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  1. Chico shortage of affordable one bedroom apartments: Paradise, Oroville: rentals, houses - California (CA)
  2. Advice on where to buy furniture: Sacramento, Redding: consignment, furniture stores, moving to - California (CA)
  3. Moving from South Seattle/Tacoma to California Living IDEAS?: Los Angeles: for sale, apartments (CA)
  4. CA DMV: Registering an out of state care which was previously registered in CA: sale - California
  5. Moore N Moore Mulligun 400 today (with pictures): Pasadena: appointed, house - California (CA)
  6. Suggestions for best internet/cable service: Chico: movies, prices, eat - California (CA)
  7. SR 70 or SR 178 with trailer?: Sonora, Tobin: trains, electric, engineer - California (CA)
  8. Car rental in USA standard rules: rental car, rentals, insurance - California (CA)
  9. Canceling a car registration? (CA): sale, insurance, transfer - California
  10. California Prop 65 cancer warning on my Computer Laptop Stand: 2013, foods (CA)
  11. Smog test for 2015 car: Sacramento, Industry: coupons, high school, DMV - California (CA)
  12. US/Mexico border crossing just for a quick lunch/souvenir stop in CA: San Diego: home - California
  13. Upper Lake CA, know this area? Help;): Eureka: appointed, camping - California
  14. Living expense in Santa Barbara: low income, rental, day care - California (CA)
  15. rental house without a dryer vent. is landlord responsible for mold damages?: condos - California (CA)
  16. Best place to move for a nurse (North/Central Cali)?: San Jose: to rent, safe area - California (CA)
  17. Del Norte County Bivalve Shellfish Quarantine - Don't Eat Mussels, Clams or Oysters!: Crescent City: theater - California (CA)
  18. Smog check if I'm out of state for school?: Sacramento: insurance, DMV - California (CA)
  19. problem after problem in rental where I live: 2015, homes - California (CA)
  20. Modesto to Carson City, NV: Sacramento, Stockton: hotel, home, casino - California (CA)
  21. Need advice on internet and cell service Humbolt area: McKinleyville: moving to, best - California (CA)
  22. Caucasian man sets off pipe bomb in neighbor dispute in Huntinton Beach: Huntington Beach: home - California (CA)
  23. Help! moved from TX and unsure what to do about car stuff (inspection: insurance - California (CA)
  24. Your tax dollars still supporting termed-out politicians!: 2015, clubbing - California (CA)
  25. Concept: If the urban areas of CA actually sucked...: San Francisco: home, income - California
  26. about Cailfornia: Los Angeles, Lakewood: apartments, rent, broker - California (CA)
  27. Moving from East Coast to West... Best area for young adult???: Murrieta: apartments, rent - California (CA)
  28. Construction on Freeways: Sacramento, Stockton, Thousand Oaks: contractors, money, job - California (CA)
  29. Grey Wolf to be in Calif.: Klamath: rated, county - California (CA)
  30. Recreating Lake Tulare! More Splenid Water Usage: yard, trees - California (CA)
  31. about Substitute Teaching and Misconduct: 2013, school district - California (CA)
  32. miniature poodle breeders in CA?: Sacramento: for sale, distance, location - California
  33. Crime in Oceano? Is it all hype?: Compton: renting, houses - California (CA)
  34. Lease/ roommate issues: apartment, leases, eviction - California (CA)
  35. NYC to CA: Riverside, Orange, San Mateo: new house, high school, to live in - California
  36. how many days a child can miss in elementary school: school district, moving - California (CA)
  37. Looking for a job in IT and to live in California.: Los Angeles: find a job, closing (CA)
  38. SF in ascent • LA in ascent • SF/LA parity: Los Angeles: commuter, money - California (CA)
  39. i need help about fatca law: lawyer, income, taxes - California (CA)
  40. California Leftests made gun theft/Posession a Misdomeanor: 2015, crime (CA)
  41. Hearst Castle - enough for 3-4 days?: Pleasanton, San Luis Obispo: live in, shop - California (CA)
  42. Help me convince my parents to take a trip to DLR!: Anaheim: fit in, college - California (CA)
  43. Why are stockton residents upset with a Bay Area county advertising for jobs in the Bay Area?: San Francisco: bankruptcy - California (CA)
  44. Smog inspection required to sell vehicle in No-smog zip code?: sales, transfer - California (CA)
  45. North of Redding: Bridge Bay Resort Seaplane Base, late at night?: San Jose: car, area - California (CA)
  46. I Know California Is Famous For It's Food Diversity But....: Chino: 2013, how much (CA)
  47. Fort Bragg sunset: beaches, great, love - California (CA)
  48. I've always wanted to move to CA, recently NorCal but where?: San Francisco: skateboarding, condo - California
  49. Job in Calexico CA: San Diego, El Centro: middle-class, new home, neighborhoods - California
  50. put a used manufactured house on land? Where to find one?: Sacramento: mobile home - California (CA)
  51. A Shout Out to Firefighters - Kudos: Oroville: house, campsites - California (CA)
  52. Can you watch a live soccer event on analogue TV in CA?: stations - California
  53. Can I sue for this?: hotel, employment, casinos - California (CA)
  54. Beaches with most privacy in CA: house, movies, camps - California
  55. Plan on moving to SoCal. Need locals: San Diego: apartments, rentals - California (CA)
  56. California/Missouri connection: Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Orange: city hall, train, land (CA)
  57. Need Advice on Move With Mom from Oakland to North Bay Area: Santa Rosa: affordable apartments - California (CA)
  58. Recommend High schools? School districts.: Torrance, Diamond Bar: apartment, renters, university - California (CA)
  59. Ca SR1 from Monterey to Morro Bay on a holiday weekend: Cambria: vs., cars - California (CA)
  60. How to register a car in CA with out of state license: car insurance - California
  61. Moving from SD to the central valley advice and opinions needed: San Diego: best town, crime - California (CA)
  62. Thinking of moving to North Mexico: San Francisco: restaurants, best, winter - California (CA)
  63. Can i drive my new CA car with no tag to other states?: attorney - California
  64. Got this email from a friend about the East Porterville drought. It's very, very sad.: Tulare: 2015 - California (CA)
  65. Can I use my dorm address to transfer my out of state driver's license and purchase/register a vehicle in CA?: Los Angeles: car insurance - California
  66. rain fall in Trinidad: Eureka, Crescent City: area, summers, date - California (CA)
  67. Is Ukiah/ Mendocino racist towards Black people?: live, car - California (CA)
  68. Lawyers, police, simple about consequences.: how much, lawyer, price - California (CA)
  69. Does Santa Maria feel more apart of SB county, SLO County, or it's own area?: Santa Barbara: university, subdivisions - California (CA)
  70. Power Outages in Southern California: Los Angeles, Ridgecrest: 2015, apartment, power lines (CA)
  71. Proposition 47 Discussion: San Francisco: 2014, insurance, crime rate - California (CA)
  72. More New Taxes On The Way For Californians?: San Jose: prices, bill (CA)
  73. We really dodged a bullet with SB 350, Brown flips out.: Sacramento: credit, taxes - California (CA)
  74. of you near *really* dark skies in CA?: Joshua Tree: camping, pollution - California
  75. San Joaquin Valley Climate and Geography: Fresno, Sacramento: motorhome, camping, live - California (CA)
  76. Moving to CA: San Francisco, Sacramento, Oakland: rental, crime, townhouse - California
  77. Every county in America, ranked by scenery and climate: Los Angeles: 2015, house - California (CA)
  78. What letter grade would you give California's economy and living conditions, and why?: San Diego: sales, renting (CA)
  79. Help me see the good and bad: San Diego, San Francisco: apartments, rentals - California (CA)
  80. If anything happens to Kentucky county clerk Davis then the same thing should happen to Brown and Kamala Harris: San Francisco: attorney, homes - California (CA)
  81. What is California's most iconic landmark?: Coalinga, Yosemite Valley: live, bridge, between (CA)
  82. Shade Balls in California Reservoirs: Los Angeles, Orange: 2015, moving, health (CA)
  83. So this is where our tax dollars go, for tranny surgery for prison inmates.: 2015, apartment - California (CA)
  84. 20% tip is too generous for CA's minimum wage waitstaff: credit, home - California
  85. Drugs in Redding: Sacramento, San Mateo, Cottonwood: apartment, rent, sex offender - California (CA)
  86. Cooler places in California?: Los Angeles, San Francisco: organic, to live, suburbs (CA)
  87. New California tests present sobering picture of student achievement: Stockton: 2015, lawyer (CA)
  88. The small cities with the most limited economy: Sacramento, Santa Clara: house, job market - California (CA)
  89. Haggen closing 27 stores, 16 in California: San Diego, Orange: 2015, live, price (CA)
  90. My car failed smog: how much, maintenance, tax - California (CA)
  91. Sunsets in your part of California: Tulare, Monterey: 2015, beach, pool (CA)
  92. Should Californian pee during shower to save water?: Nice: law, to eat (CA)
  93. Why did Inland Empire develop, but not Antelope Valley: Los Angeles: military, vs - California (CA)
  94. Thrifty Ice Cream - Remember it?: how much, neighborhood, prices - California (CA)
  95. Why California's gas is so expensive.: buying, taxes, living in (CA)
  96. Another heatwave for California and the West while Midwest, South and East cools down: Sacramento: school, live in (CA)
  97. Obamacare in Humboldt County: Santa Rosa, Redding: real estate, 2015, insurance - California (CA)
  98. Governor proposing $65 Driver Fee, increased gas tax: Commerce: vehicle registration, insurance - California (CA)
  99. Another moving to Cali advice ..: San Diego, Long Beach: home, public school, income - California (CA)
  100. Warm epoch at our coastline.....: San Diego, San Francisco: 2015, live, cost - California (CA)
  101. Will Eastern California (Inland) becoming it's own independent state in the future?? I hope so!: Los Angeles: credit, house (CA)
  102. Daughter wants to go to college in California: San Diego, Fresno: for rent, crime rate (CA)
  103. How did you make the move to California and affording it??: income, living (CA)
  104. Is california as bad as people say it is?: car registration, crime - California (CA)
  105. Where in Southern California should I move?: Los Angeles, San Diego: apartments, rentals (CA)
  106. Where to move to in Southern California?: San Diego, San Luis Obispo: apartment, for rent (CA)
  107. Central Valley Under The Radar: Los Angeles, San Diego: crime, houses, employment - California (CA)
  108. The Sacramento River Delta Could Have Its Own Katrina-Like Levee Disaster: Stockton: 2015, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  109. Nice safe rural isolated areas to live in so cali?: Riverside: for sale, rent - California (CA)
  110. Forbes Ranked California One of the Worst States to Make a Living in - 2015: Napa: unemployment rate, school (CA)
  111. For of You Still Trapped Behind the Lines: 2013, move - California (CA)
  112. 18% rent increase with 3 days notice: Los Angeles, West Hollywood: section 8, rental, how much - California (CA)
  113. Best city for us in California? Help?: Los Angeles, San Francisco: homes, safe neighborhood (CA)
  114. Article: where people go who leave California, & where they come from: Sacramento: middle-class, 2015 (CA)
  115. Moving to Cali advice: apartment, rentals, house - California (CA)
  116. San Jose vs. Sacramento: San Francisco, Santa Cruz: ski resorts, house, earthquakes - California (CA)
  117. The bubble looks like it's just about to.....: Los Angeles, Orange: real estate, 2015 - California (CA)
  118. Glad to see ICE doing their job!: 2014, felon - California (CA)
  119. Which town do you prefer?: San Diego, Riverside: live in, homeless, beach - California (CA)
  120. Weed Harvest 2015: Fresno: neighborhood, car, friendly - California (CA)
  121. How far south from the Oregon border is California considered the Pacific NW?: San Francisco: buy, live (CA)
  122. Everything west of I-5 will be toast: San Andreas: oceanfront, 2015 - California (CA)
  123. Brown signs law banning words Husband and Wife: codes, legal - California (CA)
  124. Are the redwoods a rain forest?: Columbia: live, park, areas - California (CA)
  125. Hate CA?: San Francisco, Orange, Santa Barbara: real estate, how much, college - California
  126. Mountain town in northern CA: Redding, Arcata: apartments, home, subsidized - California
  127. LGV in California: county, snow, Irish (CA)
  128. Religion data on breathtakingly inaccurate: Mammoth Lakes: live, statistics, design - California (CA)
  129. So you want to leave California: where would you go and why?: San Diego: rent, condo (CA)
  130. If you had 1 week to drive up one side of CA and down the other, what would you be sure to see/do?: San Diego: hotels, restaurants - California
  131. Gas Prices at $4.50 or More.: real estate, 2015, buy - California (CA)
  132. Recent Fires near Napa Valley: San Jose, Sacramento: 2015, house, yard - California (CA)
  133. The European solution to CAs housing crisis: Los Angeles, San Diego: rent, home - California
  134. Work in Goleta, would Ventura or Camarillo be better place to live?: Santa Clarita: apartment, rental - California (CA)
  135. Will the On-Going Drought Make Sonoma County the New Central Coast?: San Diego: real estate, 2015 - California (CA)
  136. Raising children far away from family members. Good or bad idea?: homes, private schools - California (CA)
  137. How True Are the stereotypes of People living in SoCal and NorCal?: Clovis: fit in, moving to - California (CA)
  138. Suggestions for where to live (between LA and SF): Oxnard: apartment, rent - California (CA)
  139. Oceanside, Oxnard, Ventura, Santa Paula, Vista, or San Marcos: Escondido: real estate, condo - California (CA)
  140. 10 worst places to live in California: Oakland, Riverside: homes, bankrupt, housing (CA)
  141. California Gasoline Excise Tax reduced: San Jose, Hanford: sales, 2015, credit card (CA)
  142. Good city in California for us?: San Diego, Sacramento: rental market, low crime, mortgage (CA)
  143. Pros and Cons of Living in Weaverville, CA?: Simi Valley, Redding: real estate, 2014 - California
  144. Long overcast days during the winter in Chico?: San Francisco, Redding: how much, live in - California (CA)
  145. What do people from Cali think of Michigan?: Berkeley: transfer, schools - California (CA)
  146. New to Motorcycles - appreciate help: San Diego: 2015, insurance - California (CA)
  147. Most Thunderstorms in California?: San Diego, Riverside: camp, station, best (CA)
  148. Heat Wave: San Diego, Thousand Oaks, Redding: house, camper, live - California (CA)
  149. Thoughts about article?? - I disagree with it: Sonora, Mojave: transplants, 2015 - California (CA)
  150. lived in Santa Cruz and Asheville, NC?: San Jose: oceanfront, schools - California (CA)
  151. Getting 'Hosed' By The Drought: Sacramento, Lewiston: how much, taxes, live in - California (CA)
  152. It's official: Latinos now outnumber whites in California: Sacramento, Irvine: 2015, home (CA)
  153. Is it for us to live in California?: San Diego: rent, condo (CA)
  154. Central Valley vs. Midwest: San Jose, Fresno: fit in, sales, insurance - California (CA)
  155. Non Hispanic Whites are fleeing California...down 0.72% since 2010...White Flight: Los Angeles: 2014, school (CA)
  156. Happy 4th, Independence Day!: San Diego, Crescent City: sale, neighborhood, live in - California (CA)
  157. Coastal cities: Big Sur up to Vancouver, BC: San Francisco, Watsonville: house, earthquake - California (CA)
  158. Move from CT Hartford to CA Irvine/Santa Barbara: Los Angeles: sales, apartments - California
  159. Heat wave arriving as 2 weather systems clash over Southern California: Sacramento: 2015, apartment (CA)
  160. More Profligate Water Waste-From A Farmer: Santa Ana, Visalia: sale, 2015, homes - California (CA)
  161. neighbor nuisance: crime, lawyer, house - California (CA)
  162. Best River Town Near Merced: Waterford, Livingston, Oakdale?, Snelling?: Turlock: school district, camping - California (CA)
  163. Is Vernon a nice place to live?: Los Angeles: 2015, college - California (CA)
  164. Are blacks disappearing from California?: San Francisco, Fresno: 2014, private school, live (CA)
  165. Oh No! The Wells Are Going Dry: Fresno, San Luis Obispo: 2015, city hall - California (CA)
  166. So how bad is Fresno, really?: San Francisco, Long Beach: crime, safe area, school district - California (CA)
  167. Another great reason to split CA into at least two states: Fresno: college, living in - California
  168. Coastal Fogs: Pictures, Tales?: San Francisco, Sacramento: house, living, beach - California (CA)
  169. Another illegal immigrant in CA murders someone: low income, 2015 - California
  170. thoughts on New England: Bostonia: houses, taxes, live - California (CA)
  171. Gov. Brown Signs New Bills To Help Illegals: San Diego: 2015, schools - California (CA)
  172. Which Southern California Beach Town Lives Up Most to the Southern California Image of Relaxed Surfer Cool?: San Diego: middle-class, school (CA)
  173. The Three Cultures of California: San Diego, San Francisco: best city, houses, school (CA)
  174. Rank California cities in order of your preference when it comes to SUMMER weather!: San Diego: mortgage, house (CA)
  175. Beach smoking: Dana Point, Laguna, Laguna Beach: 2015, how much, legal - California (CA)
  176. What is the direct cause of California having so many STRICT laws compared to most other states?: Los Angeles: sex offender, crime rates (CA)
  177. Places to live in California with mild temp, and rural area?: San Diego: homes, neighborhood (CA)
  178. Why all the hate on California: Monterey: transplants, real estate, house (CA)
  179. Moving Las Vegas to Bakersfield: Fresno, Sacramento: amusement parks, schools, place to live - California (CA)
  180. I Hate Southern California!: Los Angeles, San Diego: school, per square foot, taxes (CA)
  181. Are Chinese real estate buyers getting visas to move easily?: Redding: real estate market, 2013 - California (CA)
  182. An Idea If The Drought Gets Worse: Salinas, Saratoga: lawyers, homes - California (CA)
  183. California's Economy Continues to Improve; Job Creation is Up: real estate market, 2014 (CA)
  184. Best Places for Fishing in California?: Sacramento, Redding: house, legally, beach (CA)
  185. Cars with no license plates: sale, insurance, attorney - California (CA)
  186. Are immigrants causing much of the crime in California?: Los Angeles: 2015, crime rate (CA)
  187. Yreka, CA- Latest on this remote community?: Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park: sex offenders, crime - California
  188. Are people in California meaner than other parts of the county?: San Francisco: 2015, rent (CA)
  189. Do we have to pay for repairs if truck won't pass smog on a trade: sales, rent - California (CA)
  190. did you vote for proposition 2? HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR EGG PRICES NOW??: how much, buy - California (CA)
  191. lobbyists or legislators out there? Can we propose a law to tax ag use of water?: Sacramento: 2014, mattresses - California (CA)
  192. Prettiest Southern California Beach Town: San Diego, Corona: university, vs., shop (CA)
  193. CA and the term Freeway: neighborhoods, DMV, areas - California
  194. Liberal Caused Wasteland: Carlsbad, Davis, August: fit in, 2015, construction - California (CA)
  195. Morro Bay Schools? New Water Rates?: high schools, living, costs - California (CA)
  196. Comerica Bank: California Economy Large, Diverse and Resilient: real estate market, 2014 (CA)
  197. Does St. Helena, CA have an active Uber presence?: hire, road - California
  198. US-Mexico Border Fence: Imperial Beach, Imperial: beach, underwater, paint - California (CA)
  199. Atascadero housing: Crest: live, pet friendly, drive - California (CA)
  200. Huntington Beach traffic: Santa Ana, Fullerton: apartment, buying, places to live - California (CA)