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View Poll Results: Miami or Tampa side is better for Justin in Florida?
Miami side 2 20.00%
Tampa side 4 40.00%
Some other part of Florida 0 0%
Nowhere in Florida! 4 40.00%
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Old 07-17-2012, 09:06 PM
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I'm somewhat of a nomad. I'm almost 38 and I've lived in quite a few places. I've gotten the moving bug once again and am trying to see where I might like/fit in the best in Florida or if at all. I plan to stop moving at 40 and at that age I will pick the best place out of all the places I've lived and not move again. Florida is one of the last spots and one of the places on my list that I've always wanted to try. I'd committ to at least 1 year as I do at least 1 year to find out what I really think of a place/city. I'm from Portland Oregon. I've lived in Los Angeles for 5 years, Scottsdale AZ, Seattle WA, Dallas TX, San Francisco CA, and even a small stint in upstate NY. I have liked L.A. area the best so far. The least was Texas as I found it a cultural shock and the mentality just WAY to different than the west coast. But I did have fun in Texas and people were nice, jus felt ALOT different than people there and the vibe was not really me.

I'm almost 38 but feel 31. I'm not a fan of humidity. I am well aware that this is something in Florida that I won't get away from at least half the year. I'm hoping that living right by the water on the beach might help a lil. But pros and cons to every place I've read alot on the forums and the more I read about the Miami side the more I feel I'd best be suited on the Tampa side. So I'm looking to find a nice beach town close to the Tampa area. I'm not totally sure on this and am open to hearing why or why not to live on the Miami side versus Tampa side.

Some things I've read and the questions I have. Miami seems to be put down alot educationally. Being from Portland I'd like to be around people that are somewhat like minded. I'm not an elitist by any means lol. Is Tampa and it's people anymore educated and not as superficial? I still want to look good but material and looks as I age are not as important. But being gay I do still like to look good and enjoy people watching and seeing attractive people too. Also I'm independent but lean republican and go to church. So also I've read that Tampa area is also more this way compare to Miami. I also get the feeling Miami is more dangerous and from what I've read it sounds like people are pretty rude? Is Tampa side this way too or better more relaxed easy going? I'm from the West coast remember

What is a nice beach town close to Tampa that is not full of old people or is this a myth that everyone in Florida is old? I'm fine with some. I'm not spring chicken myself but... Also not looking for party central and teens and kids, but some of that's cool. I like a good mix? I'd like a safe area as well. Also I'm really into the beach and water and I've heard the better prettier beaches are on the Tampa side. From what I can tell the Tampa side also doesn't deal as much with hurricanes or evil weather ya? And is the Tampa side any less humid by chance than the Miami side? And can someone REALLY break it down as to when the humidity starts and when it ends? Like mid May to Oct or? And are there days in the summer here and there that you get a break and it's NOT humid? And is there an beach city within Tampa that is cooler, breezier, less humid than other spots within the Tampa/beach cities area? Also any tornadoes or? And lightning? I heard there's alot?

Just looking for a clean, safe beachy area with blue water with a nice mix of people. Gay, straight, 20's, 30's, 40's. And a few older and younger is fine too. Of course I know I can't have it all and this might not even exsist anywhere in Florida but jus trying to find the closest match for me I know Tampa is not as gay as Miami but that's fine. I'm not totally all about being gay. It's just a small part of who I am but I'm not looking for redneck mean people either. I'm more libertarian. I'd like to be close to Tampa as I'd prolly be working somewhere IN Tampa. So not sure what traffic is like as in what the commute would be if I lived in say St. Petersburg or are there lot's of jobs in St. Petersburg area too?... But so if that's to far jus trying to find the closest nicest beach with all I stated that WOULD be within daily commute to downtown Tampa and work. I'm jus middle class at most and would be renting a condo or apt. Studio or 1 bed. As long as it's blocks to the beach or even right on it. Under $1000 would be best. Is this doeable? Any ideas, thoughts, on ALL issues would be appreciated!

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Old 07-17-2012, 10:37 PM
Location: Toledo, OH
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If you're not a fan of humidity, you'll hate living here. You'll have a tuff time finding a CONDO for that price right on the beach. Maybe a studio. You get to that price range, you don't exactly have the greatest of neighbors.

Otherwise, I think you'll find Tampa a very tolerant city. If you read some threads in here, people seem feel one of three ways:

1. Nobody looks them in the eye, are not polite, don't say hello, and just seem rude
2. People that are friendly don't seem to have a hard time meeting friendly people
3. Okay...maybe just two!

I wouldn't worry that you won't find what you are looking for. I would be more concerned with the Heat and Humidity. It has been unbearable for weeks and will be for a while yet.
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Old 07-18-2012, 01:56 AM
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If beaches are an important ingredient in the mix forget Tampa as there are no beaches there, you want beaches? they are on the western periphery of St Petersburg
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Old 07-18-2012, 03:58 AM
26,796 posts, read 41,500,239 times
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Go live in San Diego if you don't like humidity....I stopped reading your post after "hating humidity"...perhaps you want to be a snow bird and live here in the winter...
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Old 07-18-2012, 06:12 AM
1,024 posts, read 1,574,543 times
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The heat and humidity in Tampa is bad for just a small part of the year. Most of the year the weather is outstanding! To break it down as you asked, I'd have to say the humidity really gets going about mid-June and runs through mid-September. Honestly though … if you live close to the shore, it's not that bad. I was having dinner at an outdoor restaurant near Tampa Bay last night and there was nice breeze blowing off the bay … it was beautiful. Even my husband who hates the heat and humidity commented on how comfortable it was there.

Yes, we have lightening. The thunderstorms here can get pretty intense! Tornadoes … yes, but they don't happen often and aren't like the kind that tear through the Midwest and level whole towns. I don't know if we're more "protected" from hurricanes in the Tampa Bay Area … I think we've just been fortunate not to have any major ones come our way. We did recently have a tropical storm sit near our shoreline for some time and the damage she did was bad enough. I fear what would happen to our area if we had a cat 4 or 5 blow through!

Tampa does not have beaches. (Well, it does have a strip of sand by the causeway, but I wouldn't really consider that an actual beach.) What you might be referring to is the Tampa Bay AREA, which includes St. Pete and Clearwater which are where the good beaches are. St. Pete might be the best place for you based on what you described in your post, but I doubt you'll find a rental that's under 1K near the beach that's in a safe area.

I don't know about the education level in Miami, but in Tampa it is very mixed. Tampa is a pretty transient place. People move here from all over. There are a lot of natives (like me ) there as well. I find that most people I encounter are fairly well-educated as long as you stay out of the bad areas. There are superficial people in Tampa, but no more so than anywhere else in the country. I haven't found Tampa to be over the top in that area.

Your best bet is to come visit for several days. Check out St. Pete. Visit Tampa. Maybe hit some of the smaller beach towns (like Clearwater) and see the area for yourself. I've lived here most of my life and LOVE it. I tried living in other areas, but I kept coming back here because it's such a great fit for my lifestyle.

Good luck!
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Old 07-18-2012, 06:40 AM
15,838 posts, read 33,178,215 times
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Sorry, but from your post, I think it would be a mistake for you to move here, I just do not think it will suit you. It is hot and humid all over, no place here is less humid than another - this is FLORIDA and near the equator, surrounded by water.

Not going to address the other things in your post. Like I said, from your list of wants, I don't see anyplace here filling the bill.

I would stick with LA if I were you. Good luck!

Decided to edit this to mention that I live in Sarasota and right after I posted this saw this article in our online paper today regarding the burgeoning gay scene here:


Don't know if that matters to you or not; but for what it's worth, Sarasota is one of the wealthiest and best educated cities in Florida. It is a small city with lot of arts and cultural amenities and great beaches. It will be humid however, and we do have a good number of retirees; but also a lot of people in your age range.

Last edited by gypsychic; 07-18-2012 at 06:50 AM..
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Old 07-18-2012, 11:15 AM
Location: Tampa, Fl (SoHo/Hyde Park)
1,336 posts, read 4,563,055 times
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do u need to work? if so will u need to find a job here? or independently wealthy? thats the first question and the answer would largely affect whether you should even consider moving here. Its very hot and humid for at least 6 months but it can get very hot and humid during the other 6 months as well pending the weather pattern. Most of the summer is a very dreary, rainy and unbearably humid 24/7. People stay inside, forget about the traditional idea of summer here. Anyhow, ft lauderdale has become the gay mecca of the universe or at least of florida but the surrounding area is largely a 3rd world warzone, same in miami.
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Old 07-18-2012, 12:08 PM
Location: Beautiful Pinellas County
1,447 posts, read 2,662,830 times
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You have certainly tried some places, I like Portland, this area, Pinellas county, which emcompasses the gulf beaches and StPetersburg/Clearwater is very different.
You are right on humidity, you do get used to it - kind of !

This is the south and it has positives and negatives, people are lot more friendly and welcoming and less reserved. There are many nice people who will be welcoming and non judgemental and you just choose to ignore those that are not. We have many nice beach towns, but really I think you would like downtown St Petersburg, on the water, beautiful frontage and marina, quite a European flair and lovely parks too. Always tons going on culturally from art walks to GrandPrix racing!
It's all pretty close to beaches and really I think you would like that more than being on the beach and driving to the entertainment. Our weather is pretty ok most of the time, though recently we have had a lot of summer rain than normal, but that's ok by me, keeps it a bit cooler. Less hurricane risk, plenty of thunderstorms
I think you should come and stay and try and few places, maybe stay on the beach and explore and check out the towns. We also have Dunedin, but that's a bit older and smaller than St Pete. Note St Pete BEach diff to St Pete city.
St Pete downtown is pretty eclectic and there is quite a significant gay community down there and its pretty gay friendly I would say. I dont think people care that much these days, we had a huge Pride event a couple of weeks ago. Commute to Tampa not terrible at all. YOu can find places to rent around your mark. Hope this helps
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Old 07-18-2012, 10:34 PM
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Jambo- Yes I was aware there are no beaches right in Tampa. I jus meant the Tampa bay area in general. Like Metro area that it's part of and that I'd like to be close to Tampa. Really I basically looked on a map and went from there. As in what's straight out on a map if you follow a line the closest beach from Tampa. Then from there I was willing to go a lil further to include best beaches, safety, gay areas, etc. etc.. I was pretty sure anyway in the past few monthes after researching where I'd prolly end up.

And thanks everyone for helping so far... If I go I'd prolly live in downtown St. Petersburg or St. Pete beach, Madeira beach, or Redington beach/shores, indian rocks/rocks and maybe even Clearwater would be my main concentrations to look at when I visit. I think that's about it though and it seems they are all kinda in the same area anyway as on a map they are all part of the same island it looks like or whatever... These are my concentrations mostly from before even posting but am jus trying to get all opinions and to see if what I've come up with could be VALIDATED by others as a correct choice in what I've already read and researched and come up with for the past few monthes. And it looks like IF I go to Florida this indeed might be the best area for me or that I would at least like it as it has alot of what I'm looking for in an area although may not be perfect it showcases perhaps alot of the things on my list.

Also. Sunworshiper here and I DO like heat btw, but not really a fan of humidity but am VERY aware that it's humid half the year there!
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Old 07-18-2012, 10:38 PM
11 posts, read 19,280 times
Reputation: 26
Oh and BentleBee I'd love to be a snowbird if I could afford it! San Diego half the year and Florida other half! Sounds great! And thank you Floridagirl777 that really validated what I assumed and you def GOT what I was saying or asking Also really liked what Lavender had to say as well and was right up my ally. But appreciate ALL the responses and hopefully I'll get more too and time will tell if I move and try it out!
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