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We are giving your business an opportunity for free exposure to millions of weekly visitors to this hugely popular website, but you must read and follow the rules! This form is only for brick & mortar businesses, no online businesses. You must have a real street address and a real business phone numbers. Make sure your profile is as in-depth as possible and provides unique information about your business. Do not simply copy a description you already used elsewhere (for example on your website). Add photos. Generic profiles, not providing interesting information about your business will be periodically purged without any warning. All information you submit to our site will be shown to the public (except for the password). Only one profile per business is allowed.
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MAKE SURE NOT TO COPY ANY SENTENCE OF THE DESCRIPTION YOU ALREADY USED ELSEWHERE OR YOUR PROFILE WILL BE DELETED AND YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM RE-SUBMITTING IT. Describe your business in as much detail as possible. You can include business hours, popular products, product line descriptions, how to get to your location, information on how your business is better than the competitors, what makes your service better, what areas you serve, when you started operations, what population segments you serve, what changes you made recently and plan to make, why people should choose your business, information about your employees, etc. You will be able to modify your description and add photos later. Do not make your description seem spammy with exclamations or raving about how you are the best. Such profiles will be deleted. Link creation is disabled.

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I Agree with Terms and Conditions  I warrant that I am a representative of this business and I have full rights to create a business profile that will be publicaly posted on city-data.com. I have provided a unique description of my business. I will not use the same description or photos on other websites or in other materials. I will not use URL addresses in the name of my profile. I understand and accept that my business profile may be deleted for any reason and without any warning by the operator of city-data.com. I understand and accept that the operator of city-data.com is not responsible for any technical difficulties, lost passwords, hacked accounts, changed email addresses, or any other similar problems. I understand and accept that any visitor to city-data.com will be able to comment on and review my business and that these comments and reviews may be unfavorable. I understand and accept that all information provided, including email address, phone numbers, street address, description, photos, and others will be made public and will be viewable by anybody. I will not hold the operator of city-data.com responsible for any problems with the business profile. I will not submit multiple profiles. I understand that ads will be displayed on the page with my profile and that these ads might be for competing businesses.

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