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Old 10-07-2016, 07:43 PM
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Originally Posted by coschristi View Post
This one was mine:


I still just don't understand; who or why ...?

the strangest thing is that something about him was so ... familiar.

And the fact that he was seen NOT just by me but by Dena also. Such a strong "presence".
Guardian angel? Maybe he was trying to tell you you're not alone.
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Old 10-07-2016, 07:53 PM
Location: League City, Texas
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Yes. My husband and I both saw a man in this hotel bar Downtown San Antonio Hotel | Menger Hotel | San Antonio, TX, appeared completely solid but dressed in clothing from a different era and he and his clothes had a somewhat "washed out" appearance. I shared the story on here years ago--I'll look for my old post.

The "monk"--there was a dark, shadowy figure that walked through our upstairs sunroom on a regular basis. From his shadowy silhouette, he seemed to be wearing a cassock or robe of some type (so we nicknamed him "the monk") and he was carrying a large pack/bundle on his back. We learned to ignore his nightly trek through the house. Amazingly, I was speaking with the author of a local "ghost book" and told him about our "monk".

He nodded knowingly and said "I bet you live in a certain neighborhood up on the mountain, don't you?". Shocked, I said that we did. Evidently, there had been a mine up on this mountain many years prior, and monks would bring supplies up to the miners (this was when this area was part of Mexico, not long after the time of the Conquistadors ).

He then showed me a section of his book in which he had written about monk sightings in the area. I'm still not sure why "the monk" moved through our second floor sun room, and not on ground level. Of course, it was going up a high desert mountain, so I'm sure, in the ensuing years, there had been extensive grading and changing of the actual terrain.

Then there was the nurse who always asked about the morgue. She wore a classic white uniform dress and cap, long after we all wore colored scrubs. She appeared completely solid and looked and spoke as a living person. She seemed to hang out by the elevators in the basement of one place I worked.

I could go on and on.

Last edited by hellpaso; 10-07-2016 at 08:09 PM.. Reason: I found my old post, but I don't know how to link it to this thread :(
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Old 10-07-2016, 08:49 PM
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So back in high school. I lived in Chicago. There was a haunted cemetery by our house named "Bachlors Grove". One night My friends, and I grabbed our video recorder and decided to go. Going into the cemetery you have to walk in the woods on a dirt trail for about 1/3rd of a mile until you get to the gates of the cemetery. The cemetery is from he 1800's and was vandalized and people had dug up coffins and partied there in the 80's . Anyways , the sun was setting and we were on the trail going in. I had the video camera pointed above my Friend's sisters head and all the sudden a orb/flash floated right above her head . At first I did not say anything , but then it happened again. The second time I mentioned it and everyone freaked out and took off running back to the car. We got home and sure enough we watched it over and over and seen a figure above her head. Clear as day.. it was something.... The cemetery is well documented to be haunted... I never went back. police don't let you go there at night...

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Old 10-07-2016, 10:02 PM
Location: Southern MN
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Highway 169 in Minnesota runs between Mankato and Minneapolis/St. Paul. In the mid 1860s thirty-seven Dakotah Indians were hung in Mankato for their part in the American-Indian War.

Many of the captured survivors were marched by government troops on foot through this area to Ft. Snelling from where they would be held and dispersed to reservations. A number of them were women, children and elderly people and they were treated most cruelly on their forced march.

For years when I have been on this road when I reach certain mile-markers I have experienced an uneasy feeling. Sometimes at night near the town of Shakopee it will appear out of the corner of my eye as though huddled groups of shadowy people are walking in the ditch.

I had a sense of ropes, of people tied up. Perhaps a kidnapping? I spent quite a bit of time researching old crimes in this area but never could find anything that fit with the areas where my goose-bumps were raised.

Then one day while talking to someone about my sensitivity while traveling through this area she reminded me of this piece of history that I had forgotten about since I had studied it nearly fifty years ago in sixth grade Minnesota history class.

Is it ghosts or was it a reaction to a forgotten memory? At any rate, I still get a chill when I drive on Highway 169.
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Old 10-07-2016, 11:06 PM
Location: colorado springs, CO
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Originally Posted by elliedeee View Post
Guardian angel? Maybe he was trying to tell you you're not alone.
Thats what I wondered too. You would have thought I would have been scared to death but I wasn't.

The first time I saw him when I was brushing my hair in the bathroom mirror I was shocked ...but not afraid.

When I turned around to see no one standing there I thought maybe I was just over tired & was "seeing things".

But the second time I saw him, in the bedroom headboard mirror; I just KNEW. I already KNEW that when I turned around that I would not be seeing anything.

The wierdest thing was the flood of emotion that came over me when my friend Dena sat down & said "Why didn't you just TELL me you were going to have company?"

My mouth said "What do you mean?" My heart knew he had chosen to show himself to her.

Almost like he was saying "Yes; I was really here."

That whole pregnancy was just wierd, wierd, wierd. It was as if the "windows" were always open.
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Old 10-07-2016, 11:09 PM
Location: St Simons Island, GA
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I and my family had just moved into a new house in a new city. Nothing spooky about the house; it was a typical south Florida bungalow. The kids were asleep and we went to bed about 11:30 pm. About an hour later I suddenly awoke with the strong feeling that we weren't alone. At the opposite corner of the bed was the form of something that looked completely demonic. I remember that it was grinning and was so large it had to crouch to avoid the ceiling. I was trying to find my breath to let out a scream when I heard my husband yell, "WHAT THE HELL IS IT? WHAT ARE YOU?" At that point it backed up and retreated into the darkness. My husband's first impulse was to find the Bible; he began to flip the pages and read random passages out loud. It surprised me because he wasn't a particularly religious man.
We moved into the sunroom, unfolded the couch and began to watch TV...anything to feel "normal". About 4am my 4 year old came and said that she couldn't sleep...there were "bad clowns" in her room.
The next morning I had an appointment with a marital counselor, as we were having some issues around the move. I decided to relate the story, and was surprised when he showed no incredulity at all. He told me that he was hearing stories like this from clients far more than I might think. My next move was to contact an old friend, an Episcopal priest in Atlanta. He, too, was very accepting of my story and rattled off a list of things I should do to "clean house". The only suggestion I remember was to play what he called "praise music"on the radio at low volume and to put it in a place that wouldn't draw attention from visitors. I followed through and never had a problem again.
A less dramatic story has to do with my stay in a very generic hotel in Knoxville, TN. A girlfriend and I had come up to UT to attend a concert and went to bed at the same time. The room was completely dark, with no apparent outside sources of light. She noticed it first; a spot of light on the wall above my bed about the size of a half dollar. She asked where it was coming from; I replied that I was damned if I knew. We got up and searched the room for any light source. Played with the drapes, covered reflective surfaces with towels. Still it remained. I walked over and covered with my hand. It disappeared, so it wasn't a reflected light, but it reappeared when I removed my hand. Nor did it reflect light off of anything I held up to it. I went back to bed and tried to ignore it.
I mentioned it the next morning to the registration clerk. She looked at my room number and said that many guests had reported the same thing.
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Old 10-07-2016, 11:38 PM
Location: colorado springs, CO
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I just remenbered about the man on I25 in 2004??

Drove my then 19 year old (2nd oldest) from Colorado Springs to Denver to catch his Amtrak back to his dad's in Illinois.

We missed his train & had to drive back home to wait until the next evening. It was about midnight on southbound I-25.

Johnny had fallen asleep. I had just made it less than a mile south of Castle Rock when in the dark I saw a man standing in the emergency lane.

He was wearing faded jeans, a button up light colored shirt & an "Indiana Jones" style hat. Maybe early 50's. I started to slow down because he was really close to the traffic lane. As I came up almost even with him; I thought he looked right at me; like "eye-contact" at me ...He was maybe 6 ft away from my car, with this sad look on his face when he stepped out right in front of my car.

OMG; it was terrible. I tried to listen for the thump of his body but I also slammed on my brakes which spun my car around in a 360. I got the car over to the side of the highway & jumped out to find him. Johnny had woken up by my "donut" yelling "Mom! WTH!"out his window.

I was in tears. I just knew I had hit somebody but there was nothing. No marks on my car; nothing. No sound of impact ...Thats when I thought; I'm seeing things.

6 months later my 3rd older son had been on the same stretch of road coming back from CU with some friends when they ran off the side of the road trying to avoid an "older guy wearing jeans & a floppy hat who stepped out in front of the car but disappeared".

Since then (it has never happened to ME again, despite driving I-25 frequently) we have talked to 3 other people who have almost wrecked their cars right there just south of Castle Rock, trying to avoid a man stepping into traffic.

Oddly; there is a thread here on C-D regarding the high number of accidents along that stretch of road:

That 18 mile stretch of I-25 from Monument to Castle Rock
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Old 10-08-2016, 12:20 AM
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Yes, but it was dead.
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Old 10-08-2016, 06:07 AM
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I just recalled an earlier incident (circa late '90s) that took place at my brother & SIL's house:

It was Thanksgiving, and while everyone else had already left the table, I was still seated there while I finished my coffee and dessert. I suddenly felt a cold draft, and in my peripheral vision, I detected somebody to my left. I turned my head in order to see who it might be, but as I turned my head, the person disappeared. A minute or so later, I again saw somebody in my peripheral vision, and--again--when I turned, the person disappeared.

At that point, I decided to join everyone else in the kitchen, and I mentioned what I had just experienced. Almost simultaneously, my brother and SIL both said, "Oh, that's just Judge Sweeney".

As it turned out, they had been seeing occasional visions of this man for several years, but had never mentioned it to anyone else, lest other people decided to stop visiting. As it was explained to me, the prior owner had died in almost the exact spot where I had been sitting--and apparently he made himself known on certain occasions.

How did my relatives know exactly where Judge Sweeney had died? Because when they bought the house, there was a huge blood stain on the ancient carpet, marking the place where the judge had hemorrhaged and died. Naturally, their first job upon taking possession of the house had been to replace that carpet, but they didn't realize at the time that Judge Sweeney's spirit did not leave with the old carpet.

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Old 10-08-2016, 07:27 AM
Location: East Texas
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Red face We SMELLED a Ghost - No Doubt About It .

How many people can say that they had a witness with them when a ghost was present? It's like it was yesterday but it was over thirty years ago. It happened; there IS life after death but in what form I have no idea. None.
My ex husband and I were happily married. We were visiting his parents for the weekend and we slept in a bed I will mention in a minute .
All the windows were closed. There were no flowers , candles or any type of scented anything in the room. When we got into the bed all was comfy and normal.
Next morning when we woke up my then husband said, "Susan, did you smell anything in the middle of the night?" I said no. He said, ä very strong smell of bath powder or face powder woke me up, Susan. It hung around then drifted off. It smelled like old ladies' bath powder. If it happens again tonight do you want me to wake you up? I said, "sure." Although I HATE to be awakened.
That night at some point-I have no idea what time it was-he said, "Susan! Wake up! Do you smell that?" And wow; just wow. There was a strong scent of some kind of body powder in the air. It didn't smell like perfume for some reason. That's hard to explain. I said yes!! and he said, "go away, Granny."That was probably a mistake on his part but it vanished fairly quickly.
The next morning at breakfast he told his mom what had happened. She said, üh huh; Mama used to sleep in that bed" which is what she called her mother who was deceased for a few years. We said nothing else about it for many years. It made a believer out of me. Then years later….
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