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York and Lancaster Counties Rock Hill - Fort Mill - York - Tega Cay - Lancaster
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Old 04-09-2012, 05:40 PM
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A few months ago, I lost over $3000.00 because I lost my internet service with Comporium, on a Friday, around 1:30pm. I called and reported the outage. I called back every 30 minutes, and was told that they were working on it. Finally at 3:30, I only had 30 minutes to get to my business, and I went to the Rock Hill Library, where I am now. I ran out of time due to the slow service and lost some money. I got home around 4:30 and I called Comporium and was told that "my modem in their building" was the problem. So, a bad experience with no internet for over 3 hours.
Fast forward to today. I go out of the house at 1:30 and come back in at 1:40 and no internet. I called and was told that my modem in my house was not connected and they would send out a serviceman to check-replace my modem. Again, my income and the ability to actually lose money is 9am to 4pm. I waited until 2:45 and decided to drive to the Comporium office. I was told it was an area outage. I asked them to define "area." I was told two streets that run parallel to each other, about 1/2 mile apart, and my street runs into one of these streets. I was in their office for over 20 minutes trying to get honest answers.
There was some private messaging going on between the tech support and the the person I talked to. I heard "we agree on that." I have a feeling they were agreeing on my upset attitude, about not having internet. So, I go home and wait and wait. They told me 4-5pm it would be on, and if it was 5pm it would be a 3.5 hour outage. I drove around both those streets and never saw a service truck. It is now 7:30pm and my internet was not on as of 7:15pm or 5.5 hours. I called their 800 number around 6pm to check again. They asked for my address and they said it was an area outage.
I asked when they started the repairs. I was told around noon time.

That is interesting, an area wide outage at 12 noon but I had service until 1:40pm.

So, who is telling the truth here?
The guy who said my modem was bad?
The tech support that said it was an area outage?
The office person who could not explain why an area outage did not have a high priority?
Or the person at their other tech support number that said the outage started at 12 noon?

Can Comporium in their building, disconnect my service out of spite, or in some effort to train me to expect long periods of outages?
Months ago, the problem was in their office and not my house or my area.
Why not now?

How does-did-should, internet service be out, and not back in service, for over 5.5 hours?
No spare parts or spare equipment ready to be put into service?
What should we expect for our money?
I can hardly afford their prices, so wireless through another carrier is no good.

Anyone in the city limits of Rock Hill have an outage today for many hours, around the East White St. area?

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Old 04-09-2012, 07:18 PM
Location: Rock Hill
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Let me speak from experience, as I worked for a major ISP years ago in CT. If you called and were telling me you were losing money from your business, due to the internet being down, the first question id ask is "Are you a business class customer?" If the answer was no, I really didnt care about you losing money. People with business class service pay more, and should expect and get more. They would be the first ones to be fixed. As a residential customer, it really isnt a major concern. Internet is a luxury, not a necessity, unlike your telephone. The ISP will work on it when they can, and provie a solution for you in X amount of time. So, if you are running a business from home, and using residential internet, my suggestion is to switch to a business class service with Comporium.

My mom is on her 3rd cable box. I always troubleshoot on my own before calling. I have them do a reset from their end to be sure, otherwise I just go to the office and get a new box. I really dont try to point fingers but I can tell their troubleshooting skills arent exactly the best. Modems can suddenly go bad, but, I bet the person didnt know of the outage and blamed it on the modem. You can tell if your internet is down by the lights on the modem. If the top 4 lights arent solid, theres an issue with Comporium. The 5th light signifies connectivity between your modem and PC.

Im willing to bet there was an outage at your nearest Comporium station. You could of drove around and never found a truck. There is probably a tiny Comproum building with a small sign near your neighborhood. Inside is where your TV, Phone and Internet go through. So, if there was a hardware issue in the building, it would of impacted you. Also, sometimes an outage starts small, but get bigger, or, they need to take down additional servers or hardware, to repair another.

I highly doubt they disconnected your service out of spite. I would bet yes, they probably were communicating back and forth about you at the office.

Outages can take hours, or days to fix. Its not always as simple as replacing a nut or bolt, or a power cord or system fan.... it can be complicated and complex. Being down for 6 hours isnt that long. When I worked for Cablevision, we had a large issue with New Jersey, as we had a very short supply of techs. People often had to wait 7 to 10 days to get there internet back. THAT was ridiculous!

Hopefully I cleared some of your concerns. If you have anymore questions, dont hesitate to ask me.
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Old 04-09-2012, 08:06 PM
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My internet came on at 9:55pm, at least 10 hours after 12 noon, that one person said was the beginning of it.
The area was Cummings-Steele-North Jones.
I went to the library from 7:15-8:00pm. The attendant said they had TW and lived in Clover. They mentioned RoadRunner, if anyone uses that. They also said they had heard a lifetime of complaints or displeasure with Comporium internet. I prepared myself to go there tomorrow for the allowed 3 hours per day of usage.

I'm retired and manage my own retirment account, NO business.

I drove around those streets and found no truck. Then around 9pm, I saw a truck on Steele St. One serviceman and one truck. I stopped and we chatted for about 10 minutes. He was VERY nice about the whole matter.
He had been called in by the ONE person, that handles my area. He said only one service person handles my area. And that person had called all customers back who had no internet, to see if their internet had come back up, and they said all of them reported their internet was fine.
I never got a call and mine was off from 1:45pm to 9:55pm.

I told the guy, "I'm sure you are not waiting on people to call in", and he surprised me by saying, YES, they are sitting there waiting on service calls. He was going from pole to pole, the ones that had a cable box, trying to locate the issue.

If they are waiting on calls, then 9 hours to even send a truck out, is pee pee poor service.
If it was TV or telephone it would have been fixed in 2-3 hours or less. I know, I've had them since 1986.

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Old 04-09-2012, 08:16 PM
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Lost service at 10:10pm, called and they cancelled my ticket from 1:45, because it was declared an area outage.
Now, 10:15, internet is back up.
A new ticket is being written up and they said it could-should be fixed during the night or tomorrow.

I try the troubleshooting that they suggest, which is unplug the modem, and wait 30 seconds and plug back in.
I've never had any of those suggestions work, in my particular cases.

It's my equipment is the issue, before they consider it might be their equipment.

Last edited by howard555; 04-09-2012 at 08:39 PM..
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Old 04-09-2012, 08:43 PM
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Now, all Comporium customers can now understand, that your area of town may not have but one technician. And they are waiting on service calls to come in, and despite that, it could take up to 10 hours, or longer. And after 5pm they have a skeleton crew per tech support, so don't expect too much until 8am. And if a ticket is written up on your house, your ticket will be cancelled, and you won't get a phone call if the problem is declared an area outage.
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Old 04-09-2012, 09:51 PM
Location: Rock Hill
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Correct in that they are waiting on calls. If nobody calls, they wont know people are affected. Sure, im guessing if a line goes down or a server goes down, an alert might come up for someone to see. More often then not, the calls from one concentrated area will tip them off to a bigger issue. Then they can see the area and send someone out if its a issue for a tech to fix.

Do you have a black Arris modem? If so, troubleshooting it is easy. Id be happy to help there.

Comporium frankly doesnt care you manage your own retirement account or if you enjoy playing solitaire online. Residential customers dont have a strict timeline for repair service. I couldnt tell you what Comporiums policy is but when I worked up north, if you were only down for a few hours or a day, youd simply get a days worth of credit and an apology. These things happen. If your not having issues every other day, then this is an isolated issue and understand these things happen. If you find yourself losing internet quite often, as in multiple times a week, then theres obviously a bigger issue and it should be brought up with Comporium.

As i said before, internet isnt a priority item, and I dont think they are going to be calling code red if a few streets are without internet. Mine goes out once a month around 12am-2am. Its probably for maintenance, and I never call or ask because I know better. The few times ive lost internet during the day, ill do my normal troubleshooting and if its still down, I go do something else and come back to it.
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Old 04-09-2012, 11:39 PM
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Howard, I work in the information technology field, deal with nearly every major carrier and I can tell you that no matter what provider you get and what type of service you get whether it be a $50/month cable modem or a $2000/mo Dedicated Internet METS circuit you will still be subject to possible outages. Much less so for the business class (as was previously mentioned) but still possible. That is why any business who relies heavily on internet service gets redundant services from another provider, etc.

As I responded in your original thread about this a couple months ago, my recommendation for you, if you have that much at stake should an outage occur, is to go to your nearest Verizon store and purchase a 4G MiFi device and use it as a backup. The Verizion 4G service is near cable modem type speeds and costs about $50/month. Otherwise, use a brokerage service where you have a human you can call to make trades if need be is about the only other advice I can give.

Best of luck.
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Old 04-10-2012, 07:03 AM
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My modem is an Arris, but in the two long, multi hour outages, my modem was not the issue, so they said.

I actually ran into the guy driving from pole to pole on Steele St. last night around 9pm. Nine hours after one of their reps. said they started working on the outage at 12 noon.
Since most people in this small area, work (as in adults), at school (as in kids), and retireds who don't use internet regulary, I was most affected I think, since I am on my system 9am to 6pm.
My modem lights were going back and forth from: 1 solid light and 1 blinking, to 2 solid and 1 blinking. Never, for even a second, did the television go out. All internet, and I had to ask a couple neighbors to turn their systems on to see if they were down too. That is how infrequently they use theirs, as one lady said once a week.
My main issues with the event was why it takes 9 hours to get a truck to arrive on the scene.
I had a ticket written up on my house at 1:45pm, by internet repair. The lone person who does repairs in my area, supposedly, according to the 9pm repairman, called all tickets back, (the few that had called the outage in) and all reported their service was up. I never got a call. Their procedure called for my ticket to be totally cancelled, since it was an area outage. My street deads in, into Jones. A 1/2 mile rectangle created by Jones, Cummings, and Steele was said to be the affected area. My area repairman may have restored service to a few in that rectangle. My house is actually outside that rectangle by one house. I was on the edge of the affected area.
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Old 04-10-2012, 08:03 AM
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There seem to be more Comporium persons answering the internet repair line, than there may be servicemen. I spoke to 5 different persons over the course of the 10 hours.

If this area was the only area that had an outage, not sure why, repairmen in one area, can not enter a different area to help out. The guy I ran into last night, said he was called at his home to come in and look for the cause.

Just how many areas had an outage yesterday, to the extent that only one repairman could respond?
They might need a "crew" that specialize in internet solutions.

I could see a 10 hour outage if it was in multiple areas, bad weather, other issues.
They seem to have more internet repair persons sitting in a chair in the office, than they have sitting in the driver seat of a truck ready to respond in a reasonable time. 8-10 hours is excessive, with no storms, no rain, no car wrecks into a telephone pole.

Many of those who had the outage did not even know it due to their internet usage needs and others did not know it until after they got home from work-school, had dinner, and then to the computer. Those call ins must have gotten them to call in someone who was already off work for the day, the guy I ran into at 9pm.

We've had some power outages that were an hour or two, but not longer. Cable TV outages are brief.
Too bad internet is a low priority compared to other utilities.
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Old 04-10-2012, 10:09 AM
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To answer your specific original question... Could they turn off your connection in spite, yes. Any carrier "could". All they would have to do is take your cable modem's MAC address out of the CMTS' permission table at the head end and bingo, you're offline. That said, I know a few of the NOC guys and a good many of the tech support folks... that's not how they roll. Can't say that about a couple of the guys I know at Time Warner. ;-)

I'll echo nc2sc778. In your original $3000 loss complaint thread, we universally told you to quit bitching and get a backup connection if the internet is so important to you. Or switch to a business class service that has SLAs. Seems that you didn't take our advice.

So... let's try this again... Quit your bitchin and get a backup connection!
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