Famous nevadans

Nevadans who have held important federal offices include Raymond T. Baker (1877–1935) and Eva B. Adams (1908–91), both directors of the US Mint, and Charles B. Henderson (b.California, 1873–1954), head of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. Prominent US senators have been James W. Nye (b.New York, 1815–76), also the only governor of Nevada Territory; William M. Stewart (b.New York, 1827–1909), author of the final form of the 15th Amendment to the US Constitution, father of federal mining legislation, and a leader of the free-silver-coinage movement in the 1890s; and Francis G. Newlands (b.Mississippi, 1848–1917), author of the federal Reclamation Act of 1902.

Probably the most significant state historical figure is George Wingfield (b.Arkansas, 1876–1959), a mining millionaire who exerted great influence over Nevada's economic and political life in the early 20th century. Among the nationally recognized personalities associated with Nevada is Howard R. Hughes (b.Texas, 1905–76), an aviation entrepreneur who became a casino and hotel owner and wealthy recluse in his later years.

Leading creative and performing artists have included operatic singer Emma Nevada (Emma Wixon, 1862–1940); painter Robert Caples (1908–79); and, among writers, Dan DeQuille (William Wright, b.Ohio, 1829–98); Lucius Beebe (b.Massachusetts, 1902–66); and Walter Van Tilburg Clark (b.Maine, 1909–71). Professional tennis player, Andre Kirk Agassi (b.1960) has been a lifelong resident of Las Vegas.