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  1. Can compare Kansas City and St Louis from experience?: neighborhood, gardens - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  2. Potentially Moving to St. Louis near Washington University: Cost of Living?: University City: for sale, apartments - Missouri (MO)
  3. Road construction and Clayton/Richmond Heights traffic: Brentwood, Oakland: rentals, live - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  4. Visiting for several days with preschoolers: need activites, hotel w/kiddie pool: St. Louis: house - Missouri (MO)
  5. Bellefontaine Cemetery: St. Louis, Florissant, Clark: transplants, house, live - Missouri (MO)
  6. St. Louis Little Bosnia: St. Peters, Lambert: neighborhoods, to live in, restaurants - Missouri (MO)
  7. Looking For apartment for sale in Downtown StL: St. Louis, Washington: apartments, lofts - Missouri (MO)
  8. Larimore School or N. County Christian?: transfer to, school district, price - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  9. Recommended Roofing and Plumbing companies?: Eureka: house, purchase, contractor - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  10. Working in Roxana: St. Louis, Washington, Union: real estate, condo, credit - Missouri (MO)
  11. Contest for large home with acreage: Farmington: sale, house, live in - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  12. Will be in St. Louis first 2 weeks March: Washington: loft, hotels - Missouri (MO)
  13. The Tenderloin Room--Chase Park Plaza: Cave: restaurants, price, food - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  14. Tower Grove South: crimes, home, neighborhoods - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  15. Help! Where to live with 3 little boys? Schools, Land, west or south St. Louis: O'Fallon: real estate - Missouri (MO)
  16. Cool indy coffe shop with free wireless?: Chesterfield, Kirkwood: house, neighborhood - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  17. Summer Activities for Elementary School Age Kids: St. Louis, Chesterfield: YMCA, camps - Missouri (MO)
  18. Interesting Site: amusement parks, title, parks - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  19. Ball Park Village challenge: top, snow, fishing - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  20. Sport Equipment: St. Louis, Ballwin, Kirkwood: mall, authority, discount - Missouri (MO)
  21. Homeschool-Missouri or Illinois better?: taxes, live, costs - St. Louis, (MO)
  22. I have 2 half days next week - what should I do & eat?: St. Louis: appointed - Missouri (MO)
  23. Temp to hire what I'm worth: Kansas City, St. Louis: insurance, unemployment rate - Missouri (MO)
  24. Can tell me what Lebanon, IL is like?: St. Louis: house, good schools - Missouri (MO)
  25. Renting Resources: St. Louis, Craig: apartment complexes, rentals, homes - Missouri (MO)
  26. Wright City & area - family looking at moving, desire horse mini-farm: St. Louis: ski resort - Missouri (MO)
  27. Maryville University: St. Louis, Washington: school, universities, educational - Missouri (MO)
  28. Internet Provider?: St. Louis: apartment, home, live in - Missouri (MO)
  29. Moving to StL in June to work at Barnes Hospital -- advice on where to live????: St. Louis: apartment complexes - Missouri (MO)
  30. Looking for a suburban community near St. Louis...: St. Peters, Maryland Heights: apartment, rent - Missouri (MO)
  31. Wentzville: St. Louis, St. Joseph, St. Charles: neighborhood, school district, living in - Missouri (MO)
  32. Banfield Pet Hospital/4621 Chippewa St/Southhampton: moving, area, dogs - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  33. O'Fallon, MO for family of 4.5 from Flower Mound, TX?: St. Louis: where to stay, sales - Missouri
  34. Outlet malls near St. Louis?: Columbia, St. Charles: sales, shopping mall, airport - Missouri (MO)
  35. Texas gal looking to move to St. Charles area.: St. Louis: how much, new home - Missouri (MO)
  36. Camping Recommendations?: St. Louis, Blue Springs, Cave: RV park, rentals, home - Missouri (MO)
  37. “Man v. Food” St. Louis episode: Wed. 9 p.m.: Memphis: neighborhood, live - Missouri (MO)
  38. I want to sell my condo in the CWE: Rea: sales, real estate - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  39. Lake Saint Louis - Resident experience: St. Louis, St. Charles: short sale, foreclosure, assessor - Missouri (MO)
  40. Indian Grocery Stores in St. Louis?: Columbia, Manchester: purchase, live, price - Missouri (MO)
  41. Transportation to Forest Park: St. Louis, Kirkwood: rent, hotel, bus - Missouri (MO)
  42. Bridgeton, MO area ok?: condo, neighborhood, purchasing - St. Louis, Missouri
  43. Gun stores in St Louis: St. Louis, Manchester: real estate, apartment, home - Missouri (MO)
  44. Quiet apartments in Maryland Heights: Bridgeton: apartment complexes, rentals, to live - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  45. old St. Louis photos: collection, results, cool - Missouri (MO)
  46. What is the area called dogtown like for young professionals and students: University City: to rent - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  47. Help on relocating to SL: St. Louis, University City: transplants, homes, neighborhoods - Missouri (MO)
  48. ethanol free gas in St Louis?: Kansas City, St. Louis: 2013, income, tax - Missouri (MO)
  49. about sewing...: Ballwin, Kirkwood: where to buy, prices, shop - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  50. St. Clair County, IL - Housing Authority: St. Louis, Washington: apartments, low crime - Missouri (MO)
  51. The Hill on Valentine's Day: Manchester, Clayton: live, restaurants, area - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  52. Do you have Re Hannibel or Steelville??: Hannibal, Ozark: homes, camping - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  53. St Louis Cat Clinic/3460 Hampton Ave/Northhampton(?): Union: moving, park - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  54. Need help to identify this St. Louis picture: houses, neighborhood - Missouri (MO)
  55. cow plop information: buy, tickets, business - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  56. Is Avalon Cinema still in business? (4225 S Kingshighway): St. Louis: theater, building - Missouri (MO)
  57. Transportation in the City: St. Louis, Olivette: house, transfer to, theater - Missouri (MO)
  58. Rent out your home for the All-Star Game?: to rent, county - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  59. Soccer in STL: St. Louis, Clayton, Amsterdam: live, pub, park - Missouri (MO)
  60. Blu City Spaces: St. Louis: condos, neighborhood, living - Missouri (MO)
  61. 30th birthday party in St. Charles..suggestions?: Parkway, Clark: how much, restaurant - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  62. place to hold big party?????: St. Louis, Clayton: for rent, receptions, hotels - Missouri (MO)
  63. Know of a good commercial bank for investment property loans?: St. Louis: section 8, refinance - Missouri (MO)
  64. Hunting wild pigs: Sikeston: live in, land, hours - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  65. Missourians are Decent People: St. Louis: live in, car, damage - (MO)
  66. Rockabilly Music in STL: Charlack: store, bars, bill - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  67. 2009 MLS Superdraft St. Louis, Missouri January 15, 2009: Center, Florida: home, university, live - (MO)
  68. Who says St. Louis ain't Hip-Hop: Murphy: organic, basement, location - Missouri (MO)
  69. What is the status of Hadley Heights?: Richmond Heights, Richmond: financing, county - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  70. apartments: for rent, how much, townhouse - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  71. Where to Live? Commute?: St. Louis: apartments, rentals, loft - Missouri (MO)
  72. Where did go?: appointed, to buy, good - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  73. Walsh stadium lakehill speedway photo's: Springfield, St. Charles: buy, car, pictures - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  74. Top 25 Fittest Cities - STL Represents!: celebrities, America, fitness - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  75. Hot Night Clubs/Lounges in St. Louis on the Weekends: Union: high school, college - Missouri (MO)
  76. organic food: St. Louis, Town and Country, Richmond Heights: buy, prices, shop - Missouri (MO)
  77. Who is your favorite professional soccer player?: best, animals - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  78. Good place for tattoo removal in St Louis: prices, offices - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  79. Community Supported Agriculture options in STL?: St. Louis, Maplewood: organic, shop, moving to - Missouri (MO)
  80. WTB: House w/ 3+ car garage in west county, $300k: St. Louis: for sale, real estate - Missouri (MO)
  81. Moving to STL for Grad School: to rent, houses, safe area - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  82. Moving to Benton Park West: St. Louis: best neighborhood, appliances, houses - Missouri (MO)
  83. Atheist/agnostics accepted in Webster Groves/Kirkwood?: St. Louis, Florissant: condo, house - Missouri (MO)
  84. Local Banks: St. Louis, Union, Commerce: credit, money, area - Missouri (MO)
  85. Moving to st. louis soon - Looking for good neighbourhood: University City: rental, homes - Missouri (MO)
  86. Page between Union and Skinker: St. Louis, Rea: middle-class, crime, houses - Missouri (MO)
  87. Best swimming pools: Des Peres: moving, yard, summer - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  88. Broker? Real Estate Agent?: St. Louis, Craig: apartment complexes, how much, safe area - Missouri (MO)
  89. Is Vinita Park a good area or is it too far North?: Normandy: crime - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  90. Does know of a good neighborhood map/site?: St. Louis: hardwood floors, rent - Missouri (MO)
  91. Who do I contact about Photo Intersection Tickets?: insurance, how much - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  92. looking to teach in st louis: St. Louis, Affton: home, school districts, live - Missouri (MO)
  93. Pet Owners in the city: St. Louis, Washington: apartments, loft, low cost - Missouri (MO)
  94. cheap one bedroom apts. in west county: St. Louis: renting, house - Missouri (MO)
  95. Traffic ticket businesses: St. Louis: insurance, legal, moving - Missouri (MO)
  96. Where to go 4-wheeling: camping, living in, rated - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  97. Where to Live?: St. Louis, St. Charles, Chesterfield: apartments, lofts, neighborhoods - Missouri (MO)
  98. Should St. Louis be the Illinois second city?: metro, population - Missouri (MO)
  99. St. Louis / St. Charles MO German Restaurant: house, neighborhood - Missouri
  100. Optometrist: St. Louis, Center: school, college, association - Missouri (MO)
  101. Sending private messages: area, top, near - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  102. Relocating to MO from MN: Columbia: homes, neighborhood, schools - St. Louis, Missouri
  103. Pics of Saint Louis: photos, common, images - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  104. St. Valentine in St. Louis: great, looking for, different - Missouri (MO)
  105. u City; Central West End apartments: Craig: landlords, bedroom, room - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  106. about jobs: St. Louis, Creve Coeur, Washington: for sale, apartments, credit - Missouri (MO)
  107. Official St. Louis photo: rated, places, pictures - Missouri (MO)
  108. Lacrosse on the Ill side?: St. Louis, O'Fallon: high school, club, suburbs - Missouri (MO)
  109. Parkway v. Rockwood: Chesterfield, Eureka, Craig: house, buying, school districts - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  110. Gatewood Gardens Cemetery: St. Louis: office, cities, locations - Missouri (MO)
  111. Original waterbed (NO BAFFLES) vs new mattress: how much, buying - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  112. Bayless?: Affton, Richmond Heights, Maplewood: houses, neighborhood, school districts - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  113. Lets trade St Louis Entertainment Book 2009 Coupons: St. Louis: house, to buy - Missouri (MO)
  114. Experience with the 12th Street Vet Downtown?: Cave: loft, business - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  115. Clothing donation in STL: St. Louis: sale, houses, live - Missouri (MO)
  116. Can young coconut be found in St. Louis?: Kirkwood: buy, stores - Missouri (MO)
  117. Another family moving to the Kirkwood area: St. Louis, Florissant: low income, transplants - Missouri (MO)
  118. Schools?: Chesterfield, Wildwood, Kirkwood: crime, home, school districts - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  119. Pitbull Friendly Communities: St. Louis, Creve Coeur, Denver: apartments, lease, condos - Missouri (MO)
  120. Single Biggest economic problem of St. Louis?: Lambert, Cave: credit, job market - Missouri (MO)
  121. Are we Crazy to want to come back?? Help: St. Louis: fit in, house - Missouri (MO)
  122. Gangland-St. Louis: St. Clair: live, gangs, title - Missouri (MO)
  123. Good areas for young professionals?: St. Louis, Chesterfield: rent, neighborhood, college - Missouri (MO)
  124. University City public school system: St. Louis, Clayton: homes, middle schools, living in - Missouri (MO)
  125. Well, if you need on high schools...: St. Louis, Clayton: middle school, university - Missouri (MO)
  126. What are good parks to work out at: St. Louis: hair salon, renting - Missouri (MO)
  127. Another one moving to St. Louis!: California, Benton: transplants, apartment, rental - Missouri (MO)
  128. Illinois Vs Missouri Home Taxes: St. Louis, St. Charles: how much, houses, buying - (MO)
  129. with kids in STL public schools?: St. Louis, Chesterfield: magnet schools, to live in - Missouri (MO)
  130. Newer suburban life with subdivisions, chain restaurants,: St. Louis, St. Charles: cul-de-sac, how much - Missouri (MO)
  131. So, what towns/areas are free from flood worries?: St. Louis: insurance, houses - Missouri (MO)
  132. St. Louis, did we cut off our nose to spite our face?: Clayton: sales tax, suburb - Missouri (MO)
  133. Gannon Avenue (U City): s?: St. Louis, Clayton: houses, neighborhood, middle school - Missouri (MO)
  134. Moving to St. Louis from Kansas City: University City, Washington: apartments, rentals - Missouri (MO)
  135. East St Louis IL: St. Louis, Washington: houses, movies, school - Missouri (MO)
  136. Daffodils everywhere!: St. Louis, Liberty, Ozark: hotel, homes, neighborhood - Missouri (MO)
  137. Is there such thing as an affordable, non-Catholic private school?: St. Louis: buying a house, buying - Missouri (MO)
  138. The Ongoing Crime Stats Debate: St. Louis, Clayton: rent, crime rate, loans - Missouri (MO)
  139. Forest Park Mansions: St. Louis, Washington, Northwoods: real estate, crime, houses - Missouri (MO)
  140. looking for rural home close to St. Louis: St. Charles, St. Peters: how much, taxes - Missouri (MO)
  141. Best ice rinks?: St. Louis, Creve Coeur: centers, arena, suburban - Missouri (MO)
  142. sat nav problems: St. Louis, Manchester: home, buying, construction - Missouri (MO)
  143. How to improve St. Louis?: Oregon, Cave: crime, neighborhoods, private school tuition - Missouri (MO)
  144. What you hate about St. Louis: Chesterfield, Kirkwood: appointed, crime, house - Missouri (MO)
  145. Young, single, professional...where do I go?: St. Louis, Manchester: loft, house - Missouri (MO)
  146. What Are The Most Dangerous St. Louis Neighborhoods.: Dutchtown: crime rates, house - Missouri (MO)
  147. What month(s) does St. Louis have the best weather?: Clark: home, live - Missouri (MO)
  148. Commute to Pacific?: St. Louis, St. Charles, Chesterfield: real estate, new home, school district - Missouri (MO)
  149. What about Bridgeton, MO: St. Louis, St. Charles: apartments, city hall, condo - Missouri
  150. Dance clubs in STL: St. Louis: fit in, live, club - Missouri (MO)
  151. Homes north of the airport?: St. Louis, St. Charles: for sale, real estate, houses - Missouri (MO)
  152. Old Koch Hospital Site - South St. Louis County: Oakville: houses, live - Missouri (MO)
  153. General health of St Louis City: St. Louis, Ozark: hardwood floors, houses, neighborhoods - Missouri (MO)
  154. What is in North St Louis: St. Louis: houses, live, gardens - Missouri (MO)
  155. Pro-life ob-gyn: St. Louis, O'Fallon, Clayton: home, safety, design - Missouri (MO)
  156. Admiral: St. Louis, Cave: to buy, school, casino - Missouri (MO)
  157. Need Advice: Could Be Moving to St. Louis Soon: University City: apartment complex, credit - Missouri (MO)
  158. Why Won't People Report a Crime?: St. Louis, Wentzville: house, neighborhoods, living - Missouri (MO)
  159. Most Interesting Suburb Not Named Clayton: St. Louis, St. Charles: low crime, house, safest area - Missouri (MO)
  160. Help with CWE and U. City: St. Louis, Washington: real estate, rentals, condos - Missouri (MO)
  161. Think St. Louis is flat?: Kansas City, Ozark: groceries, rich, suburbs - Missouri (MO)
  162. Before Buying a Home....: St. Louis, University City: crime, neighborhood, university - Missouri (MO)
  163. Where is the Hill District: St. Louis, Manchester: neighborhoods, place to live, restaurants - Missouri (MO)
  164. guys! I bought a house and I'm moving...: St. Louis: houses, neighborhoods - Missouri (MO)
  165. New to St. Louis: Ballwin, Manchester: crime, houses, neighborhoods - Missouri (MO)
  166. Message in the snow: St. Louis: park, area, building - Missouri (MO)
  167. Finding school district by address: St. Louis, Kirkwood: rentals, condos, house - Missouri (MO)
  168. Relocating from PHX to STL: O'Fallon, Washington: apartments, to rent, lofts - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  169. Bond: Long-Term Mass Transit Investment Not Stimulative: St. Louis: how much, construction - Missouri (MO)
  170. Win the Argument: St. Louis, Madison, Laclede: low income, house, neighborhood - Missouri (MO)
  171. Madison or STL-need advice!: St. Louis, St. Charles: apartment, insurance, violent crime - Missouri (MO)
  172. buying furniture in STL: St. Louis, Chesterfield: fit in, apartments, houses - Missouri (MO)
  173. Want to learn more about South City: Kansas City, Washington: to rent, loft - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  174. STL vs Cincinnati: St. Louis, Washington, Union: Valentine's day, crime rate, house - Missouri (MO)
  175. The crooks at Charter Communications: St. Louis: rental, new house, transfer - Missouri (MO)
  176. have knowledge of The Legends subdivision in Eureka?: St. Louis: fit in, for sale - Missouri (MO)
  177. South City: St. Louis, Benton, Craig: home, safe neighborhoods, dangerous - Missouri (MO)
  178. McKinley Heights/Benton Park: St. Louis, Rea: for sale, real estate, rent - Missouri (MO)
  179. I've Got Two Days: St. Louis: loft, prices, food - Missouri (MO)
  180. Looks I'm heading to St. Louis...a few questions: Rolla: transplants, apartments - Missouri (MO)
  181. Inexpensive Mechanics?: Advance, Watson: coupon, buy, camps - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  182. Mardi Grass in STL .. how crazy does it get?: St. Louis: house, live - Missouri (MO)
  183. Newtown in St. Charles: Kansas City, St. Louis: for sale, HOA, condos - Missouri (MO)
  184. St. Louis University: Kansas City: apartments, loft, sex offenders - Missouri (MO)
  185. Single female looking for nice and convenient place to live? help: St. Louis: apartment complexes, rentals - Missouri (MO)
  186. Seamus Mc Daniels location: St. Louis: neighborhoods, construction, live - Missouri (MO)
  187. CWE or Downtown Loft?: St. Louis, Washington: apartments, rentals, lofts - Missouri (MO)
  188. 2009 Downtown Visitors Guide: St. Louis: towns - Missouri (MO)
  189. Active Retirement Desired in Arnold Area: moving to, baptist, community - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  190. pavers/patio: St. Louis: cost, place, great - Missouri (MO)
  191. FPSE Neighborhood property values: Manchester: real estate, live in, relocation - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  192. Brentwood bank: to work, people, looking for - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  193. Kehrs Mill/Wild Horse/Chesterfield Elementary: houses, elementary schools, grade - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  194. St. Louis Custom Baseball Glove Shop: business - Missouri (MO)
  195. 2009 Downtown St. Louis visitors guide: towns, good - Missouri (MO)
  196. Holy Saturday Food Blessing: offer - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  197. Chesterfield, Mo. Subdivisions: Clark: houses, neighborhood, estates - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)
  198. Washington Ave progress: St. Louis: building, venue, become - Missouri (MO)
  199. St. Louis needs to promote it's architecture: Savannah, Charleston: credit, cities - Missouri (MO)
  200. Power glitch last night?: live, near, German - St. Louis, Missouri (MO)