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Old 10-13-2014, 01:37 PM
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"Deleware Davy", Sticking my tongue out at her NEVER entered my mind. I didn't have the time to consider communicating with her. I was too busy staring at her and wondering who (or what) she was.

"suz1023", I'm almost positive she was NOT the spirit of one of my grandmothers. Like yourself, I lost both of them at a young age. However, I have photographs of them that remind me of their physical appearances and vague memories of their personalities.This "woman" did NOT resemble my grandmothers, nor any other woman I knew (living nor deceased). Both grandmothers loved me very much and would NEVER do anything to upset me, nor confuse and frighten me.

My maternal grandmother did "appear" to my mother once and scolded her for being a heavy drinker. She gave hear a warning and said excessive consumption of alcohol would eventually kill her. My mother said it was a dream, but I personally feel that the ghost of my grandmother materialized in my mom's bedroom and spoke to her. My late mother-in-law claimed that she saw the faint facial image of the same woman (my maternal grandmother) inside a photo featuring her daughter (my fiancée at the time) and I. She also said that my maternal grandmother appeared to her in a dream (shortly after my wife and I were married). She was standing in my mother-in-law's living room and said: "Welcome to the family!" Again, I think this wasn't a dream. I honestly believe my grandma visited my mother-in-law as an apparition.

My wife and I have shared many paranormal experiences. I will post some of them on this forum in the future.



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Old 10-13-2014, 03:03 PM
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this reminds me of a friend's story.
she was a young mom whose husband was away in the navy. he was an immature guy who sometimes failed to send his paycheck home from time to time. this was before electronic banking or anything. my friend was at a point once when there was no money whatsoever to buy food or diapers, and she was just heartsick and ready to beg for change.

as she sat on a park bench with her little ones an elderly woman came up to her and told her not to worry, all would be well. the woman pointed to the ground a few feet away and said, look, there is your answer.
my friend looked where the woman pointed and saw a 100.00 bill just barely visible in the grass. my friend went to pick it up and when she looked back the woman was gone. my friend assumed the woman had set it up and she looked everywhere but the older lady was just gone. no sign of her anywhere, and this was in an open area of the park, there was no where for the woman to hide.
my friend believes to this day that an angel came to her that afternoon.
me? I'm glad there are angels amongst us.
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Old 10-13-2014, 05:09 PM
Location: Los Angeles
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Originally Posted by Delaware Davy View Post
Did you have the presence-of-mind to stick your tongue out at her, too! Me? I'd 'a called Ghost Busters on 'er!

CALGUY, Obviously you've never been to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. (They've got entire platoons of spectres there.)

I posted this a while back, but some of you may not have read it.
'The Spirit's Book" by Alan Kardec is one of the best, and most informative studies on spirits, and spiritual behavior I have encountered among all that I have read, and I have read, and studied many.
It was actually composed by spirits, along with mediums, but the words are those of the spirits themselves.

I don't believe spirits would intentionally mislead any one, for that would defeat their purpose of allowing the human race to get a glimpse of their existence.
Here is the post that I did previously:

In many threads and post in this forum dealing with the spirits, and paranormal behavior, many have said they saw a deceased relative or love one, while others claim to see "ghost" in a variety of places, and situations.

I know through experience, we are capable of communicating with those who have passed on, but seeing them is another thing.
Our human minds are capable of conjuring up all kinds of things, and seeing a spirit is just one of them.
As those who have read any of my post on the subject, I often recommend one particular book because I find that in all my research, this one particular edition seems to be right on the money when it comes to explaining spirits, and the worlds in which they exist.
I find no reason why the author of this book would use this medium to tell falsehoods.
There is nothing to be gained by doing this.

Many of the things I read in this book seem to offer a logical explanation to the many things we as humans fail to understand.
Getting back to humans "seeing" ghost or spirits; To understand why that is not possible, we need to know what a spirit is made of.

The Spirits' Book of which I speak, for the most part is written in a question answer format.
The Author, and those mediums working with him, are the ones asking the question, and the spirits are the ones answering them.
I am going to quote just a few question and answers from that book that deal with the "makeup" of spirits, and should provide enough proof that as humans we are not capable of seeing these ghost or spirits.

To begin:
Question- " Have souls a determinate,circumscribed,and unvarying form?"
Answer- "Not for eyes such as yours; but, for us, they have a form, though only to be vaguely imagined by you as a flame, a gleam, or an ethereal spark."
( The buzz phrase here being, "vaguely imagined by you".)
Question- "Is this flame or spark of any colour"?
Answer- "If you could see it, it would appear to you to vary from a dull grey to the brilliancy of the ruby, according to the degree of the spirit's purity."
Question- "Is the spirit properly so called, without a covering,or is it, as some declare, surrounded by a substance of some kind?"
Answer- "The spirit is enveloped in a substance which would appear to you as mere vapor, but which, nevertheless, appears very gross to us, though it is sufficiently vaporous to allow the spirit to float in the atmosphere, and to transport itself through space at pleasure".

These qualities described by the spirits themselves make it a mere impossibility for we humans to see a ghost or spirit as so many have claimed to have done.
These people who swear they have seen a loved one are seeing what they want to see, so they believe they are seeing these things.
The mind is a persuasive tool, and sometimes things are not as they seem.

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Old 10-13-2014, 06:02 PM
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CALGUY, Thank you for the reply!

Some of the assertions and conclusions drawn in the referenced reading material is at variance with what I've learned about spirits. It is, also, at variance with what the Bible teaches. The way I've learned it, spirits in their ethereal forms may, indeed, by invisible to human eyes; however, (1) their presence can still be felt emotionally and consciously perceived; and (2) they have the ability to materialize and manifest themselves to human eyes; e.g.: Chicago's, 'Resurrection Mary'. She is able to materialize so well that men have held her, danced with her, and still failed to realize that she was an incarnate apparition! (That's pretty frigg 'in material!)

When the witch of Endor called up the spirit of the Prophet Samuel, he did NOT materialize; and appeared more in line with the explanations you've given. However the resurrected Christ - Who had to exist primarily in spirit form - was also able to materialize as a perfect physical representation of his former earthly human form. Disciples touched him and couldn't tell that he had already ascended up unto His Father in Heaven.

I've seen actual ghosts. Years ago my wife and I stayed at an old New England inn. We didn't know it when we checked in; but it wasn't too long before we found out that the innkeeper, pressed for available rooms, had put us up over the barn in the exact room where a female ghost frequently haunted.

My wife saw her first as she simply glided through the wall and into the room. I saw her second, and after she was standing in the middle of the room. My wife was terrified; I was not. The woman in white suddenly disappeared. My wife looked at me and said, 'She's afraid of you; isn't she!' I answered, 'Yes.'

We weren't bothered anymore that night. In the morning the innkeeper asked us how we had slept. When I answered, 'Fine.' I heard another guest, standing nearby, remark in soto voce, 'That's unusual!' I looked straight at him and said, 'What do you mean?' He replied, 'Most of the repeat guests, here, know that your room is haunted!' 'Harry wouldn't have put you in there if he'd had anything else available.'

(Thanks, Harry!)

NOTE: By the way I tend not to believe anything a spiritualist, fortune teller, card reader, or most psychics have to say. I learned a long time ago that spirits tell lies and prefer to deceive people. Shock, horror, and deception are their, 'stock and trade'. The same thing is true of those people who regularly dabble in the spiritual realm and, thereby, expose themselves to highly, often thoroughly self-destructive, spiritual influences.
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Old 10-13-2014, 06:46 PM
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"Suz1023", I have a couple angel-related stories too. I will post them, as well.
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Old 10-14-2014, 08:32 PM
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Originally Posted by SteveMichiganman View Post
"Tobiashen", thanks for taking my post seriously. You're description of me is 100% true. I've never been a troll on any message-board in my lifetime. And now that you mention it, it WAS a VERY hot humid day. The whole experience seemed almost dreamlike. I honestly thought she was a real woman until later on. It wasn't until several days later that I started thinking to myself: "Perhaps I saw a ghost!" One thing about your response puzzles me though. How can she belong to all of the categories at the same time? How can an entity exist as a spirit, a living person and a hallucination simultaneously?
Sorry, didn't mean to confuse! I tend to think of time as very non-linear (as in everything possibly occurring at once, or that there is no such thing as "time" or if so, it may be "man-made" to help us sort things out), but that's another thread!

I just meant that I felt she was indeed once a person but that she had died/left the Earth plane, and then she materialized as what we call a "ghost." Fascinating story. I could almost see her myself as I read what you wrote, and I also felt she was spunky/funny and trying to lift your spirits a bit.
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Old 10-15-2014, 01:09 PM
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The key to the mystery is below. Memory in humans is faulty, its open to suggestion and influence, it adds elements that never existed, particularly 20 years later. A few days later you revisited a strange event, and then concluded that you saw the supernatural...and your mind fills in the event to replace those memories lost. What you think you saw in your description, simply enough, did not occur...at least in the detail you say. You saw a strange old lady; maybe in the mean time you saw a scary movie, read a book, etc; days later while remembering your mind then fills in the rest. And decades later it takes a life of it's own. I don't mean this as an insult, I am simply explaining that this is how the mind works.

Originally Posted by SteveMichiganman View Post
" It wasn't until several days later that I started thinking to myself: "Perhaps I saw a ghost!"... .
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Old 10-15-2014, 11:05 PM
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"DD714", thanks for sharing your theories! I've been a hardcore horror movie fan since I was eight years old. However, I saw the "ghostly woman" in my mid/late 20s. If indeed she was a ghost (and not a figment of my imagination), I should've experienced more paranormal events beforehand, but for one reason (or another), I never did. I'm almost positive she WAS NOT a real person. She was either a hallucination, or a spirit. I've had numerous unexplainable experiences in my apartment since then (mysterious sounds, disembodied voices, blurry images/shadowy blobs that appear and disappear within one second, or less, etc.). But my encounter with that "woman" was the first (and only) time a clear three-dimensional apparition entered my visual range and walked around in my presence. Our "visit" lasted at least ten seconds (or more). If she was a ghost, she was aware of my presence and displayed a lighthearted persona. Based on my informal online research, this rarely happens during spiritual sightings. Most of the ghosts I've read about go out of their way to intimidate and frighten their viewers. The above-mentioned "woman" almost seemed playful. I don't think many people make eye-contact with laughing specters who enjoy sticking their tongues out at living souls.

"Tobiashen", I think she probably noticed that I was staring at her. From her point of view, I must've looked confused and startled, perhaps even downright foolish. My facial expressions amused her, hence the laughter. Then she showed me her tongue to lighten the mood.
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Old 10-16-2014, 12:00 PM
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Do you have any reason to believe she could represent your guardian angel?
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Old 10-16-2014, 04:10 PM
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She could've been my guardian angel. Angels are spiritual servants from Heaven. They always help people on Earth (especially when they are in stressful/dangerous situations). Another poster on another paranormal forum suggested that interacting with her may have prevented me from getting hurt, or killed. Had I NOT stopped in the middle of the parking lot to study the "woman", perhaps I would've been hit by a car while walking over to the drugstore.

My wife and I are practicing Catholics. I often wonder why we haven't had opportunities to interact with citizens from Heaven. A late co-worker of mine (also devoutly Catholic) claims the Virgin Mary appeared to her once in her living room and gave her motherly advice (shortly after she lost her father and husband). If the "woman" was my guardian angel, why didn't she speak to me and identify herself? Why hasn't she appeared to me on other occasions?

Once my wife and I accidentally drove over a bridge and almost hit a tree head-on. Although I didn't see (nor hear) anything paranormal, I felt an invisible force "help" me steer the car away from the tree one microsecond before a life-changing collision would've occurred. My late mother-in-law thought somebody from Heaven (a saint, angel, my grandmother's spirit, etc.) was in the car with us and "helped" me steer the car away from the tree, in the nick of time. But feeling a force is not quite the same thing as seeing an apparition walk around town, is it?

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