In 2000, 80.7% of Nevada residents age 25 and older were high school graduates; 18.2% had obtained a bachelor's degree or higher.

The total enrollment for fall 1999 in Nevada's public schools stood at 325,610. Of these, 239,625 attended schools from kindergarten through grade eight, and 85,985 attended high school. Minority students made up approximately 45% of the total enrollment in public elementary and secondary schools in 2001. Total enrollment was estimated at 340,707 in fall 2000 and expected to reach 378,000 by fall 2005. Enrollment in nonpublic schools in fall 2001 was 13,926. Expenditures for public education in 2000/01 were estimated at $1,918,795.

As of fall 2000, there were 98,631 students enrolled in college or graduate school, nearly all of them in the University of Nevada system, which has campuses in Las Vegas and Reno. In the same year Nevada had 15 degree-granting institutions, including Sierra Nevada College. In 1997, minority students comprised 24.6% of total postsecondary enrollment.