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  1. relocating from Canada to California, advice!: San Diego, Sacramento: real estate, to rent (CA)
  2. Need places a horse can stop at near Bakersfield (not a duplicate): August: move - California (CA)
  3. Water quality in Redding / Shasta Co.: Sacramento, Santa Clara: 2014, how much, living - California (CA)
  4. long beach/oc vs. san diego: Orange: pros and cons, to live, moving to - California (CA)
  5. Weather in Solano County in Sept/Oct: moving to, clothing - California (CA)
  6. Eureka/Humbolt - About College of the Redwoods: how much, school - California (CA)
  7. low humidity small town Nor Cal suggestions?: Sacramento, Roseville: appliances, purchases - California (CA)
  8. Making a major life decision. relocating from Canada to California. advice!!: San Diego: rentals (CA)
  9. northern cali road trip part1: Fresno, Sacramento: ski resorts, hotels, utilities - California (CA)
  10. Santa Barbara Area and Corporate Rental and Dogs: Goleta, August: real estate market, rentals - California (CA)
  11. bio tech companies: San Diego, San Francisco, Orange: employment, to live in, to move - California (CA)
  12. Developers in CA. selling property in Arkansas: real estate, house - California
  13. Can I walk out: loans - California (CA)
  14. Becoming a Social Studies Teacher: schools, university, title - California (CA)
  15. Vandenberg Air Force Base job relocation (Help needed): Santa Barbara, Santa Maria: section 8, homes - California (CA)
  16. BURBANK information about Latino community: Los Angeles: statistics, business, population - California (CA)
  17. Is everything free and easy in and around LittleRock,CA.: place to live, to move - California
  18. Top 500 foreclosure zip codes: Lancaster, Palmdale: bank owned, real estate, appliances - California (CA)
  19. to move to CA: San Diego, San Francisco: rent, homes, safe area - California
  20. Need help on commuting times!!!!: Oxnard, Thousand Oaks: real estate, condos, to buy - California (CA)
  21. Humboldt, Del Norte and Mendocino Counties: San Francisco, Eureka: live, center, about - California (CA)
  22. Material Jones Or Comfortable Caution: hotel, home, employment - California (CA)
  23. Want to move back to CA looking at CC help: Los Angeles: transfer to, elementary schools - California
  24. Trinidad area: Redding, Eureka, Arcata: real estate, high school, colleges - California (CA)
  25. Looking for a Reiki healing session: Los Angeles, San Diego: centers, stats, moving to - California (CA)
  26. Boeing In California: Santa Maria, Orcutt: place to live, shop, housing (CA)
  27. From Arcata to LA ~ Photos From my Trip to California!: Pasadena: hotel, vacation home (CA)
  28. Commute from Pacifica to Pittsburg?: Walnut Creek, Walnut: living in, moving to, reverse commute - California (CA)
  29. Military family moving from TX to the Los Alamitos area, should we seek housing at Ft. MacArthur or: Los Angeles: fit in - California (CA)
  30. how & where to find a cheap,1bedroomed apartment in Irvine?: Santa Ana: apartments, rentals - California (CA)
  31. Natural Disasters?: Los Angeles: how much, tornado, earthquake - California (CA)
  32. Tech professional, but not in the typical spots?: San Diego, Sacramento: real estate, insurance - California (CA)
  33. Best part of Central coast for rural living: San Luis Obispo, Elkhorn: house, cost of - California (CA)
  34. Leaving Lancaster, looking for safer community in CA or AZ: Bakersfield: for sale, crime - California
  35. What About Mobile Home Living in Southern California ?: Oxnard, Orange: safe area, safe (CA)
  36. Santa Clarita Valley: Simi Valley, Burbank, Woodland: crime rate, houses, safest area - California (CA)
  37. LA/San Diego/Newport Beach?: Imperial: crime, neighborhood, living in - California (CA)
  38. where is the best place to find a job?: builder, better - California (CA)
  39. moving to USA, California: San Francisco, Sacramento: how much, safe area, buy (CA)
  40. Santa Ros: Santa Rosa: middle schools, living, cost of living - California (CA)
  41. Photos Of Lompoc/santa Maria And Surr: Vista, San Luis Obispo: home, transfer - California (CA)
  42. Im about to graduate HELP: Orland: cheap apartments, house, community college - California (CA)
  43. Santa Rosa: San Francisco, Sonoma, Nice: best cities, real estate, crime - California (CA)
  44. 55+ Communities in California?: Sacramento, Orange, Mission Viejo: crime, custom home, landscaping (CA)
  45. Commuting from Danville/San Ramon to S.F.: San Francisco, Walnut Creek: live in, moving - California (CA)
  46. pheasant hunting: Susanville: price, clubs, pay - California (CA)
  47. where are the best places in california to meet a man like john lennon?: Berkeley: living in - California (CA)
  48. Brooks Institute Santa Barbara- insight?: Moorpark, Montecito: transfer, schools, community college - California (CA)
  49. Late Fees: rentals, tenants, live - California (CA)
  50. Alaska to California: Fresno, Carson: apartments, crime, Home Depot (CA)
  51. Diversity?: Monterey: air quality, relocate to, areas - California (CA)
  52. La Jolla vs Laguna: San Diego, Huntington Beach: fit in, oceanfront, condo - California (CA)
  53. Central Coast Inquirey: Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo: high school, live, best - California (CA)
  54. Road Trip:Los Angeles to Estes Park Colorado: San Marcos: live in, gas - California (CA)
  55. What City to Live Near Mt Sac/ Cal Poly Pomona for College Student? [Low Crime/Low $]: Bakersfield: apartments - California (CA)
  56. How do I rent an apartment from 3000 miles away: Coachella: real estate, apartments - California (CA)
  57. moms in the Fresno area?: move to, county - California (CA)
  58. Mad to move to work in Calabasas: to rent, tech jobs - California (CA)
  59. on Carpinteria?: Oxnard, Santa Barbara, Port Hueneme: real estate, renting, employment - California (CA)
  60. What areas for new houses?: Napa, Sonoma: how much, custom home, to buy - California (CA)
  61. Safer areas of California: Los Angeles, Ontario: renting, crime rate, house (CA)
  62. What is the nicest place for the least cost?: San Francisco: crime, how much - California (CA)
  63. California-a few questions and concerns: Los Angeles, Long Beach: crime, living, move to (CA)
  64. Tehachapi,Ca Relocating Questions: Lancaster, Nice: houses, neighborhoods, buy - California (CA)
  65. VAFB information: Santa Maria, Orcutt, Vandenberg AFB: school, living, shop - California (CA)
  66. Yosemite area (from Sonora to Bass Lake, from Mariposa to Mammoth Lakes) questions: Fresno: wood floors - California (CA)
  67. fun date ideas: Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Palm Springs: live, shops, beaches - California (CA)
  68. Bishop/Lone Pine/Big Pine/Independence questions: Mammoth Lakes: how much, high schools - California (CA)
  69. Californian driving license for German: San Francisco: insurance, buying, DMV (CA)
  70. relocating from Canada to California: August: house, employment, neighborhood (CA)
  71. Planning to Move to Northern CA - need advice: San Diego: for sale, real estate - California
  72. know where is Santa Clara County Courthouse?: San Jose: lawyer, lawsuit - California (CA)
  73. Wanting to Move to Sonoma, Mendocino, or Southern Oregon Coast.: Santa Rosa: rentals, house - California (CA)
  74. What area is seeing the most commercial construction: Temecula: real estate, house - California (CA)
  75. Girlfriend In California: attorney, employment, school (CA)
  76. Danville to Berkeley commute: Tracy, San Ramon: place to live, move to, commute to - California (CA)
  77. Art, Music and Healthy Living in CA?: San Diego, Sacramento: high school, income - California
  78. Driving from San Diego to Bay Area!: Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz: beach, parks - California (CA)
  79. [B]If you were visiting Central CA....[/B]: San Francisco, Fresno: motel, live - California
  80. Anaheim, Stanley Cup Finals... positive impact?: appointed, home, layoffs - California (CA)
  81. 22 year old daughter needs special needs services: San Diego, Sacramento: living, centers - California (CA)
  82. Need help locating Berkeley day spa: salon, university, reviews - California (CA)
  83. Are there places to walk around at night?: Pasadena, Santa Monica: live in, restaurants - California (CA)
  84. Long Beach: Los Angeles, Irvine, Torrance: buying a house, neighborhoods, buying - California (CA)
  85. Sierra Nevada Vacation: Los Angeles, Fresno, Visalia: hotels, prices, shop - California (CA)
  86. HELP - Planning a Road Trip, and eventually want to move to the Best Spot in CA...: San Jose: real estate - California
  87. meal plan or self-feeding?: San Luis Obispo: to buy, college, living in - California (CA)
  88. Deposits: apartments, how much, tenant - California (CA)
  89. Water shortages in Coastal CA?: Los Angeles, Santa Clara: live in, assessments, food - California
  90. Driving to L.a. from OC: Los Angeles, San Diego: house, wedding, college - California (CA)
  91. Southern California needed: San Diego, Upland: real estate, condo, how much (CA)
  92. a chinese girl loves california: house, live, beach - California (CA)
  93. Know what Chico, Paradise are like: Sacramento, Magalia: apartment, home equity - California (CA)
  94. Affording California: Can I afford it and is it worth it?: San Diego: to rent, living in (CA)
  95. coalinga, Ca: San Jose, Fresno, San Luis Obispo: fit in, renting, home - California (CA)
  96. California I come!: Sacramento, Roseville, Marysville: rent, houses, neighborhoods (CA)
  97. Shangri-la in San Deigo county: San Diego, Sacramento: how much, homes, to live in - California (CA)
  98. California dreamin': San Diego, Oceanside: for sale, renters, condo (CA)
  99. Socially Challenged: Glendale, Pasadena, Arcadia: RV park, credit, public school - California (CA)
  100. What do you think about the Eureka, Arcata, McKinleyville, Humboldt area?: Sacramento: crime rate, home - California (CA)
  101. Where in the mountains in CA would you raise small children?: Sacramento: good schools, places to live - California
  102. Where to go in California??: San Francisco, Oakland: home, buy, university (CA)
  103. Why is California welcoming to outsiders...But other states are not?: real estate, house (CA)
  104. Orland,CA- locals: Redding, Chico, Red Bluff: movie theater, schools, university - California
  105. California Rocks!: San Francisco, Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo: skateparks, crime, job market (CA)
  106. California Complaints......: Orange: appointed, real estate, apartments (CA)
  107. San Francisco or L.A.?: Los Angeles, San Jose: transplants, home, college - California (CA)
  108. Most spiritual place in California?: Palm Desert, Joshua Tree: friendly, dental, tree (CA)
  109. Help! Wisconsin Family Looking For Affordable Place In CALIFORNIA: Fresno: real estate, apartments - California
  110. If Quay Valley Ranch is built, would YOU move to it?: San Luis Obispo: home, neighborhood - California (CA)
  111. Which city has the best looking, approachable females?: Los Angeles, San Diego: live, title - California (CA)
  112. for people who bought houses in CA in the 60's and 70's: Fresno: rental, mortgage - California
  113. Ridgecrest California - What's it like?: San Diego, Orange: crime, public schools, camping (CA)
  114. Grass and Lawns: San Diego, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark: middle-class, rent, house - California (CA)
  115. Unaffordable Affordable Housing: real estate, condo, house - California (CA)
  116. California Housing Market: San Diego, San Jose, Sacramento: for sale, condos, mortgage (CA)
  117. Moving to california: Sacramento, La Mesa, Monterey: crime rates, house, living - California (CA)
  118. Interested in Moving to California but...: Los Angeles, San Francisco: apartments, income, living (CA)
  119. California or South Florida?: Los Angeles, Orland: rental, home, to buy (CA)
  120. Leaving California: Los Angeles, Sacramento, Glendale: rent, crime, how much (CA)
  121. Susanville construction: new home, camps, subdivisions - California (CA)
  122. Eureka: San Francisco, Oakland, Hayward: sale, crime rate, new home - California (CA)
  123. Which one is safer and has better schools???: Los Angeles, Bakersfield: homes, safe area - California (CA)
  124. Best places to live in california if you're a weird artist?: San Francisco: college, rated - California (CA)
  125. Sticky threads for CA forum?: Los Angeles, San Jose: loan, house prices, employment - California
  126. Northern California: Sacramento, Redding, Chico: hotel, house prices, to buy (CA)
  127. one tried RV living to live their dream in SOCAL?: San Diego: RV parks, real estate - California
  128. Palm Springs or Santa Cruz??: San Francisco, Monterey: live, shop, gangs - California (CA)
  129. How much can i negotiate down: Monterey, Marina: for sale, real estate, credit - California (CA)
  130. Where in S.Cali?: San Diego, San Francisco: real estate, homes, place to live - California (CA)
  131. Los Osos in San Luis Obispo County: Lompoc, Atascadero: schools, living in - California (CA)
  132. California population expected to double in 30 years.. does this trouble you?: school districts, universities (CA)
  133. Moving to California: San Diego, Long Beach, Huntington Beach: apartment, amusement parks, low crime (CA)
  134. I love brown lawns: loan, how much, house - California (CA)
  135. Reasonable housing?: San Diego, Orange, Norwalk: apartment, for rent, condos - California (CA)
  136. Californians: Are You Tired of Getting Blamed?: Los Angeles, San Diego: transplants, sales (CA)
  137. Section 8 in your neighborhood?: Los Angeles, Lancaster: low income, apartment complex, renters - California (CA)
  138. Friendly California: Thousand Oaks, Morro Bay: live, bus, moving to (CA)
  139. Tehachapi - Dirt Bike Riding: Quartz Hill, Mojave: crime, place to live, shop - California (CA)
  140. Santa Rosa CA is this a good city to live in?: San Francisco: mobile home, private school - California
  141. How quickly/easily does property sell in CA?: Los Angeles, San Fernando: real estate, foreclosure - California
  142. im playing with the tougths of moving to california.: Los Angeles: apartment, to rent - California (CA)
  143. California or Washington: Santa Rosa, Arcata, August: renting, homes, employment (CA)
  144. Is moving to California a good or bad idea?: Los Angeles: condo, high crime (CA)
  145. Car Chases In California: Los Angeles, San Diego: school, living in, dangerous (CA)
  146. Map of White population/Overpopulation: Los Angeles, San Diego: college, statistics, agricultural - California (CA)
  147. LANCASTER CA, EDWARDS AFB what can you tell me about the area???: Palmdale: low crime, new home - California
  148. Water Softener options: Santa Clarita, Redlands: appliances, Home Depot, water heater - California (CA)
  149. Moving to Vacaville, CA: San Francisco, Sacramento: real estate market, rentals, condos - California
  150. new California traffic law from 7/1?: construction, salary, tax (CA)
  151. Security deposit refund & late fees: apartment, rental, house - California (CA)
  152. Advice Needed Vacaville and Surrounding Area: San Francisco, Sacramento: rentals, low crime - California (CA)
  153. Guns/ violence: Santa Ana, Anaheim, Garden Grove: violent crime, safe area, to buy - California (CA)
  154. The price of overcrowding: Los Angeles: schools, property taxes, living in - California (CA)
  155. Difficult neighbor: renters, insurance, house - California (CA)
  156. from So Cal moving to Oregon?: Los Angeles: house, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  157. Trying to find beachy area near LA or San Diego for college friends and I to live: Los Angeles: sublease, rentals - California (CA)
  158. Is it cheaper to build or buy a California ?: for sale, real estate (CA)
  159. Many move, but why do they return?: Huntington Beach, Carlsbad: house, schools - California (CA)
  160. U-Pack or Movex Trucks?: San Francisco, Orange: truck rental, appointed, rentals - California (CA)
  161. Assembly Bill 1634 – The California Healthy Pets Act: San Diego, San Jose: brokers, how much (CA)
  162. just move to CA (to fulfill a dream) without a job?: San Diego: real estate, apartment - California
  163. thinking of relocating to cali, looking for an autumn season: Sacramento: hotels, home - California (CA)
  164. Redding CA???: Susanville, Anderson: real estate, sex offenders, high crime - California
  165. to Who Grew Up on the East Coast: Los Angeles: sale, coop - California (CA)
  166. Angels Camp, CA: Sonora, Alturas, San Andreas: crime, homes, school - California
  167. Let's get together: live in, safe, license plate - California (CA)
  168. Is California more Aware than other states?: Los Angeles: school district, living (CA)
  169. Bakersfield??: Oakland, Vista, Oildale: apartments, condos, crime - California (CA)
  170. African Killer Bees: Los Angeles, Palm Springs: high crime, live, dangerous - California (CA)
  171. Tahoe Fire, a lesson: Sacramento, Santa Cruz: new home, neighborhood, living - California (CA)
  172. Looking for paradise: San Diego, Sacramento, Chico: home, scorpions, living - California (CA)
  173. Move to South Lake Tahoe: Alpine, Squaw Valley: ski resort, for sale, real estate - California (CA)
  174. Who Loves California: San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento: apartments, rental, homes (CA)
  175. The California Dream Is Gone: San Diego, Riverside: rent, house, tech jobs (CA)
  176. Why Are So Many Californians Mean, Rude, and Snobby??: buy, living in (CA)
  177. Where should you live.: San Diego, Beverly Hills: new home, job market, to buy - California (CA)
  178. Thinking...: Pasadena, Burbank, Santa Monica: apartments, rentals, lofts - California (CA)
  179. San Diego or Los Angeles?: San Francisco, Orange: credit, houses, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  180. Looking for a bussines in La Mesa, CA: purchase, store - California
  181. Horse property: Davis: to rent, house, dog - California (CA)
  182. Stockton California: near (CA)
  183. Not like this matters but...: county, favorite - California (CA)
  184. would know: housing, between, good - California (CA)
  185. Real Homes of Genius Video: housing, doctor, love - California (CA)
  186. Suggestions for movers from Houston TO LA?: Rancho Cucamonga: safe, looking for - California (CA)
  187. L.A. vs Miami: Jackson: real estate, college, living in - California (CA)
  188. Great Link For Land In California: how much, price, best (CA)
  189. Down in Stanislaus County: Los Angeles, Modesto: live, safe, rated - California (CA)
  190. Movin' to Butte County -: Chico, Paradise: homes, schools - California (CA)
  191. Job industry in Arcata??: new home, area, jobs - California (CA)
  192. Short Term Architect Assignment: Delhi: university, associations, architectural - California (CA)
  193. CAN tell me about LANCASTER CA: Edwards AFB: low crime, new home - California
  194. Lake Wildwood CA: for sale, living, moving - California
  195. ParLago Advertisements: buying, taxes, prices - California (CA)
  196. Santa Clara offer - family neighborhoods?: Morgan Hill, Los Gatos: home, safe neighborhood, school district - California (CA)
  197. Niland Ca Property Values: Calipatria: estimate, land, best - California (CA)
  198. Colfax/Meadow Vista/Gold Run/Emigrant Gap (+ that whole area up I-80) questions: Auburn: elementary schools - California (CA)
  199. California City, CA: growth
  200. job in tahoe city-looking for housing: utilities, cheap housing, friendly - California (CA)