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Old 04-16-2015, 11:41 AM
Location: Ohio
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Ghost? Spirits, Paranormal ? VERY VERY REAL I married a recently widowed man 14 years ago. His wife had passed away in the livingroom of his house due to a heart attack. When me and my teenage daughter moved in,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it was just a matter of months before things got crazy and quite scarey. What I know now about paranormal activity, having a teenager entering puberty and that very angry, unsure, and a emotion period WILL stir up paranormal happenings. I have so many stories of things that happened to us during that time.... The first entity that we experienced was his past wife. Me and my husband were at work and my daughter came home from school *age 14" Decided that she would pulll out his past wifes Very complicated and expensive sewing machine and sew some things for fun before we get home. She figured she would put it up and we would never know. As soon as she took it in he room and had it ready to sew, She heard her named called, and she said it sounded like me calling her, so thinking I had come home early , she quickly jumped up to go and greet me.. planning to put the sewing machine back after talking to me. Well, She walked out into the hallway and called my name in return... and nothing..... silence..... she looked everywhere and No Mom...... So she thought maybe she had heard someone outside and just thought it was calling her name. So back she went to turn the machine on and begin her project.... and Once again she heard me call her name... NOW she knows she heard me.... and same thing... she looked and called for me.... and got chill bumps all over and ran to the phone to call me at work... just to be sure I wasn't playing a trick on her... ( We played lots of pranks in our family) I answered my phone at work and she asked a hysterical question... " Have you come home yet... where are you? I laughed and said.... I am WORK were you called me silly. This was before everyone had cell phones. She told me that she had been hearing me call her name in urgency, and would go look for me and silence.... that she thought I was playing a prank.... I heard the fear in her voice and told her I would be home shortly.... I told my boss that my daughter needed me home early.... she let me go and when I got home she would't leave my side. I looked and checked everywhere just in case someone had broke in. When My husband came home, we all three sat down to discuss it. My husband was a little suspicious, and believed in spirts.... but he only mentioned it as a comical comment. Guardian Angel maybe... LOL..... So we all went on to do Our evening routine.... And a couple of hours later my daughter walked in and looked very troubled.... She confessed that she had gotten the Sewing Machine out and was trying to sew with it... when she started hearing her name called. Tom and I suddenly thought the very same thing ! It had to be his Sweet Wife's spirit who was there to stop Valerie from using her machine and getting hurt. It's a very differnt type machine than just a sewing machine, chances are she would have gotten hurt.. This sweet souled woman was a BIG Childs advocate, loved children, and taught preschool. We truely believe it was her trying to stop her and it worked @ thanks Marlene...... And she still does pop in every once in a while just to help. She is Not the only spirit in Our home...... after she made her apperance... a Dark shadow man began to torment my daughter. quite often while she lay in the dark in her bedroom talking to friends on the phone, One night while she was back there quietly talking as we watched tV in the Living Room. We heard a blood curdling SCREAM and down the hall she ran.... she could hardly speak..... This shadow man had slipped from the top of her closet to the ceiling, crawled across the ceiling and hung right over her and she said she got so cold and she could hear some type of deep voice but couldn't understand what his said.... Wow ! how scarey.... so we got back in contact with the friend she had been talking to when she got so scared, just to be sure she didn't doze off while on the phone and dreamed this. Well, the girl was still up. She expained that Val had mentioned to her how cold her room was and then she got very silent then she screamed so loud. She said it had scared her so badly that she ran and told her parents and they were just about to come over to our house to check on her and Us. This shadow person tormented her constantly and got into just about every picture he was in. We had Dayton Ghost Hunters come to investigate and they found that Our House was having activity... and that the Medium that was with the group found that Our Fireplace was a Portle to the spirit world and that is why we were getting all kinds of spirits. One night I was on the couch watching TV.... Tom had just excused himself to go to the bathroom and my daughter was in her bedroom. and suddenly I felt hot air on my ear and then the most senister evil laugh deep in my ear !!! I could almost feel a mouth on my ear ! The room was cold and I went hysterical and ran towards the bathroom just as my husband was coming out. He caught me and I just kept screaming..... Did you just laugh in my ear? Did you just laugh in my ear? !! He sort of chuckled and said , NO... I was a little busy till now... He held me and then sat down with me holding me. My daughter heard me crying and came running and I had to tell her because I needed to know that she hadn't done it. But we all knew...no one could have done this to me...... my head and back were at the wall..... no one could have snuck behind me..... It was then I continued to have this evil visitor that would visit me only when I was alone.... He never hurt me physically but just about drove me Mad. I would be cooking and he would either tug my shirt really hard or lift it up in the back. He always touched my hair or would blow on it. and a occasionally laugh that evil laugh inside my ear.... I asked him to please stop this, though he still did it now and then.... he did cut back on laughing in my ear..... When my daughter moved out at 18 the dark shadow man left ! but still visits my daughter often. The evil one seemed to fade off also... And ever since, we develped more spirits, but they are playful and helpful....... Things will disapear constantly, like the spoon you just sat down, or my jewelry is constantly getting moved just as I am about to put it on...... it would be gone for a couple of days or so.... and then magically appear in the middle of the floor right in the path of the door way we come in and go out of our house. Sometimes I am frantic and can't find it anywhere and I will call out to them for help..... and soon thta item will show up out in the open. So these spirits are welcome to coexist with us. Since this began happening to us, We too have become Paranormal Investigators and we go investigate houses all the time. We have the equiptment and the experience and enjoy it..... but we Do know when to Leave something alone....... and have only brought one spirit home with us after a investigation. People ask are spirits Real? You Bet !
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Old 04-16-2015, 12:58 PM
Location: NYC
1,723 posts, read 3,692,877 times
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oy... paragraph's please. I really want to read your post and I don't mean to sound picky, but it would be so much easier to read if you used paragraphs..
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Old 09-19-2015, 01:25 AM
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My family lives in a house right now that has strange occurrences. Too many. Here's a few: My husband and I were watching TV one night. A dime, that was sitting on the TV stand, floated to the middle of the room, stopped, then shot out real fast, backwards toward our front door. It hit the wall, left a mark, landed on the floor. My husband and I looked at each other in disbelief. He turned off the TV and said "Well, Time for bed".
We live in a three story, city home, built in 1901. We have 5 bedrooms but only use 4. The room at the top of the 2nd floor staircase is one that no one will occupy. I have put each of my 3 children in there, separately, to be used for a bedroom. The longest anyone has slept in that room is just shy of 2 weeks. There is a man whom appears in the room. He wears a suit and 1920 style hat. He is dirty. He goes through these motions of "looking for something" searching. Then he turns. Looks at the doorway and leaves the room. He has "glowing" numbers on his forehead. We all have witnessed this, on more than one occasion. The room is used for storage. There is a lock on the door. My dog will growl at the door and neither the cats or our dog ever sit at the top of those stairs. In fact, my dog will force her way into the bathroom ( which is next to that room ) with whoever is upstairs alone and "guard" whoever is showering.
We also have smells in the house, like pies baking. It is usually at night about once or twice a month, we wake up to a delicious smell of blueberry pie or Apple. When we go downstairs, all of my cabinets and drawers are open. Once, even the refrigerator door was open.
The list could go on... I was happy to share.
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Old 09-19-2015, 03:09 AM
Location: Washington state
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I've had a few experiences, but I'll relate one that happened to a friend of mine.

His battery died one day in his car and a guy he knew but wasn't really friendly with helped him change it out and get going again. Some time later, he was in his car with his young son and went by a group of friends. There were four of them, one of them being the guy that had helped him with the battery. According to my friend, the guy was standing a little bit back of the others.

As he drove past, my friend waved to him and the guy lifted a hand back in return. My friend's son asked him who he was waving at. He replied that that was the man who had helped Daddy when he had car trouble.

When my friend got home, he received a phone call saying that this man had shot himself hours earlier. My friend didn't believe it at first, because he had just seen him. So later, when he saw one of the guys who had been standing by the road when he went past that day, he asked him how many people had been in the group. The guy answered him, "Only three of us were there that day. Why?"

Make of it what you will.
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Old 09-19-2015, 01:50 PM
Location: Stuck on the East Coast, hoping to head West
4,442 posts, read 10,291,229 times
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My grandmother and grandfather literally built their house brick-by-brick. It was 2 acres and surrounded by woods. My grandfather was not nice and died violently there as did an uncle I never met and a cousin who was only a child. I hated that house. I always heard people walking upstairs despite the fact that I knew no one was up there. I was not a brave kid, but I would beg to camp out in the woods instead of spending the night in that house because it just felt so scary.

I always had feelings about where I should/shouldn't go. For example, I never went up in the attic, never went to the bathroom alone, and never went first up the stairs. I just felt like something wanted me alone to hurt me.

Part of the house was built into a hill so some of the windows were at ground level. I would frequently see legs walking past the window. My grandmother would go outside and there was never anyone there. She finally just started covering the windows so I couldn't see anything out there.

I always felt like I was being watched and always felt it was by something/someone who wanted to harm me. My grandmother was very loving and she told me that she would keep me safe, but I never really felt safe. When I'd leave the house, I never had the courage to look back. I just knew that I would see something watching me from one of the windows.

As an adult, I used to have nightmares about the house despite not having visited it (it's long been sold and demolished) in years.
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Old 09-22-2015, 05:23 PM
Location: East of the Appaichans
325 posts, read 247,346 times
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I visited the Antietam Battlefield in MD today. Twice, I heard 2 faint, strange noises coming from nowhere over the place's fields. Hard to describe the sounds, but didn't sound like voices, maybe cannons or shootings.
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Old 09-23-2015, 11:46 AM
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I'm enjoying all these stories!
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Old 09-24-2015, 12:18 PM
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For the past couple of years we have been experiencing something odd. My parents gave us an old piece of furniture from England and the handles on the drawers would flick up and it's a loud noise. Always happened around 3am-5am. After several times of this, I checked it one night to make sure all the handles were down in case it was up and just happened to fall down. That night, one of the handles knocked three times. Totally freaked me out!

We had someone come in and cleanse the house and nothing happened for several years. Now it's picked up again but it's happening with my other furniture. One cabinet has really heavy handles and the noise is really loud! So it picked up and one night it did it and I got so mad that I asked whatever was doing it to get the hell out!

Within 5 minutes I hear glass breaking in our kitchen, I rush out thinking it's one of the cats but they're asleep on the couch. I go over to the kitchen and noticed it was one of our glasses that hang upside down in a rack. There is no way for it to fall down on it's own because you have to slide the glass out.

Right now, there are socks on all the handles and we're trying to figure out the next step. It's unnerving to think someone is in your room at night watching you...
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Old 09-24-2015, 12:20 PM
Location: southern california
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God has spoken to me 3 times.
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Old 09-24-2015, 06:29 PM
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Originally Posted by lilred0005 View Post
There's been quite a few threads lately debating the existence of ghosts. I was curious if any of you have ever experienced anything paranormal wether it be a haunting/ghosts, time slips, a strange creature sighting, ect. I do believe science still has yet to explain many facets of existence and sometimes the unexplainable does occur, there are still many mysteries in this world. So please, tell us of your experience.
Sure, my story is told in the thread " Weird things happening in a new home!!! I have had things happen differently at other previous addresses. The first experience happened at a home I rented on Greenwood Point Drive in Cypress, TX. The spirits there were much more like War Soldiers in the field and yard of the house. You could here them and spears being drawn and guns going off. Footsteps fast moving on the grass when you are looking at the grass and no one is there. There were children that laughed and played in the same field with the war activity going on out side. Inside the home the upstairs felt weird - midway about the top of the stairs felt as if you were being weighed on with something of the ex-ray jacket they put on you before a dental ex-ray. It was very odd.

The apartments I lived in Walnut Bend- Richmond area of Houston also had a little girl who wanted to play games all the time. This being-spirit would turn light switches on, when you turned them off. If you turned the ceiling fan on it would stop and speed up then slow down then turn off by itself. the favorite thing it loved to do was go door to door at night and knock several times. The knocks were small like a childs hand that knocks. Once you went to the door no one was there. this would go on all night so you never got any sleep. I was so frustrated on night that I simply was tired of this being and answered the door and cursed this spirit out!!! Yes, I know that sounds crazy but, at least I said what I needed to say. I asked this spirit to go to hell and leave me and my kids alone. I never had a knock on the door again after that night. It was weird but very peaceful after then.

The Condo I lived in on Dry Canyon Court in Katy, Tx was haunted as well it was fairly new with only one person living there before I did. As soon as you would go upstairs things were fine during the day. But, night would bring all sorts of activities up and down stairs. I felt something was in the hallway all the time watching us. Once going to bed you could hear a wind houl when there was no wind outside. I laid asleep on night and I was pushed off of my bed very hard and aggressive. It was hard enough to scuff my knee to the floor. This was the physical being that I mentioned in my other thread. It did not want us there. Every thing I did it would show anger such as breaking items- glass ware, plates and other décor. I left these addresses once my lease was up. But the new house . . . hmm.
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