State of Ohio



ORIGIN OF STATE NAME: From the Iroquois Indian word oheo, meaning "beautiful." NICKNAME: The Buckeye State. CAPITAL: Columbus. ENTERED UNION : 1 March 1803 (17th). SONG : "Beautiful Ohio." MOTTO: With God All Things Are Possible. FLAG: The flag is a burgee, with three red and two white lateral stripes; at the staff is a blue triangular field covered with 17 stars (signifying Ohio's order of entry into the Union) grouped around a red disk superimposed on a white circular "O." OFFICIAL SEAL: In the foreground are a sheaf of wheat and a sheaf of 17 arrows; behind, a sun rises over a mountain range, indicating that Ohio is the 1st state west of the Alleghenies. Surrounding the scene are the words "The Great Seal of the State of Ohio." ANIMAL: White-tailed deer. BIRD: Cardinal. INSECT: Ladybug. REPTILE: Black racer snake. FLOWER: Scarlet carnation. TREE: Buckeye. BEVERAGE: Tomato juice. STONE: Ohio flint. LEGAL HOLIDAYS: New Year's Day, 1 January; Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., 3rd Monday in January; Presidents' Day, 3rd Monday in February; Memorial Day, last Monday in May; Independence Day, 4 July; Labor Day, 1st Monday in September; Columbus Day, 2nd Monday in October; Veterans Day, 11 November; Thanksgiving Day, 4th Thursday in November; Christmas Day, 25 December. TIME: 7 AM EST = noon GMT.


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