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  1. Hermosa Beach vs Huntington Beach: moving to, suburban, money - California (CA)
  2. US News: CA Not Top 10 States That Are Losing Businesses: Newman: how much, employment - California
  3. Will the Local 770 go on strike?: best, economy, contract - California (CA)
  4. Chico/Paradise energy bills: Los Angeles: rentals, how much, home - California (CA)
  5. List of California's Biggest Tax Cheats Released by State: used car, rating (CA)
  6. CA spending $7.4 Billion to add to prison system: construction, tax - California
  7. California unemployment rate rises to 12% in July: Sacramento: appointed, apartment (CA)
  8. From Prunedale, CA to Mukilteo, WA now to Tracy?: San Francisco: sales, foreclosures - California
  9. Former Base Housing at Ft. Ord-Rentals available?: Merced, Gilroy: how much, homes - California (CA)
  10. transient population?: Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Monterey: houses, to live in, vs. - California (CA)
  11. San Luis Obispo and Cal Polytech: Pomona, Santa Maria: rent, high school, university - California (CA)
  12. A a purchase: home, transfer, buyer - California (CA)
  13. Tell me all about Etna: movies, camp, living - California (CA)
  14. Moving to Santa Barbara?: Oxnard, Santa Maria: rental market, price, gas - California (CA)
  15. Help! This Gramma needs to relocate near Menlo Park: Fremont: rental, house - California (CA)
  16. CA Log, Lumber export demand soars in Q2 2011: jobs, value - California
  17. Another example of public employee greed: San Francisco, Santa Clara: schools, salary, taxes - California (CA)
  18. Capitol Journal: U.S. budget ax hangs over California: money, business (CA)
  19. CA home to 18 of the 100 fastest growing US Companies: Montclair: population, place - California
  20. Utility gas vs Propane in Bear Valley Springs, Stallion Springs, or Tehachapi?: for sale - California (CA)
  21. Looking for city suggestions: Irvine, Mission Viejo: apartments, rent, houses - California (CA)
  22. Where to move in CA with a child, looking for good schools: Clovis: real estate - California
  23. want to chime in on Vanderberg AFB/city it's in?: Lompoc: living, beach - California (CA)
  24. CAs Apple Flirts with Destiny--Briefly Tops Exxon as Most Valuable US Company: Cupertino: mover - California
  25. chico, paradise, or durham?: Magalia: real estate, HOA, neighborhood - California (CA)
  26. ICU nurse looking for best hospital to work by Hayward/fremont area: Oakland: live - California (CA)
  27. Thinking about Santa Rosa or Davis and need help: Clovis: to rent, HOA - California (CA)
  28. Walkable communities in OC and North: Long Beach, Huntington Beach: home, safe area, college - California (CA)
  29. South Bay, 99 percent online tax cheats -- best in the state: San Jose: sales, home - California (CA)
  30. Merced to Yosemite: Alternate to 140 needed: Manteca, Oakhurst: park, drive, town - California (CA)
  31. Feds Investigating: TX spent 9 times more medicaid money on braces than CA?: health insurance - California
  32. Bakersfield & Modesto the Top Nation for Manufacturing Job Growth: oil, ranked - California (CA)
  33. Relocation from Maine to Southern California?: San Diego, Pasadena: rent, neighborhoods, university (CA)
  34. California scores above average in well being poll of 50 states: Montclair: unemployment, living (CA)
  35. Fort Bragg...?: Sacramento, Eureka, Arcata: Home Depot, live, Walmart - California (CA)
  36. The Castro vs WeHo: Long Beach, Santa Monica: hotels, neighbourhood, beach - California (CA)
  37. Wine Makers Want to Rip Out the Redwood Trees: versus, yard - California (CA)
  38. California & Japan reach World Little League Final: Huntington Beach: beach, schedule (CA)
  39. Capitol Weekly: 10 Good California Mayors: San Jose, Montclair: attorney, school, university (CA)
  40. can tell me anything about east bay??: Los Angeles, Bakersfield: best school, university - California (CA)
  41. CAs Google Buys Motorola for 'Superpower Status': Montclair: price, litigation - California
  42. Fresno Schools Chief Forgoes $800,000 in pay: Montclair: how much, salary, retirement - California (CA)
  43. Would like to move to Southern California next year, on a limited budget. Need advice/assistance.: San Diego: apartment (CA)
  44. California July Revenue Missed Budget Forecast by 9.2%, State Agency Says: avoid, reports (CA)
  45. California returns Little League World Series Title to the US: Huntington Beach: rating, job (CA)
  46. California True, Big Meadow.: Truckee, August: camp, horse, yard (CA)
  47. San Luis from Santa Monica: Los Angeles, San Diego: sublease, apartment, rent - California (CA)
  48. Mountain House? Urgent: Livermore, Pleasanton: low crime, buying a home, established neighborhood - California (CA)
  49. work in the Web/IT field in Southern California?: Los Angeles: relocate to, office (CA)
  50. Need help finding a place in SoCal: San Diego, Santa Barbara: rentals, school district - California (CA)
  51. Only in CA would the Legislature...: good, illegal, local - California
  52. Does California have public records and/or sheriff's website to check?: house, living in (CA)
  53. Power outage affects wide swath of South County: San Diego, San Mateo: home, money - California (CA)
  54. Best fishing for kids in far N. California?: Ashland, Commerce: home, shop (CA)
  55. California Green Jobs Math: $57.4 mil = 319 Jobs: loans, house, employment (CA)
  56. Moving to southern CA within the next 3 months: San Diego, Encinitas: 2015, neighborhood - California
  57. Let's talk prison costs.. crime related problems...: drug, about - California (CA)
  58. UKs Vodafone latest foreign wireless carrier to set up shop in CA: Redwood City: home - California
  59. Mortgage without PMI, 80/17 or 80/15/5 loans just under 500k?: Los Angeles: county, programs - California (CA)
  60. California's college system in decline, study finds: Sacramento, Pittsburg: 2015, how much (CA)
  61. Physical Therapy salaries in Southern California and hospitals for employment?: Long Beach: job openings, salary (CA)
  62. Safest areas between Sonora and Grass Valley-best towns for jobs?: Sacramento: employment, maintenance - California (CA)
  63. a move from Austin, TX to Southern California: Long Beach: sales, apartments (CA)
  64. why is rent so cheap in lompoc?: Santa Maria: crime rates, home - California (CA)
  65. Yosemite mosquito's: Sacramento, Arnold, Murphys: college, campgrounds, floor - California (CA)
  66. Beachfront Houses?: San Diego, Alameda: apartments, rentals, condo - California (CA)
  67. cuts California sales tax deal: San Jose, August: 2013, law (CA)
  68. What town would be best for me in Southern California?: San Diego: apartments, condo (CA)
  69. visiting places of california...: Los Angeles, San Francisco: places to visit, sunny, visit - California (CA)
  70. SoCal has 3 worst cities for jobs: San Diego, Riverside: best cities, homes, job market - California (CA)
  71. No firms have agreed to collect 'Amazon tax': sales, buy - California (CA)
  72. Which city is best for me?: Los Angeles, San Diego: rent, how much, find a job - California (CA)
  73. Downtown San Diego vs Downtown Los Angeles: Corona, Coronado: live, nightlife - California (CA)
  74. MArtinez CA moving help: sales, income, property taxes - California
  75. San Luis Obispo to Camp Roberts commute: Atascadero: transplants, to rent - California (CA)
  76. about unemployment extension in CA as of Oct 2011: find a job, salary - California
  77. Happy Birthday, California!: school, place, date (CA)
  78. CA State High School Exit Exam scores rising: public school, assess - California
  79. California-based Apple's Dilemma , What to do with $76 Billion: Cupertino: buying, cost (CA)
  80. Cal Poly SLO spring 2012 admissions....: San Diego, San Francisco: 2015, transfer, school - California (CA)
  81. S&P Gives CA Revenue Note Highest Rating since 2007: Sacramento: sale, credit rating - California
  82. midwestmomma looking to move to California: San Francisco, Santa Cruz: rental, unemployment, school district (CA)
  83. Bad Part of Clovis?: Fresno, Vista: apartments, renting, crime - California (CA)
  84. santa clara / san francisco cuisine + bars?: San Jose, Santa Barbara: restaurants, club, food - California (CA)
  85. WSJ: CA Rakes in Half of Nation's Venture Capital Investment, First Half of 2011: Los Angeles: chapel - California
  86. Registration fees: vehicle registration, how much, income - California (CA)
  87. The Texans are coming! The Texans are coming! Perry to fundraise in CA: Orange: tuition, train - California
  88. Jerry Brown quote: Sacramento: transfer, cost of, law - California (CA)
  89. What is your company doing locally right now?: transfer, military - California (CA)
  90. Relocating to CO end of September...CA car registration expiring 3 weeks before that!: new home, DMV - California
  91. San Francisco versus Los Angeles areas: pros and cons?: San Diego: theater, university - California (CA)
  92. Hotel california: Palo Alto, Palm Springs: island, place, venues - California (CA)
  93. Rick Perry asking California for money, you be kidding?: San Diego: universities, rich (CA)
  94. So Long, Arnold.: Santa Monica, Davis: real estate, how much, budget - California (CA)
  95. CA Bullet Train Slashed by Congressional Panel: Sacramento, Orange: section 8, house - California
  96. Non-resident opens small business. HOW?: sales, lease, how much - California (CA)
  97. CA's Dream Act now allowing acces to public funds $.: university, taxes - California
  98. Families Packing Up and Leaving California: to live in, law, legally (CA)
  99. Indian outsourcers now Insourcing jobs to Silicon Valley: Montclair: to move, best - California (CA)
  100. Amazon offers Calif. 7,000 jobs if it drops tax: Sacramento: sales, mortgages - California (CA)
  101. 3.91 billion dollar Sacramento based Company looking to move to Texas: Baldwin Park: real estate, broker - California (CA)
  102. Chico/Paradise vs. Sacramento: Davis, Yuba City: renting, buying a home, buying - California (CA)
  103. Obama strongly leads Republican Candidates in CA Poll: Montclair: unemployment, college - California
  104. Got to hand it to the CA voters, Prison Spending Crowding Out Education!: Plymouth: sales, crime - California
  105. California Dream Act? Your kidding me right?: Sacramento, Montclair: colleges, subsidized (CA)
  106. Solarworld laying off 186 CA workers - heading to Oregon: Camarillo: mobile home, construction - California
  107. Yosemite High Country: rentals, hotels, home - California (CA)
  108. CA Schools 2011 Ranking of Top 100 Universities in the World: Los Angeles: chapel, how much - California
  109. Arroyo Grande vs Santa Ynez Valley: Santa Barbara, Nipomo: renting, broker, house - California (CA)
  110. Greeks in California: Los Angeles, San Diego, Fresno: mall, area, county (CA)
  111. Austin companies head to CA to recruit talent: San Francisco, Pittsburg: loans, headhunters - California
  112. Assembly Speaker Perez Accused by Fellow Democrat of Hiding Expenditures: Stanford: salaries, living - California (CA)
  113. California ready to help Texas fight wildfires: how much, homes (CA)
  114. CA GOP in decline: Montclair: condo, unemployment, public schools - California
  115. Boxer Upset at Obama, Encourages Lawsuit: Montclair: 2013, litigation, smog - California (CA)
  116. Murder in Mendocino-stay out of the woods!: Fort Bragg: camp, taxes - California (CA)
  117. California Lawmakers Might Ban Styrofoam Containers: hotel, luxury, restaurants (CA)
  118. America's Top Agriculture state, CA Farmers reap record $37.5B Income: San Diego: fit in, how much - California
  119. Babysitter Bill Causing Storm of Protest: Los Angeles: school, minimum wage, restaurants - California (CA)
  120. Fremont Calif Solar Company Solyndra Files for Bankruptcy-1100 jobs lost: Los Angeles: loan, tax - California (CA)
  121. Oh, this will help. Unionize child care providers: daycare, how much - California (CA)
  122. Favorite California Micro Brewery: Fresno, San Luis Obispo: live in, garage, best (CA)
  123. LA neighbourhoods and Bay area neighbourhood equivalents: Los Angeles, San Jose: home, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  124. California spending, and who REALLY pays the taxes..: Montclair: sales, how much (CA)
  125. Banks with free checking accounts?: Nice: co-op, credit, cost - California (CA)
  126. California tax revenues plunge, deep cuts to schools could be triggered: foreclosure, home (CA)
  127. Cheap AND safe?: Sacramento, Stockton, Redding: section 8, apartment complexes, crime - California (CA)
  128. CA LLC Statement renewal - super long processing time!: 2015, home - California
  129. Why Can't Santa Barbara Get a Grocery Outlet?: Fresno: home, buy - California (CA)
  130. A good place to visit in Northern California?: San Francisco, Napa: to rent, campgrounds (CA)
  131. How much percent of California residents, natives, overall, people that live are Transplants?: 2014, school (CA)
  132. Yeah! Get them rich so-and-sos: Montclair: to buy, taxi, income - California (CA)
  133. California True, once more: 2014, live, move to (CA)
  134. California High Speed Rail: Final Cost Could Top $200 BILLION: San Francisco: rental car, rental (CA)
  135. Tellin' it like it is!: Sacramento: taxes, move to, budget - California (CA)
  136. Gavin Newsom Unveils Economic Growth Agenda for California: San Jose, San Francisco: how much, tenant (CA)
  137. Help with the Front Range, CO vs. Bakersfield/Fresno, CA: Sacramento: renting, credit - California
  138. CA ranks near bottom for Beer Consumption, But First in Production: San Francisco: buying, best - California
  139. San Joaquin Valley information,: San Diego, Fresno: HOA fees, house, safe neighborhood - California (CA)
  140. California Losing To Texas: houses, schools, income (CA)
  141. Summer rain: Nice: camp, yard, best - California (CA)
  142. Job offer in Livermore: Pleasanton, Tracy: apartment, foreclosure, rentals - California (CA)
  143. California True, Top of Big Sur: living, military, office (CA)
  144. warm evenings & nights: San Diego, San Jose: mobile home, to buy, to live in - California (CA)
  145. The final round? TX v. CA: Los Angeles, Sacramento: real estate, house, unemployed - California
  146. Budget crisis, no other place to cut? Really?: San Diego, Merced: houses, to buy - California (CA)
  147. bulldozing the foreclosure problem away?: Stockton, Victorville: rental, new house, neighbourhoods - California (CA)
  148. How's your Summer weather?: Palo Alto, Monterey: living in, move to, beaches - California (CA)
  149. America's 10 Sickest Housing Markets: Los Angeles, San Diego: fit in, apartment complexes, rent - California (CA)
  150. Central Valley vs. Inland Empire: Los Angeles, Fresno: living in, move, suburb - California (CA)
  151. The Elephant in the Room: Are we being too fiscally conservative?: Oakland: schools, taxi - California (CA)
  152. Which city is best for a college grad?: San Diego, San Jose: apartment, university - California (CA)
  153. What happens to public workers when a city defaults...: Sacramento: home, bankruptcy - California (CA)
  154. California Planning Policy: TOD aka Densepack: Sacramento, Bakersfield: short sale, apartments, foreclosures (CA)
  155. California now has a % 20 high school dropout rate.: house, middle school (CA)
  156. Thinking about CA: apartment, job market, construction - California
  157. Britain's Prince Harry Coming to CA for Apache Helicopter Training: Montclair: tax, celebrity - California
  158. runaway teen: rental, eviction, house - California (CA)
  159. California's top second tier city?: Los Angeles, San Diego: live, beach, rank (CA)
  160. HP to sell its PC business: San Jose, Sacramento: layoffs, wage, tax - California (CA)
  161. Moving to South Lake Tahoe area: Sacramento, Carson: ski resorts, rental homes, condos - California (CA)
  162. Panda Express made Hispanic employees clean toilets while Asian workers watched: San Jose: employment, high school - California (CA)
  163. Bakersfield, CA: insurance, house, amphitheatre - California
  164. How far is Fresno from a good beach?: Salinas, Santa Barbara: swimming, farm - California (CA)
  165. Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2 Trillion from Fed---Why not CA homeowners?: Montclair: real estate, foreclosure - California
  166. At the bottom for creating new businesses: landlord, closing - California (CA)
  167. Brown tax revenue : raise levies on large out-of-state corporations: taxi, taxes - California (CA)
  168. California's top third tier city?: San Diego, San Jose: diamond, include (CA)
  169. The new CA EDD debit card sucks eggs: credit card, transfer to - California
  170. Another grocery strike??!?!?!??!?: prices, vs, shoppers - California (CA)
  171. Drive from Austin to Bakersfield, CA: Which Route is Best??: Los Angeles: home, living in - California
  172. California bill proposes to outlaw flat sheets on hotel mattresses....bwahahahaa: mattress, hotels (CA)
  173. Great California INLAND towns for families? Suggestions?: San Diego, San Francisco: apartments, rent (CA)
  174. A move to it right for me?: Sacramento: best town, low crime - California (CA)
  175. Arnold, Ca.: San Jose, Chico, Paradise: low income, 2015, college - California (CA)
  176. How is it to live in Fresno?: San Jose, Santa Ana: for rent, insurance - California (CA)
  177. Rhonert Park or Petaluma or Santa Rosa?: Rohnert Park, Laguna: real estate, apartment - California (CA)
  178. Want to go home - Am I just dreaming?: Los Angeles: job market, incomes - California (CA)
  179. California is Bankrupt: bankruptcy, school, college (CA)
  180. Possibility of shorter academic year: how much, buying, school districts - California (CA)
  181. NYTimes: The Texas Unmiracle: Montclair: credit, high school, income - California (CA)
  182. LA Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa proposes changes to Prop 13.: Los Angeles, Sacramento: short sales, foreclosures - California (CA)
  183. Future growth in the Central Valley: Los Angeles, Fresno: crime rates, new home, unemployment - California (CA)
  184. Education's reach expanded w/ technology (Stanford): San Diego, Industry: lawyers, homes, neighborhood - California (CA)
  185. What are my rights?: 2013, rental, house - California (CA)
  186. Eureka - may not cut it as the motto anymore: Sacramento: 2013, budget - California (CA)
  187. California Students Test Scores Rise for 9th Straight Year: San Diego: high school, live (CA)
  188. I Want to Be Mayor: Bell: for sale, homes, taxes - California (CA)
  189. Internet Start Up Relocating to California from the Netherlands: San Francisco: moving to, area (CA)
  190. Oregon speeding ticket on CA license (paid it): Insurance/record questions: schools, DMV - California
  191. Rental Agencies/Property Managers for Rohnert Park?: rentals, condo - California (CA)
  192. Best schools in Rohnert Park?: rentals, neighborhood, moving - California (CA)
  193. Would like to know of a city near ocean (preferably Northern), besides Berkeley, with the most health conscious people?: fit in - California (CA)
  194. What is the cheapest motel in the SFV?: cheap, about - California (CA)
  195. 14 CA Cities in Top 100 of Annual Best Drivers Report: Sacramento - California
  196. Thinking of moving to Fairfield.: Davis: commute, bad areas, areas - California (CA)
  197. Value of CA Exports Increases for 20th Consecutive Month: Sacramento: unemployment rate, business - California
  198. Started a Charter School or Know Who Has?: jobs, black - California (CA)
  199. Schooner Bay vs. Hillsdale Square: San Mateo, Redwood City: apartments, safe area, to live - California (CA)
  200. Job Consultants in CA: land, suggestions - California