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  1. Wally George Combat Television Returns to Southern California: Diablo: best, studio (CA)
  2. CA Counties by Median Household Income, 2019: Los Angeles, San Diego: live in, wealthy, rank - California
  3. Which city/metro is more impacted by homelessness: Los Angeles, San Diego: crimes, home - California (CA)
  4. CA Cities(Pop 65,000+) by Median Household Income, 2019: Los Angeles, San Diego: real estate, crime rate - California
  5. Santa Rosa Utilites Cost: apartment complex, new house, utilities - California (CA)
  6. Hungry Valley SVRA: bypassing Gorman & The Grapevine on mild dirt roads: safe - California (CA)
  7. Commercially successful SoCal bands: Los Angeles, San Diego: live, beach, county - California (CA)
  8. For relocating - how are you searching for housing?: rental, house - California (CA)
  9. Warehouses and the coronavirus: Empire: how much, live, groceries - California (CA)
  10. THD Doppler Hemorroid System surgeon referral needed: health, better - California (CA)
  11. Best Juco or Community College baseball team and program in the state: Sacramento: high school - California (CA)
  12. DMV Notification when leaving CA?: August: taxes, move to, title - California
  13. How much distance from new york to California: maps, drive (CA)
  14. California jobless rate dips as jobs added despite pandemic: August: hotels, month-to-month (CA)
  15. Information on Oakdale CA 2020: Stockton: school, live, shop - California
  16. I need help finding a decent apartment in Fresno...: Sacramento: apartments, for rent - California (CA)
  17. Are the wildfires poisoning our water?: Napa, Santa Cruz: power lines, live, price - California (CA)
  18. Thoughts on American Ambulance in Fresno?: credit, homes, transfer - California (CA)
  19. Local Highway with Endless Restaurants?: Santa Clara, San Mateo: houses, living, cost of living - California (CA)
  20. The Coast Starlight during Covid-19: Sacramento: live, train, car - California (CA)
  21. Llano, California...what's it like?: San Bernardino, Lancaster: to buy, living in, safe (CA)
  22. know what's being built at Willow & Alluvial in Clovis?: townhomes, affordable housing - California (CA)
  23. searching for conservative area/low cost of living: rent, house - California (CA)
  24. Has taken the examines when applying for a job at a city?: San Leandro: teacher - California (CA)
  25. california city?: crime, houses, prices - California (CA)
  26. California Officer Saves Man in Wheelchair From Oncoming Train: paramedic, police (CA)
  27. Easiest drive down from big bear: Palm Springs, Yucaipa: cabin, driving, highway - California (CA)
  28. What if: Unfiltered Sea Water for Forest & Agriculture irrigation during droughts to reduce risks of wildfires: San Joaquin: gated - California (CA)
  29. Grass Valley rent prices?: Sacramento: rental, house, landlord - California (CA)
  30. Election Time - Proposition 21 - Rent Control: rental, homes - California (CA)
  31. Tri pointe homes in Chino area (well built?) & Hoa: Ontario: how much, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  32. NorCal Coast - Traveling During COVID: Eureka, Sonoma: buying, live in, restaurants - California (CA)
  33. Cash offer; will they accept a counter offer?: home, buyer - California (CA)
  34. Have you completed the census?: appointed, house, ethnicity - California (CA)
  35. Fall starts next week! - California (CA)
  36. Assisted Living In Fresno, California: Clovis: apartment, house, neighborhood (CA)
  37. The mother lode: Sacramento, Auburn, Placerville: to buy, pros and cons, living - California (CA)
  38. DMV Late Fees: vehicle registration, renewal, vehicle - California (CA)
  39. For Mortgage Brokers: Largest struggles in getting documentation?: tax, required - California (CA)
  40. legitimately Invasive CA fish?: Modesto: utilities, live in, electricity - California
  41. live part time or full time in June Lake?: Commerce: purchase, vacation - California (CA)
  42. Enron electric rates 20 years ago?: appliances, how much, utilities - California (CA)
  43. Smart dust: Redway: companies, wireless, white - California (CA)
  44. Almond farms in Central California.: Fresno, Sacramento: to buy, prices, stores (CA)
  45. Redding Ca - Shasta County opening up??: Cottonwood: how much, hotels - California (CA)
  46. What California Cities/Counties don't require you to wear a face mask at this point?: San Diego: live in (CA)
  47. Car Loan and Bankruptcy: attorney, DMV, legally - California (CA)
  48. Eureka area during pandemic: Santa Cruz: to rent, neighborhoods, theater - California (CA)
  49. Tell me about Visalia,: San Diego, Long Beach: college, pros and cons, allergies - California (CA)
  50. Notice of Release of Liability: credit report, loans, transfer - California (CA)
  51. Breaking shut down en-masse in San Jose: neighborhood, fence - California (CA)
  52. southern CA suburb looking to relocate to a forest/lake city: place to live, cost - California
  53. bank statement lenders: mortgage, loan, to work - California (CA)
  54. If one wishes to bike to the Nevada border, and then to Vegas: Los Angeles: legal - California (CA)
  55. Origins and extent of CA's golden grass: San Jose, San Francisco: houses, land - California
  56. Relocating to east bay need suggestions for housing: San Jose, Oakland: apartment, rentals - California (CA)
  57. Are the rest stop restrooms open on I-10 going to Phoenix?: title, drive - California (CA)
  58. Registration Musical Chairs: Brea: car registration, transfer, buy - California (CA)
  59. California Clean Energy Policy: Lagging behind other states: Diablo: gated, cost (CA)
  60. Driving from Reno to Sacramento on I-80?: Truckee: agriculture, license plate - California (CA)
  61. $1 million dropped on California highway during pursuit: place, driving (CA)
  62. Bizarre California wine heist: moving, local (CA)
  63. moving to Visalia, could use: Fresno, Hanford: apartment complexes, renting - California (CA)
  64. Live for the summer in Studio City or Sherman Oaks area.: Los Angeles: apartment, rent - California (CA)
  65. lake county: San Francisco, Lakeport: section 8, voucher, live - California (CA)
  66. California nurses: Corona: insurance, safety, medical (CA)
  67. Fort Bragg, citrus and general gardening ???: to live in, garden, move to - California (CA)
  68. Moving to Merced CA: San Jose, Fresno: 2013, affordable apartment, condos - California
  69. California is a Failed State. Why Are You Still: San Diego: homes, calculated (CA)
  70. California paid inmates $1B in fraudulent unemployment benefits, prosecutors say: Sacramento: crime, attorneys (CA)
  71. Californian Traffic Signals: Los Angeles, Dublin: home, live in, moving (CA)
  72. Now we have a curfew: home, live, restaurants - California (CA)
  73. Who Will Newsom Appoint Senator?: San Diego, Long Beach: beach, severance, mayor - California (CA)
  74. Gov. Newsom's new bill allow tenants to pay only 25% of rent due: August: section 8, apartment - California (CA)
  75. Quaintest Main Street in CA?: San Diego, Pasadena: purchase, mall, beach - California
  76. CA Real ID documents: DMV, drivers license, deal - California
  77. Commercial registration card came in the mail: loan, house - California (CA)
  78. Moving to Modesto, CA from Bakersfield, CA: Turlock, Manteca: houses, safest area - California
  79. Laguna Beach: Diablo: hotel, homes, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  80. Would Northern California be a good fit for me? City !: Sacramento: apartments, rentals (CA)
  81. Rent or Buy? That is the: San Diego: sale, real estate market - California (CA)
  82. Why do people in California take so much longer to recover from Covid though we were hit early on?: stats, office (CA)
  83. Will Californians move after the fires? (not an anti-Cal: San Diego: 2015, neighborhoods (CA)
  84. Californians want to move to Vermont?: crime rates, house (CA)
  85. Banned or restricted dogs breeds in California: Orange: apartment complexes, for rent (CA)
  86. Open the Playgrounds: houses, YMCA, schools - California
  87. They Know How To Prevent Megafires, Why Won’t Listen?: floors, move - California (CA)
  88. Want to take a 2-week solo trip to California: Los Angeles: rental car, rental (CA)
  89. For everyone about California's affordability-New record median home value.: Fresno: sales, real estate (CA)
  90. Prop 6/Auto Registration Increase: insurance, maintenance, taxes - California (CA)
  91. CA Cities by Percentage of Adults With a Bachelor Degree or Higher, 2019: Los Angeles: crime rate, job market - California
  92. leaving California: Riverside: home, taxes, live in (CA)
  93. Is moving from California to Florida a thing now?: Los Angeles: truck rental, transplants (CA)
  94. Changed our minds about moving to California: Los Angeles, Calabasas: taxes, living (CA)
  95. Will California become less Blue this election?: Los Angeles, Sacramento: middle-class, transplants (CA)
  96. Bill Maher slams California's 'super-high taxes,' cites Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro as part of state's 'exodus': Montclair: home, living in (CA)
  97. The Great California Exodus Accelerates: Los Angeles, San Francisco: 2013, apartments, condos (CA)
  98. Mosquitoes unbearable this year in California: Bakersfield, Orange: 2013, quality of life, live (CA)
  99. What state are you leaving for?: San Diego, Laguna: fit in, renting, hotels - California (CA)
  100. Does California require to pay tax similar to capital long gain tax when you send your house and profilt $500,000+: sales, real estate (CA)
  101. CA GOP accused of planting fake voting drop-off boxes across state: Orange: locations, county - California
  102. Anti-family mandate: camps, guidelines, health - California (CA)
  103. Purchased a car that needs a smog, to sell? (Merged): sales, buying - California (CA)
  104. Neighborhoods in California where kids actually play outside: Oakland, Glendale: cul-de-sac, middle-class (CA)
  105. What happens to our mail in ballot?: renting, live - California (CA)
  106. Challenge to CA assault weapon's ban to move forward: Sacramento: felony, lawyers - California
  107. Are there places in CA where weed is unpopular?: sales, lawyers - California
  108. I love california i am a native leave me alone: rental, neighborhood - California (CA)
  109. Newsom eradicating sales of new gas powered cars by 2035: Paradise: 2015, power lines - California (CA)
  110. What a Starfish Tastes Like: unemployed, buying, casino - California (CA)
  111. The big earthquake of 2020: real estate, buy, living - California (CA)
  112. Prop. 16 - Affirmative Action: employment, universities, subdivisions - California (CA)
  113. About prop #22.: health insurance, credit card, how much - California (CA)
  114. John & Ken's famous Voter Guide to the Propositions: closing, taxes - California (CA)
  115. California Requires Equity to Ease Lockdowns: Corona, Fair Oaks: crime, unemployment, neighborhoods (CA)
  116. Elon Musk is not moving out of California: San Diego, Newport Beach: sales, real estate (CA)
  117. How the waters off Catalina became toxic DDT dumping ground: income, living - California (CA)
  118. Ballot Summary Website - Discussion: rent, how much, transfer - California (CA)
  119. on prop. 19: house prices, transfer, purchase - California (CA)
  120. most thunderstorm prone area in california? (place in california that gets the most thunderstorms): Blythe: live, activity - California (CA)
  121. Is Beverly Hills the best place to live in California?: San Francisco: apartments, homes (CA)
  122. Fort Bragg yearly weather?: Santa Cruz, Monterey: rentals, home, buying - California (CA)
  123. Report: California Job Market States Least Affected By Covid-19: Montclair: rent, tenants (CA)
  124. What is Fresno like for a 25 year old?: San Jose, San Francisco: sales, rent - California (CA)
  125. MY California DREAM: Ontario, Columbia: apartment, home, camping (CA)
  126. Why does SoCal have so many Covid-19 cases vs. NorCal?: Los Angeles: live in, dangerous - California (CA)
  127. The new Snoop Dogg High School is coming near you: Berkeley: daycare, house - California (CA)
  128. I love Santa Barbara: Oakland, Berkeley: best cities, apartment complexes, rent - California (CA)
  129. The State of North California, the State of Hamilton, or the State of Jefferson: Los Angeles: credit, law school (CA)
  130. How DO You Pronounce That Big West Coast State??: vs, beach - California (CA)
  131. Cali curls my hairs! Is it becoming normal to refer to California as Cali ?: San Diego: college, live (CA)
  132. Scenic trails in NorCal: San Francisco, Davis: beach, best place, park - California (CA)
  133. Where are liberal Californians moving to? Conservatives?: job transfer, schools (CA)
  134. What is the best university in califonia?: Los Angeles, Berkeley: real estate, schools - California (CA)
  135. San Francisco has done the best job in US containing COVID large metros: Orange: 2014, unemployment - California (CA)
  136. returning to CA in search of work (a pipe dream): Sacramento: lease, credit - California
  137. Will you follow the California mask mandate during Coronavirus?: casinos, restaurants (CA)
  138. Salton City Area Population growth?: Bombay Beach: crime, home, to live - California (CA)
  139. Is there a unique California culture? If so, how would you describe it?: Los Angeles: earthquake, living (CA)
  140. Newsom is putting restrictions on churches reopening that aren't on stores: home, neighborhood - California (CA)
  141. Firework Free Areas for Anxious Dogs: Los Angeles, San Diego: where to stay, rental, hotel - California (CA)
  142. Where are the affordable areas of Southern California?: San Diego, Long Beach: low income, section 8 (CA)
  143. I'm not a bad person, but need to kill young Alders (Trees): Aliso Viejo: live, yard - California (CA)
  144. Black guy moving to Fresno? Good move or bad?: Bakersfield: sales, employment - California (CA)
  145. A new report showed California may have hit its population peak and begin to decline in the near future: calculated, subdivisions (CA)
  146. California hunter safety course online for a short time, get on it: Castro Valley: buy, price (CA)
  147. How do you feel good about being taxed 10%?: middle-class, real estate - California (CA)
  148. California Prepares To Raise Its Gas Tax to 50 Cents a Gallon July 1st: Los Angeles: unemployment, neighborhood (CA)
  149. Why is San Francisco/Northern CA housing prices higher than LA/OC?: Sacramento: real estate, jumbo loan - California
  150. Masks in public now mandatory statewide: Sacramento: restaurant, shop, transportation - California (CA)
  151. Contact Tracers hard at work: San Diego, Sacramento: trains, activities, health - California (CA)
  152. CA suggestions for my parent's relocation: warm, mild weather, affordable on low income, pop <= 200k,: Los Angeles: real estate, apartments - California
  153. Independent wealthy, with multigen. family where to move?: San Diego, Oakland: houses, neighborhood - California (CA)
  154. Largest city in California that gets snow every year?: Redding: areas, business (CA)
  155. Mt. Shasta’s lack of snow.: Sacramento, Mendota: 2015, home, live - California (CA)
  156. Culture of Alameda vs Contra Costa County (Danville Vs pleasanton): Oakland: low crime, house - California (CA)
  157. Affordable family friendly area w/ nice weather?: Fresno: house, good schools - California (CA)
  158. Redding / Shasta - Talk me into it... or out of it...: Sacramento: city hall, rent - California (CA)
  159. California Business Closures and Job Loss tracking: San Francisco, Oakland: hotel, unemployment (CA)
  160. Are CA's conservative cities liberal by national standards?: San Diego, Fresno: neighborhood, live in - California
  161. Housing close to Napa CA: Santa Rosa, Vallejo: HOA, condo, mortgage - California
  162. Move to Bakersfield: Questions: Orange, Vista: 2015, leasing, how much - California (CA)
  163. Can someone explain the hype around Palm Springs?: Fresno, Riverside: crime, homes - California (CA)
  164. Incoming inheritance while Medi-cal benefits.: Glendale, Diablo: real estate, insurance, broker - California (CA)
  165. Family of 4 relocating from UK to Orange or Ventura county: Irvine: how much, house prices - California (CA)
  166. Lyft Suspending Service in California: health insurance, buying, live (CA)
  167. California Wildfires Summer 2020: San Francisco, Paradise: house, tornado, earthquakes (CA)
  168. Why do people still want to live in California?: San Diego: insurance, home (CA)
  169. Tulare vs Visalia: Fresno, Bakersfield, Hanford: best city, apartment complex, neighborhood - California (CA)
  170. Aside from property prices, property taxes and gas, is California that much more expensive than other states ?: Long Beach: sales, car registration (CA)
  171. CA 1St In Nation To Propse Wealth Tax: San Francisco, Sacramento: sale, real estate - California
  172. Great news: CA magazine ban ruled unconstitutional: crimes, lawyers - California
  173. California becomes first state to borrow Federal money to keep unemployment payments going: Montclair: unemployment benefits, taxes (CA)
  174. Shasta County?: Los Angeles, Sacramento, Redding: real estate, waterparks, homes - California (CA)
  175. transplanted out to Idaho?: Danville: transplants, houses, university - California (CA)
  176. Can we get a Central Valley Bakersfield-Fresno-Stockton forum in this joint?: Los Angeles: home, buy - California (CA)
  177. Santa Barbara vs davis: Fresno, Monterey: rent, violent crime, neighborhood - California (CA)
  178. Moving from CA's urban areas to suburbs/exurbs: Los Angeles, Sacramento: top neighborhood, sale - California
  179. how locked down are you: San Francisco, Sacramento: big house, live, restaurants - California (CA)
  180. Where are the good schools with tons of kids ???: Sacramento: home, neighborhood - California (CA)
  181. Californian's turn on each other as second lockdown looms: Santa Barbara: house, restaurants (CA)
  182. New construction communities in San Andreas fault zones: San Francisco, Oakland: new house, buy - California (CA)
  183. Relocating to Trona, CA good idea?: Berkeley, Montclair: for sale, affordable houses, live - California
  184. San Diego’s Lorena Gonzalez Slams Elon Musk Over Tesla Threat to Leave California: Montclair: subsidized, safety (CA)
  185. How Can California Protect Itself From the Coming Trump Depression?: Montclair: unemployment rate, college (CA)
  186. Smog check required for 2020 car registration: how much, to live, shop - California (CA)
  187. Does it strike you as odd that we have no party-like beach town in the state?: San Diego: spring break, condos - California (CA)
  188. CA real ID and turning 21 during Covid: DMV, licenses - California
  189. Is California generally wealthier than the Northeast?: San Diego, Pasadena: home equity, homes (CA)
  190. Lake Tahoe opening again to visitors?: San Diego, Chico: to rent, hotel, house - California (CA)
  191. Pandemic UI “pending” claims: vs, activity, payment - California (CA)
  192. Tejon Pass; Gorman and Lebec area: Los Angeles, Bakersfield: park, place, top - California (CA)
  193. Alhambra Valley: Los Angeles, Oakland, Mountain View: neighborhood, move, air quality - California (CA)
  194. Caltrain Electrification News: train, car, company - California (CA)
  195. Assisted Living For The Independent Senior??: health, great, change - California (CA)
  196. Newsome passes bill for Federeal Extension for unemployment. Do we get 600$ extension? - California (CA)
  197. U.S GDP going upward: moving, debt, interest - California (CA)
  198. Small hills outside of Alturas, CA: live, town, family - California
  199. Fire In Paradise book: 2014, gas, company - California (CA)
  200. Book a hotel near Bay Area?: Walnut Creek, Walnut: reservation, creek, time - California (CA)