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Old 09-14-2011, 01:14 PM
Location: Tampa, FL
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We've been here a little over a year now, moved from MN. I did have a ton of anxiety leading up to our move but never any second thoughts. I too was nervous as to how my son would adjust, worried a great deal about the school situation and finding a decent neighborhood. I did a TON of research on this website and many others. Asked a ton of questions. Realtors do help with rentals (that was not the case where I'm from so it was strange to me but very helpful).

Unlike you I did not have a large close family to say goodbye to. Yes there were family members we were very sad to leave but again my family situation is sort of different so I can only imagine what that's like.

Moving to another state/region of the country is challenging especially if you've lived in one place your whole life (me). Lots of ups and downs, adjustments. All i can say is It was the right decision for us but everyone is different. I do think it's a slighltly easier adjustment if you and your spouse are an the same page.

Good luck with the decision!
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Old 09-14-2011, 02:23 PM
Location: Myrtle Beach
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Originally Posted by Moni74 View Post

Moving to another state/region of the country is challenging especially if you've lived in one place your whole life (me). Lots of ups and downs, adjustments. All i can say is It was the right decision for us but everyone is different. I do think it's a slighltly easier adjustment if you and your spouse are an the same page.

Good luck with the decision!
I had to bold that part of the quote. It's not slightly easier, it's imperative.
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Old 09-14-2011, 03:30 PM
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Default Relocation anxiety!!!!!!!<<<<<

we moved from the chicago area 3 years ago in that time we moved to a larger home last november yes the weather gets muggy but we knew that coming in,my wife loves it ,when it's overly humid you'll find me in the pool or inside on my easy chair with my nice glass of scotch ,I for one coming from the windy working in my job when it was 102 or 32 below got use to it, so this weather is passable also,have never regretted coming here except when my stomach growls for a white castle or a great chicago hot dog,beef or a nice large pizza (cut in squares) lol all in all it's a great place to relax and enjoy do some exploring there is so much to do without disney world and all the other attractions. take some time and smell the roses,go to the flea market,see a car show visit gasparilla,go fishing at boca grande when the stripers run,watch the dolphins,fight with a fish at the end of your line,enjoy enjoy,life is to short. your kids will adapt don't over extend yourself pay no state taxes take a 50000.00 homestead exemption. smile and say hi even if you get no response and if your bored take a ride to walmart sit in the lot and bring your camera. think of all the things you haven't liked where you are from and then do the comparison.
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Old 09-14-2011, 04:32 PM
Location: N.H Gods Country
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Originally Posted by FloridaKash View Post
I had to bold that part of the quote. It's not slightly easier, it's imperative.
In time when all is said and done, you may find their the only true friend you have down there. Not a easy place to make long term friends. I suppose it's possible but not real easy. At least thats what i found in ten years there.
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Old 09-14-2011, 04:47 PM
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Originally Posted by lilacmama32 View Post

The dream of moving there was because of the weather and the ocean.
This seems to always be the reason people move and then realize you are NOT on vacation here. You will be working, running errands, shopping, housekeeping etc etc. When you say warm whats ur idea of warm? Because todays the first day I've seen it under 100 here since at least May and it was 91 for a high. The other morning at 430 am we had a heat index of 98 degrees. By warm do you mean 80's? Because you wont' see that in summer.. Maybe for a low but we factor in heat index here, like people up north factor in windchill and you will rarely find a day under 100 in the summertime. Hottest I've seen a couple summers back was 114 heat index. Most days our heat index will hover around 105 Its blistering hot and most summer camps and schools will divert children indoors if its too hot to play outside. Also I dunno where you're coming from but Fla schools aren't usually ranked very high.

As for the beach..well yah we have it.. We also have red tide several times a year so that'll keep you from the beach and cause breathing problems. The other half its SO hot on the beach the sand will scorch your feet (literally people get burns/blisters on their feet from walking across it) and teh water temp can be in the 90's , warmer than bath water..

I'm not saying this to discourage you as much as I am to make you realize its not vacation land like a lot of people think they're getting when they move here. You more than likely won't be sitting on the beach every day after work with a pina colada and in the summer it'll be too hot to go bike riding and such with the kiddies. Those of us who have been here long enough know to go from A/C house to A/C car to A/C store and back and don't do much else otherwise! Most jobs here revolved around "season" when the snowbirds come down. You work for that amount of time then get laid off for the summer. Also (and I'm speaking where I am) the town caters to the snowbirds. We shut down for summer. No festivals or shows etc. They only save that for the snowbirds . If you are happy and you have family and friends STAY. The florida economy is one of the worst and most people here can't find jobs. Our unemployment rate is some of the highest in the country
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Old 09-14-2011, 08:01 PM
Location: Florida and CT
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I concur with the above post because that's exactly what happened to me. I took a vacation to Florida with some friends when I was 20, fell in love with it and moved down with my sister a few months later. Although we found life was not bad - we loved our jobs - in no way did real life feel like a vacation once we got here. The glamour disappeared fast, and daily life revolved around our jobs, errands, apartment, housework, and other practical realities much of the time. The intense heat got old, as it lasts longer than July/August; we were in Miami and it was really, really hot for about 6 months. We rarely went to the beach in the intense heat, and usually ran from A/C to A/C. We worked in the big resorts, and when the season ended, our pay dropped dramatically and we worked less hours.

We had left our friends and families up north, and after less than one year we got very homesick and went back. I sat outside every night after I went back up north that summer and fall just enjoying the cooler air.

I still love Florida, visit every year, and am considering moving back at least part time now that I'm older, but I know the drawbacks and I am still ambivalent. If you leave a lot of friends and family it could be hard, and if your spouse is not totally on board and doesn't like it that much in Florida - as some just don't -you'll probably regret it. I would think to make it work he needs to line up a job and salary that he can get excited about before the move.
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Old 09-15-2011, 12:38 PM
Location: Beautiful Pinellas County
1,430 posts, read 2,632,484 times
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I think you should think long and hard about it and although a previous poster said, 'ifyou have to think about it long and hard dont do it' but this isn't a pair of shoes, so you should think long and hard about it and then decide.
I can't see any real plus points for you. I moved here from overseas in 99, it was for a better job, better prospects for our children, the opportunity to grow and learn about a new culture (even though we speak the same language!), to enjoy the sun and beaches and hopefully have a better standard of living.

I do not believe we have a better standard of living, our life was pretty nice in the UK. I do believe our children have benefitted and we all grew from living in a different culture, but you are really just moving within that culture, though down here can be very different to northern states, but it still has same govt/mcdonalds/drive in banks etc etc

As for the sunshine, it's so darn hot most of the time that I can honestly say I spent more personal time outdoors and enjoyed it more in the UK, but I have to say I spent a ton of time at soccer fields, so overall I was outdoors more and we have made a good life here, lots of friends, and opportunities are still here. Also I do enjoy less grey days, blue sky and sun is good for the soul, even if you are experiencing it from inside an a/c home or car! My husband added two degrees to his education and his job prospects and experience are farther down the road than they could have been back in the UK. There is nothing negative about any of that.

We have only good things to say about education here, our two are in 4 year college now and doing pretty well, but job prospects are looking glum for the years they graduate, unless there is a major turnaround (notseeing that) there will be 1000s of unemployed grads turning out each spring into our market. We will probably keep them in for grad school just to keep them out of the market for a while, but many others will do this too, so it will probably be as bad in a year or two after they finish.

My suggestion, if you have the money and can afford it, stay put, buy one of the particularly good value vacation homes here, or even a regular home and rent it out long term, til you can afford to either keep it for yourself to enjoy and family, or to retire here. There are so many. One day the property will do well again, it might long term be better than other forms of saving, but no one can predict anything financially these days, or if they do, no one can really put weight into their comments.

Whatever you decide, good luck, folks are welcoming here, just pick the right place to move to, dont buy a 'bargain' house if you are living here - try to buy in a settled area, or rent for a while first, rather than finding yourself in a 'ghost town' of foreclosure properties.

We were fortunate I believe arriving here before the boom and bust of the last ten years, so we are a little sheltered, but not safe by any means. I think everyone here is just about one paycheck away from disaster. But that is not unique to FL.
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Old 09-15-2011, 01:54 PM
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I am so thankful for this board and everyone's thoughts and opinions.

My husband was set on moving to FL for years. I think if we didn't have to worry about him getting a job in this economy and him leaving his best friend of 10+ years he would be on the next flight out. Actually he was 90% ready to go up until a few days ago so I think he will sway toward FL again real quick.

I am guaranteed a job and relocation money to use for purchase of a house, moving expenses, car registration so this makes it tempting financially. We can NOT move if my husband does not have a job period. I can not support our family on my salary alone and if I could, I wouldn't want to.

I think my biggest fear is for my kids. What if we move to an unsafe area, what if my kids have a hard time making friends, what if my 10 yrs old gets really depressed moving. I fear that taking away their family is selfish for us to want to try something different. My oldest hates the thought and hates the heat. My youngest loves it and hates the cold here.

Some of my friends say to try it. Take the opportunity. Others (more family and my bestfriend) say stay if you are happy here. Why leave?

I think I am just scared. Cold feet and afraid of the unknown. My husband is going to still apply for jobs in FL and will start doing so after Christmas when we are closer to the possible move. I really think his mind will change again and he will be on the bandwagon to FL. He has been for 6 months up until a few days ago!!!
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Old 09-16-2011, 05:07 PM
13,773 posts, read 34,888,248 times
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I seriously doubt you will end up in the wrong area at least not if you ask our members on locations. You didn't say what your budget was for rent/buying assuming your DH got a job in Tpa, that would give us an idea on areas too. Remember you don't have state income tax in FL.

On the other hand.. I think your concern regarding family is a valid one. I know from my own experience that when you live far away from your family you loose that closeness. My children never knew their Aunt or Uncle and while they did see their grandparents it was a once a year thing. It is something to consider. While I know friends are important in our lives you have to know that if they got an opportunity to move to a new place for more money I seriously doubt they would turn it down because of your friendship. JMO
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Old 09-16-2011, 05:43 PM
Location: St. Augustine/Jax, FL
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I understand where you are coming from. My husband and I moved to Florida 8 years ago from Rochester/Buffalo NY. I was the one all on board and excited about the move and husband kept waffling back and forth for the year before we made the leap. We moved based on the weather issue alone. It has been a HUGE adjustment. Funny thing is....now I would move back in a heartbeat and hubby likes it here and refuses to leave the state. I miss all of my friends and what I was comfortable with and he is enjoying the new lifestyle. We have made a compromise recently and decided to move to Tampa within the next 2 years. I love the Tampa/St. Pete area (more to do, better beaches, more culture) and it keeps him happy by staying in FL.

The weather is hard to get used to. This Summer was OPPRESSIVE and not easy to deal with. Granted we live in the Jacksonville FL area near the beach, and I love the beach, but this Summer it was just too hot to go and sit there. It is finally starting to cool down, and by cool down I mean 85-90 degrees. Christmas time is still the hardest for me to deal with. Hanging out in shorts and t-shirts doesn't feel very holiday like for me and I still have a hard time putting up decorations since it just "doesn't feel right" when it is that hot still.

Making lifelong friends here is difficult. You need to find a group with similar interests and a background where you came from....recently we became part of the Buffalo Bills Backers of Jacksonville and made about 60 new friends all from the WNY area...I feel more at home now by hanging out with these people than I have in a long, LONG time!

Make sure you are ready to make the move and visit a few times before you do, it will make the decision easier.
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