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  1. about Los Angeles versus San Diego: Orange: job market, buses - California (CA)
  2. moving to the Bay Area, not sure what city though. Help?: San Jose: apartment - California (CA)
  3. Sebastopol & Seb. compared to Santa Cruz?: San Jose, San Francisco: to rent, houses - California (CA)
  4. LA area contractor awarded massive $4 Billion 'Hudson Yards' project in NYC: Montclair: cabinet, cabin - California (CA)
  5. Definition of CA Resident for Income Tax Purposes: San Diego: vacation home, buy - California
  6. CA Architecture Firm awarded 75 Million sq ft project in China: San Francisco: transport, design - California
  7. Moving to Redwood Shores: San Jose, San Francisco: best school, where to live, best - California (CA)
  8. June lake summer trip: county, lodging, around - California (CA)
  9. Valleycrats dying off as partisanship increases: Sacramento: fit in, crime, college - California (CA)
  10. ER bill too high + a seperate bill from a doctor I didn't see: cost - California (CA)
  11. Help..... Emigration to CA.. where to start?: Irvine, Orange: house prices, unemployment - California
  12. Is THIS for real??? (Calaveras county stuff): Mountain Ranch, Wallace: house, buyer - California (CA)
  13. Appliances for a rental home.: San Francisco: apartments, renters, how much - California (CA)
  14. Relocating to South Lake Tahoe/Reno temporarily. HELP!: San Francisco, Anaheim: apartment, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  15. This Airmen just want to keep his mom safe.: Fremont: crime, homes - California (CA)
  16. Stanford fundraising campaign nets $6.2 Billion, a record for US university: loans, buying - California (CA)
  17. SD, LA, or SF but need good bike trails: Los Angeles: apartments, rental - California (CA)
  18. Driver's License. Issue?: credit, house, dorm - California (CA)
  19. California Desert Protection Act of 2011: bills, vehicle, land (CA)
  20. Warning to posters: groups, personal, interest - California (CA)
  21. CA State Auditor Blasts High Speed Rail Plan: Sacramento, Brea: train, congested - California
  22. Best CALIFORNA city for a young adult?: San Diego, San Francisco: crime, neighborhoods - California
  23. Large percentage of transplants to So Cal from Georgia and Florida?: Orange: live in, license plates - California (CA)
  24. Southern CA, vs. Central CA: San Diego, Fresno: real estate, rent, house - California
  25. Cali being used in the media: Sacramento: law, paycheck - California (CA)
  26. Why a move to California is still feasible during this tough economy? I think so...: sales (CA)
  27. Dune buggy insurance: legal, license plate, vehicle - California (CA)
  28. Central CA Cities Lagging - 2011 Literacy Results: Los Angeles, San Diego: buy, university - California
  29. East Coaster with Job in Novato...need help: Los Angeles, San Rafael: houses, theatre - California (CA)
  30. Where to move to in CA...coming from Chicago: San Diego: apartments, rental - California
  31. Los Angeles, Fresno, San Jose: nation's three most overpriced metros: San Diego: real estate, low crime - California (CA)
  32. Good options for me in Northern Cali opinions: San Francisco: to rent, homes - California (CA)
  33. California government payroll grew by $500 million in 2011 as furloughs eased: Sacramento: university, vehicles (CA)
  34. Moving from Chicago to Fresno, CA area for new job: Orange: homes, safe area - California
  35. Is living in California expensive? How is living there like?: Los Angeles: to rent, day care (CA)
  36. help: Santa Barbara, Newport Beach, Laguna Niguel: high school, to live in, moving to - California (CA)
  37. Feds want to help turn foreclosed properties into rentals: section 8, foreclosures - California (CA)
  38. Moving to modesto - need ....: Vista, Turlock: crime, safe neighborhoods - California (CA)
  39. Bayleysuit Company in Hydesville: Fortuna: live, shop, estate - California (CA)
  40. California Businesses Are Leaving: Montclair: moving, exodus, medical (CA)
  41. Speak Out Against Illegal Immigration = Receive Death Threats: work, people - California (CA)
  42. Ford to open research facility in California: San Jose, Mountain View: neighborhood, automobile (CA)
  43. Tracking Marine Debris from the Japanese Tsunami: houses, earthquake - California (CA)
  44. Moving to Sunnyvale good safe non racist neighborhoods: San Jose, San Francisco: live, area - California (CA)
  45. Universities in California where you don't feel like another number?: Riverside: home, top schools (CA)
  46. California divorce rate 75%: lawyer, statistics, housing (CA)
  47. Safest/Nicest Places to Live Near Edwards AFB: Lancaster, Palmdale: to rent, houses - California (CA)
  48. Notice required for yearly lease converting to month-to-month: how much, neighborhood - California (CA)
  49. LA and Bay area MLB games: San Diego: live, tickets - California (CA)
  50. Crime is dropping in the Antelope Valley....: Los Angeles, Lancaster: crime rates, high schools - California (CA)
  51. Morro Bay CA / SLO County ISP?: Cayucos: live, area, Internet service - California
  52. Moving to Sunnyvale California, best neighborhoods non racist: Oakland, Anaheim: mortgages, hotel (CA)
  53. Massive Blythe, CA solar project in jeopardy: Los Angeles: loan, to buy - California
  54. foreclosure vs. bankruptcy on rental: Sacramento, Roseville: short sale, real estate, refinance - California (CA)
  55. Kitesurf Homestay family: Los Angeles, August: 2013, high school, live in - California (CA)
  56. Racism? In California anything!: San Diego, Fresno: neighborhoods, live, moving to (CA)
  57. moving to modesto ca: San Diego, Sacramento: college, live, medical - California (CA)
  58. Cal Lutheran or Cal Poly SLO?: schools, colleges, engineering - California (CA)
  59. Do Most Out of State People Know NorCal / SoCal: Los Angeles: live, associations - California (CA)
  60. Tired of Blanket Statements (mainly complaints) about CA: San Diego, Sacramento: low crime, affordable house - California
  61. Small cities in CA and classical music: Fresno, Santa Rosa: high school, university - California
  62. New high school planned in Santa Maria....: Orcutt, Nipomo: 2015, crime rates - California (CA)
  63. Only caltrans could mess up this good: Palm Springs, Brea: construction, move to - California (CA)
  64. Sugar is as bad as Alcohol and Tobacco! Will California begin to regulate it?: Nice: how much, buying (CA)
  65. why so many people from Chicago?: Lincoln, Maricopa: live, move to, food - California (CA)
  66. San Francisco and Los Angeles have the strongest Self-Employment rate in the US: Montclair: military, retired - California (CA)
  67. How does CA arrive at DMV registration fees: sales, crime - California
  68. Five Cities Area: Los Angeles, Pittsburg, San Luis Obispo: apartments, rentals, loans - California (CA)
  69. Driving up the California Coast: San Diego, San Francisco: college, camping, costs (CA)
  70. Facebook IPO could create up to 1,000 new millionaires: San Jose, Montclair: sales, rent - California (CA)
  71. California DMV Fees: vehicle registration, living in, renewal (CA)
  72. Salinas or Claremont, Ca: Los Angeles, Santa Ana: real estate, lease, condo - California (CA)
  73. Olive oils from CA: Temecula: attorney, buy, price - California
  74. Teaching in California?: San Luis Obispo: layoffs, school districts, closing (CA)
  75. Northern CA vibe, Southern CA weather?: San Jose, San Francisco: living in, moving, beach - California
  76. California's Catholic place names: Los Angeles, San Francisco: school, live in, design (CA)
  77. about Plumas National Forest: Jackson, Quincy: camping, car, best - California (CA)
  78. Cops kill cop in California: Santa Maria: sex offenders, how much, attorney (CA)
  79. The California Open -- a forum challenge: Santa Ana: house, living (CA)
  80. The most dangerous crime ridden ghetto city in California: San Jose: middle school, statistics (CA)
  81. Should I Move From Seattle to California?: Sacramento, Santa Barbara: best city, apartment (CA)
  82. California To Run Out Of Cash In One Month, Controller Warns: Sacramento: loan, salaries (CA)
  83. Is there gh speed internet in California??: Costa Mesa, Murrieta: real estate, neighborhood (CA)
  84. New $1000 fine for throwing football or frisbee at the beach: Los Angeles: sex offender, pros and cons - California (CA)
  85. St. Herman of Alaska Monastery in Platina, CA: Red Bluff, Tehama: chapel, college - California
  86. Differences between LA County and Orange County?: Los Angeles, Long Beach: renting, HOA - California (CA)
  87. Moving from east coast to southern Cali: Santa Clarita, Berkeley: sale, real estate - California (CA)
  88. Democrats Poised to Have Legislative Supermajority in Sac after Supreme Court Redistricting Ruling: Sacramento: sales, unemployment - California (CA)
  89. Moving to California, confused!: Los Angeles, San Francisco: home, buying, college (CA)
  90. moving to california, im after advice/tips: Los Angeles, San Diego: fit in, 2014 - California (CA)
  91. Enlarging Shasta Lake feasible, US report says: Fresno, Columbia: 2013, tax - California (CA)
  92. Moving to California... Help,: San Francisco, Bakersfield: rental, crime, quality of life (CA)
  93. New Cities and Megadeveolpments in California: Sacramento, Santa Clarita: homes, neighborhoods, stores (CA)
  94. Questions about South Lake Tahoe..: Carson: crime, live, restaurants - California (CA)
  95. California college will not comply with HHS mandate: Santa Paula: fit in, health insurance (CA)
  96. International Student - SDSU or UCSB ?: San Diego, Santa Barbara: house, neighborhoods, good schools - California (CA)
  97. California True, The Beach.: Pismo Beach, Nice: homeless, horses, areas (CA)
  98. Santa Barbara's Hidden Treasure: The Relics of St. Barbara: Santa Paula: transfer, living - California (CA)
  99. California Alimony/Divorce laws: attorney, live, cost (CA)
  100. CA's $1.5B pot industry to ask voters for state regulation: Montclair: taxes, legal - California
  101. Buy America ... Buy California ... Not a Chance: San Francisco, Oakland: sales, home (CA)
  102. San Luis Obispo vs. Santa Cruz: San Jose, San Francisco: for rent, crime, college - California (CA)
  103. Police chief accused of sexually assaulting her officers: live, law - California (CA)
  104. Country songs about California: San Diego, Sacramento: home, high school, living in (CA)
  105. Just for fun...when CA. taxes you out, where will you go? Why?: Santa Barbara: real estate, buying a house - California
  106. Duplicate Title On Traded-In Vehicle: foreclose, loans, transfer - California (CA)
  107. Is this a stupid idea? Thanks.: Jackson: apartment, credit, hotel - California (CA)
  108. A better place to live. Coasts, redwoods/trees/outdoors/community: San Jose: rent, townhouse - California (CA)
  109. Bullfighting in California: Montclair, Gustine: home, tenant, live (CA)
  110. Napa Climate and Transportation questions.: Sonoma: limo, restaurant, bus - California (CA)
  111. California leads all states in 2011 Employment Growth: Kennedy, Columbia: loan, houses (CA)
  112. Adult Students in the UC System: Riverside, Berkeley: employment, transfer, high school - California (CA)
  113. Home Owners beware... State of California says not all of your property tax bill is deductible.: Sacramento: sales, mortgage (CA)
  114. Whitney Houston found dead in CA hotel room: job, drugs - California
  115. Los Angeles Area leads the nation in annual employment growth, Bay Area is 3rd: San Jose: living, statistics - California (CA)
  116. Where to move in CA: San Francisco, Sacramento: luxury, gated, organic - California
  117. Help me with my biggest dream !: homes, high school, income - California (CA)
  118. Advice on Moving to SoCal as a College Student?: Santa Cruz: how much, home - California (CA)
  119. Retiring LA County workers collect $48 million for unused time off: taxes, gym - California (CA)
  120. California - the gift that keeps on giving: elementary schools, universities (CA)
  121. Surviving the New California: Brea, Fortuna: real estate, home, place to live (CA)
  122. What of the larger California cities have you lived in or visited?: Los Angeles: train, Amtrak (CA)
  123. Single mom moving to California soon: San Diego, Berkeley: apartments, rentals, day care (CA)
  124. C-D post stereotyping: crime, neighborhood, good schools - California (CA)
  125. I am moving to Crescent City, CA: Bell, Eureka: consignment, daycare - California
  126. Jefferson Rising: Sacramento: loan, house, buy - California (CA)
  127. California or Oregon: San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara: living, restaurants, prices (CA)
  128. Why Is Cracker Barrel Restaurant Not in CA?: Fremont: house, shops - California
  129. CA's Facebook on track to have 1 Billion users by August: Montclair: live, corporate - California
  130. Ann Arbor equivalent in CA?: Berkeley, Stanford: bankrupt, schools, college - California
  131. California Minor Cities SMACKDOWN!: San Jose, Santa Barbara: living, best, money (CA)
  132. Local harvest resource: Napa, San Luis Obispo: home, buying, organic - California (CA)
  133. Best schools in Cali for this field of study?: Irvine: credit, job market - California (CA)
  134. L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy Punches Special Needs Woman in the Face: military, bus - California (CA)
  135. Pride/History - San Joaquin Valley: Sacramento, Irvine: low crime, unemployment, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  136. Brown wants more state spending and taxes: San Diego, Brea: house, schools - California (CA)
  137. Wolf Returns To California.: condo, dangerous, to eat (CA)
  138. California Population Projections by Race & County from 2000-2040: Los Angeles: racist, charge (CA)
  139. How much in taxes would you pay for land bought in Southern California (.23 acres): Monterey: sale, assessor (CA)
  140. Fighter jets scrambled over CA after plane loses contact: Fresno: how much, elementary school - California
  141. My wife and I are thinking of driving Southern CA coast for vacation - need help: San Diego: spring break, hotels - California
  142. I asked and I received - Humor Map of California: Irvine: house, high school (CA)
  143. Arroyo Grande Sunset: Oakland: credit, safe, ice cream - California (CA)
  144. CA Law pertaining to Child support / Adoption Assistance /100% Disabilty payments VA: Needles: foreclosure, renting - California
  145. Would you say most Californians have black hair: Santa Rosa: lease, live in (CA)
  146. Fog: when, where, how bad?: Fresno, Merced: dangerous, to move, cars - California (CA)
  147. Best/cheapest method of traveling from NY to CA: Santa Cruz: fit in, how much - California
  148. Best place to live in Sonoma, Ca.: San Francisco, Oakland: to rent, condo - California (CA)
  149. Glenn County ordered to provide Spanish language election materials: Orland: crimes, new home - California (CA)
  150. Cali to Business: Get Out!: Irvine, Orange: health insurance, how much, attorneys - California (CA)
  151. Need answers about life in CA. I'm a young woman.: Santa Cruz: apartments, rental - California
  152. Kim Kardashian targeted by CA tax campaign: Montclair: home, high schools - California
  153. Dry place to move to in or near California: San Diego: crime rates, house (CA)
  154. Could Texas Have More People than CA?: houses, camping - California
  155. California Cap-and-Trade Tax: credit, loans, unemployment (CA)
  156. Winter in california (2012): luxury, place to live, beach - California (CA)
  157. Let's look on the bright side...: living in, bus, move to - California (CA)
  158. Bottomfeeding in Merced?: San Diego, Fresno, Modesto: real estate, foreclosure, rent - California (CA)
  159. CA to WNY - Observations: Los Angeles, Sacramento: rent, new construction, gated - California
  160. Public servants salaries: Yucaipa: appointed, salary, to live in - California (CA)
  161. California Dems want a sit-down with Obama: to rent, mortgages (CA)
  162. Top 50 Places in the Western US by Average Household Income, 2010 Census: Modesto: brokers, living - California (CA)
  163. CAs Apple nears $100B cash on hand; surpasses Exxon as world's most valuable company: Palo Alto: salary, living - California
  164. Partition California into 5 states: Sacramento, Riverside: school, taxation, live in (CA)
  165. How is HWY 99 from Fresno to Bakersfield?: Los Angeles, Sacramento: living, restaurant - California (CA)
  166. are not the 1980s - CA is not your destination: foreclosures, high crime - California
  167. Medical Marijuana in California—how to: Santa Cruz: health insurance, purchase, live (CA)
  168. Jerry Brown Repeal of Hayden Law Protecting Shelter Animals: house, tax - California (CA)
  169. When do I have to change plates?: Burbank: sales, insurance - California (CA)
  170. CA Cities Not So Good For Finding Jobs: Fresno: employment, centers - California
  171. CA ranks 3rd in crude oil production: Bakersfield, Industry: how much, taxation - California
  172. AB 1450 aims to ban employers from screening out long term unemployed: Los Angeles: movers, employment - California (CA)
  173. single mother of 1 looking for change: low crime, house, good schools - California (CA)
  174. What's conservative about Chico?: Fresno, Sacramento: homes, unemployment, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  175. High edison bill: home, buy, taxes - California (CA)
  176. Shipping Gifts to California: Sacramento: sale, attorney, home (CA)
  177. Moving to California is Chic Again: Orange, Montclair: real estate, homes, college (CA)
  178. NBA Star Yao Ming to sell his Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon in China: Montclair: home, live - California (CA)
  179. 60 day paid leave: salary, to live, costs - California (CA)
  180. Do you dislike the Inland Empire?: San Diego, Riverside: foreclosure, high crime, how much - California (CA)
  181. Hey Californians: Your Ex Governor on youtube ....: Sacramento, Arnold: salary, tax (CA)
  182. Death Penalty in California?: tax, live in, cost (CA)
  183. Women Outpace Men in CSU System: Feminists Gloat: Los Angeles, San Bernardino: home, bankrupt - California (CA)
  184. Wanting to move from NYC to Santa Barbara, need advice: Berkeley: where to stay, apartment - California (CA)
  185. California service station restrooms: Agoura Hills: live, nicest, gas (CA)
  186. Gay marriage in California: Wilton: appointed, rent, how much (CA)
  187. Rain...rain...rain...: San Jose, Sacramento, Fontana: weather, seasonal, season - California (CA)
  188. Relocating to California from Michigan: Richmond: rent, crime rates, best school (CA)
  189. Best places in CA?!: San Diego, San Francisco: high school, dangerous, shop - California
  190. Federal Bill Pits Hollywood Against Silicon Valley: Montclair: attorney, law - California (CA)
  191. Reframing the about Pasadena: Compare it to San Diego: Encinitas: quality of life, safety - California (CA)
  192. Plan for extending Highway 65 in the Central Valley as Foothill Freeway: San Joaquin: rail, routes - California (CA)
  193. Renting with a big dog? (FresNO): Sanger, Crest: apartment, rental, pine - California (CA)
  194. Suggest Few Cities in IE/Orange County/LA County: Los Angeles: houses, buy - California (CA)
  195. Colusa and Glenn Counties: history, full, personal - California (CA)
  196. Moving to Hanford area: Fresno, Visalia: transfer, school districts, live in - California (CA)
  197. MSNBC: Leak Cause San Onofre Nuclear Plant Shutdown: San Diego: news - California (CA)
  198. Default May we have a moment of silence……..: credit, home - California (CA)
  199. Helicopters used to evacuate, send food in Europe freeze: Santa Monica: to live in, summers - California (CA)
  200. Riverside County unemployment: violations, manager, claim - California (CA)