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  1. California COVID Moratorium continues: Los Angeles, August: apartment, rental, eviction (CA)
  2. 50 States GDP Data Released: CA Leads the West in % Growth, On Pace to Hit $4T in 2023: Montclair: tax - California
  3. 15 homes on same block in Northern California bought for $10 million: Pacific Grove: buyer, single (CA)
  4. Northern lights might be visible in parts of Northern California Wednesday: required, worker (CA)
  5. Spiritual retreat??: Los Angeles, Chico, Monterey: tenants, land, places - California (CA)
  6. Analysis of electrical prices in CA, for PGE, SCE, and San Diego: Sacramento: home - California
  7. California family discovers five bears hibernating in crawlspace under home: people (CA)
  8. CA and 49 other states VS China Provinces, GDP 2021: Shandon: purchasing, island - California
  9. Is a full time Pre-K job better than a subbing job or vice versa?: preschool - California (CA)
  10. Your Favorite Gold Country Sierra Foothills Town: Sacramento, Stockton: rental car, rental - California (CA)
  11. Feb 2022 US Labor Dept Data: CA Created 1 Million Jobs in the last 12 Months, Leads the Nation: Los Angeles: unemployment rate - California
  12. CA Counties most similar to other States: Los Angeles, San Diego: neighborhood, income - California
  13. 2020 Census: CA Places by Average Family Income, $250,000+: Bakersfield, Santa Rosa: homes, castle - California
  14. ‘mystery’ surcharge intensify Californians’ pain at the pump: Torrance: 2015, university (CA)
  15. Pools in Fresno: HOA, how much, upkeep - California (CA)
  16. in 20 years (more detail for sure): Stockton, Tracy: how much, restaurant - California (CA)
  17. California Social Housing Act: houses, tax, cost (CA)
  18. How is Fort Bragg like for a non Military personel?: Santa Rosa: rent, live - California (CA)
  19. Which do YOU perceive as a great threat to your safety in California?: violent crime (CA)
  20. Numbeo: CA & World Cities by Average Monthly Net Salary: Los Angeles: calculated, taxes - California
  21. CA Statistical Areas by Percent of Non-White Hispanics, 2020 Census: Los Angeles: live, most dangerous - California
  22. Post a Song About the CA City in Which You Live: Los Angeles: live in, area - California
  23. LA to Yosemite valley -- w/o a car?: Bakersfield: bus, train - California (CA)
  24. 2020 Census: Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders by Statistical Area: Los Angeles: population, water - California (CA)
  25. California lawmakers aim at Russia’s economy with new bill: San Jose: moving, money (CA)
  26. Serena Williams' San Francisco-based venture capital fund raises $111 million: business, good - California (CA)
  27. Fishermen rescue 2 teen girls who were swept out to sea in Monterey Bay: Montclair: live - California (CA)
  28. Grover Beach/Pismo: Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo, Orcutt: apartments, how much, houses - California (CA)
  29. CNBC: Redfin Relocation Report - SF, LA top homebuyers seeking to leave: Los Angeles: how much - California (CA)
  30. about Fresno Clovis Madera: areas, gentrification, community - California (CA)
  31. Buying land in Los Angeles County to build modular homes: Glendale: sales, attorney - California (CA)
  32. RRP on Forest Lands - Pros & Cons: Yosemite Valley: for sale, real estate - California (CA)
  33. Vietnamese EV maker VinFast Opens Six Stores in California: San Diego: buying, shopping center (CA)
  34. Californians and other Americans are flooding into Mexico City, locals want them to go home: Montclair: homes (CA)
  35. Help: Madera: to rent, eviction, credit report - California (CA)
  36. CA Cities the Sunniest In the World: Los Angeles, San Diego: neighborhoods, beach - California
  37. Solar Panel Users Get A New Tax?: DMV, utilities - California (CA)
  38. CA cities claim 9/20 worst commutes; Antioch now has the longest commute time in the US: Los Angeles: to buy - California
  39. No California winners.: Woodland, August: appointed, living in, ticket (CA)
  40. Has Elon Musk's antics ruined one of California's most innovative brands?: Montclair: sales, buying (CA)
  41. New state park could help California: San Joaquin, Nice: leases, agricultural, budget (CA)
  42. California California Department of Housing's New Racially Concentrated Areas of Affluence Map: house (CA)
  43. California needs a recession: real estate, university, tax rates (CA)
  44. Car mechanic in Fresno: Clovis: 2013, area, affordable - California (CA)
  45. live in willits?: renting, buying, schools - California (CA)
  46. Invasive jumping worms have made their way into California: university, yard (CA)
  47. the wild houseboat wars of Sausalito: Bodega Bay: houseboats, to buy - California (CA)
  48. Lake Tahoe snowboard resort advice: Alpine, Squaw Valley: ski resorts, casinos, vs. - California (CA)
  49. The Inverted Tree at Eaton Canyon First Falls 1969. Altadena California: restaurant, floor (CA)
  50. Sex on the beach: a beloved California fish wriggles ashore to spawn: Oceanside: credit (CA)
  51. Development in Calexico-El Centro: Imperial: middle-class, home, living - California (CA)
  52. A new United route from San Francisco to Bangkok on the horizon?: Vietnamese - California (CA)
  53. Best public elementary school within 20-25 miles from downtown LA: Los Angeles: buying a house, buying - California (CA)
  54. The IRS Collected $587B from CA in 2021, a $120B Increase From 2020: income, income tax - California
  55. CA Office Sales Report 2021: Sales Top $22B, +47% Year-Over-Year: Montclair: moving, estate - California
  56. The Top 10 most overpriced housing markets doesn't include CA cities: Los Angeles: income, vs. - California
  57. 50th Anniversary Vacation in Orange County: Mission Viejo, Newport Beach: where to stay, hotels, house - California (CA)
  58. Hardest districts to get state park ranger jobs?: Santa Barbara, Oroville: county, academy - California (CA)
  59. Why are Home Ownership Rates In Cheaper Out-of-State Metros So Close to CA?: Los Angeles: house - California
  60. Asthma & Valley fever in Merced CA: Sacramento, Bakersfield: moving, air quality - California
  61. World Economic Forum: CA Metro Areas Leaders in 2022 Innovation & Talent Rankings: Los Angeles: costs - California
  62. Fresno CA tops national list for highest rent increases: San Diego: real estate, apartments - California
  63. CDC Report: CA Leads all 50 States in Male Life Expectancy, 2nd Behind for Females: live - California
  64. Obtaining car title -- 3 months???: sale, loans, lawyers - California (CA)
  65. SJ Mercury News: Bay Area median home price tops $1M across region: Los Angeles: for sale - California (CA)
  66. California redwood forest returned to native tribal group: Corona: coastal, state (CA)
  67. LA Rams Block 49es Fans From Buying Tickets to NFC Title Game: limit - California (CA)
  68. Silicon Valley office rents boom to record highs amid real estate rebound: San Jose: leasing - California (CA)
  69. The deadly 1862 California flood that wiped out and reshaped the state: Los Angeles: appointed, rich (CA)
  70. AB 455: A proposed statewide California vaccine verification law 2022: San Francisco: home, restaurants (CA)
  71. Judge halts mega-resort in California wildfire zone, says residents could die trying to flee: live (CA)
  72. Nem3.0: new home, buyers, utilities - California (CA)
  73. Lithium in a California lake could help U.S. gain energy autonomy: Arvin: to live (CA)
  74. pretax deductions in CA: insurance, unemployment, pay - California
  75. Fire season starting in January: Santa Rosa, Monterey: homes, living in, trees - California (CA)
  76. Was this the largest wave to ever hit the California coast?: Trinidad: earthquake, to live (CA)
  77. Building boom for Silicon Valley offices reaches six-year high: Montclair: construction, to move - California (CA)
  78. Fire insurance dropped?: Salinas, Santa Cruz: broker, house, camp - California (CA)
  79. A train, a helicopter, and the Feather River: canyon, pleasant - California (CA)
  80. Tree rings indicate 2001-2022 is driest 22-year-period since at least 800 A.D.: drought - California (CA)
  81. 2 things you can legally drop from a car in California: Oakland: vehicle registration, school (CA)
  82. Within an hour of Fresno -best for high school and safety: Clovis: home, best schools - California (CA)
  83. California man survives frigid five-hour night swim with a friendly seal as his guide: to live (CA)
  84. Which state would you move to?: Sacramento, Carson: mortgage, school - California (CA)
  85. The Imperial Valley the Saudi Arabia of Lithium: Palm Springs: tax, live in - California (CA)
  86. California gas tax rebate: how much, income, taxes (CA)
  87. California's largest private landowner closes all forestlands to public indefinitely: Anderson: land, property (CA)
  88. California School Districts with increasing enrollments: Los Angeles, San Francisco: homes, neighborhoods, new construction (CA)
  89. When will the 'Great California Bacon Crisis' be upon us?: buy, price (CA)
  90. California Demographics: San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco: statistics, garden, beach (CA)
  91. What year did you feel California started to decline from it's heyday?: Los Angeles: violent crime, house (CA)
  92. SB 930 Seeks to Authorize 4AM Last Call in 7 CA cities: Los Angeles: 2013, house - California
  93. Where is the highest standard of living for the price in California?: Los Angeles: real estate, condo (CA)
  94. Awww - poor almond producers feeling the pinch: “ “It’s all about money,”: Castro Valley: 2015, how much - California (CA)
  95. Sacramento vs Palm Springs vs Fresno luxury: Oakland, Calabasas: for sale, real estate - California (CA)
  96. The economic failure of the Democratic Party in California: taxes, live (CA)
  97. Wallethub: CA Dominates Ranking of Happiest Cities in Amerca, Fremont #1: San Diego: income, living in - California
  98. Seeking advice Merced, CA: San Joaquin: real estate, apartments, rental market - California
  99. How much to open up a restaurant? Like a small one with a small bar in it?: Stockton: rent, construction - California (CA)
  100. This Makes Me Appreciate Living ..: Fresno, Redding: home equity, homes - California (CA)
  101. California’s Good Neighbor Fence Law: 2013, how much, house (CA)
  102. Cyclist on California mountains chased down by angry zebra: Riverside: castle, title (CA)
  103. Asian Americans Flex Their Voting Power in SF School Board Recall: San Francisco: school district, eat - California (CA)
  104. CA Business charging 3% if you pay by credit/debit card...: credit card, buy - California
  105. Will California run out of water?: San Francisco: landscaping, codes, statistics (CA)
  106. If You Had to Move to Texas or Mexico, Which Would You Pick?: San Diego: houses, gated - California (CA)
  107. Investigative report Dixie fire: Sacramento, Monterey: house, live, safety - California (CA)
  108. Measure of America 2021: 9 Million Californians Live in 62 Elite Enclaves: Los Angeles: real estate, 2015 (CA)
  109. Old Solar Panels Are Ending Up In Landfills: real estate, mattresses - California (CA)
  110. Must visit Places in California for first time traveler?: Fresno: 2013, hotel (CA)
  111. California High Speed Rail - Boondoggle or Boon?: Los Angeles, San Diego: apartment, insurance (CA)
  112. 5 CA metros barely have whites/Europeans(census): Los Angeles, San Jose: university, live - California
  113. California Renters Priced Out of Housing Due to Major Rent Increase: Berkeley: apartments, condominiums (CA)
  114. GEICO Pulling Out Of California: transplants, insurance, broker (CA)
  115. See how bad California did on the census(map): Riverside: new home, agriculture (CA)
  116. California Home Prices 2021: San Francisco, Sacramento, Riverside: sale, real estate market, mortgages (CA)
  117. Why California sub-forums don't cover the whole state?: Los Angeles, San Francisco: living, centers (CA)
  118. Warm places to swim anywhere in CA?: San Diego, San Francisco: rent, to buy - California
  119. San Bernardino county using threat of secession vote to get more state spending: Victorville: money, tree - California (CA)
  120. Help me make a list of desert forest towns!: Fresno: areas, places - California (CA)
  121. New California CCW laws: San Francisco, Fresno: school, university, live (CA)
  122. Newsom declares monkeypox State of Emergency: Los Angeles, Long Beach: safer, beach, health - California (CA)
  123. Sacramento vs Folsom vs Fresno luxury edition(poll): Vallejo, Vista: houses, neighborhood - California (CA)
  124. California is feeling optimistic it’s winning the war on giant, destructive swamp rodents: live, delivery (CA)
  125. Why does Irvine Rank Last In This Ranking of the 100 Largest Cities?: Los Angeles: house, school - California (CA)
  126. CA's Largest Cities vs Other Large US, Canadian & Mexican Cities, Typical Home Price, Feb 2022: Los Angeles: real estate, houses - California
  127. $150M In jewely stolen from armored truck traveling from San Mateo to Pasadena: living in, vs. - California (CA)
  128. Opinion poll on optimism over California's direction: San Francisco, Oakland: real estate, house (CA)
  129. US Takes Action To Save Sequoias: buyer, live, dangerous - California (CA)
  130. Poll: California voters want to reinstate tougher penalties for crimes, change Prop. 47: crime, felony (CA)
  131. California exodus mystery: Menlo Park, Carpinteria, Nice: transplants, real estate, house (CA)
  132. concern about the San Onofre nuclear power plant(closed in 2013): San Diego: houses, neighborhood - California (CA)
  133. for Californians? How would you rate the price of this used car?: insurance, brokers (CA)
  134. AB1400 to establish universal healthcare under CalCare:: Sacramento: rent, insurance - California (CA)
  135. Bring the restrictions back or let it rip?: how much, theater - California (CA)
  136. California Cities Make The ’20 Safest’ List: San Francisco, Fresno: 2015, crime rates (CA)
  137. Wash Cars at home driveway?: San Diego: construction, living in, storage - California (CA)
  138. Ukrainian Immigrants in California: Los Angeles, San Diego: home, live in, shop (CA)
  139. Thank you Californians for making the entire west coast unaffordable.: Bell: real estate, condo (CA)
  140. Nurse looking to try out a new area for a year: Fresno: best city, apartment complex - California (CA)
  141. What would be the quintessential California experience?: Los Angeles, San Diego: rent, hotel (CA)
  142. SonoRa or SonoMa?: San Francisco, Sacramento, Oakland: ski resort, crime, home - California (CA)
  143. How'd you end up in California? For from out of state: San Diego: appointed, coupon (CA)
  144. Moving to South Cali for the ocean, housing a main consideration: RV park, real estate - California (CA)
  145. El Centro California / Nice place to live ?: San Diego: living in, restaurants (CA)
  146. Why Doesn’t California Solve Its Housing Crisis By Building New Cities?: San Jose: extended stay, hotels (CA)
  147. Frustrated With Utilities, Californians Are Leaving the Grid: San Francisco: sales, house (CA)
  148. California’s rattlesnake population is booming: Bakersfield, San Luis Obispo: home, university, live in (CA)
  149. Places you would living 'if' moving out-of-state: San Diego, San Francisco: low crime, house - California (CA)
  150. Real Estate Agents Required to Disclose Sasquatch Activity???: homes, neighborhood - California (CA)
  151. 4 CA Metros 50 Most Dangerous in America, 2021: Fresno, Oakland: crime, college - California
  152. that relocated from Chicago to California: Los Angeles, Laguna: ski resorts, rent (CA)
  153. LA's Brentwood School: Ground-Zero for Elite Ethno-Masochism: Berkeley, Claremont: private schools, college - California (CA)
  154. Former California prison now a pot farm: sales, 2015 (CA)
  155. Point Reyes NS daytrip: Nice, Inverness: 2014, restaurants, beach - California (CA)
  156. Murder Hornets: place, pictures, warm climate - California (CA)
  157. NIMBY surfers despair as exclusive Central Coast beaches open to the public: Santa Barbara: homes, beach - California (CA)
  158. Del Norte and Jedediah SPs recommendations: San Francisco, Eureka: homes, campground, restaurants - California (CA)
  159. Natural decrease in California's population: Los Angeles, San Diego: transplants, real estate, homes (CA)
  160. Is California biting off more than it can chew?: Sacramento: pre-k, DMV (CA)
  161. Placer-Ville or Yount-Ville?: San Francisco, Sacramento, Napa: ski resort, to rent, buying a home - California (CA)
  162. How the homelessness crisis hit one of California’s most affordable cities: Fresno: place to live, legally (CA)
  163. Should foreign investors be limited from buying real estate in California?: Colton: sales, home (CA)
  164. California town divided over whether to kill chonky bear: homes, to eat (CA)
  165. Which foothills town? Chico, Grass Valley, Nevada City or other?: Sacramento: rental, theatre - California (CA)
  166. CA Counties by Median Home Price, March 2022: Los Angeles, San Diego: real estate, house - California
  167. California just shy of 100% powered by renewables for first time: Coachella: homes, buy (CA)
  168. A California lawmaker just proposed a four-day workweek: school, minimum wage (CA)
  169. Progressive district attorneys in San Francisco and LA likely to be recalled: crime, find a job - California (CA)
  170. Outer Eastbay vs. San Diego's Backcountry: Which is more scenic?: Diablo: 2014, beach - California (CA)
  171. San Jose Area Residents Frustrated As Wild Pigs Tear Up Yards: San Diego: contractors, tax - California (CA)
  172. California's immigrant communities/enclaves: Los Angeles, San Diego: live in, money, paid (CA)
  173. Hey California stop the mask madness....: Freedom: school, live in, shop (CA)
  174. Do you use your garage... for your car??: rental, HOA - California (CA)
  175. Why so few non-Mesoamerican Hispanics in California?: Los Angeles, San Diego: living, restaurants (CA)
  176. Wine county travel restrictions: San Diego, Napa: food, yard, rating - California (CA)
  177. California leading the way with solar: middle-class, sale, homes (CA)
  178. Surge of desert surf parks stirs questions in dry California: Bakersfield: real estate, how much (CA)
  179. 2021: LAX remains most valuable Airport 'Brand' in the US: Los Angeles: rental car, rental - California (CA)
  180. Northern California woman survives on yogurt while stranded in snow for 6 days: hotel, live in (CA)
  181. Electric vehicle demand spurs ‘white gold’ rush at California's largest lake: credit rating, to buy (CA)
  182. Doesnt this look just like California?: San Diego, Santa Barbara: for sale, house, living in (CA)
  183. A bird considered a 'mega-rarity' spotted in the Bay Area. Where did it come from?: Pasadena: hotel, house - California (CA)
  184. Moving from San Diego - lower COL options in CA?: Fresno: apartments, lease - California
  185. 'Burn it down': This deep-red California county is now a recall warzone: San Diego: house, university (CA)
  186. If I were to drive into California with a heavily modified car...: San Jose: inspection, live in (CA)
  187. The odds of a home price decline hitting your local housing market, as told by one interactive chart: San Diego: real estate, buyers - California (CA)
  188. Have You Gotten Your Primary Election Pamphlet?: party, good - California (CA)
  189. Bear Valley Springs Tehachapi: house, buying, live in - California (CA)
  190. 4 CA Interstate Highways Nation's 10 Most Valuable: activity, ranked - California
  191. Sonoma/Napa Valley Ag Business Start Up environment: San Francisco: taxes, costs - California (CA)
  192. Recommend General Contractor/Home Remodel?: Thousand Oaks: house, company, remodeling - California (CA)
  193. Linux in Bakersfield: near, people, interest - California (CA)
  194. California's climate & geography comparisons: San Diego, San Jose: interior, coastal, mountains (CA)
  195. SoCal - inland geology and geography: San Diego, Riverside: counties, places, rain - California (CA)
  196. Long term RV sites in or around humboldt county?: safe, looking for - California (CA)
  197. European Union opening an office in SF to more easily destroy the internet: better - California (CA)
  198. California Central Coast town is the real-life Schitt’s Creek (CA)
  199. Forbes 2022 List: California Home to 1 of every 4 US Billionaires: area, interest (CA)
  200. Failed proposal to build highway connecting Fresno and Bishop: living, modern - California (CA)