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Old 08-31-2008, 02:00 AM
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Originally Posted by harborlady View Post
R601 elitist punks are in both parties. Lockstep young republicans driving daddy's lexus telling people how to make a living when they've never had a job ring a bell? Shrug them off. Brat's from any party aren't the real messages from a candidate or a party. My vote for impeachment stands no matter what pelosi says. Maybe her name should be included in the list. Pelosi dems vested in status quo won't clean up washington? How about Obama dems? I honestly don't know but for me it's the strongest selling point he's got. Greenhorn bothers me. The politics IN his church bother me tremendously.
You can call me "R" But you should know, I am the least of those who have the same name as me.

The demise of our government may have been a long process building steam, but the eclipse into darkness was when Nancy Pelosi took "impeachment off the table", because the power to impeach the executive branch is the check and balance the founding fathers put into place to prevent a totalitarian government.

Now I'm related to some Obama Democrats, so I have to be nice, but they do shut down when you try talking to them, and I recognize cult mentality when I see it. So like everybody else, I don't know much about Obama . . unanswered questions, distorts the truth at will (most people call that lying), and he sure sounds like he's regurgitating EST.

As for Jeremiah Wright, call a spade a spade, he's preaching a victim's sermon that all black problems can be laid at the feet of the white elite. Sorry to disappoint him but the mass of all people is working class . . so shut the hell up about white people. In response to that cultivation of racism, I can only think of one thing to tell the reverend to go do. Having been in ear shot of the words "White Devil", is not something I take lightly -- or forget. And though Obama might not be praising Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam), his reverend was. That's called bird's of a feather. Either Obama is just plain stupid for attending that church, or he's a racist. Actually, I've listend to Obama enough to know he's not stupid, he is intelligent, and most definitely, a creep.

Obama would be a tough sell to me. His smear of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to la raza was a big red flag for anybody anti-illegal alien. Is McCain pro-amnesty? Yes! Does McCain smear ICE? No! Any American up to their eyeballs with the corruption that brings illegal aliens into this country got a warning shot across the bow with Obama.

"Comprehensive Immigration Reform" means one thing : amnesty for illegal aliens.

Erhard Seminars Training - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nation of Islam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
National Council of La Raza - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

OT : the WV Governor called this place Appalachia. And I was just becoming fond of montani semper liberi.

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Old 08-31-2008, 06:47 AM
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Since 1946 the oil companies have had the US government fight the wars for them...keeps their operation costs down...granted, they employ small armies of mercenaries in south america and some asian countries, but by and large, the big protector and take the land, take the government (latest is Georgia and Putin is right) roles are taken by our very best kids...they are the one's fighting the battles and who, after the battles come home to battle the heartless bureauracies who deny them the benefits that they earned with their blood.
Impeaching the leaders is not the answer...going straight to the policy source is...Exxon's work is Top Secret...has always been so..I was a bar tender in a swanky club in 1969...overheard a Top Secret meeting about Prudhoe Bay...black suit said, "We only have 51 % of that oil...if we can get Occidental's share that will give us the power to rule the oil prices for the next 20 years...what happened...Oil Crisis with Jimmy Carter...oil went crazy and Prudhoe was on the fast track..all this economy thing is contrived...our political lackies take their orders from the top...and that is in London, Paris and New York City...Washington is a sub-contractor...think you can do anything about it? Yeah, move to Wv and enjoy some privacy...but keep you're powder dry...forget about impeachment...sometimes I think the lucky ones are the homeless with a bottle of wine in a brown sack...
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Old 08-31-2008, 08:36 AM
Location: Charleston, WV
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"Conservative Wv Democrats" - that's me. Been a Democrat since 18yrs but the older I get the more Republican I become and usually vote that way (really depends on the person).

As to the abortion issue - Wake up America!!!!!
With the energy and economic issues we have, should a person decide their vote based on where a candidate stands on abortion? I think not.

I am a staunch supporter of the right to choose. That does not say that I think abortion is right, that says that I think a woman should make the decision for herself. Am I going to NOT vote for a person because they are "Pro-Life" - no!!!!!! I don't think that should even be an issue in the decison. We have larger issues to worry about.

PS: It really burns my butt when people judge me because I am Pro-Choice. Many think that automatically means you are in favor of abortion. No, it does not. It means I will battle to the end for a woman's right to choose for herself.
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Old 08-31-2008, 08:54 PM
Location: Puerto Penasco, Mexico
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I have to laugh at this thread... Discussing the Executive branch of the Federal government, and being concerned about abortion stance and religion. Neither are Federal issues, yet that's all you hear about. Love how McCain is the "conservative" in the race...what a hoot that is! Has he ever voted for a smaller, less intrusive government? Nope. Voted against an unbalanced budget? Nope. Headlined the Illegal Amnesty bill? Yup. Can someone tell me exactly what makes him a conservative? I guess he's conservative in his image as a socialist...

McCain or Obama, doesn't matter either way. Same agenda, different face. We'll be entertained with the usual pack of crap about how they "care" about the population and our duress. Blah, blah, blah- it's groundhog day again. Our votes will be cast (in the trash) and the Electors will once again tell us who they think will put the best face on the executioner.

Ahh yes, the land of the free. Time for a revolution.
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Old 08-31-2008, 09:22 PM
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Ok R (because the world isn't ready for formula 610 )
That church- agreed, with a more pervasive detail to add that isn't isolated to that church or blacks, but to any group who derives it's identity by living out perpetual victim mentality. This includes the select appalachian residents who've departed from healthier traditions in favor of welfare that other residents criticize. This includes republicans who've been directed to believe the bottom echelon is the root cause of all their problems. It's not exclusive to a specific party as is the traditional blame game of scapegoating liberals defending public trust, who in turn scapegoat wealthy as if hard work & bettering yourself financially is criminal activity.

Cult mentality of Obamicans? Ditto heads are what precisely? Please stand above it and look at it objectively. The only difference is who they chose as scapegoat, two parrots arguing gibberish, devoid of syntax and cognition. Both are lying to themselves with sound bytes that won't stretch beyond the box they've willingly crawled into as a false sense of identity or an unwillingness to think for themselves. Pick one, it doesn't matter.

Crude, and sorry to make the gents blush but... calling a spade a spade, is this not a huge political circle jerk ensnaring the entire population? A national dose (from all directions) of absinthe information for the masses? I saw your apaches in navajo country; identical picture. (Russia is a weak analogy, but that's another subject.) Projects in chicago. Riots in LA. Jews believing they were the only victims of the holocaust and it's still in effect (beware of gentiles). There's a narcotic effect to that thinking that offers absolution of present tense personal freedom (AKA responsibility). The more proficient at reciting excuses, the faster they run themselves in circles for generations. They hand over their power to a vampire willingly, and that vampire is named a leader despite being contrary to actions, and subsequently elected once sufficient souls have been collected. That's not the way up and out of social/economic ills no matter which party is branding.

Rock paper scissors. Pelosi: If everyone is guilty, nobody's calling the cops. Thanks for the admission, nancy. Standing outside all parties beholden to none, they're all beholden to something else. Standing above the fray, Corporatocracy is a larger threat undermining all legislation, all parties, all checks and balances, and democracy itself. Play both sides from the middle, cash in from both sides because collusion can hide under the acronym of non partisanship, and divided is even more profitable. Thing is, whose best interests are being served? Middle class is batting 0 for how long? Doesn't that defy all time weighted averaging statistics?

How often to you hear from your fellow Americans the impression it won't matter who wins anymore? It won't if it's predetermined by war chests and Diebold. Democans/DINO and republicrats/RINO are fairly new additions to our language, and all other parties are entirely disenfranchised by the 2 party system favored by law.

That terminology is meant to be an insult from polar parties unhappy with centrist policies. I get the displeasure of being villified by liberals and conservatives alike. As a centrist, I can say it doesn't define centrism, but how democrats and republicans have melded into a separate party yet still forced into doing business under the old 2 party power base because it's requisite to be elected. What you get is not what's in the box it came in. There are your fiscally liberal republicans like a wolf hanging out with the flock in a costume. Fiscally conservative dems gave repubs their vote because they wanted a fiscally conservative policy, but it's not what they got. It won't be what they get this time either.

McCain's economic stay the course plan (short answer: dig faster, deeper, and infinitely)
McCain’s Economic Plan | Newsweek Business | Newsweek.com

Corporatocracy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Corporate republic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Crony capitalism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Captive State - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Old 08-31-2008, 09:36 PM
11,946 posts, read 14,229,991 times
Reputation: 2772
hinton you just emphasized my point before I had a chance to post.

vec, now you know who is chasing you down telling you what your conscience knows is right. I listen to religious right because they have real points like all groups do, but will not tolerate or participate in their tactics against me or anyone else. Not very christian of them, is it? Sad.

DK- Exxon just wrote the book on how to lobby supreme court for 20 yrs, but of course I'm a whackadoo conspiracy theorist because I saw and heard directly what I did in the oil industry. Repeat your bar story, you too can join the ranks of whackadoo conspiracy theorists because the burden of proof is upon you. I dropped what documentation I could into the appropriate hands. What their boss has been paid not to enforce is out of my hands.
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Old 08-31-2008, 11:09 PM
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Originally Posted by harborlady View Post
Pelosi: If everyone is guilty, nobody's calling the cops.
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

I'll read your links tomorrow over coffee, thanks.

f.y.i., I've tried, but can only listen to so much of that crap from Reverend Wright, his racism, and anti-American sentiment, but that Barack Obama sat there for 20 years and never heard any of that? Give me a break! That's just one of the many cans of worms with Obama. Add it to the file : Obama Lies. It's not racism, political party affiliation, nor is ignorance -- I think Obama is a creep (because I have listened to him).

Don't get me wrong. Like a lot of people, I feel that if I vote with a clear conscious, then there is no one to vote for.

So I'm not preaching McCain either. I lived in Arizona almost 2 years, and there was a local rag that stuck thorns in McCain's side, enough for me to dislike him as a dirty politician. I also read "The Real ID Act", and added it to the list of reasons to dislike him.

As a citizen of this country, I feel so little representation, so credit where it's due to those few voices. Salute!

The first time I first heard the phrase "duopoloy", was from Ralph Nader, but I'm not so sure that's entirely accurate. These two parties are more like a one-party system, playing good cop/bad cop roles but . . they're both dirty cops. So what does that make us? The bad guys? Or is it more like the adage : if you don't know who the patsy is, you're it.

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Old 08-31-2008, 11:51 PM
Location: Elkins, WV
1,981 posts, read 5,780,699 times
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I don't think Great Grand-daddy McCain is too worried about my vote. What he should be worried about though is his unpopularity among the younger generation as a whole. Which is alarming!!! The years of apathy are over for my generation too, WE'RE VOTING IN DROVES BABY!!!!!
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Old 09-01-2008, 01:03 AM
Location: SF Bay Area
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I can predict that WV will go for McCain, so does it really matter?

I think the Republicans disqualified themselves from this election, having screwed everything up with their atrocious policies the last 8 years. They lied to go to war, lied that Bush needed 4 more years to "finish the job", screwed up the economy, did nothing for the infrastructure, nothing for health care, nothing to control gas prices. The educational system is in shambles. Street gangs have flourished. Foreigners moving in taking jobs while exhibiting separatist behavior. Communities feel more foreign than ever in many parts of the country as American workers are finding their jobs being replaced by cheaper foreign labor. Maximizing profit is more important than job security or pension benefits. Oil executives have gotten richer with record profits. Republicans stink. McCain or his ridiculous token VP pick doesn't change this reality.

Doesn't seem to bother West Virginians however. Incredible. Kudos to those enlightened folks in this state who are supporting Obama.
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Old 09-01-2008, 01:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Alexus View Post
Doesn't seem to bother West Virginians however. Incredible. Kudos to those enlightened folks in this state who are supporting Obama.
I was with you right up to the smear, San Francisco. Said politely, take your head out of your ass.

Election Center 2008: Primary Results - Elections & Politics news from CNN.com
Election Center 2008: Primary Results - Elections & Politics news from CNN.com

California voted just like West Virginia, Clinton and McCain. Minor note : West Virginia has more intelligent people per capita than California, as Ron Paul got 5% here, and California only gave him 4%.

Obama lost here, Obama lost there. Sorry. We're not accepting smears today, try tomorrow.

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