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Old 07-12-2010, 01:31 PM
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I was assaulted at knife point. Guy grabbed me from behind. I fought wildly. When he backed off, I turned to face him and saw the knife. Ooops.

I didn't run, stood my ground and shouted obscenities at him. We were alone in a park so I faked anger rather than show fear. He slowly backed away from me.

Suppose he was trying to rob me and my reaction surprised him. I was an easy target, a woman alone in a park. How fortunate I didn't get the criminal who prefers to maim or murder. Had I seen the knife upfront, I'd have politely given him my bag/ID/cash, no problem.
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Old 07-13-2010, 01:36 PM
Location: Houston, TX
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Either when we had a big drop in a small plane, or when I came down with some type of island flu on the 5 hour plane ride back home.
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Old 06-14-2016, 03:58 AM
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I have had a few funny and scary experiences. One vacation I refer to as the Griswald Vacation, which involves a 45-foot sailboat, a storm, faulty anchor in a protected coral park, seasickness, leg injury, rental car being towed, etc. It is pretty funny at the end of the day because of all that happened.

We had another scarier incident on a cruise ship in 2004 or 2005, where the ship listed suddenly causing plates, glasses to tip over the side of the 2nd story dining room to the first, cameras to fly off the table and break, waiters/waitresses to grab hold of pillars to keep from falling. The entire pool emptied out, flowed down the elevator shaft and caused a small fire. Some passengers were injured from falling. All the stuff in our cabin bathroom medicine cabinet fell out and the shjp store had broken bottles and products all over the floor. Pretty wild. Didn't stop us from cruising, but SOE people were walking around the next day with their life preservers. The ship replaced our tablemates' camera on them and provided free alcohol after that! The captain called it a "steering malfunction."

Another time was a very hard landing from London to Dulles in a 747. Whether it was a wind shear or pilot error, I don't know, but we slammed down hard on the runway. I remember being amazed at the impact. We were hurled forward violently, the oxygen masks deployed and people screamed. As my boyfriend and I were thrown forward, the big screen TV (the 90s) flew up just a couple inches from our faces. I don't think anyone was hurt. The captain never said anything.
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Old 06-15-2016, 01:44 AM
Location: San Bernardino, CA
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Driving through Arizona in summer heat along Interstate 10 (5 hours between NM & CA state line).

The desert scenery is great, but the heat is terrible, especially if you have to drive during the day, then again even at night sometimes there is no drop in temperature.

The worst experience was when I stopped at a rest area & the restroom air conditioner was broken. The smell & the heat.
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Old 06-17-2016, 06:18 AM
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Yesterday, I put $50 into an MTA machine and it ate my money. We spent 2 hours of our day walking around trying to get the money but ended up sending off a claim form.

I haven't had anything particularly terrible happen, I am lucky that way.
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Old 06-18-2016, 06:01 PM
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Originally Posted by slackjaw View Post
Ate too much hash cupcake at a coffee shop in Amsterdam before walking to the Van Gogh museum. Got really paranoid with all the people so had to leave thus wasting admission price for wife and I, and was baking too hard to find the way back to our guest house so wandered hopelessly in the pouring rain with wife all pissed off at me.

This needs to be a movie scene!
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Old 06-18-2016, 08:58 PM
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Several years ago my girlfriend and I went on a camping trip to Wisconsin Dells, which was about a 4 hour car ride from where we lived. We got to the campground and checked in. The campsites were very small and close together. When we got to ours we found that our neighbors had a huge tent that was taking over half of our site. They weren't there so we we went to the office to see if there was a different site we could have, or what we should do. One of the office guys went with us back to our site. He said that was the only site available and pointed to the back corner of our site and said to just set up our tent there.

We set up our tent and then went into town to go to a water park. We paid a bunch of money for admission, got into our swim suits, and started walking around to find the water slide we wanted to go on first. We found a slide we liked, got in line, and then noticed some dark clouds rolling in. It started to rain and started to get kind of windy, and then we heard announcements that the park was closing due to weather and to proceed to the exit. They made us leave and would not refund our money, even though we had only been there for about 20 minutes.

We went somewhere for lunch and then went to a museum or something to pass the time and to wait out the storm. The storm seemed to pass and it quit raining for a little while, so we found a water skiing show to go to. About half ways through the show the skies opened up again and it started to downpour on us. We got completely drenched and decided we had enough for the day so we went back to our campground.

When we got back to our camp site we found that someone had ripped down our tent and dragged it, along with all of our blankets and clothes into a huge mud puddle. All of our stuff was now soaked and muddy. We just stood there staring at it with our mouths open in disbelief. Our tent neighbor on the other side (not the ones with the huge tent) came over and apologized and said that it was someone from the office that did it. They said when they got there they asked an office person where they should set up their tent, and it was him that ripped our tent down.

I couldn't believe it. I went to the office and asked where this A-hole was that did that to us. The guy behind the counter said it was him and that he was the owner of the park. I told him it was his employee who told us to set our tent up there in the first place. He didn't seem to care. I demanded that he find and pay for a hotel room for us, but he wouldn't do it. I wanted so badly to punch in his face or to trash his gift shop or something, but my girl friend calmed me down and got me out of there before I could do anything like that.

I called the cops and they basically said they didn't want to get involved and told us the best we could do is to file a complaint with the local visitors bureau. We spent that night freezing wet trying to sleep in our car. The next morning we gathered our wet pile of stuff into the back of our car and got out of there. We did file that report with the visitors center, but I'm sure it didn't accomplish anything.

For several years afterwards I would have dreams of going back there to burn that place down. That was almost 20 years ago and I still get pissed thinking about it.

I know this story isn't as bad as many of the others on this thread, but it still goes up there as my worst experience.

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Old 06-20-2016, 06:36 AM
Location: England
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I have been on over 70 foreign holidays in the last 30 years or so. Almost all were ordinary, some a little better, some a little worse. I have had only one awful holiday - to Sorrento in Italy.

We had never visited this country, and thought we would give it a try. This is before trip advisor started, so we were going blind really. I made sure we booked with a reputable company, and thought everything would go as normal.

The flight was fine, and the transfer by bus no problem. We drove past Naples, and up into the hills above Sorrento. I wasn't worried, because I knew the hotel provided a free shuttle down into the town each day.

We discovered the hotel was actually an old villa, that had been converted to a hotel sometime in the past. "How quaint" I thought to myself as we took our cases to our room. We entered to find the tiniest hotel room I had ever seen. The double bed took up most of the room. The view from the window was of a narrow road back of the hotel.

We unpacked, and then I went for a shower in the tiny bathroom. It was just a small tray, with a plastic curtain to pull round. It was so tiny, no matter how I tried, I couldn't stop the curtain sticking to me as I tried to shower." Put a brave face on David........ just one of those things." I gamely told myself.

We shortly after went down for dinner. Now, in most hotels we English frequent in countries like Spain or Greece, breakfast and dinner are buffet style. Not so apparently in Italy...... they give you a menu, and it is served by waiter. "Something different" I told myself. So my wife and I ordered. The guy who took our order was dressed Fred Astaire style. Tailcoat, the whole outfit. The front of his jacket was covered in dried food. I smiled grimly.

He brought the food out through a swing door to the kitchen. He put my wife's dinner down in front of her. My wife said, "what is it?" He replied, "what you ordered Madam." My wife pointed to a pile of bluish slush, and asked what it was. The waiter asked someone else nearby. They both nodded, and he came back, "cauliflower Madam."

We proceeded to eat. My wife left the bluish slush. After finishing, I said brightly, "not too bad was it?" My wife just nodded slightly. We decided to retire to the bar. We ordered two bacardi and cokes. The barman put the tiniest amount of bacardi I have ever had served me in two glasses, topped off with coke. The bill was $30. We drank, then left the bar. My wife's mood was getting quite dark. I said, "the holiday brochure said there is a nice village round back of the hotel. Just a five minute walk." So off we went.

It actually was a nice little place, which we walked round. We smiled as we listened to a clock in a bell tower clanging as it reached the hour. Our mood brightened. We felt a little tired after our journey, so decided to go back to bed. After all, tomorrow is another day I thought.

We got into the very uncomfortable bed, and lay back to sleep. We had the window open, because there was no air con, and it was very warm. I was just dozing off, when the clock we had so admired set off clanging for the time. We soon discovered it did this every 15 minutes....... all night. This also set off a nearby dog barking....... again all night.

We got up after a poor night's sleep, determined to make the best of our first trip to Italy. We went down for breakfast. "I'll stick to bread, boiled eggs, and coffee" I thought. This was served to us. Now, this was a small hotel, with not too many guests as it was towards the end of the season. There were maybe only 30 or so people there. We noticed glancing around, some guests were sat alone. I asked a nearby man were his wife was. "She doesn't feel very well, and is staying in bed...... stomach upset." Oh oh" I thought.

After breakfast, we rode the provided transport down into Sorrento. We soon discovered everything was very expensive, and we felt a little third world. But, we enjoyed our stroll. My wife bought some colourful dried pasta. "It'll look nice in a tall glass jar when we get home" she said. It is in front of my right now, as I type in our kitchen. I smiled in agreement.

We got back, had a little afternoon sleep, then got ready, and went down for dinner. Same waiter covered in dried food........ we studied the two choices on the menu, and picked one. It duly arrived. My wife got angry, and said, "I am not eating that - it looks disgusting." The waiter's eyebrow raised, "would Madam like the other selection?" No, I would not! she said. I glanced round embarrassed, noticing even more people were missing.

I looked at my plate of food. Well, some of it looked edible. I am known for my iron stomach. I grimly set about eating it, well, some of it. We went out after dinner into the village, and had some delightful pizza, washed down with a bottle of wine. Then went back to the hotel, to attempt to get some sleep.

In the middle of the night, I felt unwell. I decided to stay in bed, while my wife went down to breakfast. She stopped off at the hotel desk. She talked to the lady who said, "there is nothing wrong with the food, I can assure you Madam." My wife snarled, "well, my husband is ill in bed, along with a large number of your other guests. Why do you think that is?" She replied, "maybe it's the pizza you told me you had last night?" Well, that stopped my wife in her tracks, and she went off furiously to the restaurant.

'Ol dirty jacket looked anxiously at the few guests who had made it down to breakfast. My wife said, everybody stuck to hard boiled eggs, bread, and coffee. I gamely got up that evening. My wife said, "no more food in the restaurant David - we're eating out till we go home." So we did, and boy, did it cost a lot of money. Luckily we only went for one week.

We did get to visit Pompeii, which was great, so the holiday wasn't a total loss. But, that was our first, and last visit to Italy.........
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Old 06-20-2016, 12:25 PM
Location: Kekaha, Hawaii
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Got on a bus from Kitwe, Zambia to Ndola, near the Congolese border. It was only a few hours by bus, but within five minutes of pulling away, I got the most explosive urge of diarrhea in my life, and there was no bathroom on the bus; I wanted to ask the driver but I knew that if I moved in the slightest there was only going to be about 30 seconds until blastoff. It was a searing, toxic, tumultuous ride, and halfway through we failed at a weight/balance inspection office. They had the people from the back move to the front (that included me, basically walking in the fetal position to the front), and had to try to pass the scale four times before we continued. MISERABLE EXPERIENCE.

We finally arrived, and I was in excruciating pain. I told a travel mate who had toilet paper to give me some, and that I was gonna make a break for it, and I'd meet him after I went. When we stopped, the unloading took forever...every second felt like an eternity. My insides felt like they were bursting apart and I had to work quadruple time to keep it inside. Finally I pushed my way out and took off running to the nearest restaurant at the bus station. I yelled for the bathroom, and they pointed my around the corner. A man was sitting there collecting money to go, and so I gave him 20 kwacha (like 2 dollars). He said I don't have change and I responded with a "I don't give a damn". I took off running but he yelled at me to stop. I turned around and he had a flashlight and pointed me down a dark hallway. I went to grab the flashlight, but then he started winding it for power. Again, every crank felt like an eternity as I was imploding. Finally I grabbed the light and took off like a bat out of hell. The hall way was probably 30 yeards long and led to a crappy toilet with no seat and sitting in an inch deep puddle of urine, but it looked like heaven to me. The relief was tremendous bro.

Afterwords I found out everyone traveling with me had a similar experience except with puking - turned out we all got food poisoning from were we stayed in Kitwe. Out of the 9 of us, I was the only one who ended up not hospitalized from it for the next two days, though while I was staying with them they checked me for malaria and it ended up positive, so I got to spend a night myself in the hospital. It was a fantastic few days, memories for a lifetime!
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Old 06-20-2016, 12:27 PM
Location: Eureka CA
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My worst day traveling was better than my best day working.
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