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Old 05-05-2008, 01:59 AM
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Firstly I wanted to introduce myself, I am a 37 yr old mother to 6 kids ages 19 yrs old to 19 months old! (LOL, yes I am CRAZY), I am an RN and my hubby is a Sn. Network something or another (LOL) computer GEEK~ we live in Wisconsin and have been wanting to move from this state for a long time. At first we were looking into CO or MT etc but I really don't think those states are for me.
Main reasons we would like to relocate
1. the weather!! I do love the seasons we get here, but being stuck in your house for what seems to be most of the year, gets real old...See I mean, in the cold snow blizzards we get, your stuck inside, then when SUMMER FINALLY gets here (maybe mid JUNE) it gets so darned HUMID, it makes it plain miserable to even be outside enjoying the summer and the mosquitos LOVE YOU ALOT HERE. And the lack of sunshine in the winter, and even in the summer as we get lots of rain..basically I need PROZAC all year long (j/k but sometimes I do not feel like I'm joking) So as you see, I would so desire to be outside with my kids more in decent weather, more then just a month out of every year! LOL....
So I guess we are looking for areas that do have seasonal changes..so you do get a WINTER (I would miss having snow believe it or not!) and a SUMMER...but minus the EXTREMES of below zero windchills and the other extreme of 80-90 degrees and dewpoints in the high 60's.. I love summer heat, but only can bare it when the dewpoints are in the low 50's (that is actually considered NON HUMID TO US WISCONSINITES! LOL I celebrate when we get that type of weather! it's funny as you'll see all these people outside, walking, grilling out etc..it's like a BURST of people showing up outside..then the weather changes the next day and everyone disappears! it's really odd!)
Ok the other issues here in Wisconsin is our property taxes.. For example, we are crammed into an old ranch home (roughly 1,100 sq ft, built in 1950's, about 1/3 acre yard and our neighborhood is older but without being or sounding racist, it is primarily "white", good schools and we do live in what is considered the "suburbs" but an older suburb not where the doctor and lawyers live! LOL...we are a very typical middle class family) but anyways, our property taxes on THIS HOUSE is $3,400 year!!.... Our home is also priced at around 200K
I just would like to find "more home" as we could afford more but the property taxes kill us here to get that "bigger" home. See what I'm trying to say?
So is is possible to find a bigger home for around 250-275K anywhere in a nice suburb, SAFE area with "climate" of how I would LOVE? or am I dreaming the impossible?
Also of course, how are jobs? I am an RN, so I'm not worried as I can always find a job in my field and most places are pretty comparable in wages from what I see..but I'm not the main bread winner..the hubby is and he is in the computer field as I mentioned, Right now he makes around $85K and I bring in some pittely change of about 10K a year VERY part time.. So we are just under 100k living here and not ever going to get that "newer home, or heck at least BIGGER HOME for our family" and surely do not have the extra's for other fun items...we are not broke, but are far from "SECURE" on our income right now..though the kids have EVERYTHING...
Ok enough about that......Just wondering where we would stand as far as income or is the job market better for his field, better wages? etc? (he has 12+ years experience and has a bunch of certifications i.e. MCSE etc but no college for him)
Now the next biggest question..My husband has "no religious beliefs" and I was raised Lutheran, tho not actively involved with any church..my kids only know about religion from me but there has been no private schooling (can't afford it! lol) so needless to say we are not religious, tho I have my beliefs in God/Jesus from a "LUTHERAN" perspective.
Is that a problem with the mormons? I honestly don't even know what the difference is? don't we all believe in God and Jesus (if we claim to have these types of religious views?) I'm just curious, I do not mean to start a DEBATE, just was wondering what is so different between Lutherans and Mormons? and why "IF ANY" there would be a problem?
Please email me Imlost96@aol.com or respond here...Any insite to the moving would be helpful as I don't even know where to begin to look? northern, southern utah, or all in between LOL..........
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Old 05-05-2008, 03:22 AM
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Ok I'm replying to my own post here but I'm floored to see house prices (did a realtor.com search) and it is floored in a GOOD WAY.
I'm seeing newer homes built within the last 10 years, that have even 5 or some 6 bedrooms with 3,000 sq ft for UNDER 300K...am I dreaming?? You couldn't touch these prices here in Wisconsin unless you lived in the Ghetto!
WOW.......some of these houses I've seen listed , if they were in the area I lived or even a 25 mile radius (minus Milwaukee area) you'd be looking at DOUBLE those prices, then add on about 5-6,000 yr property taxes. The listings I saw however do not list property taxes.
I did a main search in the syracuse area and found lots there, one in particular I'll even list the MLS# 790241 It is in Huntsville (once again I'm clueless to where things are in this state and if that is good or bad) but that home I tell you would run close to 700k or MORE over here in WIsconsin-land!
WOW...just in shock that's all......
SO what are property taxes "roughly" in some of these areas?
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Old 05-05-2008, 03:27 AM
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Ok couldn't help this...but here is a comparison of a similar home to show you people in Utah what our homes are selling for
here is the MLS # of an area close to where I live
MLS 989709
it is double from what I've seen in similar homes like this in my Utah search..and then factor in property taxes...WAY OUT OF MY REACH on a measly income of just under 100K...this is why we can't afford those houses HERE...........YIKES...
Just thought you all would like a good comparison (Like I said I do not know the neighborhoods in Utah, but from the looks of those homes I would venture to guess they are not high crime, slum areas...? Just like what I'm showing you here with this property in an area I live) Check it out...
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Old 05-06-2008, 01:21 AM
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Hi wonkymom,

I'm actually just moving out of Utah, but I can give you some perspective since I have lived here and in other states. Jobwise you guys should be fine. The market is generally quite good and though you may not make as much as in other states, as you have noticed, you get more bang for your buck. House prices are affordable (especially now, because of the subprime mortgage crisis, the market is flooded, and prices are dropping, especially on newer homes); taxes and insurance are low.

Utah is also beautiful; you've got the mountains and four distinct seasons. Winters aren't that bad at all.

As for religion, this can be hit and miss. Some people I hear say they have had all positive experiences with Mormons and some really can't stand them. If you move to Utah County (Provo,Orem, etc) it is almost 85% Mormon. Salt Lake County is much more diverse. Mormons are generally good, kind, decent people, but it can be an adjustment to those not used to it. It would be like moving into a densely populated Jewish or Catholic area; their is a unique culture, a bit of exclusiveness and self-righteousness (particularly in Utah County), and maybe some attempts to "convert" you. Utah also tends to be deeply divided along political lines: Utah County went about 90% for Bush (and Romney), while Salt Lake has elected a Democratic mayor every time for the past 20 or 30 years.

I actually live in Utah County and in many ways it is a great place to live: safe, beautiful, two universities, solid economy, affordable houses. But by all accounts it's an adjustment for those not of the Mormon culture/faith. Not really as much because of doctrine---where in most ways (emphasis on family, belief in Christ and God, faith, good works, etc) there isn't much difference between other protestants---but because of culture. I think the adjustment is actually more for kids going through school than for adults who can easily find like-minded friends. But like I said, if you're anywhere near Salt Lake it is much more diverse.
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Old 05-06-2008, 01:34 AM
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By the way, just to re-emphasize, with a $100k income, you will be able to get a great house almost anywhere in Utah, with really low taxes and insurance. The Utah housing market has boomed over the past 10 years so it has a disproportionate amount of HUGE, NEW HOUSES that are very affordable for your income (especially w/ all the foreclosures). My parents make just a little bit more than you and are about to buy a $475K home for about $360-390K. Brand new, over 3,000 sq ft, great area.My sister-in-law bought a two or three year old house about midway from Provo to Salt Lake for about $210K last year (it would probably be closer to $190-200 this year). It has three floors, four bedrooms, 2 baths, probably about 2,000 square feet. Really you can get a great home or townhouse in the $200-300K range in most parts of Utah and anywhere you buy a house for that price would be safe (let's be honest, just about everywhere in Utah is pretty safe). So you can't go wrong house-wise.

Good luck!

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Old 05-06-2008, 02:41 AM
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Default Move to Colorado


Our family situations are similar (I only have 3 kids though...your 6 would make you fit in well in Utah). I am an engineer in high tech and my wife works in the medical field. Our religious experiences are also eerily similar. We moved from Colorado to Utah about 18 months ago as my job demanded. I would give my right leg to move back. You will find property taxes in Colorado Springs to be very low and there are many good houses to be found under $250k. The Denver area will be a bit more expensive but then again the housing market is down, so there are lots of good buys there too.

My advice would be to stear clear of Utah. The LDS culture is everywhere in the laws, schools, businesses, media, etc. I can not go one day without being reminded that I live in a state populated by religious fundamentalists. As an avowed agnostic/atheist, it is pretty hard to swallow.

Yesterday the Long Island Iced Tea became illegal in bars and restaurants in Utah. No kidding. But that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the messed up liquor laws here. I just got done reading a letter to the editor in the Salt Lake Tribune written by a Mormon lady who was so vastly offended by a mannequin in the Victoria's Secret window at the mall that she has vowed to not leave her country home again. I agree that the scenery is pretty spectacular in Utah but then again, so is Colorado's. And it comes without the extra baggage associated with living in Utah.
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Old 05-06-2008, 12:17 PM
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I think that everyone has their own experience with how they percieve or are treated by Mormons. Before I go any further I will include that I am LDS (Mormon) so you can consider the source. I think because a lot of the state is mormon it is easy to say "I was treated badly or offended by this person and they are mormon" but do they say the same thing or hold it against the whole religion instead of the individual person, if they are another religion. I have indicated this on other threads before so at the risk of repeating myself, I am LDS, my best friends are NOT and my daughters best friend is NOT. My neighbor across the street is my favorite neighbor and she smokes and does not attend any church. There are fanatics in any religion (Victoria Secrets story) we are not exclusive to such people.

Anyway, to get back to your post about the different aspects. I think your husband would do fine but like another person said he probably wouldn't be making as much annually but the houses are cheaper. We are selling ours in Syracuse for $317,900 (3400 sq ft) Property taxes are about $1600 (nothing wrong with the area, just moving closer to family). We have lived in Sandy, West Valley, and now Syracuse. I would steer clear of Southern Utah (St. George) because they do not get the change in the season like the Salt Lake area and I have heard the job market is not as good. Utah county is more saturated with LDS. There is a missionary training center in Provo and BYU is in Provo but if you were to find a job out there you might consider Eagle Mountain (if it isn't too far from the job). If you find a job in Salt Lake you could consider Riverton, Sandy, West Jordan, South Jordan, Taylorsville to the South. North of Salt Lake you could consider Bountiful, Kaysville, Farmington (these three a little more pricey) Woods Cross, Centerville, Layton, Syracuse. I wouldn't go further west or North than Syracuse because your commute time would get longer. We are in Syracuse right now and it took my husband about 1 hour to get to Salt Lake and he left at 6:30am. There is construction on that part of the freeway so that has affected his time, when we first moved here it was 35-40 minutes. For you, there are several hospitals in any area. It sounds like your options are wide open so it is hard to give you specifics about any one area. I can't help you with the alcohol issues because I don't really pay attention to those but if you do drink you might want to see what the laws are (I have heard they are weird) and decide if they are to restrictive for you. Good Luck!
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Old 05-06-2008, 12:45 PM
Location: Indiana
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You should also know that the areas surrounding Hill Air Force Base (Layton, Clearfield, Syracuse, Roy) are going to be a bit more diverse due to the military families living there. The area is still made up of many LDS people, but it is not as saturated. Personally, I've never had any problems living among them. They are nice people and promote a very family-friendly environment to live in. As a mother of six children, you will probably appreciate that.
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Old 05-08-2008, 12:01 AM
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Thanks for the replies! Actually besides any religious "differences" my husband and I are very family oriented, we are considered out of the norm here in Wisconsin where parents go out every weekend leave their kids with sitters, or work all the time and have daycare personal raise their children (don't get me wrong, I understand those who have NO choice, but I know alot of friends who "cant stand being at home all day with their kids" and send them to daycare to get a break everyday" I don't believe in those types of values. Our kids come first and that is how we are, though yes a few times a year it is NICE to get out away from the kids! SO to hear of a state that has high family values is actually music to my ears..though I think the other ways may have me being a bit of a rebel. (i.e. I smoke, I'm very outspoken and tell it like it is, noone is going to tell me I can't do or HAVE TO DO something , I am very midwestern when it comes to being a very independent WOMAN...and no the MAN nor any church rules me) SO in those aspects I may have issues...I don't look to start arguments but am not one to back down from my view points either, but do have clear respect for others opinions as well...we all should have our own independent view points, this is LIFE.
But anyways off that topic...
I just am very impressed with the prices of homes too..if any of you looked at homes in Wisconsin, you'll see why~and property taxes. We just can't afford a LARGE home for our LARGE family here and it is getting pretty depressing as we do have a once used to be considered "nice" income.
Also just today this weather is getting to me! Yes it was partly sunny and in the low 60's, but darn it all...it was MUGGY in May already, the hair frizzing already! haha...dewpoints in the low 60's ALREADY, no it wasn't HOT, but the dampness and thickness of the air is just miserable even when it is only 60 degrees outside, we rarely ever get nice sunny 60-80 degree days without the godawful humidity...One gets real sick of that after years of it. People are usually amazed that Wisconsin is like this (they usually think of Florida or the southern states being humid) but it gets very bad here too, but we do get those few days break every week or so in the summer with lower humidity and everyone comes outside (like I said it is actually funny seeing this around the neighborhood!)
Both my husband and myself just want to move somewhere where we can afford a nicer larger home for our family (doesn't even have to be brand new, it is more the sq footage that we are concerned about and a yard for the kids to have a swingset etc) and maybe still have few bucks left over for "fun things", not just bust our butts working for not much to show for, as we do here in Wisconsin. And also to have more enjoyable weather as we both love to be outdoors with the kids, whether just taking walks, riding our bikes, or just being around a campfire enjoying it without either being frozen and damp and cold, or the opposite of being attacked nonstop from the mosquitos in the no wind, sweltering thick sauna like air outside!! It is so icky I can't even explain!
So that is where we stand..it does seem like we should avoid the Utah county area I saw alot of affordable homes in the syacruse (sp?) area. How far is that from a "main city" as I'm sure the hubby in computers would be working in a main city? And is this area a safer area? Low crime, kids can rides bikes around the neighborhoods without being "shot" or abducted? etc etc....ANy tips on areas I should avoid in this area (or the salt lake county area)??
Thanks so much for all your responses..Like I said we are just beginning our journey of possibilities of where to relocate our family, but we are gathering as much info as possible now so we have a better idea etc.
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Old 05-08-2008, 01:17 PM
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Syracuse is a little out of the way for a commute, but it is a nice, safe area. I think you'll find a lot of strong western women in Utah, as well. You will find a pretty low smokers rate here, and most buildings and some public outdoor areas prohibit smoking. Computer jobs are all over the place. Yes, most seem to be in the Salt Lake area, but I'd check the whole Wasatch Front if I were you. Ogden and Provo, and everything in between, have lots of computer jobs.
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