As of 2000, Nevada had 1,916 rail mi (3,083 km) of railroads. Amtrak provides passenger service across northern Nevada en route from Chicago to Oakland.

In 2000, there were 37,854 mi (60,920 km) of public roads and streets. Also in 2000, there were 1,244,637 registered vehicles, 655,592 of which were automobiles, 562,296 trucks, and 1,837 buses. Licensed drivers numbered 1,370,643. The major highways, I-80 and I-15, link Salt Lake City with Reno and Las Vegas, respectively. There were 95 airports in 2002 and 29 heliports. The leading commercial air terminals are McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas (17,425,214 passengers enplaned in 2000) and Reno-Tahoe International Airport (2,732,837 passengers enplaned in 2000).