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  1. Tehachapi - Colleges: Bakersfield, Bear Valley Springs, Valley Springs: rent, credit, transfer - California (CA)
  2. OOPS News, Golfer's Swing Snags Rock, Sparks SoCal Fire.: Irvine: golf course, canyon - California (CA)
  3. A backroad for you.: Fresno, Hollister: wedding, county, steak - California (CA)
  4. Looking to move to CA from NJ - need help: San Diego: Home Depot, safe neighborhood - California
  5. Moving Help Needed!!: brokers, new house, marketplace - California (CA)
  6. California's soon-to-be new owners?: Los Angeles: money, business, jobs (CA)
  7. temecula or beaumont safe cities: Banning: home, private schools, live in - California (CA)
  8. Best public school district for PDD-NOS in California: Placentia: home, to buy (CA)
  9. Northern California - Humboldt County- Arcata: San Francisco: college, organic, living (CA)
  10. moving to santa monica california: West Hollywood: apartments, rentals, house - California (CA)
  11. Moving to California...: Orange, Fortuna: apartment, rent, job market (CA)
  12. Job offer in San Ramon: Pleasanton, Danville: condos, houses, movies - California (CA)
  13. Re-register car in CA with out-of-state plates, originally purchased in CA?: car registration, insurance - California
  14. San Luis Obispo - Major Employers: schools, move to, hospital - California (CA)
  15. California’s New Grassroots Movement: High-Speed Rail on the Peninsula: moving, authority (CA)
  16. Top 10 most expensive real estate markets in the US..: San Diego: sales, renting - California (CA)
  17. Moving in CA - need additional on certain areas: San Jose: renting, hotel - California
  18. Yucaipa city mgr gets 30k yr pay raise: Bell: city hall, salary - California (CA)
  19. Electrical Engineering: Norcal or Socal: San Jose, Fremont: houses, luxury, where to live - California (CA)
  20. Good Places To Rent In Vacaville: Fairfield, Davis: extended stay, apartments, rental - California (CA)
  21. Bedbugs in California?: Los Angeles: apartments, hotels, wedding (CA)
  22. California’s Solar Scorecard: 2014, appliances, homes (CA)
  23. Lease (Cleaning): August: apartment, credit, house - California (CA)
  24. Quirky and family friendly places?: San Francisco, Sacramento: homes, schools, living in - California (CA)
  25. After the road test, temporary certificate?: Bakersfield, Taft: insurance, to buy - California (CA)
  26. Small town or neighborhood suggestions: San Francisco, Salinas: to rent, job market, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  27. Moving from Virginia to Southern California...NEED ADVICE ON PLACES TO LIVE: Los Angeles: renting (CA)
  28. Help me find place to move,: San Diego, San Jose: apartments, condos - California (CA)
  29. Moving to Mendocino County next summer. How can we be of value to our next community?: Eureka: for rent - California (CA)
  30. Boiler Operator job: jobs, good - California (CA)
  31. Colony Square and La Plaza Cinemas in Atascadero...: Orange, Santa Barbara: house, to buy - California (CA)
  32. scaming companys: section 8, rent, employment - California (CA)
  33. Help!!: Sacramento, Santa Clarita, Orange: transfer to, school, camping - California (CA)
  34. Help me plan my CA road trip!: Los Angeles, San Diego: spring break, rent - California
  35. Liberal Organic Farming Communities in NoCal: San Francisco, Fresno: new home, buy, schools - California (CA)
  36. Murrieta or Beaumont...: San Diego, Fresno, Bakersfield: house, school districts, college - California (CA)
  37. ADVICE! Shell Beach, Pismo Beach + surrounding area rentals.: San Diego, Santa Barbara: apartment, homes - California (CA)
  38. Commuting from Grover/Santa Maria to Goleta: Lompoc, Grover Beach: dorms, neighborhood - California (CA)
  39. Moving to CA? Tips on being a good tenant (and neighbor): Los Angeles: apartments, lease - California
  40. Need on commmute from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay: Montara: beach, toddler - California (CA)
  41. Central Valley Job Seeking Depression... Ideas: Bakersfield, Modesto: student loan, job market - California (CA)
  42. Ventura County sub-forum added: Fresno, Santa Barbara: to move, title, areas - California (CA)
  43. Ellie Mae moves to the city!: San Diego, Ontario: credit, to live in, bus - California (CA)
  44. HELP!! Cali Out of State Vehicle Purchase: sales, buying - California (CA)
  45. closes airport to Redwood tree Forest state and nationall park: San Jose: land, rated - California (CA)
  46. SoCal Photographer Recommendations: San Diego, Orange, Laguna: beach, vacation, studio - California (CA)
  47. Neighborhoods in Livermore: homes, area, town - California (CA)
  48. Langford Lodge - Northern Ireland. Lockheed Overseas Corp 1942 -1943: Los Angeles: transit, best - California (CA)
  49. Riverside home sales down 50% in one month.: foreclosures, credit - California (CA)
  50. No front bumper ticket: insurance, costs, car - California (CA)
  51. What are the best counties to live in Ca between the bay area and south ca?: Santa Barbara: rent - California (CA)
  52. scoping santa cruz/ cheap flexible stay solutions: Watsonville, Commerce: sublets, apartment - California (CA)
  53. Establishing Residency and Tuition: Independence: transfer, schools, university - California (CA)
  54. Can landlord charge rent when tenant has moved out for construction?: Redondo Beach: apartments, renters - California (CA)
  55. History of Goleta, Ca...: Santa Barbara, Seaside: taxes, live, agriculture - California (CA)
  56. where should i go next year for summer vacation: Stockton: motorhome, school - California (CA)
  57. Commute Fresno to Visalia?: station, commuting, schedule - California (CA)
  58. Looking to Escape East Coast: San Diego, San Jose: apartment, safe area, school - California (CA)
  59. Jerry Brown Files Suit Against Tax Lady Roni Deutch: Sacramento: attorney, lawsuit - California (CA)
  60. list your best neighborhood/area for locale. not bay area or socal: Huron: apartment - California (CA)
  61. Best place to live: San Diego, San Francisco: house, established neighborhood, good schools - California (CA)
  62. Need name of restaurant at Disneyland...: hotel, eat, buffet - California (CA)
  63. Which route would you take: Los Angeles, San Francisco: how much, safer, moving - California (CA)
  64. trails in SF or silicon valley similar to Runyon Canyon in LA?: San Francisco: house - California (CA)
  65. Looking to rent a room Truckee area included old truckee, kingsbeach.: apartments, house - California (CA)
  66. Calif. gov, legislative leaders reach budget deal: Sacramento: sales, house - California (CA)
  67. Santa Monica, Venice, Malibu or West San Fernando Valley?: Los Angeles: rental, homes - California (CA)
  68. Is the Bay Area part of the Southwest or Northwest?: San Francisco: fit in, medical - California (CA)
  69. HELP: Need to register my leased car from out of state; CONFUSED!!!: Torrance: sales, leasing - California (CA)
  70. Late summer: San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Carson: ski resorts, best, areas - California (CA)
  71. Know...: homes, to live, moving - California (CA)
  72. Moving from Ireland...advice: Los Angeles, San Diego: to rent, receptions, how much - California (CA)
  73. Eugene OR or Humbolt County CA...: Davis, Eureka: low income, rent, crime - California
  74. Outrageous police salaries: San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland: home, tenant, salary - California (CA)
  75. CA drivers lic. / ID card: buying, DMV - California
  76. Race for CA Attorney General: Harris vs Cooley: Bell: crime rates, live - California
  77. Latest Polls have whitman ahead of brown!!!!!!!!!: fit in, vs. - California (CA)
  78. My first day as a resident of California: Santa Ana: buying, DMV (CA)
  79. Should PG&E Be Sued?: San Bruno: how much, lawyers, homes - California (CA)
  80. California business adds green jobs: Camarillo: lease, to move, manufacturing (CA)
  81. Meg Whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions !: buying, schools - California (CA)
  82. Would never vote for Whitman? What's your background?: vacation home, school - California (CA)
  83. Cheap safe places to live in California?: San Francisco, Fresno: apartment, rent (CA)
  84. How much money has Whitman wasted trying to buy the governorship?: buying, tax - California (CA)
  85. Proposition 23 - Stop Global Warming Silliness- Will it Pass?: Sacramento: appointed, unemployment rate - California (CA)
  86. Wanting to perhaps move to California from TX: for sale, rent (CA)
  87. Relocating from hawaii to oceanside,california: San Diego, Carlsbad: transplants, rent, chapel - California (CA)
  88. Would never vote for Brown! What is Your Background?: Sacramento: DMV, income - California (CA)
  89. Mckinleyville,Arcata,Eureka.. Humboldt residents: Fortuna: fit in, sales, rent - California (CA)
  90. If prop 19 is passed...what will really happen?: Weed: sale, home - California (CA)
  91. Bakersfield Super-Walmart ??: Santa Barbara, Beverly Hills, Malibu: motel, legal, shopping center - California (CA)
  92. What city/town in California has the most changable weather: San Diego: ski resorts, areas (CA)
  93. Weed officialy decriminalized in california: Alameda: organic, farmer, education - California (CA)
  94. Porterville, Red Bluff, Mira Loma, Riverside, Apple Valley, or Fontana?: Santa Ana: transfer, school district - California (CA)
  95. Vandenberg AFB and surrounding: San Diego, Santa Barbara: for sale, real estate, rentals - California (CA)
  96. Jerry Brown and Perta Oil: Davis, El Segundo: tax, live, law - California (CA)
  97. Brown\ Whitman Debate: s?: Sacramento, Commerce: lawyer, bars, pollution - California (CA)
  98. Bakersfield commute to LA: San Bernardino, Redlands: mortgage, house, buy - California (CA)
  99. CA noobs..whats the best city in CA: San Diego, Stockton: apartments, dorms - California
  100. CA noobs..whats the best city in CA?: Los Angeles, San Diego: middle school, university - California
  101. Yankee Doodles in California?: Orland, Columbia: live, food, deal (CA)
  102. California Governor Signs Marijuana Decriminalization Bill: Los Angeles, Pasadena: where to live, cost, law (CA)
  103. Former Housekeeper sues Meg Whitman for Abuse...: camp, oil - California (CA)
  104. So what will they cut?: Sacramento: house, bankruptcy, income - California (CA)
  105. Meg Whitman - Exclude Capital Gains Income from California Income Tax: Sacramento: sale, renting (CA)
  106. Arnold Veto's Holocaust Rail Bill: crime, live, to move - California (CA)
  107. What the heck happened to California???: San Diego, Carlsbad: live, moving, housing (CA)
  108. San Luis Obispo: Santa Maria, Arroyo Grande, Nipomo: condo, home, salary - California (CA)
  109. Questions about California......: apartment, for rent, student loans (CA)
  110. 'Genderless' ID cards vetoed by Schwarzenegger: homes, property taxes, budget - California (CA)
  111. Moving.: Los Angeles, Fresno, Brea: apartment, for rent, insurance - California (CA)
  112. Is Madera, Manteca or Fresno a good place to live?: Los Angeles: rentals, house - California (CA)
  113. Whitman & Fiorina Falling in the Polls: Los Angeles, San Francisco: school, university - California (CA)
  114. $69M in Calif. welfare money spent out of state: Los Angeles: home, buy - California (CA)
  115. Too Old???: tenant, living in, design - California (CA)
  116. Health Concerns living with 5 miles of Lawerence Livermore Lab?: Brea: mortgage, lawyers - California (CA)
  117. Heat: Pasadena, Orange, Hawthorne: pool, county, humidity - California (CA)
  118. Is it still 'hella' expensive to live in California?: San Jose: real estate, apartment (CA)
  119. NEW POLL NUMBERS 10-4-10 Brown leading Whitman: wealthy, office - California (CA)
  120. The Ultimate Californian Poll. Whitman or Brown?: to buy, living (CA)
  121. Meg Whitman wants to spend millions to stop gay marriage: Davis: money, pay - California (CA)
  122. A about California's political history: Los Angeles, San Francisco: appointed, rental, low crime (CA)
  123. Cold Ocean: Huntington Beach, San Clemente, Malibu: beach, county, summer - California (CA)
  124. A funny thing happened to us on our vacation .....: San Jose: rental car, rental - California (CA)
  125. 6 California Universities Ranked in Top20 Worldwide: San Diego, San Francisco: high school, income, tax (CA)
  126. Bay Area or SoCal in greater danger for next big Quake?: Los Angeles: apartment, water heater - California (CA)
  127. 101 or 5 What is fastest?: Oakland, Santa Barbara: train, car, commute - California (CA)
  128. Legislature wants state to promote financial literacy: costs, bills - California (CA)
  129. Heat Wave: Ontario, Pasadena, Fontana: house, living, beach - California (CA)
  130. Topless women at Venice Beach: Santa Cruz: movie theater, restaurant, legal - California (CA)
  131. CA Dog owners - new proposed legislation limits your rights!: Sacramento: prices, law - California
  132. The Central Coast - where does it start for you and why?: Los Angeles: college, camp - California (CA)
  133. Where in Cali would you live if money were not an issue?: Monterey: schools, living in - California (CA)
  134. Mormon Bishop shot and killed at Church in Visalia: Tulare: live in, law - California (CA)
  135. Another Help me choose where to live: San Jose: how much, houses - California (CA)
  136. It's a beautiful day along the Central Coast: Monterey: costs, beach - California (CA)
  137. cali pines (modoc): Columbia: subdivision, best place, property - California (CA)
  138. Central Coast forum or separate coastal county forums: San Diego, San Francisco: credit, graphic design - California (CA)
  139. Uh Oh - GPS Tracking Device: Brea, Fortuna: 2013, live in, pitbull - California (CA)
  140. Best Places in Santa Barbara County: San Rafael, Paradise: campgrounds, live, restaurants - California (CA)
  141. How much salary do you need to make it in Morrow Bay/Templeton area?: San Luis Obispo: rental, house - California (CA)
  142. What's with all the California agricultural inspection stations at our state borders?: Yreka: to buy, school (CA)
  143. Affordable California( Kern County ): Bakersfield, Tulare: real estate, new home, transferring to (CA)
  144. Moving west from Maine and very confused about where to live: San Diego: sales, real estate - California (CA)
  145. transferring to Tulare co.-cost of utilities? land taxes?: Los Angeles: homes, schools - California (CA)
  146. Great White Sharks off California Coast: Los Angeles, Solana Beach: statistics, beach, food (CA)
  147. Fresno Ca, where do you see Real Estate prices in one year from now?: Clovis: mortgages, new home - California (CA)
  148. Reviving California's economy: Meg Whitman versus Jerry Brown: Orange: taxes, living in (CA)
  149. Dr Laura Resigns from Radio: doctorate, retire, racist - California (CA)
  150. A chance for California: Orange, Freedom: public schools, tax, budget (CA)
  151. Are Bay Area residents more reserved than their LA counterparts?: Los Angeles: neighborhoods, gated communities - California (CA)
  152. Chico or Bend?: San Diego, Sacramento, Santa Cruz: rental market, homes, college - California (CA)
  153. Quintessential California: San Diego, San Francisco, Glendale: rent, houses, movies (CA)
  154. California 47th in the nation in education: Alameda: school districts, university (CA)
  155. Affordable homes in Southern California?: San Diego, San Francisco: real estate, apartment, foreclosure (CA)
  156. registering a out of state car in ca: how much, lawyers - California (CA)
  157. It never rains in southern California?: buying, places, cheaper (CA)
  158. California Mandatory Furloughs - YOU STILL HAVE A JOB!!!!: crime, mortgage (CA)
  159. Why not a Fresno (or at least Central Valley) sub forum?: Los Angeles: live in, areas - California (CA)
  160. Work for the state, Retire at 55, take in $1million in retirement benefits: Davis: credit, employment - California (CA)
  161. Landlord evicted a tenant in my building, he has vacated the apartment but won't leave the property.: apartment complex, lease - California (CA)
  162. where to move in central California, but where?: Fresno, Salinas: high crime, job market (CA)
  163. Prop 21, State Parks Initiative, Something to care about.: camping, taxes - California (CA)
  164. Northern California moving advice!: Santa Rosa, Berkeley: best city, elementary schools, living (CA)
  165. Why Would Someone Go To Sleep On Train Tracks?: Los Angeles: commute, park - California (CA)
  166. about Beaches in Southern California: Los Angeles, San Diego: live, moving, beach (CA)
  167. Hang onto your wallets!: sex offenders, house, tax - California (CA)
  168. moving to california: San Francisco: houses, find a job, to live in - California (CA)
  169. Moving to California from Chicago help...thank you: San Diego: apartment, rentals (CA)
  170. Poll: Overall opinion of Bakersfield as a place to live: Pismo Beach: home, shop - California (CA)
  171. What do Californians think of Canadians?: San Francisco: how much, live in, centers (CA)
  172. Fresno vs. San Luis Obispo: Atascadero, Morro Bay: universities, living in, shop - California (CA)
  173. Boxer touts leadership in California TV ad: San Francisco, Campbell: construction, pollution (CA)
  174. Northern California: San Francisco, Sacramento, Bakersfield: moving to, rail, area (CA)
  175. California is missing one key thing (and it's often fatal).: Fairfax: how much, job market (CA)
  176. Remind Me Not To Ever Take a Pacific Sun Cruise: San Francisco: cabinet, cabin - California (CA)
  177. Deadbeat dad attorney needed in San Joaquin County.: Stockton, Nice: income, live - California (CA)
  178. Moving to California from Seattle, WA...: Los Angeles, San Francisco: fit in, for sale, real estate (CA)
  179. Central Coast Photos: Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Brea: live, dangerous, area - California (CA)
  180. Motorcycle Noise Pollution Regulation - For or Against?: Los Angeles, Arnold: 2013, hotel - California (CA)
  181. So FRESNO... Where to eat!: Los Angeles, Visalia: house, buying, school - California (CA)
  182. California City (Kern County): Lancaster, Palmdale: fit in, house, to buy (CA)
  183. So will it pass?: live, price, areas - California (CA)
  184. Tehachapi: Golden Hills, Edwards AFB, Bear Valley Springs: real estate, rent, vacation home - California (CA)
  185. What ever happened to that bullet train plan?!?!: Sacramento: moving, authority - California (CA)
  186. Redwoods + Poll: Have you ever visited ??: Fresno, Seaside: camping, to live in, suburban - California (CA)
  187. Cops: Calif. doctor gets stuck in chimney, dies: Bakersfield: fit in, floor - California (CA)
  188. so much for the 20 child limit in the classroom: Orange: rental, home - California (CA)
  189. Budget Impasse: DMV, tax, pensions - California (CA)
  190. Where to live in Santa Clara: tax, moving to, place - California (CA)
  191. 3d animated horror director to be in new Twilight?: Santa Monica: loan, living - California (CA)
  192. Moving to California from Chicago/NC: San Diego, Riverside: rent to own, crime, townhouse (CA)
  193. Where to live in Benicia: neighborhoods, moving to, best - California (CA)
  194. Democratic Primary Time Machine: governor, candidates, today - California (CA)
  195. Dog-Friendly Places in Clearlake?: pros and cons, restaurants, farmers - California (CA)
  196. Republican Primary Time Machine: governor, candidates, today - California (CA)
  197. looking for person with solid works/autocad experience: design, close to - California (CA)
  198. Suggestions for temporary housing - Sunnyvale: apartments, to rent, living in - California (CA)
  199. Weed/Lake Shastina - Been Recently?: how much, retirement, community - California (CA)
  200. Macys: job openings, employers, job - California (CA)