Libraries and museums

Nevada's public library, consisting of 12 county, nine district, and two city systems in 2000, had a combined book stock of 4,136,000 volumes and a circulation of 8,992,000. The University of Nevada had 956,282 books in its Reno campus library system and 861,362 at Las Vegas. The Nevada State Library in Carson City had 76,445. Total public library income amounted to $63,119,000 in 2000; including $504,942 in federal grants and $883,666 in state grants. Spending per capita was $22.24.

There are some 29 museums and historic sites. Notable are the Nevada State Museum in Carson City and Las Vegas; the museum of the Nevada Historical Society and the Fleischmann Planetarium, University of Nevada, in Reno; and the Museum of Natural History, University of Nevada, at Las Vegas.