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Old 01-09-2013, 05:30 PM
Location: Miami
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sooo, i was riding the train home last week and this person was sitting behind me, and i was directly behind the train operator. I had the most random thought of how nasty it would be if they were to start throwing up, i thought about what every would do and just...ugh. i have no idea why i even thought of that.

Then a few minutes later the train was stopped for a few minutes and i heard the train operators radio go off and they were reporting some lady is vomitting everywhere. mind= blown...

i know i know..you guys were waiting for me to say the person starting throwing up, but my physchic abilities aren't there yet lol
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Old 01-09-2013, 05:43 PM
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Originally Posted by CALGUY View Post
My first thought was that perhaps your husband had returnedfrom the room he was in,but you stated he had not left that room.
Your observation of the last four years while living there suggest the house does indeed have some spirit activity.
My impression would be, the spirit of someone who lived in that house at one time, feels a need to be there.
There could be any number of reasons for that.
Now as to why these events are happening, it could be to let you know this house is not totally yours.
You are sharing it with perhaps a previous owner, and that owner is letting you know of it's presence.
Perhaps the spirit is what is referred to as being in limbo,meaning for some reason it is unable to return to the spirit world,and can't be the human existence it once was in this coporeal existence.
I have a suggestion you might want to try.
When you have some time, and it is relatively quiet in the house (doesn't have to be any specific time of day) Summon this spirit in friendship, not hostility, and explain that it would be better for it to move on, that you are uncomfortable with it presence.
Explain that you will try to help in it's journey into the world in which it belongs.
How you can help, is to summon other spirits into your house to guide this somewhat wayward spirit back into the spirit world.
The one thing you need to do, when summoning additional spirits in your quest to help, is ask that only good, and fair minded spirits respond.
The one thing you don't want is evil to abound within the house.
This practice is done often, and with positive results.
Spirits are for the most part, friendly, and help and guidence are part of their being.
This is what they do best.
On the other hand, if these intrusions are such that they are not bothersome to you, then do nothing.
That of cource is up to you.
Thanks Bob! It is funny, I am not scared of what has been in the house. I am not even sure if it is more than just something passing through. We DO live right across from a graveyard...

There is another bedroom across from mine that used to house my chinchilla and we always kept it closed so the cats wouldn't harass him. It was solidly closed (push on it and it won't open). Every now and then it would just open for no apparent reason.

The weirdest event happened on a day off of work. I was home and got up to feed the cats. *The door was closed and I know it was because I look at it as I am leaving my bedroom (also kept closed,my cats are NOT good co-sleepers!). I feed 3 cats together in the living room and one in a separate bedroom (old cat, different food). I went down the hall, and grabbed the old cats food. Walked back down the hall towards the bedrooms, fed her and shut THAT bedroom door (it is a 3 bedroom, all are at the back of the house), turned around and saw the chinchillas room open. I had just seen it closed less than 2 minutes earlier and didn't hear anything. I was no more than 6 feet away from it while feeding the old cat. I closed it, went back to the howling 3 in the living room and just thought well I guess whatever it was wanted the door open. It hasn't opened on its own in about a year and when it used to, it was at all times of the day and different times of the year. I have heard what I thought was my husband talking and seen what I thought was him lurking out of the corner of my eye. Not even in the same room with me.

I am intrigued by it. They can stay and hang out as long as they don't hide my stuff or scare my cats. When the door rattled I thought you are welcome to come in, just don't keep me up!

Where I grew up was indeed haunted and all while I lived there I saw forms, heard footsteps including running when I was home alone, all the normal haunted stuff. My mom and one sister also saw and heard things. My other sister and my dad didn't. My dad thinks WE were haunted. I think it just freaked him out.
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Old 01-31-2013, 07:26 PM
Location: Planet Woof
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Several years ago I had two experiences a few months apart.

One, a friend and I were in a small restaurant eating in a booth. All of a sudden an older heavyset woman in a small booth across from us began to choke on some food. Trained in the Heimlich maneuver, I jumped up and tried to help her, but I could not get behind her to do the maneuver because she was so distraught she just froze in the booth.

Suddenly a very tall man, dressed in a business suit, pulled me back, grabbed the woman out of the booth as if she weighed nothing, and did the HM.

I stood and watched as she finally was able to breathe and the man went toward the back of the restaurant. I went back to my own table and asked my friend if she saw where he went as I wanted to thank him. We looked everywhere and did not find him. We asked staff and no one remembered him or saw a man dressed in a business suit. We sat there another hour and never saw anyone who even remotely resembled the man leave the restaurant.

Another incident, same friend and I on a car trip on the back roads to visit her mom in northern Indiana. It was a very hot day, heat index over 100. We decided to pull off this road out in the middle of nowhere to explore a pioneer cemetary and take a rest from driving.

After we got out for a bit as there was very little i.e., NO shade around, we decided to leave. The car was dead. We tried our cell phones. Neither of us could get a signal. Now this is out in the sticks with no farm houses around within sight.

We were just stuck there, not knowing how to get out of this situation, when all of a sudden a white van pulls into the cemetary and circles around to where we are.

I walked up to it and two men in dark sunglasses and white suits and tie are seated within. I ask if they might possibly call 911 for a tow truck for us.

Neither one speaks, but the driver raises his cell phone to his ear and talks softly. With that, saying nothing, they drive off. I felt like I was suspended in time. It made no sense as they never stopped to visit a grave and we never saw their van traveling up the road past the treeline.

Within 10 minutes a tow truck arrived and jumped our battery and we were on our way.

Do you believe in guardian angels?

I do!
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Old 02-01-2013, 01:13 AM
Location: Tucson/Nogales
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Oftentimes, I get spooked out playing solitaire!

The other night I was playing solitaire, the totals were 9, 4X in a row!

And I can play for months, totals of 52 being intermittent, then I'll hit a total of 52 repeatedly!

I don't know why, but that spooks me out!
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Old 02-01-2013, 08:47 AM
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Several times over the last five years or so when my wife and daughters are upstairs sleeping I have heard a child call out "daddy." I go upstairs to check on the kids and they are sound asleep. It's startling! The voice seems to be coming from the 1st floor. I guess it's possible (probable?) one of them is calling out in their sleep, but that’s not the impression I get.
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Old 02-07-2013, 09:10 PM
Location: S. Florida
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Originally Posted by deecbee View Post
11's. 11's everywhere. I will glance at the clock at 11:11. I'll open my eyes at 1:11am. I look at the treadmill at the instant I've burned 111 calories, or have 11:11 left to run. I'll be stopped in traffic and something will tell me to look to the right and I see 11111 on the building right beside me. This has been going on for months. I don't know what to make of it.
Please check out Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue.


The angel number 1111 as mentioned would be a combination of the numbers 1 and 1111.

So for 1 “Stay positive. Everything you’re thinking about right now is coming true, so be sure that you’re only thinking about what you desire. Give any fears to God and the angels.”

For 111 “This number brings you the urgent message that your thoughts are manifesting instantly, so keep your mind-set focused upon your desires. Give any fearful thoughts to heaven for transmutation.”
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Old 02-08-2013, 04:24 AM
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how long have you lived there?old house or did someone or something change.Never have really seen a entity or spirit.Have had definite,cold breezes,wierdly its frozen elbows or a sensation of ,if i were leaningback against a cold door .
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Old 02-08-2013, 05:40 AM
20 posts, read 35,318 times
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Im a manifester,myself.But ,Do you notice patterns to things .personally i have odd "up swings" in my "inner gifts"I will have psychic flashes.and tellmy man what i have been experiencing.If they happen ,in threes,ALLLWWWayys 33333's,thats the first of my "BIOS ON STEROIDS,(bio-rhythms)Next,is finding things that I might have wanted to find or a friend that needs a part,Its is always a one in a million bizarre .you know,"If I had been a minute early or late,it never would have happened.Good luck monetarily,well Its never been a factor .I know my family members ,that were always after it and were miserable.I know if tried to abuse it I would,either lose all of them,or suffer some cash flow prob's.no coincidences in life,not mine.They dont fit that catagory.They happen to the point,that close friends and my man,will even piont them out,and go "Your doin it again"thats twice in one day!''Please just dont bring up.....Dont even think about it,I cant handle ....Today"like i choose to think or mention someone,out of the blue .boom,2yrsno word from them.I talk about them next day pullup at a business,sittin in front ,like where u been,i've been waitin,It felt like it.when i tell them"seriouly,I really WAS just talkin about you.another oddity "number repetition"same ones over and over.sets of them 2-4 for days every where,my bday -3-6-63,I'm 63 inches tall,ARMSout stretched,TIP 2TIP(fingertips)measures,yeah...63inches,im silly,i know.I also Knock on Wood,my last name is yeah...u got it,
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Old 08-24-2013, 12:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Chango View Post
Story time!

I'm one of those people that is either especially crazy or gets more than his fair share of the "spooky" side of existence, despite being a terminal skeptic but I'm always up for a good (true) paranormal story.

Two thing happened to our family last week that count as "paranormal" in my mind; the first was when I was getting ready for bed around 10:00 PM. I walked into the bathroom and noticed one of the medicine cabinet doors was open (maybe about 4 or 5 inches). It often is; the magnetic catch on the door is very weak and if it isn't closed all the way the door naturally hangs open like that because of simple gravity.

Anyway, as soon as the observation registered in my mind, the door shut all the way against gravity all by itself without touching it, no wind or any logical reason for it to have done so. I've seen things move on their own here before so after a quick (failed) attempt to make it repeat naturally I just blew it off and went to bed.

Second, at the end of last week my 4 year old daughter realized she left one of stuffed animals outside just after dark. She went out to get it... and a few minutes later my other daughter heard soft knocking on the back door.

It turns out the door (which has a non-locking knob and a deadbolt lock on it) had somehow ended up locked right after my daughter went outside. Nobody was around the door, my kids all swear they didn't touch it,neither my wife nor I locked it and there would be no way for my daughter to have accidentally locked it, being a deadbolt that can only be locked from the inside.

It's possible someone's not telling the truth but my kids aren't usually practical jokers and I believe them. It really scared my daughter... being so young and all, locked out in the dark by herself. Plus nobody was laughing about it; I can't say if the resident ghost did though...

Anyway, just another week at chango's spook house.

What was the last unexplained event in your life?
Hey Chango,I just came across your thread,very interesting stuff I might add.In answer to your question at the end of your entry,the last strange thing that happened to me was when I was 5yrs. old.This happened on a ranch near Fischer Tex.on old Crains Mill Rd.My parents had left me alone at night to tend to some cattle that had broken loose from a corral.Well,as I sat alone with no radio,or T.V.,in total silence,I started to hear what sounded to me as drums being played at a far off distance.It sounded like a drumline,but the military marching style.I was shocked and scared at first.I regained my composure,and started to concetrate on what had just happened.Again,the drums came back,this time I let the sound get closer,the drums became louder and louder.I got scared,the drums stopped.This continued for at least an hour,then my parents came back.
I couldn't find an explanation,until about 7 yrs. ago when one of my Dauhgters became very ill with high fever and some virus she had contracted.Meds were administerd,she dozed off.then she spoke while sleeping and asked me about the same ranch I had just described,she didn't know anything about it,or what had happened.Iasked her what she knew about it.She replied; I see "RED",in the meadow behind the house.I hear people,horses,fighting and, DRUMS.There was a meadow,about 30acres that my father would plow up.What does this mean?The earliest settlement in that area was 1832.
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