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  1. Salt on roads in Lake Tahoe: casinos, cabin, car - California (CA)
  2. possibly moving to Porterville: East Porterville, Springville: apartments, for rent, crime - California (CA)
  3. What is CA climate credit on electric bill?: Nice: 2014, how much - California
  4. scootering in Sonoma County: 2014, area, maps - California (CA)
  5. de nile in California: live in, mall, snow (CA)
  6. Smog: DMV, license plate, renewal - California (CA)
  7. VLF Discrepancies: 2014, depreciation, DMV - California (CA)
  8. Great piece of coastal preservation now in place: San Jose, Santa Cruz: houses, deed - California (CA)
  9. Camping in The Solano & Yolo County Areas: Winters: landscaping, subsidized - California (CA)
  10. Where to start off in Cali? Teacher-Business majors.: San Diego, Sacramento: homes, school district - California (CA)
  11. Best job in California: San Jose: water, boat, great (CA)
  12. Looking for help finding jobs: headhunter, find a job, school district - California (CA)
  13. Classic California plates: Monterey: buy, DMV, live (CA)
  14. Welcoming new families to Clovis California?: Fresno: high school, subdivisions, to live in (CA)
  15. Moving from Singapore to LA - Tips?: Los Angeles: find a job, to buy - California (CA)
  16. California cities accounted for 11 of the 20 highest foreclosure rates: Nice: real estate, 2014 (CA)
  17. Closing Cost Customs: SoCal vs NorCal: bank owned, sale, loan - California (CA)
  18. Unlike most of California, Long Beach is all-in' for Cal-based OXY spinoff: Los Angeles: 2015 (CA)
  19. Why is is so much warmer in LA than Santa Barbara?: Los Angeles: beach, areas - California (CA)
  20. What is out there in LA that you can't find Bay Area or vice-versa?: San Diego: closing - California (CA)
  21. Probable cause to enter dwelling or still need 24hr notice?: Long Beach: section 8, apartments - California (CA)
  22. When did California ban smoking in restaurants?: Oakland: exemption, safety (CA)
  23. WWYD: Stick it out in LA or move to Central Coast?: Bakersfield: low income, 2013 - California (CA)
  24. Pregnancy disability leave: insurance, roach, payments - California (CA)
  25. Jury Duty in LA: Los Angeles: attorneys, college, law - California (CA)
  26. Buying a car as an International Student: lease, insurance - California (CA)
  27. Moving to Sonoma County from Houston TX: Santa Rosa, Petaluma: rentals, homes - California (CA)
  28. Halfdome: work, cable, leather - California (CA)
  29. Still Panning for Gold in California!: Los Angeles, Merced: 2014, to buy, elementary school (CA)
  30. U-2 fried LA air traffic control: transportation, manager, good - California (CA)
  31. California uber alles (or, why people would still move to the state - IF they could afford it): Arcata: 2014 (CA)
  32. Where can I buy gold coins and bars in San Diego or reliable online source?: Lancaster: for sale - California (CA)
  33. SLO/ Paso Robles Wineries: Napa, Vineyard: rental car, 2013, rental - California (CA)
  34. ranking the following California spots: San Diego, San Jose: low crime, houses, neighborhoods (CA)
  35. San Luis Obispo real estate / neighborhoods: Laguna, Country Club: rent, condo, homes - California (CA)
  36. Verbal agreement to sell home in CA-is it binding?: sale, leasing - California
  37. Is Tehachapi a particularly religious community?: fit in, school, camp - California (CA)
  38. I got a District Court Warrant out of Washington state: Sacramento: felony, gated - California (CA)
  39. BIGFOOT found in Coast Redwoods: live, tree, parks - California (CA)
  40. Minor car accident: insurance, law, legal - California (CA)
  41. Best neighborhood for young kids to live in clovis, CA: San Jose: renting, condo - California
  42. rancho sante fe/Santaluz San Diego area vs malibu: Orange: living, budget - California (CA)
  43. Boating in Tracy, Brentwood, Byron: Sacramento, Stockton: houseboats, camping, live in - California (CA)
  44. Sequoia/Kings Canyon: Bakersfield: moving, office, race - California (CA)
  45. Unemployment Benefit Questions in CA: fit in, look for a job, company - California
  46. Moving to San Luis Obispo help finding place to live: Santa Maria: real estate, rentals - California (CA)
  47. Most dangerous California big city?: Los Angeles, San Diego: areas, places, free (CA)
  48. place to live in balance of affordability and employability: San Francisco: employment, schools - California (CA)
  49. Unemployment Balance Running out Before Claim Expires: amount, eligible - California (CA)
  50. unpleasant experience in Red Bluff: Sacramento, Redding: real estate, house, buying - California (CA)
  51. Reapplying for unemployment insurance in California after the end of Federal extension: 2013 (CA)
  52. California Small Town Retirement...with good schools: Bakersfield, Salinas: sales, homes (CA)
  53. So, Where does all the movie producers live?: trespassing, about - California (CA)
  54. Where homes sell the fastest? 7 of 10 top real estate markets in California: Los Angeles: 2014 (CA)
  55. Camping between LA and SF: Los Angeles, San Francisco: beach, parking, trees - California (CA)
  56. Give me a stereotypical profile of towns in Napa Valley?: St. Helena: lease, homes - California (CA)
  57. Renter gave incorrect forwarding address: how much, lawyers, tenants - California (CA)
  58. Professionals in Stockton: San Francisco, Fresno, Oakland: apartments, crime rate, how much - California (CA)
  59. California Senate suspends three Democratic lawmakers: Sacramento: 2014, crimes, attorney (CA)
  60. SF ve LA ?: San Diego, Pomona, Napa: rentals, how much, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  61. on CA UI appeal decision: 2013, unemployment, small business - California
  62. Moving to california with child: best, year, better - California (CA)
  63. $10,000, $0 Debt and City Job: Los Angeles, Sacramento: 2014, high school, to live - California (CA)
  64. Still trying to wrap my head around houses with no AC!: Oakland: real estate, motels - California (CA)
  65. Where to live for a surfer in San Diego?: Carlsbad: school, to move - California (CA)
  66. California is bleeding jobs? Not exactly: 2014, home, movies (CA)
  67. commuting from Santa Cruz to Salinas?: San Jose, Watsonville: apartment complexes, house, find a job - California (CA)
  68. Best cities in the country: Irvine, Crescent City: 2013, to live, safest - California (CA)
  69. Travel through Yosemite with truck and trailer: Pacifica, Tehachapi: motorhomes, camping - California (CA)
  70. Looking for family friendly city near Nursing School: Fresno, Fullerton: apartment, rentals - California (CA)
  71. Affordable California city: San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento: 2014, crime, house (CA)
  72. Code enforcement for San Luis obispo county, in Oceano: houses, live in - California (CA)
  73. Traffic returning from Vegas on a weekday?: Long Beach, Riverside: home, safe - California (CA)
  74. DMV questions - out of state buyer and seller: credit, home - California (CA)
  75. Looking for recommendations: San Diego, Fresno, Sacramento: rental, find a job, transfer to - California (CA)
  76. How hard is it to fish from South Lake Tahoe?: rental, to live in - California (CA)
  77. family relocating to chico: rentals, job market, bankruptcy - California (CA)
  78. Do non-extreme-outdoor-sports-types live in South Lake Tahoe?: Bear Valley, Kirkwood: fit in, hotels - California (CA)
  79. California tries to mess with Texas, gets it's butt kicked: skyline, place (CA)
  80. why are skating rinks closing down? why are surviving?: San Jose: movie theaters, to move - California (CA)
  81. Credit Card Breach at California DMV: 2014, company, payments (CA)
  82. Have you how the weather makes a lot of new candidates?: Sacramento: transplants - California (CA)
  83. Latest California Demographics: Long Beach, Sacramento, Pittsburg: 2014, home, schools (CA)
  84. California's population rises to 38.3 million: San Jose, Chico: 2014, cheap house, unemployment (CA)
  85. Now California over regulates lawyers?!!!: 2014, rental, law (CA)
  86. they go again. Mileage tax!: Sacramento: 2014, DMV, taxi - California (CA)
  87. Toyota driven out of California? Not so fast says Toyota: Martinez: 2014, taxes (CA)
  88. California leads the nation in annual job growth: Montclair: 2014, lease (CA)
  89. Is it only Northern California people say hella instead of very ?: San Francisco: neighborhoods, move (CA)
  90. Public infrastructure of Cali vs other states: San Jose, Palo Alto: how much, transfer - California (CA)
  91. New development in Bakersfield - good or bad?: Fresno, Sacramento: bankrupt, movie theater - California (CA)
  92. Where in Cali should I move?: Los Angeles, San Diego: fit in, sublease, house - California (CA)
  93. Where can I move in CA that's affordable to rent a house with mountains in my backyard?: Los Angeles: fit in, transplants - California
  94. California should be divided?: Los Angeles, San Diego: bankruptcy, military, agricultural (CA)
  95. Where to live in Northern California?! Non-ghetto!: San Francisco, Sacramento: transplants, low crime (CA)
  96. I've up fighting the term Cali: Modesto: foods, area - California (CA)
  97. Wanting to move to California from Minnesota: Los Angeles, San Diego: rent, crime rates (CA)
  98. Hermosa Beach vs. Huntington Beach vs. Pacific Beach: Anaheim: home, living in - California (CA)
  99. Los Angeles vs San Francisco vs San Diego vs Sacramento vs Fresno: crime, universities - California (CA)
  100. Renting the same dwelling for 10+ years - statue of limitation on repairs?: Monterey: leasing agent, house - California (CA)
  101. Moving across the country!: San Diego: transfer, storage, warehouse - California (CA)
  102. Where to live in Cali?: Los Angeles, San Diego: rent, job market, living - California (CA)
  103. California in the runnng for Tesla Battery Factory after all?: Fresno: real estate, 2014 (CA)
  104. Affordable towns/cities near Lake Tahoe: Sacramento, Carson: apartments, college, wage - California (CA)
  105. Can give me advice on where to live? (SoCal): Los Angeles: fit in, rent - California (CA)
  106. What do China and California have in common days?: Sacramento: sales, 2014 (CA)
  107. CA Senator Corruption...don't you just love politicians!: transplants, real estate - California
  108. El Niño Probability Raised to 78% for Next Winter: San Jose: land, flooding - California (CA)
  109. Best Californian Skyline: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose: 2013, construction, airport (CA)
  110. Yard Roaches, Blow Flies, and Fleas, Oh My...: Fresno: renting, house - California (CA)
  111. 43,000 Texans flee low wages and environmental problems for California: Los Angeles: 2014, employment (CA)
  112. Texas trying to take Sriracha!: San Clemente, Irwindale: 2014, employment, live in - California (CA)
  113. Would you be willling to alter California's climate to get summer rain to eliminate wildfire season?: San Diego: homes, earthquake (CA)
  114. San Francisco to San Diego road trip: Los Angeles, San Jose: rental car, rental - California (CA)
  115. Can we put up a no vacancy sign for CA?: Orange: 2013, home - California
  116. Santa Barbara vs San Luis Obispo vs Monterey: Jackson: living, restaurants - California (CA)
  117. California adds 56,000 jobs in April, U3 down to 7.8%: Los Angeles: 2014, insurance (CA)
  118. Are there Russians in Northern California?: San Francisco, Sacramento: crime, homes (CA)
  119. Are There Leprechauns In the Redwoods?: living in, move, county - California (CA)
  120. Socal vs Norcal: Los Angeles, San Diego, Long Beach: real estate, rentals, condos - California (CA)
  121. Starting anew: San Diego, Redding, Tehachapi: foreclosures, rentals, vehicle registration - California (CA)
  122. Perfect example of why regulatory issues are much more complex than the public generally bothers to examine: 2014, unemployed - California (CA)
  123. there is only 18 drive in movie theaters left in CA: Salinas: high school, universities - California
  124. San Diego or Miami? 3 months English course: best cities, 2015 - California (CA)
  125. What Will California Weather Be Like In 2050?: real estate, 2013 (CA)
  126. Things to do in Fresno?: San Jose, San Francisco: rent, neighborhood, theater - California (CA)
  127. Wanting to move to California???: San Diego, San Francisco: rent, how much, college (CA)
  128. Uninterupted Ocean View in Isolated Areas: San Francisco, Santa Monica: how much, custom home, place to live - California (CA)
  129. Why has Calif had the SAME license plates for over 20 years?: crimes, to buy - California (CA)
  130. Paso Robles/Templeton and good schools: Los Angeles, Fresno: rentals, house, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  131. Orange County or San Jose?: Irvine, Santa Clara: 2014, unemployment rate, college - California (CA)
  132. Reexploring California - Looking to Buy: San Jose, Sunnyvale: hotels, home, property taxes (CA)
  133. California redwoods being poached: 2014, trees, place (CA)
  134. North San Diego County vs. South Orange County: Huntington Beach, Oceanside: school districts, quality of life - California (CA)
  135. The OFFICIAL Get out of California! support group: San Francisco, Sacramento: 2015, crime (CA)
  136. What's your favorite area for small retirement farm?: San Jose, Fresno: for sale, real estate - California (CA)
  137. 10 students killed in California: Long Beach, San Bernardino: college, income, live (CA)
  138. And advice on Crescent City CA? (Moving there for 1 year): San Francisco: sales, purchase - California
  139. Boeing moving 1,000 engineering jobs from Washington state to Southerrn California: Los Angeles: 2014, apartments (CA)
  140. California regulations killing business?: Temecula: middle-class, for sale, health insurance (CA)
  141. Thinking of relocating to a cooler climate in northern California: San Francisco: rent, violent crime (CA)
  142. Welcoming new families to Clovis California?: Rodeo, San Joaquin: real estate, selling a home, high schools (CA)
  143. What is the SAFEST City in California?: Los Angeles, San Jose: 2013, crime (CA)
  144. 10 most boring places in California: Carlsbad, Merced: 2014, community college, live (CA)
  145. Landlord jacking up price at the end of my lease - my rights?: 2014, apartment - California (CA)
  146. Energy Running Out of California: San Jose, Redding: 2014, manufacturing (CA)
  147. What city is the best alternative to California?: Los Angeles, San Diego: sales, sales tax (CA)
  148. California Earthquake - WE GOT HIT: Los Angeles, San Diego: 2014, power lines, house (CA)
  149. Thinking of moving to the North Coast? Read this first!: San Francisco: transplants, 2014 - California (CA)
  150. young professional need about northern cali! (Santa Rosa vs Santa Cruz?): San Francisco: rent, how much - California (CA)
  151. Looking for the perfect California town for my family!: San Jose: high crime, home (CA)
  152. Who remembers old military bases in CA?: San Diego, Long Beach: rentals, neighborhood - California
  153. Where are summer thunderstorms common in California?: San Diego, Bakersfield: apartment, to move (CA)
  154. Referring to California as Cali: San Francisco: car, corporate (CA)
  155. Earthquake Preparedness: insurance, camping, to move - California (CA)
  156. How REALLY popular is gun control in California?: school, oil (CA)
  157. Why are Californians so Unemployed?: Diamond Bar: section 8, 2013, rental (CA)
  158. Live in california for snowboard season: South Lake Tahoe, El Segundo: apartments, rentals, condos - California (CA)
  159. redwoods: Fort Bragg, Crescent City: living, shop, best place - California (CA)
  160. California ranks 3rd in annual job growth behind tiny ND and UT: Los Angeles: 2014, insurance (CA)
  161. The Monterey Shale could create 2.3 million new jobs & Boost the state's GDP by as much as 14%: Fresno: 2014, unemployed - California (CA)
  162. If you moved to CA from another area,what did/would you miss the most/least?: San Diego: amusement parks, homes - California
  163. Quiet walkable beach near SLO: Morro Bay: high school, safety, parking - California (CA)
  164. help w/current Eureka/Arcata schools, neighborhood,: Santa Rosa: RV parks, for sale - California (CA)
  165. California is HUGE so where would we fit in?: San Diego: sales, apartment (CA)
  166. How often are there earthquakes in California?: San Andreas: fit in, high school (CA)
  167. California Teachers' unfunded pension increases to $73.7 billion: Exeter: sales, 2014 (CA)
  168. California second least affordable state for renters, study says: San Diego: low income, section 8 (CA)
  169. Why does California need more growth?: San Diego, El Centro: homes, to buy, income (CA)
  170. Want to move out of CA eventually, but where?: Sacramento: foreclosures, unemployment - California
  171. Need relocation (Redding area) tips: Fresno, Stockton: low income, section 8, real estate - California (CA)
  172. Is the CA drought deliberately engineered?: engineering, places, climate - California
  173. Best Universities for Biology in California: Riverside, Irvine: top schools, tuition, design (CA)
  174. Tesla announces 431,000 sq ft facility to be built in San Joaquin county: San Francisco: 2015, manufacturing - California (CA)
  175. Holy Smokes, Batman!: Brea, Weed: 2014, schools, tax - California (CA)
  176. Is California more Leftist/Socialist or Libertarian/Neoliberal?: sales, to buy (CA)
  177. State Senator Leland Yee Arrested On Public Corruption Charges: San Francisco: middle-class, 2014 - California (CA)
  178. Big Sur?: Monterey, Pacific Grove: where to stay, motel, campground - California (CA)
  179. Sonoma County's Plastic Bag Ban Started Friday 3/21/14: Vallejo, Larkspur: 2014, credit - California (CA)
  180. Tracy, Brentwood or Discovery Bay?: San Francisco, Antioch: rent, low crime, houses - California (CA)
  181. Why did Californians allow the passage of Mello-Roos?: Mission Viejo: HOA fees, condos (CA)
  182. what city has the best girls in ca?: San Jose, Fresno: beach, area - California (CA)
  183. Things to love about Redding: Santa Clara, Chico: transplants, DMV, living in - California (CA)
  184. Growing Pot Not As Acceptable in the Emerald Triangle Area As You May Think: Redding: 2014, buy - California (CA)
  185. Sea lions in sacramento: San Francisco: hotel, wedding, suites - California (CA)
  186. What Are the Best Beaches Of Humboldt County, Mendocino County, and Del Norte County: Trinidad: insurance, live - California (CA)
  187. California real estate: Santa Maria, Nice: sales, to rent, house (CA)
  188. What is a Drove?: luxury, living, transport - California (CA)
  189. refinance with 15k cash out and 20 years mortgage: credit card, loan - California (CA)
  190. San Luis Obispo - Best Kid Friendly Neighborhoods and Day Cares: Santa Maria: to live in, moving - California (CA)
  191. Ridgecrest horses: college, moving to, horse - California (CA)
  192. Oil Platforms off the coast of Long Beach, Huntington Beach, and Santa Barbara...: companies - California (CA)
  193. California bad for business? Wish it was, but -: Long Beach, Seal Beach: 2014, schools (CA)
  194. Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index 2013: California doing very well: quality of life, rank (CA)
  195. SB-1372: Corporation taxes: 2014, tax rates, small business - California (CA)
  196. Quality of road infrastructure between different parts of California: Los Angeles: credit, live (CA)
  197. School in Covina working near LAX: neighborhoods, moving to, distance - California (CA)
  198. California top states for real income growth: 2014, metropolitan area (CA)
  199. Want coastal California weather with Florida water temps?: real estate, buy (CA)
  200. am i crazy? atascadero to grover beach commute: apartment, rent - California (CA)