OH)
  28. Does Manners Big Boy still exist? ?: Columbus, Cleveland: living in, restaurants, shopping center - Ohio (OH)
  29. Visit Sherwin-Williams museum while still open to the public: Cleveland: apartment, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  30. First Time Homeowner: Cleveland: homes, buyer, place to live - Ohio (OH)
  31. Cleveland intercity train expansions: Toledo, Toronto: live, dangerous, mall - Ohio (OH)
  32. Moving from Mason Oh to Cleaveland Oh: Cleveland, Solon: home, to buy - Ohio (OH)
  33. GM / LG hiring 1,000 workers for Lordstown battery manufacturing site: Cleveland: employment, construction - Ohio (OH)
  34. Cleveland apartment brokers: real estate, apartments, rentals - Ohio (OH)
  35. Moving to Cleveland from out of state: Lorain, Lakewood: best town, foreclosure - Ohio (OH)
  36. East 91 Harvard St Area: Cleveland, Brooklyn: high crime, homes, to live - Ohio (OH)
  37. Friend Moved Back Home: Cleveland, Akron: to buy, bankrupt, college - Ohio (OH)
  38. HGTV Relief Properties - Gut Job pilot episode (Cleveland/Lakewood): fit in - Ohio (OH)
  39. Apartment Lease Issue: real estate, leasing, condo - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  40. Drought outlook?: basement, locations, average - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  41. Getting plates for car: DMV, live in, registered - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  42. Professional Hair and Makeup Artist: Cleveland: house, theater, school - Ohio (OH)
  43. Geauga County Republican probate court primary battle may impact Presidential Democratic primary: Cleveland: real estate - Ohio (OH)
  44. Prop. Tax I promise it's different...: low income, sales - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  45. Lakewood Trains...: Cleveland, Congress: train, schedule, roads - Ohio (OH)
  46. Cleveland teen charged in 6 carjackings escaped from mental health hospital: public school, dangerous - Ohio (OH)
  47. Sheriff Sale // County Land Bank (process): Cleveland, Ohio City: house, neighborhoods, buying - (OH)
  48. Next Gen RTA. Test RTA's redesigned transit network for free from June 13 to June 19, 2021: Cleveland: buses - Ohio (OH)
  49. Train Horns/Noise - Rocky River & Lakewood: Congress, Clifton: homes, neighborhoods - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  50. What's up with the hey I'm from ____ I only want to live near others from ___: Cleveland: apartment - Ohio (OH)
  51. Marty Superhost Sullivan has Died: condo, taxes, budget - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  52. Plain Dealer's editor-in-chief announces departure: Cleveland, Washington: how much, utilities, income - Ohio (OH)
  53. Brewpub (or Bar w/ Craft Beers) - laid back vibe?: Cleveland: rooftop, garden - Ohio (OH)
  54. New housing in Cleveland - Ohio (OH)
  55. Top restaurants in Cleveland: Mentor, Green: house, neighborhood, university - Ohio (OH)
  56. ax benefits for living and working in the city of Cleveland: rental, credit - Ohio (OH)
  57. Cleveland history: Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights, Union: 2013, hotels, new home - Ohio (OH)
  58. Cleveland art deco buildings: Columbus, Cincinnati: 2015, hotels, new home - Ohio (OH)
  59. COVID reopening, large events??: how much, tickets, venue - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  60. Looking for a good reumatologist: Cleveland: clinic, specialist, doctor - Ohio (OH)
  61. Ohio City vs Downtown: Cleveland, Parma: apartment complexes, rentals, houses - (OH)
  62. Al Roker & Today will be in Cleveland all week: Congress: public schools, build - Ohio (OH)
  63. How Would You Rank the Neighborhoods in Cleveland?: Euclid, Prospect: best neighborhoods, theater - Ohio (OH)
  64. Areas similar to Cleveland heights? But without the high taxes: Columbus: apartment complex, rental - Ohio (OH)
  65. Knowledge of street by street traffic: Shaker Heights: Cleveland, Green: rental, homes - Ohio (OH)
  66. looking for a ontractor new asphalt driveway: Cleveland, Cleveland Heights: real estate, buyers - Ohio (OH)
  67. Tower City Center vs Great Northern Mall: Cleveland, Euclid: 2013, house - Ohio (OH)
  68. Is this a Brooklyn, OH forum?: Cleveland: suburb - Ohio
  69. The area between Coventry and Little Italy: Cleveland, Euclid: apartment, hotel - Ohio (OH)
  70. University of Akron to eliminate 6 of 11 colleges: Canton, Orrville: school, budget - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  71. (If It Happens) Where Should the 2021 NFL Draft Be?: Cleveland: home, mall - Ohio (OH)
  72. Can explain RITA to me?: Cleveland, Lakewood: real estate, to rent, credit - Ohio (OH)
  73. COVID-19 retail & restaurant experience: Strongsville, Rocky River: university, closing, ice cream - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  74. teacher moving to OH: Cleveland, Painesville: safe neighborhood, to buy, school districts - Ohio
  75. For visitors and natives: Cleveland, Shaker Heights: activities, campus, rated - Ohio (OH)
  76. What is it really like in burbs of Cleveland?: Columbus: real estate, crime - Ohio (OH)
  77. Rapid rail in Cleveland,: Euclid, Mayfield: hotels, home, transfer to - Ohio (OH)
  78. New York to Shaker Heights? (Questions about safety and more).: Cleveland: crime, homes - Ohio (OH)
  79. Ursuline College -: Cleveland, Kent: 2015, hotels, house - Ohio (OH)
  80. Moving back (family edition): Columbus, Cleveland: transplants, sales, real estate - Ohio (OH)
  81. Lakewood (my impressions vs. negativity on the forum / in general): Cleveland: real estate, rentals - Ohio (OH)
  82. Nice streets in unexpected areas: Cleveland, Garfield Heights: apartment, crime rates, homes - Ohio (OH)
  83. Is there such a thing as great schools, low crime, and affordability?: Cleveland: sale, foreclosures - Ohio (OH)
  84. Short-term Downtown Rental - Thoughts on this idea?: Cleveland, Euclid: appointed, apartments - Ohio (OH)
  85. Census predictions: Cleveland, Congress, Nashville: quality of life, living, moving - Ohio (OH)
  86. Retire in Cleveland!: Toledo, Elyria, Painesville: real estate market, 2015, transporting - Ohio (OH)
  87. Northeast Ohio Best High Schools: Columbus, Cleveland: low income, real estate, loans - (OH)
  88. 3 Day Visit? Enough time?: Columbus, Cleveland: chapel, how much, big house - Ohio (OH)
  89. Housing Prices - Chagrin Falls vs. CH / SH: Cleveland, Euclid: HOA, insurance - Ohio (OH)
  90. Is it right time to buy house in Cleveland suburbs?: Lorain: short sales, real estate - Ohio (OH)
  91. Thinking about driving to NE Ohio in July to visit (yeah, I know): Columbus: how much, hotels - Cleveland, (OH)
  92. Cleveland Heights (and other neighborhoods)- may take trip this weekend: Euclid: houses, to buy - Ohio (OH)
  93. What vacation lake towns are near Cleveland?: Lakewood, Mentor: rent, house - Ohio (OH)
  94. Federal Agents are coming: Cleveland: crime rates, credit, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  95. Housing Market for $500k+ Homes: Cleveland, Shaker Heights: sale, real estate market, mortgage - Ohio (OH)
  96. Hall of Shame: Top dumb moves that hurt transit, Cleveland in the last 30 years: Columbus: mover, how much - Ohio (OH)
  97. Cleveland, Lake, Lorain, Medina, and Geauga metroparks news: Akron, Mentor: home, purchases - Ohio (OH)
  98. Cleveland Downtown suffers damage from riots: Euclid: to live, office, metro - Ohio (OH)
  99. Terminal Tower Apartments: Cleveland, Akron, East Cleveland: sales, for rent, insurance - Ohio (OH)
  100. 2030 time travel: Cleveland, Parma, Euclid: real estate, apartments, rental - Ohio (OH)
  101. Safe neighborhoods with in the city of Cleveland: Euclid, Fairfax: 2015, apartment - Ohio (OH)
  102. Best area to purchase a house in the Cleveland area from a ROI perspective: Lorain: sales, real estate - Ohio (OH)
  103. The anti-viral elixir and stress fixer: Boardman, Geneva: salons, foreclosures, rental - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  104. Cleveland Plain Dealer....being shut down?: Painesville, Washington: eat, deal, business - Ohio (OH)
  105. where are the liberal, family friendly suburbs?: Cleveland, Akron: homes, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  106. 32 and snowing in CLE, 68 and sunny in Cincy: Cleveland, Cincinnati: live, vs - Ohio (OH)
  107. Moving to Cleveland - Young, trendy areas?: Lakewood, Cleveland Heights: apartments, lease - Ohio (OH)
  108. best shaker school: Cleveland, Parma, Euclid: crime, houses, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  109. Is hit-skip a strictly Cleveland area term? an Ohio term?: high school, DMV - (OH)
  110. Can you move home again?: Cleveland, Nashville: renting, houses, job market - Ohio (OH)
  111. MLB in Cleveland to drop Indians name used for over a century: Columbus: home, promotional - Ohio (OH)
  112. Pandemic Enabling More to Live, Work Where They Want...Permanently: Cleveland: real estate market, insurance - Ohio (OH)
  113. Ticks / Lyme Disease in NE Ohio: Cleveland, Euclid: 2015, neighborhoods, contractor - (OH)
  114. Driving down 55th Street today..: Cleveland, Euclid: townhome, unemployment, property taxes - Ohio (OH)
  115. Cleveland ranks with Bachelor destination: Euclid, Ohio City: hotel, neighborhoods - (OH)
  116. Is Vermilion a good city?: Cleveland, Lorain: best towns, real estate, 2015 - Ohio (OH)
  117. Two Day Visit Planned: Cleveland, Euclid: fit in, apartment, chapel - Ohio (OH)
  118. Steelers fans in full panic mode right now: Cleveland, Mason: layoffs, club - Ohio (OH)
  119. Charming “Main Street” Places in or near Cleveland: Lakewood: apartments, crime - Ohio (OH)
  120. I-X center closing at end of the year: Columbus, Cleveland: 2013, amusement park - Ohio (OH)
  121. City Amenties and Culture: Fairview Park, W Lakewood, RR: Columbus: apartments, renting - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  122. Recommend Catholic Elementary School: Cleveland, Parma: sales, transfer, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  123. Lakewood diners vs Old Brooklyn diners: areas, personal - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  124. An arson conviction from 2001: office, county, children - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  125. Ohio Unemployment: charge, claim, time - Cleveland, (OH)
  126. My friend/realtor is outraged over my not choosing her - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  127. Greetings from CC Sabathia - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  128. Roofing company reference in Cleveland Heights: place, top - Ohio (OH)
  129. I am in a great need to find a carpenter in Cleveland Heights: home - Ohio (OH)
  130. Help finding an old bar on Brookpark Rd.: Cleveland: tenants, club - Ohio (OH)
  131. Cleveland area electric bills: apartment, rent, income - Ohio (OH)
  132. Experience with Lead Safe Program?: Cleveland: neighborhoods, county, community - Ohio (OH)
  133. City of Cleveland tree trimming / office closures: Forest: house, offices - Ohio (OH)
  134. Atlantic City Department Store: Cleveland, Warren: live, shop, parking - Ohio (OH)
  135. Does know good residential masonry contractors that serve the Akron/Cleveland area?: used - Ohio (OH)
  136. US Census Bureau 2020 Count: Cleveland, Lorain: estimate, metropolitan, population - Ohio (OH)
  137. Lorain improvement? photo: Bethel: assessor, house, taxes - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  138. lloking for a good mason to work on repairs on a house from old bricks: Cleveland: reputation - Ohio (OH)
  139. Looking for male hair stylist (preferably 20s) in the Cleveland area...: single, female - Ohio (OH)
  140. Reality looms over sports economy, as a Browns draft headline amuses the nation: Cleveland: home - Ohio (OH)
  141. Teaching in NE Ohio: Cleveland: low income, job market, high school - (OH)
  142. Short Term, Fully Furnished 3bd/2ba Home Available: Bay Village: rent, dryer - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)